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  1. Fun vs Functional Electives: What to Choose by Connie Myric  
    9/20/2018 / Education
    When it comes to figuring out which electives you should take, you can choose to take either fun or functional electives. Fun electives are going to involve the typical blow off classes that probably have nothing to do with your major at all. Functional electives are those that pertain to your degree program and your career goals as a whole. Each of these options has its own pros and cons, so you have to weigh out all the factors to determine what you want to do. Here is a comparison to help you determine which electives you want to take.

  2. In Our Old Age by PamFord Davis  
    9/20/2018 / Devotionals
    Men might say the old are no longer productive in society.

  3. Christians Shouldn't Use Titles for Church Leaders by Max Aplin  
    9/19/2018 / Leadership
    Matthew 23:6-10 is one of the most neglected passages in the Bible today. In order to guard against pride, Jesus tells us not to use titles for church leaders. This teaching needs to be put into practice.

  4. Moses and I by Linda Jackson  
    9/19/2018 / Poetry
    Our Strength, Salvation, Song

  5. 10 Most Unexpected Things About Starting University by Nettie Nelson  
    9/19/2018 / Education
    We all had expectations when we got our first enrolment into a tertiary institution " the attitude of the teachers or our peers, subject structure, etc. For some of us, we thought it would be the best time to travel, make friends and check out the most preferable

  6. Eyes to See by PamFord Davis  
    9/19/2018 / Devotionals
    We are forever blessed to have eyes to see gospel truth.

  7. Not a Last Resort by PamFord Davis  
    9/18/2018 / Devotionals
    Family, friends and prayer warriors give prayer support and encouragement.

  8. Jerusalem Walls - For Those Who Do Not Know Of Nehemiah by Sim Lee  
    9/17/2018 / Christian Living
    A brief overview of the work of Nehemiah for those who have not heard of him.

  9. Does God Speak to Christians through Coincidences? by Max Aplin  
    9/17/2018 / Christian Living
    God sometimes uses coincidences to speak to Christians, and we shouldnt be closed to Him doing this. However, it is a big mistake to assume that He must be speaking in every coincidence. When God speaks through a coincidence, the coincidence is a means through which we are supposed to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.

  10. PLAYING THE FOOL by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/17/2018 / Poetry

  11. THE SEA OF SOULS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/17/2018 / Poetry

  12. VIRTUAL REALITY by Lupie Riley  
    9/17/2018 / Christian Living
    Virtual reality creates a sur-real world within a tech gadget. Relativism is similar in that it creates a fantasy world in which those who embrace it can become their own God's, applying their own truth's to their lives.

  13. Learning Endurance by Susan Budensiek  
    9/17/2018 / Christian Living
    I am learning endurance right nowthe hard way.

    Although, I suppose there is no easy way to learn such a thing.

    We can read millions of words about endurance in order to learn it, but we will only learn about it that way. Endurance is one of those things we can only learn by doingand that learning process usually isnt much fun.

  14. The Toy Box by PamFord Davis  
    9/17/2018 / Devotionals
    Are we ever really satisfied with our toys?

  15. MAKE A RIPPLE IN THE SEA! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/16/2018 / Poetry

  16. JOB PROBLEMS and PROTECTING YOURSELF by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    9/15/2018 / Career
    Much of private industry and enterprise will provide practically nothing towards your retirement. Believe me, this retirement will come and you will need financial help. Similar default applies to any real sense of job security.
    One of the "disciplining" procedures involves "writing you up", with two of the lackeys confronting you with written accusations and asking you to sign it.

  17. Are You A Disciple? by Don Pedal  
    9/15/2018 / Christian Living
    Where does Jesus fit into your life? Do you have a quiet time with the Lord or does He see you only on Sunday? Let me ask you a simple question: how much time do you spend watching TV every night? The Lord is waiting to bless you as you minister to people who may never hear the word of God unless you act now.

