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    12/08/2019 / Christian Living
    As a believer, we cannot do without revival in our spiritual lives so long as we're on this earth, where our souls face uncountable wars of coldness and worldliness.
    God usually sends down rekindling coals from His throne to set the heart of His people on fire " once more and again and again, in His graciousness. He understands. That's why we must keep crying out to Him on time anytime His Spirit convicts us of coldness.

    12/08/2019 / Christian Living
    "Without travail, complacency will keep the believer low and empty. There's a level of growth in Christ which can only be achieved through travails and earnestness."

  3. No Doubt! by Taylor  
    12/08/2019 / Christian Living
    Doubt tries to come, but we ask the LORD to help us believe His Word. He will, and we are blessed, because His Word is true! He can never lie!

  4. Sparkle! by Taylor  
    12/08/2019 / Christian Living
    This world is so dark! They MUST see the Light of Life, the LORD Jesus, in us!

  5. Fear For Life by Taylor  
    12/08/2019 / Christian Living
    To "fear" the LORD means to worship and honor Him. He is a wonderful, patient, loving LORD, Who only has our best interest at heart--better than any earthly parent.

  6. Journey of Faith The Life of a High functioning Schizophrenic by lloyd claridge  
    12/08/2019 / Christian Apologetics
    Here's a mini-book I wrote about my testimony and struggles with schizophrenia and my journey of faith with that mental illness.

  7. ONE DAY! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    12/08/2019 / Poetry

  8. The Right Kind of Church by Taylor  
    12/08/2019 / Church Life
    Heaven will be the ultimate Church--with humans from every language, color, and race! Let us have Heaven on earth here, for, if you cut us, WE ALL BLEED RED!

  9. Thank God This is Not All There Is! by Taylor  
    12/08/2019 / Salvation
    If you have a blood Covenant with the true God, the LORD Jesus Christ, then you have a new life now, and eternal peace and joy in Heaven for your spirit, after your body dies!

  10. Double Glory! by Taylor  
    12/08/2019 / Christian Living
    For all true Believers in Christ, now is the time of the restoration of all things. it's the time for the double Glory of God for us His kids!

  11. Philippians 4:6 - Most Read Verse in 2019 on App by Sim Lee  
    12/08/2019 / Christian Living
    A look at how social media cites like Faithwriters and YouVersio are serving an expanding global church.

  12. It is Written! by Taylor  
    12/07/2019 / Christian Living
    To enjoy and benefit from all that Jesus died to give you as a Believer in Him, you must know what is written in His Word. The Holy Bible is the Christian's Bill of Rights!

  13. The Light Outshines the Darkness -- Every Time! by Taylor  
    12/07/2019 / Christian Living
    The world is in darkness, and any time we are deceived, we need more of the Light of Christ! His Light (the Truth of His Word) is available now!

  14. I'm the Money! by Taylor  
    12/07/2019 / Christian Living
    Our Father God IS our Supply to meet all our needs, in every part of life, and He is very loving and generous!

  15. JESUS Felt It! by Taylor  
    12/07/2019 / Salvation
    Jesus is the Answer to everything, from healing to eternal freedom from hell, to comfort, to joy, to wonderful relationships, to abundance and more. It's all in Him, because He paid the price on the cross for us to have all these things, when we become His friends!

  16. The Real Meaning of Easter by Taylor  
    12/07/2019 / Salvation
    The real meaning of Resurrection Day (That many call "Easter") is FREEDOM--FREEDOM from curse and death and darkness and despair, and a NEW LIFE of GRACE!

  17. God Always Rewards! by Taylor  
    12/07/2019 / Christian Living
    The LORD is faithful to His Promises--even if it seems like a long time in coming. Wait on the LORD, and He will come through for you!

  18. Dead or Alive? by Taylor  
    12/07/2019 / Christian Living
    Your words have a great impact on your life and those around you. Are you causing people and things to be dead, or alive?

  19. The Great Temptation by Ken Barnes  
    12/07/2019 / Christian Living
    As a Christian, if you havent felt like the people of Malachis day, at some point you probably will. When evildoers prosper and the righteous are burdened with adversities, there is a great temptation to conclude that serving God is in vain. Take courage, ultimately the righteous and the unrighteous will get their just reward.

