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Recently Added Articles:
  1. The Good Shepherd by Greg Robbins  
    10/20/2016 / Bible Studies
    A look into Jesus being our personal Good Shepherd.

  2. MATERIAL LOVE by linzy bruno  
    10/20/2016 / Short Stories
    A familiar warmth over flowed inside her, as her hands grazed the smooth shiny, silken fabrics; her eyes lusting for more. She stared intently at the alluring shades of mint green, baby blue, deep lavender and yellow;

  3. Love God and Hear God by Ngozi Nwoke  
    10/20/2016 / Christian Living
    Are you hearing from God? Do you desire to hear from the Lord? This is a good desire but are you qualified to hear from Him? Many people desire to hear from Christ but are not close enough to hear Him even when He is speaking. This article emphasizes the need to love God if you are to hear from God.

  4. Miracle Working God-The Alpha and the Omega by Ngozi Nwoke  
    10/20/2016 / Christian Living
    Do you know the reasons why God is a miracle working God? One important reason is that He is the Alpha and the Omega! An understanding of this truth will increase your faith in God and you will see more miracles in your life. This article explains more of God's position as the Alpha and the Omega.

  5. What Is Your Worth As A Christian? by Ngozi Nwoke  
    10/20/2016 / Christian Living
    Are you a believing Christian? Do you feel cheated because you are saved? Some Christians sometimes feel they are missing out something because they are saved. This I attribute to lack of knowledge, because if you know who you are in Christ, you will be on top all the time. This article aims at painting a picture of your worth as a Christian.

  6. Who Are You Following Today For Your Success In Life? by Ngozi Nwoke  
    10/20/2016 / Christian Living
    Where are you going and who is guiding you to the place? Some people know where they are going but are following the wrong guides. It is one thing to know where you are going, and another thing to know how to get there. This article emphasizes the importance of following the right guides.

  7. Mean What You Say - Part 2 by Tony Grater  
    10/20/2016 / Christian Living
    What do our words do to people? Do they cause as much damage as actual physical violence? Part 2 of the 3 part series, with an analysis of the song, 'Mean What You Say', by Sent By Ravens

  8. THE ABORTION DOCTOR by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/20/2016 / Poetry

  9. Grace Transformation by PamFord Davis  
    10/20/2016 / Devotionals
    ... though Simon Peter had denied knowing Jesus; he wept and repented. Later, transformed by grace, he became an empowered witness.

  10. Mean What You Say - Part 1 by Tony Grater  
    10/19/2016 / Christian Living
    What do our words do to people? Do they cause as much damage as actual physical violence? Part 1 of a three-part series, featuring an analysis of the song, "Mean What You Say", by Christian Metal band, Sent By Ravens.

  11. The Second Childhood by Alan Allegra  
    10/19/2016 / Salvation
    When Jesus explained the kingdom of God to Nicodemus (John 3), he told him, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God" (3:3). Nicodemus thought Jesus meant physical birth, but he meant a spiritual rebirth. To be saved, a citizen of the heavenly kingdom, a person must, in the spiritual sense, enter a second childhood.

  12. Beware of Taking Genesis 1-3 Too Literally by Max Aplin  
    10/19/2016 / Bible Studies
    It is right for Christians to be distressed by godless theories of how the universe and human beings originated. But it is a mistake to think that one way to oppose these theories is to insist on a fully literal interpretation of Genesis 1-3. A close reading of these chapters demonstrates this. Christians should try to be balanced in their dealings with modern science.

  13. When Kings Normally Go To War: Addressing A Potentially Unjustified Criticism of David by Cate Russell-Cole  
    10/18/2016 / Bible Studies
    2 Samuel 11:1 says: "In the spring of the year, a when kings normally go out to war..." then David wound up sinning with Bathsheba. Was staying home lazy or is there another historical explanation?

    10/18/2016 / Salvation
    If the above is true, it makes all other religions of this world utterly worthless.
    What does our GOD say? CHRIST JESUS IS THE ONLY NAME UNDER HEAVEN BY WHICH MEN MUST BE SAVED (ACTS 4:12). Check it out. There is NO other Savior and NO female Co-Savior. Nobody else paid for your sins, only Christ Jesus.
    NO payment, NO salvation. The sinner (you?) pays himself. God says that if your sins remain on you, the smoke of your torment shall ascend forever and ever. How do you like that, Charlie?