  18. Sabbath Keepers by Ken Barnes  
    9/15/2018 / Christian Living
    False religion is always a perversion of true faith. The religious leaders of Jesus day had set up a vast system of rules regulating what people could not do on the Sabbath day. Jesus appeared and told the people what they could do, not what they couldnt do. The Sabbath was meant to serve the people, not the people to serve the Sabbath.

    9/14/2018 / Devotionals
    So, wherever Gods will takes you; whatever happens as you seek to track Gods plans, you will go out in joy and be led forth in peace. And thats what God-tracking is all about!

  20. Know Him As The Word by Jerry Ousley  
    9/14/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 3 of the series "Christ in the Book of John"

    9/14/2018 / Poetry
    The treasures had been well stored up and stocked up,
    Who knew, who anticipated, who imagined that one day they would be gone.

    9/14/2018 / Dating
    That you are good looking does not equate to being chosen as a life-partner.

  23. GOD IS JUST A PRAYER AWAY by Tesh Njokanma  
    9/14/2018 / Prayers
    God is just a prayer away and He is willing, ready and available to listen to us and answer us when we pray. The question is: are you willing, ready and available to pray?

  24. Stake Your Claim by PamFord Davis  
    9/14/2018 / Devotionals
    As Christ followers, we claim Gods promises. Each promise of salvation is a gospel nugget.

  25. KINGDOM CURRENCY by Demilade Eni-O'fe Omoniyi  
    9/14/2018 / Christian Living
    Should Christians be wealthy? On what basis should our wealth be?

  26. Teach Your Children Younger and Love Them Well by Sim Lee  
    9/13/2018 / Parenting
    A look at the intellect and personality of your children can be effected by the amount of time you spend with them to teach, challenge and love them.

  27. THOSE GOOD OLD DAYS! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/13/2018 / Poetry

  28. Unless by PamFord Davis  
    9/13/2018 / Devotionals
    To me, it means there is a possibility for a decidedly different outcome.

  29. POWER OF ATTORNEY by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/12/2018 / Poetry

  30. Couple Enjoys Early Autumn Anniversary Celebration by Greg Miller  
    9/12/2018 / Family
    A Christian couple enjoys an early autumn anniversary celebration!

  31. Another Top Ten Things You Must Do in Las Vegas by Doris Crofts  
    9/12/2018 / Travel
    Las Vegas, Nevada is the single-most popular gambling city in the world. Also known as Sin City, it's also a place where adult entertainment options are in no short supply. Whether visitors are looking to party, gamble or simply see the sights, Vegas is the type of city that offers up choice in abundance. They may catch a bad rap, but there are some family-friendly options if you'd prefer.

  32. The Mining Process by PamFord Davis  
    9/12/2018 / Devotionals
    When in emotional darkness, we see the LORD as the light of the world.

  33. The Gravity of the Sin of Pride by Max Aplin  
    9/12/2018 / Devotionals
    In God's sight, pride is a very serious sin. This may well be because the desire to show off is actually a desire to be worshiped as only God should be. Every Christian should aim to grow in humility.

  34. Everything In It's Time, China by Sim Lee  
    9/11/2018 / World Affairs
    A look at how China's role abroad compares to what it is doing at home.

  35. English Vernacular by PamFord Davis  
    9/11/2018 / Devotionals
    Though believers of today deal with common temptations; they find strength in a common faith.

  36. Is There A Link Between Aspects of Modern Feminism and Passiveness in Some Men? by Tesse Wilson  
    9/10/2018 / Mens Issues
    This is not an attempt to label but have you noticed an increase in passiveness in some men?

  37. THE MOST VILEST SIN OF ALL by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/10/2018 / Poetry

  38. WHO AM I ? by Lupie Riley  
    9/10/2018 / Christian Living
    There are four questions we ask ourselves during our lifetime. How you answer them will make all the difference in your final destination.