  20. Bought as Brides, Sold as Sex Slaves by Sim Lee  
    12/06/2019 / World Affairs
    A look at the current sad practice of selling Pakistani Christian women as brides to Chinese men and of how many will end up being forced or sold into sex slavery.

  21. THE LOVE AND MERCY OF GOD by Lewis E. Thomas  
    12/06/2019 / Poetry

  22. Spill Your Guts and Rest! by Taylor  
    12/06/2019 / Christian Living
    Whatever your problem, Jesus can handle it. You're never alone, and He wants you to spill your guts to Him--so He can give you rest!

  23. Your Prayers Change Things! by Taylor  
    12/06/2019 / Prayers
    Keep seeking the LORD, keep praying, keep believing. Like the song says, even when we don't see it, He's working!

  24. Who Needs a Man? by Taylor  
    12/06/2019 / Christian Living
    We need Jesus, the God-Man. And to accomplish His will on earth, God needs US!

  25. Purple Christmas by PamFord Davis  
    12/06/2019 / Holidays
    Jesus, Son of David was worthy of royalty's purple attire.

  26. The World's Trees Collaborate on Christmas Program by Greg Miller  
    12/05/2019 / Holidays
    The trees of the world collaborate on a unique Christmas program.

  27. The P.O.W.E.R. (Purposeful Operations With Eternal Rewards) Creed by Taylor  
    12/05/2019 / Family
    As a P.O.W.E.R. (Purposeful Operations With Eternal Rewards) Prince or Princess (no matter your age!), you can strengthen your family and relationships with Christ and others, as you improve yourself and make the world a better place, to the glory of Christ!

  28. Son or Sin? by Taylor  
    12/05/2019 / Salvation
    The true God is life--wonderful Life! Without Him--the Life of Jesus Christ--existence on earth is empty.

  29. Fear, You Don't Exist! by Taylor  
    12/05/2019 / Christian Living
    By trusting in God, we can overcome fear and eradicate it from our lives!

  30. Truth Treats by Taylor  
    12/05/2019 / Christian Living
    In this world of lies, even a little "bite" of the Truth of God will nourish you! Open His Word and start reading, and You will be fed!

  31. Mary's Little Lamb by PamFord Davis  
    12/05/2019 / Holidays
    Mary birthed a little Lamb.

    Behold the Lamb of God.

  32. Flow and Go by Taylor  
    12/04/2019 / Christian Living
    The Spirit of the LORD flows like water to us, and when we flow with Him, the King, things are truly right in our lives--and we help make things right for others!

  33. Victory Rests by Taylor  
    12/04/2019 / Christian Living
    Jesus performed so we don't have to! No matter how we feel, nor what the circumstances are, we have the victory in Christ, and when know we we have the victory, we rest.

  34. Forgiven! by Taylor  
    12/04/2019 / Salvation
    Humans were made to be free. Trusting in Jesus Christ--The God Who Loves us without us having to perform for Him--is the ONLY Way to true freedom!

  35. The Road Less Traveled by Taylor  
    12/04/2019 / Christian Living
    The LORD is our Good Shepherd Who will always lead us to the best, if we choose to let Him lead!

  36. USA Bible literacy: Then and Now by Sim Lee  
    12/04/2019 / Christian Living
    A look at how decreasing bible literacy in America is effecting cjurch attendance and people's commitment.

  37. Giving Presents by PamFord Davis  
    12/04/2019 / Holidays
    We continue the practice of giving gifts. Wise Men gave presents to the King of the Jews! He came to deliver people from their sin.

  38. The Special Snowflake by Taylor  
    12/03/2019 / Short Stories
    That Christmas night, Lacy the angel learns about the power of love through a simple gift.

  39. A Different Kind of Christmas by Taylor  
    12/03/2019 / Church Life
    At Christmas time, I expected and prepared for a God-venture, and I the LORD rewarded me!

  40. Are You Grafted In? by Taylor  
    12/03/2019 / Christian Living
    The LORD in His grace and mercy opened up the Blood Covenant for every people group throughout the earth. When we receive Christ as Savior, we become Covenant heirs--with all the benefits!

  41. Planned Parenthood by PamFord Davis  
    12/03/2019 / Holidays
    God planned it all; He made all the preparations for His Sons birth.

