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  1. WHO WAS I? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/23/2018 / Poetry

  2. If I Was Jesus by louis gander  
    6/23/2018 / Christian Living
    Here's something we might think about
    and something to discuss -
    if born, we were, in Zero Year
    and grew up as Jesus...

  3. TOMORROW by Ogaga Eruteya  
    6/23/2018 / Poetry
    There is an abundance of wisdom we can gain by merely pondering about the future.

  4. AND THERE, LIGHT THE CANDLE by Ogaga Eruteya  
    6/23/2018 / Church Life
    As the light of the world, we are to shine in the darkness of the world. In order to shine, we would need to be scattered all over, rather than cluster in a place.

  5. The Manifold Wisdom of God by Ken Barnes  
    6/23/2018 / Christian Living
    The church is Gods theatre to heaven and earth. Without embracing Gods full expression on this earth, the church with all its varied expressions, we will never understand Gods multifaceted wisdom.

  6. Charged Up By The Holy Spirit by Sim Lee  
    6/22/2018 / Education
    A look at how charging a car battery can compares to the regeneration by the Holy Spirit as an example.

  7. JUST A "LITTLE SIN"! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/22/2018 / Poetry

  8. You! by Steve Countryman  
    6/22/2018 / Christian Living
    How important are the words that you speak?

  9. Redemption by Jerry Ousley  
    6/22/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 4 of the 9 part series "Understanding Our Salvation"

  10. Una recensione ti puà far risparmiare un sacco di soldi, scopri come by Clare Katz  
    6/21/2018 / House & Home
    Una recensione ti pu far risparmiare un sacco di soldi, scopri come

  11. His Trusty Steed by PamFord Davis  
    6/21/2018 / Devotionals
    Christ is my source of strength!

  12. Steward of the Harvest by Stephen Vattimo  
    6/20/2018 / FaithWriters Advertising
    An announcement about the content of my first published book a collection of my work in art and poetry.

  13. Optimal Reception by Toni Babcock  
    6/20/2018 / Salvation
    The word of the LORD brings each one of us to a point of optimal reception " a time of blossoming when we are most responsive to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  14. Refresher Course by PamFord Davis  
    6/20/2018 / Devotionals
    Do we need a refresher course on 3 Rs of salvation?

  15. Steven Hawking - And The Worst About Us Is Greed by Sim Lee  
    6/19/2018 / Events
    Steven Hawking's concern for the increasing greediness of mankind and for the destruction and suffering it can cause.

  16. ARE YOU SOMEONE'S HERO? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/19/2018 / Poetry

  17. Fighting Tooth and Nail to Interpret the Bible Honestly by Max Aplin  
    6/19/2018 / Christian Living
    Sadly, it is very common for Christians to interpret biblical passages in dishonest and biased ways. It is always wrong to do this, even if it is motivated by a desire to support some truth of the Christian faith. We should all fight as hard as we can to interpret every part of the Bible honestly, whatever the consequences.

  18. Abundant Grace After Bad Decisions and Mistakes by Tesse Wilson  
    6/19/2018 / Christian Living
    Grace to help in time of need... I need it when I made yet another mistake

  19. UNTAPPED TREASURES by Lupie Riley  
    6/19/2018 / Christian Living
    Wisdom and knowledge have two different meanings. The dictionary defines what they are.

  20. Advantages of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners by   
    6/19/2018 / House & Home
    Advantages of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

    6/19/2018 / Poetry
    After the betrayal, Judas appeared remorseful, so why did he take his life?

  22. Amen by PamFord Davis  
    6/19/2018 / Devotionals
    I am calling on Him in the present, I am praying to Him. It prepares me for the future.

  23. Any Loss for Christ? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    6/19/2018 / Christian Living
    If you count all things loss to gain Jesus Christ, you have all things to gain.

  24. REASONS OF LONGEVITY by Olawale Ogunsola  
    6/19/2018 / Christian Living
    To live long depends on many factors and reasons. The Lord alone has the exclusive right to grant it to anyone HE wills. Three of these reasons are discussed in this piece.

  25. HOW MUCH DO YOU HAVE UP THERE? by Ogaga Eruteya  
    6/18/2018 / Christian Living
    In making daily financial and spiritual investments, it is important that our gaze is often fixed above.