  39. Should Christians Evangelize Non-Christian Jews? by Max Aplin  
    9/10/2018 / Missions
    In 2015 the Roman Catholic pope made a proclamation telling Catholics not to actively seek to evangelize non-Christian Jews. We can be sure too that he would like all Christians not to do this. However, the Bible teaches that Jews, like Gentiles, need to believe in Jesus if they are to be saved from sin and hell.

  40. Broadway Lion King: A Show That You Shouldn't Miss by Hilary Moore  
    9/10/2018 / Holidays
    Have you ever heard the Movie Lion King? Well, I think anyone who has watch a Disney movie would not miss it. Most especially children really like to watch it over and over again for they will surely jump into joy and dance into the beat.

  41. Paper Trail by PamFord Davis  
    9/10/2018 / Devotionals
    Do I have a paper trail? I guess we all do. My birth certificate was the first official document.

  42. Sign of Jonah by Michael Hume  
    9/10/2018 / Bible Studies
    Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a big fish, and Jesus was also three days and three nights in a dark place.

  43. Dream Small by Ken Barnes  
    9/09/2018 / Christian Living
    In our Christian journey, we can go the through life with our eyes on the big things and miss the small ones.

  44. LITTLE BIRD by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/08/2018 / Poetry

  45. Excitable Expectations by Steve Countryman  
    9/07/2018 / Christian Living
    Prayers that declare and celebrate Gods love adds faith to your perspective instead of adding worry to fear.

  46. The Challenge of the Word by Jerry Ousley  
    9/07/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 2 of the series "Christ in the Book of John"

    9/07/2018 / Devotionals
    Rest in the knowledge that he is watching over his Word to you. Then, whatever calamity comes your way, you can be sure of peace and security by living in the will of God.

  48. God Watches Over His Call by Dudley Anderson  
    9/07/2018 / Christian Living
    When we face opposition in our lives, we need to walk in the truth, while remaining still in the face of the conflict. God always vindicates truth. Be sure to persist in truth. If you are siding with the truth, you have nothing to defend.

  49. The Importance of Telling Others about Our Experiences of God by Max Aplin  
    9/07/2018 / Christian Living
    The Bible often refers to Christians as witnesses. In part, this means that we should truthfully tell others about our experiences of God. Doing this can build up Christians in the faith and help lead people to Jesus.

  50. Couple Hosts Guests for Labor Day Celebration by Greg Miller  
    9/06/2018 / Holidays
    A couple celebrates Labor Day by inviting several guests for dinner.

  51. Your Words Can Unbolt the Hardest of Hearts by Sim Lee  
    9/05/2018 / Writing
    Your words go to where the Spirit of Truth sends them, so write, submit and support Faithwriters.

  52. The Devil Delights by PamFord Davis  
    9/05/2018 / Devotionals
    The Holy Spirit brings hope to the hopeless.

  53. Mother Crow Knows by Sim Lee  
    9/04/2018 / Humor
    A lesson from old Mother Crow on when to teach and when to watch.

  54. DON'T EVER STOP PRAYING by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/04/2018 / Poetry

  55. My Carrier by PamFord Davis  
    9/04/2018 / Devotionals
    The LORD God carried His people; He knew their burdens were heavy.

  56. A Christian Perspective on Race and Racism by Max Aplin  
    9/03/2018 / World Affairs
    As Christians we side with mainstream Western society on attitudes to race and racism, and we should highlight this similarity. It is too simplistic to think of racism as a single thing that always involves the same sort of attitude. There is nothing wrong with mixed-race marriages.

  57. MY BETTER RHYME by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/02/2018 / Poetry

  58. A DIFFERENT JESUS by Lupie Riley  
    9/02/2018 / Christian Living
    We live in a confusing world as the person of Jesus is interpreted hundreds of ways through many different religions. What is truth?

  59. LONELY PEOPLE by Lupie Riley  
    9/02/2018 / Christian Living
    The body of Christ, the church, has been splintered into many titles separating God's children on their own little island of denominations.