  15. Being Honest with One Another by Sue Darling  
    10/18/2016 / Christian Living
    I feel God is giving out many gifts, but because people are afraid to let any one know about them, people are not being helped by them.

  16. Blessed Is This Person by Greg Robbins  
    10/18/2016 / Bible Studies
    Today being blessed is thought to be in the form of money, possessions, fame, social position, or other physical things. Is that all there is to it?

  17. ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN SOLDIER? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/18/2016 / Poetry

  18. What to Do When You Are Disappointed by stephanie reck  
    10/18/2016 / Christian Living
    A relationship does not work out, a job does not go through, or your prodigal child that you have been praying for does not seem to leave their rebellious life. We all have experienced times of disappointment, and it is a normal part of life. What is important to know is that if disappointment is not dealt with, it can eventually lead to depression

  19. Self-Preservation by PamFord Davis  
    10/18/2016 / Devotionals
    Life is precious and we want to live.

  20. When No One Can Agree on David: How to Solve Differences of Opinion by Cate Russell-Cole  
    10/17/2016 / Christian Living
    We all have different interpretations of Scripture and like people to agree with us. This article looks at dealing with the mess than ensues when agreement is a long way away.

  21. Hidden Sins by Cate Russell-Cole  
    10/17/2016 / Christian Living
    There are several types of sin that we have to deal with as Christians. This article looks at the inspiration King David has given us in this area.

  22. Discovering David's Most Important Task as King by Cate Russell-Cole  
    10/17/2016 / Christian Living
    What would you say David's most important role was? Warrior? Worshipper? Psalmist? The answer, and how it relates to you, may surprise you.

  23. You Are My Boast by Steve Countryman  
    10/17/2016 / Christian Living
    1 Corinthians 1:31 Therefore, as it is written: "Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord."

    10/17/2016 / Poetry
    'BROKEN WINGS FLY AGAIN" BY POET and SONGWRITER RICK GUNN is an amazing poem about a little bird with a broken wing ! Although its a children poem its can inspire each of us to reach new heights as GOD heals us like the sparrow . We too can fly again ! RICK GUNN

  25. Give Me a Hope and a Future by Steve Countryman  
    10/17/2016 / Christian Living
    How can God "give" us hope and a future?

  26. The Gift of Foreknowledge by Greg Robbins  
    10/17/2016 / Bible Studies
    Jesus knew what would happen to him before it happened. He has also bestowed this gift to us.

  27. THE EVIL SWORD OF GOSSIP by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/17/2016 / Poetry

  28. Rise And Pray by Greg Robbins  
    10/17/2016 / Devotionals
    Jesus commanded the disciples to rise and pray, lest they fall into temptation.

  29. Living Stones by PamFord Davis  
    10/17/2016 / Devotionals
    We are living stones, serving the Rock and standing upon the promises of God.

  30. Do You Carry A Cross? by Greg Robbins  
    10/16/2016 / Devotionals
    The central theme of Jesus' call to discipleship is cross bearing.

  31. Emotional Hostage by Rochelle Arnold  
    10/16/2016 / Christian Living
    Are you being held hostage by your own emotions or worse yet held emotionally hostage by the ones closest to you? Don't allow yourself to be a prisoner of anger, doubt, fear, depression, intimidation, anxiety or any other negative emotion. Unhealthy feelings left unchecked can destroy your life. If we constantly feed our minds junk food, our minds will turn on our body. This why it is so important that we renew our minds by studying and mediating on the Word of God. The Bible says to not be conformed to this world, but be transformed in our mind. (Romans 12:2)

  32. Ordinary Day by Jacky Julyan  
    10/15/2016 / Devotionals
    Then Paul writes about "getting rid of all bitterness, anger and malice". What a come down from the images of heaven!

  33. The Addiction by Steve Countryman  
    10/15/2016 / Christian Living
    It is the best addiction one can have!!

  34. Rest by Donna Wittlif  
    10/15/2016 / Devotionals
    How can a Christian keep going when his body, mind, and soul are worn out? Just do what Jesus did.

  35. "THE DEAD" WILL WITNESS AGAINST YOU by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/15/2016 / Poetry

  36. Another Gospel by Greg Robbins  
    10/15/2016 / Bible Studies
    The Apostle Paul mentioned different gospels. This is a look into that subject.

  37. Taking your gift on a daily walk - Part 1 by Solanke BurningBushBoy  
    10/15/2016 / Christian Living
    "How thoughtless are you to suggest that ordinary harp playing will heal me of my madness. Don't I listen to music from the palace musical team daily?" They expected Saul to flare up. He, however, surprised them.