  26. Pound Your Fists by PamFord Davis  
    6/18/2018 / Devotionals
    Imagine your pastor pounding his fists and stomping his feet!

  27. Should We Pray Against Devils? by Emeke Odili  
    6/18/2018 / Bible Studies
    Christians are divided between two polar extreme concerning praying against devils. And these two extremes does leave a loophole in many a Christians life...

  28. What to Avoid for your Health and Survival, Continued. POISONING THE PUBLIC? Part 3 of 4. by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    6/17/2018 / Health
    Early aging, wrinkles, being fat, crushing tiredness, fear every day, depression, divorce, sickly children, loss of sex, early cancer, hair falling out, nobody loves me, rebellious spouse,

  29. What to Avoid for your Health and Survival, Continued. POISONING THE PUBLIC? Part 3 of 4. by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    6/17/2018 / Health
    Early aging, wrinkles, being fat, crushing tiredness, fear every day, depression, divorce, sickly children, loss of sex, early cancer, hair falling out, nobody loves me, rebellious spouse,

  30. Infatuation - A Short Term Event, Long Term Consequences To A Marriage by Sim Lee  
    6/16/2018 / Marriage
    A look at infatuation to better understand how to avoid it with other than your spouse.

  31. God's Design Never Struggle Alone by Katy Foster  
    6/16/2018 / Devotionals
    God knows we will struggle, and He always provides His comfort.

  32. Called to be followers of Lord Jesus, not the ways of this world by Trudy Belle  
    6/15/2018 / Christian Living
    He stands before us with deep compassion and love and calls out to each of us. Let us drop down the false garment of this world and run into tender arms. He invites us to follow Him, not the ways of this world. We can be His light on the earth...

  33. Letâs Make a Deal! by Alan Allegra  
    6/15/2018 / Salvation
    How many times have you seen those commercials for everything from cars to cable TV to cosmetic cremes that offer you an unbeatable deal? However, a vital part of those deals is the fine print: If you dont like it, return it for a full refund (minus shipping, handling, and restocking fees). If you call within the next five minutes, you will get a second Shaft-O-Matic Combination Washer / Dryer / Egg Poacher for free! (Just pay an extra combination-offer fee)!
    Big deal! Theres always a catch. The seller is not going to take a financial dive to make you happy. As the old folks used to say, Nothing in life is free!

  34. Why Decide on Suicide? by Alan Allegra  
    6/15/2018 / Self Help
    The recent well-publicized suicides of famous people have caused us to wonder why such have-it-all persons would take their lives (actually, they dont take them; they give them up). What drives someone to the ultimate act of desperation?
    The Bible has examples and answers for tough questions. Many prominent Bible characters wanted to end it all " and some succeeded " but all demonstrate an aspect of this decision that values death above life.

    6/15/2018 / Devotionals
    Parakletos (the Holy Spirit) is always alongside comforting me, even when Im unaware of his presence.

  36. Reconciliation by Jerry Ousley  
    6/15/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 3 of the 9 part series "Understanding Our Salvation"

  37. ARE YOU DISSERTED BY FRIENDS? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    6/15/2018 / Christian Living
    Do not live the rest of your life alone, there is friend for you on whom you can rely any minute of your life. You can trust Him for everything.

  38. A CHOICE WITH DOUBLE EFFECTS by Olawale Ogunsola  
    6/15/2018 / Christian Living
    Each decision has effects. This can be positive or negative. Therefore, do not run your life with human wisdom; let the Spirit of Christ guide you into all understanding.

  39. From the Bottom of My Heart by PamFord Davis  
    6/15/2018 / Holidays
    A merry heart doeth good like a medicine (Proverbs 17:22a KJV).

  40. Our Heavenly Citizenship by Emeke Odili  
    6/15/2018 / Christian Living
    Many Believers have not yet fully understand the reality of their heavenly citizenship and privileges. If this reality eventually dawn on them, they will enjoy greater victory in Christ Jesus...

  41. The Tooth of the Matter by J Camilleri  
    6/14/2018 / Christian Living
    A trip to the dentist to have a cavity filled, reminds us of the way Jesus fills the hole in our hearts.