  42. Engage Desperate Cry To The Eleventh Hour God by Ngozi Nwoke  
    12/03/2019 / Christian Living
    What else can you do to effect change at this eleventh-hour of the year? The days are rolling by and the year is almost gone, with your expectations yet to materialize. Furthermore, your hope is dwindling away faster than you can build it. So, it's time to give it another push. This article encourages you to engage a desperate cry to God, who specializes in doing wonders even in the dying minutes.

  43. How To Finish Strong In Faith Now And Not Cry by Ngozi Nwoke  
    12/03/2019 / Christian Living
    Is it still possible to undoubtedly receive your miracle? The God of all possibilities is able to do the impossible even when you least expect it. But will He find faith in you when He comes? This article shows you how to hold onto your faith even if your chances of receiving your desired answer seem very slim.

  44. Good and Stubborn by Taylor  
    12/02/2019 / Christian Living
    Daddy God only has the BEST for us--no matter what our minds think. We must be led by His Spirit, which usually goes against our minds. But if we are stubborn and resist Him, we lose. When we obey--even when we cannot figure things out, we win!

  45. Stirred to Give More by Taylor  
    12/02/2019 / Christian Living
    Our joy is in our giving. We can never outgive God, but it's fun--sublime--to try, and see the amazing things He will do!

  46. Joy Ride! by Taylor  
    12/02/2019 / Christian Living
    God is good and the Author of our joy! If you're feeling down, just ask Him to help you remember the good things He's done for you--They are many! And soon you will be feeling better!

  47. Look at the Clouds by Taylor  
    12/02/2019 / Christian Living
    Jesus is returning very soon--even in human time! What are you doing to fulfill His call on your life?

  48. Thrust Comes With Trust by Taylor  
    12/02/2019 / Christian Living
    When we know Daddy God is with and behind us, we GO FORWARD in His will with confidence and joy!

  49. Seeing, Simeon Believed by PamFord Davis  
    12/02/2019 / Holidays
    Are you looking forward to Christmas?

    Simeon had long awaited the arrival of Christ.

  50. He's Got Your Back! by Taylor  
    12/01/2019 / Christian Living
    Our Father God knows best for us and when things don't go as we planned, we can be sure our Daddy God is always working all things together for our best and His glory!

  51. It's Available Now! by Taylor  
    12/01/2019 / Salvation
    Why wait, when you can start the best life you've ever had--today! That's only possible with Jesus Christ!

  52. Better Than Barbie and Elvis Together! by Taylor  
    12/01/2019 / Christian Living
    Both Barbie and Elvis have been "A Big Deal" to people the past few decades. But JESUS is better than those two put together--He is the REAL DEAL!

  53. A Dancer After His Own Heart by Taylor  
    12/01/2019 / Worship
    True dancing to the LORD as worship is Biblical. Here are some proofs, and a personal testimony about dancing to Him.

  54. My Faithful Father by Taylor  
    12/01/2019 / Christian Living
    If your earthly father has not been as warm and affectionate as you would have liked, then receive Christ Jesus as your Savior and get to know your Daddy in Heaven, your Abba Father. He is so sweet and kind, tender and merciful--how amazing is His love!

  55. It Just Gets Better! by Taylor  
    12/01/2019 / Christian Living
    Everything good in your life is from God. All the bad is from the devil. Period! So let us thank our gracious, faithful, merciful God for all His goodness to us!

  56. Jesus Esta Vivo!--Jesus is Alive! by Taylor  
    12/01/2019 / Salvation
    The LORD Jesus Christ is alive and He is good--and He wants to help you today, forever!

  57. Worrier or Warrior? by Taylor  
    12/01/2019 / Christian Living
    Every moment we have the choice to trust God--to worry or rest in His faithfulness!

  58. BLESSING BAGS by Lupie Riley  
    12/01/2019 / Christian Living
    Close up to the homeless problem in the city. People without hope of a better life as a result from bad luck, addictions, medical situations and find themselves without a job and on the street. What would Jesus do?

  59. The Bible is Inspired by God's Holy Spirit by Sue Darling  
    11/30/2019 / Christian Living
    The bible in many cases is not treated with the respect and Holy fear that it deserves. Many Christians today believe it is all right to abort babies and they believe practising homosexuality is Ok too. But is it?