  38. Let your women keep silence in church by Greg Robbins  
    10/14/2016 / Church Life
    The Apostle Paul taught that women are to keep silence in church. Women are not to teach or usurp authority over a man. Is this really what we are to obey today?

  39. Be Thankful by Tony Grater  
    10/14/2016 / World Affairs
    What if we couldn't see, or hear the people we don't like? Could we still hate them?

  40. The Barnacles of Life by Steve Countryman  
    10/14/2016 / Christian Living

  41. NO WORKS MEANS NOT SAVED? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    10/14/2016 / Salvation
    Does a continued ABSENCE OF WORKS mean being unsaved? Does it mean ABSENCE OF REAL FAITH? By their fruits (works) you shall know them (1 John 3:6-10)? Can works SAVE anybody? If works cannot save, what are they for?
    Only FAITH alone faith in Christ Jesus of the Bible saves. But the Faith that saves is never alone. It always has WORKS. Now, how is that?

    10/14/2016 / Devotionals
    "Our God is sovereign and omnipotent. His strength is endless and only his zeal can strengthen our weary bones."

  43. Introducing Me to Me - Part 6 by Jerry Ousley  
    10/14/2016 / Christian Living
    Part 6 of the 7 Part series "Introducing Me to Me"

  44. My Strength, Song, and Salvation by PamFord Davis  
    10/14/2016 / Devotionals
    'JEHOVAH is my strength, my song and my salvation!'

  45. CHOOSING HELL BY DEFAULT by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/13/2016 / Poetry

  46. God is my only hope!!! by sana edoja  
    10/13/2016 / Health
    My story of faith in being healed by God from an incurable sickness.

  47. Why Hasn't God Answered My Prayers? by stephanie reck  
    10/13/2016 / Christian Living
    When we pray, God will answer us with yes, no, or not now. We can grow impatient as we wait for the answer to come to our prayers. Trusting God knows the best outcome for our lives puts us in a restful and peaceful place. God does not answer everyone's prayers the same way. God has a unique and individual plan for everyone.

  48. The Concept of God (for the unbeliever) by Tony Grater  
    10/13/2016 / Christian Apologetics
    Why do we believe in a God we cannot see? Why do we believe the Bible is God's word? Why does God tolerate sin? Find the answers in this article for the non-believer.

  49. People Pleasers by PamFord Davis  
    10/13/2016 / Devotionals
    'They unknowingly become carbon copies of those they emulate.'

  50. Christians Should Expect to Offend People by Max Aplin  
    10/12/2016 / Christian Living
    For the prophets and others in Old Testament times, doing the will of God often meant offending people. Similarly, when Jesus was on earth He frequently caused offence by what He said and did. So too did the early church. Although there are times when we must take care not to offend, as Christians we should expect some of what we do and say to cause offence.

  51. Why? by PamFord Davis  
    10/12/2016 / Devotionals
    'Why did the plastic bag cross the road?'

  52. The Words of Eternal Life by Greg Robbins  
    10/11/2016 / Salvation
    This is about the words of eternal life spoken by Jesus Christ.

  53. Pastors of the Revolution by Steve Countryman  
    10/11/2016 / Christian Living
    "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!"

  54. The Blood of Jesus #1 by Greg Robbins  
    10/11/2016 / Bible Studies
    The Bible has much to say about the blood shed by Jesus Christ to wash away the sins of the world.

  55. No Holds Barred by PamFord Davis  
    10/11/2016 / Devotionals
    'As children of God, we wrestle with evil forces; experiencing weakness, we might be tempted to throw in the towel.'

  56. The Master Is Calling For You by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    10/11/2016 / Salvation
    It is always easy to put off the decision to give your life to God, and become a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, but to procrastinate is to endanger your soul, since you may not see tomorrow. Today is your time, so make up your mind now that you have the time.

  57. What About Grace? by Greg Robbins  
    10/10/2016 / Bible Studies
    A look at the origins of grace. Where did grace come from? How did grace come? Have you received the true grace of God?

  58. This Special Invitation Is For You by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    10/10/2016 / Salvation
    You do not have to be rich, you do not have to be educated, you do not have to be employed, you do not have to be good, or holy, or respectable. God wants you just as you are; so why not accept his invitation?