  42. Because He lives, we can face tomorrow! by Trudy Belle  
    6/14/2018 / Christian Living
    Are you having difficulty right now? Is trouble hounding your door? Is your marriage breaking down? Is your husband cheating on you? Are you financially ruined and terrified? Are you bound by vices or sin and cannot break free? Is your strength over and cannot cope facing another day? Fear not, God is reaching out to you right now...

  43. Thank You Faith Writers For Your Work In Nigeria by Sim Lee  
    6/14/2018 / World Affairs
    A thank you to Faith Writers for their effectual and substantial work in Nigeria.

  44. Thank You Faith Writers For Your Work In Nigeria by Sim Lee  
    6/14/2018 / World Affairs
    A thank you to Faith Writers for their effectual and substantial work in Nigeria.

  45. DISTRACTIONS by Ogaga Eruteya  
    6/14/2018 / Poetry
    The journey of life and the christian experience are fraught with derailing elements. It is thus expedient to beware of them while keeping focus on what is ahead.

  46. Cutting Words by PamFord Davis  
    6/14/2018 / Devotionals
    Bullying makes the news. It is wrong but it is not new.

  47. Suicide Prevention, Help Those In Desperation By Giving Hope by Sim Lee  
    6/13/2018 / Christian Living
    A look at how your message or article can help someone who is desperate and thinking about suicide.

  48. Work Ethic by PamFord Davis  
    6/13/2018 / Devotionals
    The Master designer-Creator ordained work. It began in a garden

  49. "Human Rights": A Big Idol among Christians Today by Max Aplin  
    6/12/2018 / World Affairs
    People in mainstream Western culture are constantly appealing to what they call human rights. Even if these rights exist, their scope is far narrower than is usually realized and they are tiny in comparison with Gods rights. Christians should be open and unembarrassed about viewing the world as a place that is full of Gods rights rather than human rights.

  50. Accurate Scales by PamFord Davis  
    6/12/2018 / Devotionals
    Honest (accurate) scales reveal the accurate weight. Belshazzar saw the writing on the wall!

  51. The Encounter by BGW   
    6/11/2018 / Short Stories
    Are you ready for Jesus's return. Are you strong enough to see through Satan's lies. Just what is Jesus doing right now to prepare the world for His return.

  52. Final Frontier by PamFord Davis  
    6/11/2018 / Devotionals
    Space If we trust Star Trek, its the final frontier.

  53. Death can come without a warning, are we ready? by Trudy Belle  
    6/11/2018 / Christian Living
    A serious topic and lots to think about...

  54. 1 Cor 15:58 in many dialects by Trudy Belle  
    6/10/2018 / Christian Living
    If you know anyone who speaks these languages, please copy and paste this Scripture and send to them. has many translations - check it out!

  55. Let's hear Apostle Paul speak to us today by Trudy Belle  
    6/10/2018 / Christian Living
    God has been opening His Word to me and the Bible is starting to come alive. I read a chapter from the Book of Ephesians (KJV) and it was as if Apostle Paul was speaking to me, come let us open our hearts and hear him speak through the Word.

  56. United with Him, all things are possible! by Trudy Belle  
    6/10/2018 / Testimonies
    Just because we love God and He us, it is not a free ride to a great life. It comes with many challenges and tests but the result is a deep connection and trust in the Almighty and His Beloved Son. It also makes us strong in Him ...

  57. A CROSS FOR THE LOST by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/09/2018 / Poetry

  58. Is there a reason for the terrors of this age? by Trudy Belle  
    6/09/2018 / Christian Living
    We are in an age where trouble is looming in all corners of the world. People are desperate, jobless, destitute, many turning to vices that sedate them or give them a high. Too many are depressed and pop pills or run hither and tither to any guru for advice. Businesses pop up offering a plethora of products to fix us or offer us pleasure... What does the Bible say?

  59. POISONING THE PUBLIC? Part 2 of 4. by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    6/09/2018 / Health
    Some define population containment as a current attempt to slow down population growth by means of reducing fertility, by killing the unborn, by reducing effective medical help and promoting early mortality by means of HIV, cancer and so on; by promoting new viral threats and debilitating chronic disease.

  60. Five Keys For Actualizing Your Dreams This Year by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    6/08/2018 / Self Help
    This article shows how to bring ones dreams to reality. Five main steps are identified and discussed.

