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  1. Bread & Wine a love letter to life around the table with recipes - Book Review by Angela Doreathy Watkins  
    Family friendly. Enjoyable. This book will remind you to slow down and enjoy your family and loved ones. There is nothing like sitting around the kitchen and or dining table with family, friends and loved ones. One day the chain will be broken.

  2. A Rabbi Looks At The Last Days - Book Review by Angela Doreathy Watkins  
    This book is about Israel, The Church,Jewish Christians, the last days and prophecies. Yeshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus. Yeshua went to Calvary and Yeshua has been resurrected.

    If you have enjoyed reading best-selling novels "Agatha Christie" or "the Shadows of the Wind"!!!, you should read "NOTHING GOOD IS FREE" by Matthew R Horn. You would not be disappointed!!!

  4. Ain't No Valley - Book Review by Angela Doreathy Watkins  
    This book is written in a parable form. The Invitation, Preparation & Wedding.

  5. 25 Principles For Leadership That Matters - Book Review by Angela Doreathy Watkins  
    Great book on Christian leadership. Details on leadership for the 21st Century for the Christian leader. Sharing vital qualities for a christian leader to possess.

  6. Don't Touch Me Volume 1 - Book Review by Angela Doreathy Watkins  
    This book is about the author's ordeal of child sexual molestation and the road to healing. She appreciates all the spiritual leaders in her past as well as her present.

  7. Outside, That Door by Judith Johnson Kypta  
    Free Promo . . . My Book "Outside, That Door" is FREE if you have "Kindle" Today, only. Hurry!

  8. Book Review of 'Pure Joy: Rediscover your Conscience' by Zoe Moore  
    A book review of 'Pure Joy: Rediscover your Conscience' by Christopher Ash. The review was written for Connect magazine in August 2012.

  9. Book review: Who Do You Think You Are? by Mark Driscoll by Sam Isaacson  
    I don't think I'm going too far to say this is Driscoll's best book out there. It's easy to read, thoroughly biblical, and contains an important message that people need to hear.

  10. The Heart of Financial Matters - Book Review by Angela Doreathy Watkins  
    Study based on biblical financial priniciples to help you keep your money, invest it wisely, and provide for a safe secure, financial future.

  11. Understanding Theology in 15 Minutes a Day - Book Review by Angela Doreathy Watkins  
    This book is a great book for the serious student of the Bible, sunday school teachers, and reference tool.

  12. THE POWER OF VISION: A BOOK REVIEW by Darlene Glasgow  
    Barna's main purpose in writing The Power of Vision is to challenge pastors and leaders to discover God's vision for their ministry and then to develop and implement the vision.

  13. Book Review: Unstoppable, "The Incredible Power of Faith in Action" by Nick Vujicic by Joan Lee  
    Learn about the power of faith in action and what that really means.

  14. Book Review: "A Season for Tending" by Cindy Woodsmall by Joan Lee  
    Want to read an easy, feel good story about someone who is really a pioneer? This is it.

  15. A REVIEW ON 'DISCIPLES ARE MADE NOT BORN' by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    The theme of the book throws a new light in the importance of disciple making to have a world vision. This vision was the vision of our Lord Jesus Himself. He saw the whole world through his 12 disciples that he had trained in a most special way by imparting of His own life.
    Disciple making "is the mandate of the Master (Mt 28:19-20). We may ignore it, but we cannot evade it," Says, Hendricks Howard G. in his forward to the book. He further states, "Our risen Christ left this legacy, the Magna Charta of the Church"

  16. "The Genius of Ancient Man" champions Biblical history by Robert Driskell  
    Did man evolve from a brute or was he intelligent when first created. This book looks at the issue.

  17. "Made in Heaven" reveals God's Incredible Creation by Robert Driskell  
    "Made in Heaven" reveals how man is attempting to emulate God's marvelous creation.

  18. Book Review: The Song of Songs the book for daughters" by Michael Ben Zehabe by Diogenes Vindex  
    Arduous translation with comprehensive annotations; an analytical Masterpiece!

  19. A REVIEW ON REV. ENDLE'S "THE KACHARIS" by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    This book," The Kacharis" by Rev. Sidney Endle, is not a biblical book. It's a monograph about a race among which the author had lived his life, dedicated his whole self and preached the Gospel. It's a kind of a missionary book preparing the land for sowing the seeds of the Gospel in the Far East from England, the land of tigers and evil spirits. This author finds reason to review the book for the world to see it.

  20. My Favorite Book Ted Dekkers THR3E by Marijo Phelps  
    My favorite Christian thriller novel!

  21. Confronting Jezebel - Book Review by Angela Doreathy Watkins  
    It is not fair to identify one or two traits in someone and determine based on those that the person is dealing with a Jezebel spirit. Jezebel spirit or control freak. Not all control freaks, however, are Jezebels.

  22. Evolution Impossible by Robert Driskell  
    Science does not support the theory of evolution. Read this book and see for yourself. Very encouraging for the Christian who believes Genesis is fact.

  23. Book Review: "Meet the Skeptic" by Robert Driskell  
    This is a great book to help in the Christian's discussions with unbelievers.

  24. Book Review: Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions 2 by Robert Driskell  
    This book is a powerful tool for the apologist.

  25. Ross Douthat's 'Bad Religion': The surrounding conversation by Peter Menkin by Peter Menkin  
    "Bad Religion: How we became a Nation of Heretics." This article is not a review of that book, but a round-up piece about various aspects of the books content and some of the discussion the Roman Catholic convert discusses in the work, itself. Note that author Douthat is also a writer for The Atlantic monthly.

  26. "In Search of Certainty" will challenge skeptics and strengthen believers by Robert Driskell  
    Fantastic book for those who think about things that really matter.

  27. Book Review: "The Disappearance of God" by Robert Driskell  
    A powerful treatise for biblical truth in an age of relativism.

  28. Review, Bleeding Ink: Finding Purpose by Marlene Mesot  
    Bleeding Ink: Finding Purpose by Rachel Loepker is destined for the best seller's list. As todays technology attempts to capitalize on Adolph Hitler's experiments from World War II., Autumn's gift of psychic vision and feeling emotion from touching the ink of the hand that wrote it is needed to decipher a faded paper which contains Hitler's secrets.

  29. Atheism, Evolution, and the Truth of God by Robert Driskell  
    This is my first book. I would like to introduce it to everyone.

  30. Multiple Streams of Income for Preachers by Chinedum Azuh  
    Money is very crucial in the advancement of God's Kingdom and accomplishing your divine assignment. It is an integral part of life. Money puts you in charge of the affairs of life.


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