  60. 3 Million Muslims in Internment Camps in China by Sim Lee  
    11/30/2019 / World Affairs
    A look at how China is detaining many Muslims for re-education.

  61. LEGACY - Crafting Your Child's Future With Words - Part 1 by Taylor  
    11/30/2019 / Family
    Your words are more powerful than you think, because you are made in the image of God. He created the whole world in 6 days--with words! And your words are very powerful in shaping the lives of your precious child(ren)!

  62. Your Holy Health - Part 5 - The Light is Sweet by Taylor  
    11/29/2019 / Health
    For better health, make sure to get fresh air and sunlight every day.

  63. Your Holy Health - Part 4 - Healthy Drinking by Taylor  
    11/29/2019 / Health
    When you drink healthy, you will benefit. Water, "cocktails" and probiotic tea will help you more than you know!

  64. Your Holy Health - Part III - 12 Ways to Be Healthier by Taylor  
    11/29/2019 / Health
    These simple methods to improve health worked for us and they can work for you!

  65. Your Holy Health - Part II - Adventures in Healthy Eating by Taylor  
    11/29/2019 / Health
    This is a humorous and true account of the author's adventures to be healthier, with the help of the LORD! Laugh and learn!

    11/29/2019 / Devotionals
    For the Christian, giving needs to be an open and honest act; not done to impress others but done cheerfully, with the motive of giving rather than receiving.

  67. How to Write a Term Paper by Martin Dade  
    11/29/2019 / Education
    Scholarly composing is a significant component in more elevated levels of instruction. Composing end-of-semester papers is something that you can't maintain a strategic distance from while in the college or school; college educators use it to check how familiar you are with given subjects.

  68. Romans 11:16-24 and Apostasy by Max Aplin  
    11/28/2019 / Salvation
    Romans 11:16-24 is a strong piece of biblical evidence that born-again Christians do sometimes fall away from the faith and miss out on final salvation.

  69. Your Holy Health - Part 1 by Taylor  
    11/28/2019 / Health
    Your health is holy--It is a gift from God. Here is part 1 of how to be healthier, stronger, with more energy, to enjoy the life God gave you--and to get His Plan done!

  70. Unchanging God by Taylor  
    11/28/2019 / Christian Living
    God the Almighty, Who created us and gives us every good thing, never changes. He loves us no matter what, and when we realize that, we want to go to Heaven to be with Him forever, and live to honor Him on earth!

  71. In Him We Live by Taylor  
    11/28/2019 / Christian Living
    The Life we all truly want is found only in Christ!

  72. Believe Anyway! by Taylor  
    11/28/2019 / Christian Living
    Believing in God--which is what "faith" is--is a choice. There will always be something or somebody who tries to make you doubt the goodness of God. But He is faithful. He is Truth. He IS Love, and He never changes. You are free to believe Him anyway--and amazing things can happen when you truly believe!

  73. Learn to Be Wise by Taylor  
    11/28/2019 / Christian Living
    The Bible is the ultimate Answer book, and when we utilize this supreme tool, and start understanding and agreeing with how the LORD thinks, we will become wise and make the right decisions in life!

  74. He Will Help You! by Taylor  
    11/28/2019 / Christian Living
    Thank goodness, through our faith in the saving grace of the blood of Christ our LORD, we can go directly to our High Priest, Jesus Christ, for forgiveness of our sins--and help in every area of life!

  75. He Has Made Us Glad! by Taylor  
    11/28/2019 / Christian Living
    Being truly thankful always involves gladness--joy! And being thankful is a choice, so here are a few tips to help you choose joy and thanksgiving! Let us be thankful and rejoice at the goodness of our God!

  76. An Old Sweet Song by Sim Lee  
    11/27/2019 / Christian Living
    A look back at a more thankful generation and of the song that expressed their thanks to God.

  77. Rain On Me by Taylor  
    11/26/2019 / Christian Living
    Rain represents many wonderful things in the Bible. And God is raining restoration on us His kids!

  78. Forget the Feelings! by Taylor  
    11/26/2019 / Christian Living
    We Believers in Christ like to feel Him, but faith is not a feeling. Jesus endured all the junk for us at the cross!

  79. Trust Him Totally by Taylor  
    11/26/2019 / Christian Living
    When all is weird and shaky around you, know you are not alone: God is your Rock, and you can totally trust Him to help you navigate life to the best, because He loves you!