  61. Greatness Within by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    6/08/2018 / Poetry
    A poem that essentially reflects on our God-given innate potentials.
    We are greater and smarter than we think.

  62. Success is NOT Really Success by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    6/08/2018 / Poetry
    A poem that points readers to what success really consists of and what success is not.

  63. We have the right intentions and then comes mammon and many succumb into his arms and lose our foothold for His Kingdom by Trudy Belle  
    6/08/2018 / Christian Living
    It is very easy to be enticed with mammon and lose our first love

  64. Father God please change me, turn me into pure love by Trudy Belle  
    6/08/2018 / Prayers
    This is another deep prayer for all who want a transformation. It is God's Spirit that invites us to draw closer ..

  65. A Prayer for all those who headbutt each other within the family by Trudy Belle  
    6/08/2018 / Prayers
    We can be at loggerheads with other family members we love and argue with them. I saw an image of horns locked in a fight yesterday as I observed a mother and daughter speak to each other. Many couples argue with each other, so do many parents with kids or vice versa, or even siblings. It's time we come together before the Lord in prayer and ask for His help to change and have peace in the relationship.

  66. Conversion by Jerry Ousley  
    6/08/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 2 of the 9 part series "Understanding Our Salvation"

    6/08/2018 / Devotionals
    May we fill our hearts with Gods Word to ensure that, that which ensues from our lips is true, honourable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, and worthyofpraise.

  68. Trail to Happiness by PamFord Davis  
    6/08/2018 / Devotionals
    We all desire happiness and hope that we can find the trail to tranquility, our designated pathway. The trail is clearly marked.

  69. The Problems Caused When Christians Are Overzealous by Max Aplin  
    6/08/2018 / Christian Living
    Being zealous for something that God approves of is a good thing. However, zeal can sometimes get out of control and end up causing problems. This happens in many different ways.

  70. God is not calling us to a popularity contest by Trudy Belle  
    6/08/2018 / Christian Living
    Let's soldier on to advance His Kingdom and not be perturbed by the power of the flesh who can rise up against us. If God be for us, who can be against us? This is a message of encouragement to be steadfast and soldier on...

  71. Lord Jesus, I choose to be different, make me holy by Trudy Belle  
    6/07/2018 / Prayers
    This prayer poured out today. It is for people totally committed to Christ Jesus and wanting to be changed by Him. You can change it to make it deeper and more profound. This prayer will bring major changes within and without so have a read before you pray it and then say any part that resonates with you. Let God lead and guide and change it as needed. He is calling us to holiness...

  72. THE SAMSON EFFECT by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/07/2018 / Poetry

  73. Weighing Motives by Ken Barnes  
    6/07/2018 / Christian Living
    We can feel pretty good about the things that we do, but we often do not understand why we do what we do. It is possible to give with your hand but not your heart.

  74. Stop that Squirming! by PamFord Davis  
    6/07/2018 / Devotionals
    When Im still, I sense His presence. I experience His peace, purpose and power.

  75. Alleluia! God answers a prayer for a secretary by Trudy Belle  
    6/06/2018 / Christian Living
    Inspiring message. God answers our cry but beyond what we ask Him. He did not give me a physical secretary but answered a need.

  76. Kick Off Your Shoes by PamFord Davis  
    6/06/2018 / Devotionals
    Oh, the agony of de-feet.

  77. BEAUTY FOR ASHES by Ogaga Eruteya  
    6/05/2018 / Poetry
    Saviour, beauty for ashes, God's love, death on the cross, God's promises, God's faithfulness, poems

  78. A Morning Prayer by Trudy Belle  
    6/05/2018 / Prayers
    What a joy to go before the Lord at the beginning and pray. This is only a suggestion, please change and make it your own. God loves you and draws you closer to Him, so close that you would never have believed it in your wildest imagination. Please share Him with others. Use your gifts to enhance His Kingdom on earth.

  79. Define a Christian by PamFord Davis  
    6/05/2018 / Devotionals
    Jesus was a 'do-gooder' and we should follow in his steps.c

  80. His Word is tapping on our hearts, ready to come alive! by Trudy Belle  
    6/04/2018 / Christian Living
    God is knocking on our hearts once more. I encourage you to print this and use a pen or pencil and underline every part of this Scripture that speaks to you and ...