  59. Mandatory Evacuation by PamFord Davis  
    10/10/2016 / Devotionals
    'In the spiritual realm, a force more powerful than a hurricane is lurking'

  60. "Finish Your Race" by Henry Miranda  
    10/10/2016 / Christian Living
    The "race," in the Christian life is like a marathon, not a sprint, and we are called to stay the course and remain faithful to the end. (2 Timothy 4:7).

    10/09/2016 / Salvation
    Because some people appear to be actually worshiping Semiramis, not any Mary of the Bible. To a near identical description of Semiramis (characterized as Isis, Diana, Ceres), some have seemingly added the name of "Mary". Take a look and decide for yourself.
    Semirabis is the greatest, most popular Babylonian deity. The god she brought forth, worshiped under the symbol of the round wafer (symbol of SUN), was in reality the fierce, scorching Sun or terrible Moloch, yet in that offering all his terror was veiled. The sun-disc displayed behind the heads of worshipers was similarly used to honor distinguished members of the Sun (Baal) cult.

  62. Formatting Help Regular FaithWriters Articles by Michael Edwards  
    10/09/2016 / Writing
    Formatting Help Regular FaithWriters Articles

  63. LITTLE BOY by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/09/2016 / Poetry

  64. Another Comforter by Greg Robbins  
    10/09/2016 / Bible Studies
    A look at the Comforter, Who is the Holy Spirit.

  65. Trinity, Two, or One by Greg Robbins  
    10/08/2016 / Bible Studies
    A look at the doctrines of the trinity, of a two only godhead, and one only - usually referring to Jesus, but there are others such as Jehovah's Witnesses who only hold to Jehovah.

  66. ONE WAY TO HEAVEN! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/08/2016 / Poetry

  67. AM I A SINNER? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/07/2016 / Poetry

  68. What is The Kingdom of Heaven? by Greg Robbins  
    10/07/2016 / Bible Studies
    A look at what Jesus had to say about the kingdom of heaven.

  69. The Power of the Word by Steve Countryman  
    10/07/2016 / Christian Living
    ***WARNING*** Christians who declare God's Word out loud are to be considered very POWERFUL and DANGEROUS!!!

  70. MERRY-GO-ROUND by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/07/2016 / Poetry

  71. Introducing Me to Me - Part 5 by Jerry Ousley  
    10/07/2016 / Christian Living
    Part 5 of a 7 Part Series

  72. Whodunit by PamFord Davis  
    10/07/2016 / Devotionals
    The devil thought that he had won when Jesus was found guilty of blasphemy and died on the cross.

  73. What to Work For by Greg Robbins  
    10/06/2016 / Bible Studies
    Looking at Jesus' instructions of what we are to work for.

  74. A Discussion About Paul and James by Greg Robbins  
    10/06/2016 / Bible Studies
    A comparison of the writings of Paul and James concerning Abraham.

  75. Repent by Greg Robbins  
    10/06/2016 / Bible Studies
    A closer look at what repentance is.

  76. Looking Back by PamFord Davis  
    10/06/2016 / Devotionals
    In Scripture, we read of warnings against looking back

  77. HOW TO FIND GOD'S WONDERFUL WAY by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    10/06/2016 / Salvation
    Men are not lost because they are sinners; they are lost because they have rejected Jesus who died for them. Even if you go into a lost eternity and have not accepted Christ, He died for you, and you simply made His sacrifice for you of no avail. You have trodden underfoot the blood of your Savior.
    Satan, his demons and human followers (Luciferians includes today's Global Elite) derive a sexual type pleasure from torturing and killing everything that lives. During the Apocalypse Satan is to receive free reign for a very short time. God says, if that time were not shortened, nothing would have survived on this planet. The suffering will be greater than at any previous time in history, or ever shall be. Look it up.

  78. An Unusual Traveling Evangelist by Leonard Granger  
    10/05/2016 / Christian Living
    The Lord's message goes out in many ways. All ages enjoy the delivery of the Gospel.

  79. Always Say A Prayer by Leonard Granger  
    10/05/2016 / Christian Living
    Prayer in the early church. The power of prayer in everyday life.

  80. The Lord's Servants Never Retire by Leonard Granger  
    10/05/2016 / Christian Living
    Sending the correct message and living by Faith in the Lord. We never get too old to serve the Lord. as God's Word never changes.