  80. Students Tasked with Thanksgiving Homework by Greg Miller  
    11/26/2019 / Christian Living
    A teacher assigns his students some homework over the Thanksgiving holiday!

  81. Acknowledge vs. Submit by Taylor  
    11/26/2019 / Christian Living
    Do you only acknowledge the LORD, or are you truly submitted to Him?

  82. Acknowledge vs. Submit by Taylor  
    11/26/2019 / Christian Living
    Are you just acknowledging God, or submitting to Him?

  83. Real Help for Your Real Marriage - Part 1 by Taylor  
    11/26/2019 / Marriage
    Marriage was the first institution created by God, and it remains a divine mystery--including to the spouses about each other! However, with God's Grace, wisdom and understanding, a lasting and loving marriage is built to bring Glory to Him and accomplish His will on earth. Here are four tips to strengthen your marriage now!

  84. We Are Confident! by Taylor  
    11/26/2019 / Christian Living
    Feelings are fickle, but faith is real--invisible in a way, but that's how we accomplish things in the earth; trusting confidently in our faithful God!

  85. Pray That Ears Be Opened by Sim Lee  
    11/23/2019 / Christian Living
    Pray that the ears of whom you share the Gospel with be opened to hear the Word of Christ.

  86. Be Adored! by Taylor  
    11/22/2019 / Christian Living
    The One Who made you adores you! You don't have to believe it, but it's true! Read this to find out more!

  87. Embrace the New! by Taylor  
    11/22/2019 / Christian Living
    Do you want to stay stuck in the past, or go forward? The choice is yours. But here are tips to break free and enjoy more abundant life!

  88. YOU KNOW by Linda Jackson  
    11/22/2019 / Poetry

    11/22/2019 / Devotionals
    The presence of God is freely available through Jesus, who was offered to reconcile us to the presence of God. In his presence is fullness of joy, peace and hope.

  90. The Testing of Praise by Ken Barnes  
    11/22/2019 / Christian Living
    Most people enjoy a good compliment, yet the praise afforded you, if not appropriately received, can be more detrimental to your character than your trials.

  91. Giving Thanks by PamFord Davis  
    11/22/2019 / Holidays
    Giving thanks is more than a Thanksgiving Day tradition.

    We follow the example of Jesus.

  92. Giving God Thanks by PamFord Davis  
    11/21/2019 / Holidays
    So often I say, Father Please, please.

    Too often I neglect to say, Thank You.

  93. Practical Steps To Amazingly End The Year In Success by Ngozi Nwoke  
    11/21/2019 / Self Help
    Is it possible to still end this year in success? Many people may have given up on the year but you shouldn't be part of them. Anything can still happen in the eleventh hour. This article tells you how you can still end the year successfully and with ease.

  94. STOP Trying to Please Him! by Taylor  
    11/20/2019 / Christian Living
    If you constantly are wondering if God is happy for you, this article is for you. The Good News is that, from the moment you received Christ Jesus as your Savior, He has been pleased with you!

  95. Woman is Thankful for Everything by Greg Miller  
    11/20/2019 / Christian Living
    A woman is thankful for everything and is determined to conserve words in the process.

  96. An Awesome Power: Reading the Bible Daily by Sim Lee  
    11/20/2019 / Christian Living
    A look at how reading the bible for 30-minutes on a daily basis can effectively produce positive changes in a person.

  97. Losing Count by PamFord Davis  
    11/20/2019 / Holidays
    Bless the Lord, O my soul,
    And forget not all His benefits (Psalm 103:2 NKJV).

  98. TRUST HIM TOTALLY by Taylor  
    11/19/2019 / Christian Living
    Faith or fear--you choose! But the One Who gives us every good thing--including every breath!--we should trust totally!

  99. Very Good Crop by PamFord Davis  
    11/19/2019 / Devotionals
    Id guess she had the perfect combination of the right seed, fertile soil, rain and sunlight. God gave her a good crop; a very good crop.

  100. Gone Forever! by Taylor  
    11/18/2019 / Christian Living
    If certain things bother you, a hurt and offense has lodged in your soul and is keeping the fullness of God's Blessings from happening. But you can get rid of those things so that they are gone forever!

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