  81. A love letter from our Saviour to the world! by Trudy Belle  
    6/04/2018 / Christian Living
    This is a letter from the heart of our Lord and Saviour and is a call to the world to trust and return to Him. Please use it as a tool to reach others who do not know Him. He must increase whilst we decrease and He gets all the attention in this.

  82. A Warning! by Trudy Belle  
    6/04/2018 / Christian Living
    Are we aware of this deception?

  83. Dazzling Diamonds by PamFord Davis  
    6/04/2018 / Devotionals
    God loves us

    He often needs to use tough love; He once used a diamond to make His point.

  84. The Bells of Revival are Ringing! by Trudy Belle  
    6/03/2018 / Christian Living
    I hear the bells of revival ringing and want to send it your way....Be open and receive and await the Holy Spirit to do a mighty work in you. He does not need your talents nor capabilities and so do not be afraid if you feel you are not qualified - HE will qualify us.

  85. Awaken us O Lord! by Trudy Belle  
    6/03/2018 / Christian Living
    Are we ready for the Second Coming of our Saviour? Will we allow God to speak to us today and seek Him for the questions that may arise in us?

  86. ON THE POTTER'S WHEEL by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/03/2018 / Poetry

  87. A message to all those who work as sex slaves - God is offering you freedom! by Trudy Belle  
    6/03/2018 / Christian Living
    A message to reach people that God wants to reach as a loving and caring Father and a powerful Deliverer

  88. A message to those who prostitute their bodies or forced to do so - God loves you! by Trudy Belle  
    6/03/2018 / Christian Living
    God wants to reach them with His love. He put them in my heart to write a message to them calling them to Him. Please read and use it to reach others to return to our Lord and Father

  89. ARE THEY POISONING THE PUBLIC? Part 1 of 4. by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    6/02/2018 / Health
    Some say, there is is a current attempt of population reduction by means of reducing fertility, reducing effective medical help and promoting early mortality; by promoting new viral threats and debilitating chronic disease.

    How could there be, actually, a plan to injure the population? Thats absolutely crazy, no? It simply could not be?

    If it could not be, then why do we have more than 60 million actually promoted abortions? Thats no empty phrase, thats actually and legally killing children. If Senior Citizens were unable to speak or legally defend themselves, or be defended by their loved ones, then you would not see many older Americans anywhere. You dont believe it?

  90. Introductions: by the Apostle Andrew and by You by Sim Lee  
    6/01/2018 / Christian Living
    Introducing others to9 the knowledge of Christ.

  91. Untouched! by Trudy Belle  
    6/01/2018 / Christian Living
    A powerful message not to be swayed by the condemnation or accolades of social media or others when we take a stand for God!

  92. AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/01/2018 / Poetry

  93. Repentance by Jerry Ousley  
    6/01/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 1 of the 9 part series "Understanding Our Salvation"

    6/01/2018 / Devotionals
    God is God and he has the sovereign authority to guard his own Word. All he calls us to do is boldly speak.

  95. Christians Must Be Generous in Giving to the Poor by Max Aplin  
    6/01/2018 / Christian Living
    Providing practical and financial help for people in need is not the core of what the Christian faith is all about. Nevertheless, the Bible makes it clear that helping those in poverty is an important part of the normal Christian life. More than a few Christians downplay the importance of this.

  96. Prove Yourself by PamFord Davis  
    6/01/2018 / Devotionals
    The physician calls the family in and the dying man motions to his son. Come closer..

  97. Who Says We Have A 'Used By' Date? by Trudy Belle  
    5/31/2018 / Christian Living
    We are not too old for work for God. This is an encouragement for those who are over fifty and rejected by the church for ministry.

  98. You Are A Ministry by Joseph LaValley  
    5/31/2018 / Church Life
    If you are a born-again son or daughter of God then you are qualified and empowered to bring Christ's presence into all of life's situations. You are a ministry!

  99. Are we ready for revival? by Trudy Belle  
    5/31/2018 / Christian Living
    What if it starts with repentance?

  100. John the Baptist - A Powerful Witness! by Trudy Belle  
    5/31/2018 / Christian Living
    What would John the Baptist say to us today?

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