  60. HELL'S CAROUSEL by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/01/2018 / Poetry

  61. HELL'S CAROUSEL by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/01/2018 / Poetry

  62. Introduction by Jerry Ousley  
    8/31/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 1 of a multi-part series entitled "Christ in the Book of John"

    8/31/2018 / Devotionals
    Do not allow popular opinion to undermine Gods plans for you. He is your source and your resource. You will make it.

  64. Healing Hurts by Jeffrey Snell  
    8/30/2018 / Christian Living
    I want to avoid my pain and suffering, so I seek and pursue what, in this world, appears to offer the opposite " though Ill settle for neutral if I can get it.

  65. The Future of Norway - One Woman's Prophesy by Sim Lee  
    8/30/2018 / Prophecy
    A distrubing look at Norway's future through the eyes and prophesy of a ninety year old woman.

  66. The Weakness of Strength by Ken Barnes  
    8/30/2018 / Christian Living
    Uzziah was a righteous King. It is said in v. 4, He did right in the sight of the Lord, yet when he became strong he turned out to be weak. His life reveals to us the weakness of strength.

  67. THE SINS OF THE FLESH by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/29/2018 / Poetry

  68. Lip-Service by PamFord Davis  
    8/29/2018 / Devotionals
    First and foremost, the LORD wants our hearts.

  69. THE GATE KEEPER #2 by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/28/2018 / Poetry

  70. Globalization of Education by Tim Logan  
    8/28/2018 / Education
    From a historical perspective, globalization and education have a close connection. At the very basic level, political processes of the late colonial era had a big impact on the development of mass education. Today, there is mass schooling of kids which we may consider as the first aspect of the impact of globalization on education.

  71. The Merit Badge by PamFord Davis  
    8/28/2018 / Devotionals
    Nobody can earn salvation; God does not distribute mercy according to merit.

  72. Bus Stop by Sim Lee  
    8/27/2018 / Christian Living
    A look at the best in the life of a Christian who shares the Gospel.

  73. LORD, GIVE ME THE HEART OF A CHILD! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/27/2018 / Poetry

  74. LORD GIVE ME THE HEART OF A CHILD by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/27/2018 / Poetry

  75. Fighting Temptations to Believe What We Want to Believe by Max Aplin  
    8/27/2018 / Christian Living
    As Christians, we are all called to follow the unselfish example of Christ. At times, we will be tempted to simply believe what we want to believe about various things, and we must fight hard against this form of selfishness.

  76. Top Six Freshmen Mistakes And How To Avoid Them by Hilary Moore  
    8/27/2018 / Education
    Being a freshman is always fun but this is also the most challenging period for each student as this important period of adaptation to a new environment can bring you lots of stress. Because of a lack of experience, college freshmen usually make a lot of mistakes. If you are aware of the most common mistakes, it will be easier to avoid them, and here you will find a few helpful tips for freshmen students.

  77. True Love by PamFord Davis  
    8/27/2018 / Devotionals
    The flame of love flickers...

  78. Circumcision of the Heart by Susan Budensiek  
    8/26/2018 / Bible Studies
    Since circumcision was so very important under the Old Covenant, why is circumcision of the heart taken so lightly nowadays under the Renewed Covenant?

  79. Removing the Rock by Ken Barnes  
    8/25/2018 / Christian Living
    Most people know the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. What would have happened if Martha and the others present at the tomb had refused to roll the stone away?

  80. Psalm-times a Song by Alan Allegra  
    8/24/2018 / Devotionals
    Only one lyricist has achieved the pinnacle of writing words that appeal to every person who ever lived and lives and will live: God. He has written 150 psalms that He offers us royalty-free. Tapping into universal humanity, there is something there for everyone: sinner, saint, pauper, king, parent, child, Jew, Gentile, hopeful, hopeless, penitent, proud, curious, complacent, widow, orphan, powerful, puny, humble, and haughty. You and I are in there somewhere!

  81. Coming Together When Jesus Returns by Jerry Ousley  
    8/24/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 4 of the 4 part series "Coming Together"

    8/24/2018 / Devotionals
    No matter what the devil throws at you; no matter how circumstances may bend in the process, know that your God is faithful, and he is quick to deliver you.