  81. Does The World hate You? by Leonard Granger  
    10/05/2016 / Christian Living
    God's Word, Good News Message , Church today

  82. The Easy Life by Greg Robbins  
    10/05/2016 / Christian Living
    How living life in Christ can become very easy to live.

  83. My trip to Puerto Rico by Greg Robbins  
    10/05/2016 / Testimonies
    When I was a young man God called me to go to San Juan, Puerto Rico. As in all my trips, this was a faith trip. I trusted in the Lord to supply all of my needs once I arrived there.

  84. Travel by faith by Greg Robbins  
    10/05/2016 / Testimonies
    The recounting of a trip I once took by faith. I had nothing financially and took the trip anyways trusting in God to supply all of my needs. He did, of course, and this is the story.

  85. Well Established by PamFord Davis  
    10/05/2016 / Devotionals
    'Our nation was established upon Judeo-Christian principles. We must prayerfully consider our choices for the next president of the United States of America.'

  86. Becoming a Christian Is the Ultimate Bargain by Max Aplin  
    10/05/2016 / Christian Living
    The Bible makes it clear that Christians have to suffer, and our experience fits with this. Nevertheless, becoming a Christian is the ultimate bargain. We lose our lives for Jesus' sake for a few decades, and then we get millions and millions of years of great joy on into infinity. Never was there such a bargain.

  87. O Son of man by Jacky Julyan  
    10/04/2016 / Poetry
    Oh Son of man,
    Forgive us
    Forgive our nations
    Forgive our families
    Save us Oh LORD
    You are the Almighty God
    Mighty to save

  88. NO STADIUMS FOR JESUS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/04/2016 / Poetry

  89. PERIL FROM MASS MEDIA TO YOUR FAMILY (Or, Internet, as Cause of Decomposed Psyche) by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    10/04/2016 / Christian Living
    Why Peril?
    Hidden Luciferian programming is done by experts and promotes, almost imperceptibly, Luciferian attitudes and behavior.
    Rebellion of your wife and kids with pending divorce, teen pregnancy or drug addiction, is baloney? How about husband degenerating? Eventually booze, drugs and adultery? Where do you think people get their ideas and motivation? If it hasn't happened yet, then the increase of enemy input will make this Trojan Horse more likely every year.

  90. Innocent Blood by PamFord Davis  
    10/04/2016 / Devotionals
    'Worldwide, the numbers of murdered babies are horrific.'

  91. Milestones by PamFord Davis  
    10/04/2016 / Devotionals
    'I cannot imagine how we reached these milestones so soon.'

  92. Boldly Approaching God: The Example of David by Cate Russell-Cole  
    10/03/2016 / Christian Living
    We are used to the New Testament telling us to boldly approach God's throne, but we don't often know about the roots of that attitude which are found deep in the Old Testament. This article looks at David, Job and Moses and how we can righteously boldly approach God when we need Him.

  93. How the Psalms Reflect the Laws of Moses (Torah) by Cate Russell-Cole  
    10/03/2016 / Bible Studies
    If you don't want to slog through the books of Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, if you know the Psalms, you will know exactly what the heart and many of the precepts of the Torah are. This article discusses how King David used and was heavily guided by God's laws in his life.

  94. Suffer it to Be So Now by Greg Robbins  
    10/03/2016 / Bible Studies
    A meditative study of Matthew 3:13-15

  95. I Come as a Thief by Greg Robbins  
    10/03/2016 / Bible Studies
    A meditative study of Revelation 16"

  96. Victory in Jesus by Toni Babcock  
    10/03/2016 / Christian Living
    In his letter to the Corinthians, Paul's declaration of God's faithfulness to "make a way of escape" pretty much blows the cover off the old excuse "The devil made me do it".

  97. A Word to the Wise by Toni Babcock  
    10/03/2016 / Christian Living
    The Word of God declares, "Wise men lay up knowledge; but the mouth of the foolish is near destruction," (Proverbs 10:14 KJV).

  98. Stress and Exhaustion by stephanie reck  
    10/03/2016 / Self Help
    Life can be tough, and at times overwhelming. One of the main things that I hear Christians say is, "I am so stressed and exhausted." There is no doubt the enemy has launched his attacks against Christians.

  99. test with quotes by Ike Silver  
    10/03/2016 / Career
    Thi's is the test'st brod's test asd" test adfkasdf " test and ;1238*$(%*#$@#&*@#8 special character test's's

  100. this is the title by Ike Silver  
    10/03/2016 / Career
    this is the summary

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