  83. Milk Bone Religion by Stephen Kimball  
    8/24/2018 / Mens Issues
    False motives and pretense are all too prevalent in our local churches. Here is the story of Average Joe and his works based religion.

  84. Every Day by PamFord Davis  
    8/24/2018 / Devotionals
    Even when busy, we have opportunities to pause for praise!

  85. The Hidden Treasure by Steve Countryman  
    8/23/2018 / Christian Living
    Do you have the key?

  86. Repentance? by Stephen Kimball  
    8/23/2018 / Bible Studies
    What is true repentance?

  87. En Garde by Stephen Kimball  
    8/23/2018 / Christian Living
    A Warning against succumbing to the wiles of the devil - Satans top 10 lies.

  88. Shame, Shame, Shame! by PamFord Davis  
    8/23/2018 / Devotionals
    What about me? Fearing rejection, I find security in my comfort zone.

  89. Denominations and Christian Self-Identity by Max Aplin  
    8/23/2018 / Christian Living
    All true Christians are part of the one, worldwide church of God. Belonging to this church means that we are all united at a very deep level. We shouldnt think of our identity in terms of belonging to a denomination.

  90. Presuppositions and Biblical Creation Account by Robert Driskell  
    8/22/2018 / Christian Apologetics
    Presuppositions affect how we see the world.

  91. Carried Away by PamFord Davis  
    8/22/2018 / Devotionals
    Imagine seeing all you hold dear being carried away.

  92. What Are You Doing to Help the Persecuted Church? by Max Aplin  
    8/22/2018 / World Affairs
    There are many Christians today who are suffering badly for their faith. They are part of our spiritual family, and when family members are badly treated, the others should rally round to help. We are all under obligation to get involved in this way. We can help by praying, providing financial aid and pressurizing politicians.

  93. Wolves in White Collars - Fraud and Other Crimes by Clergy by Sim Lee  
    8/21/2018 / World Affairs
    A look at today's shocking increase in financial fraud committed by clergy.

  94. test by Michael Edwards  
    8/21/2018 / Devotionals

  95. Lucas, Boy by PamFord Davis  
    8/21/2018 / Devotionals
    The Apostle Paul had a very close relationship with young Timothy. As spiritual mentor, Paul gave him fatherly advice.

  96. A LESSON FROM JONAH by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/20/2018 / Poetry

  97. This Is The Day The Lord Has Made by Ngozi Nwoke  
    8/20/2018 / Christian Living
    What is your expectation of this day? Are you all out for the best or worse? Your understanding of what the day holds for you determines to a great extent what will actually come to you and how you will respond to it. However, your understanding of the day depends on your understanding that this is day the Lord has made.This article encourages you to expect the best for the day despite the challenges around you.

  98. That Day Must Not Come On You Unexpectedly by Ngozi Nwoke  
    8/20/2018 / Christian Living
    Are you living with the consciousness of life after now? How ready are you for the day of the Lord? Many Christians are living as if some parts of God's word will not be fulfilled, while others are living as if God will wait for them to enjoy the world first and then repent before Jesus comes back again. Unfortunately, these ones are only deceiving themselves; God will come at a time you will not know. This article encourages you to take heed to yourself so that that day doesn't come on you unexpectedly.

  99. Day By Day Our Daily Bread by Ngozi Nwoke  
    8/20/2018 / Christian Living
    How far has your anxiety solved any problem for you? Many people keep themselves busy worrying about tomorrow when God wants us to live by the day. The day has enough troubles of its own. This article encourages you to believe God for the day and allow tomorrow to worry about its own things

  100. The Greatest Mentor That Ever Lived by Ngozi Nwoke  
    8/20/2018 / Christian Living
    Who is your greatest mentor? Mentors help you to build and utilize the gifts and potentials within you to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others around you. There are many mentors available but one is the greatest of them all. This article reveals the best mentor you should have in life.

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