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Recently Added Articles:
  1. test 9:46 by Michael Edwards  
    10/01/2016 / Book Reviews
    You agree that you have checked your article for grammar and spelling errors. If we find that any article contains errors, it will be deleted without notice.

  2. test 10-1 9:04 by Michael Edwards  
    10/01/2016 / Family
    Why Believing the Truth Matters

  3. Repent, and believe the gospel by Greg Robbins  
    9/30/2016 / Bible Studies
    A brief study of Mark chapter one, verses fourteen, and fifteen.

  4. Introducing Me to Me - Part 4 by Jerry Ousley  
    9/30/2016 / Christian Living
    Part 4 of a 7 Part Series

    9/30/2016 / Devotionals
    "So have courage like that of the great explorers of history and set out today in faith, to trek that unknown territory that God has planned specifically for you."

  6. Five More Reasons God Takes The First Steps by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    9/29/2016 / Salvation
    We are reminded how God takes the initiative, how he comes seeking us, so that we can have no excuses if we end up before him in the White Throne Judgment.

  7. Why Do We Divide? by Tony Grater  
    9/29/2016 / Poetry
    When we refuse to see how we divide people from loving each other, and God.

  8. Hate by Tony Grater  
    9/28/2016 / Poetry
    How our hatred keeps us from loving God and others.

  9. I am LORD of the Sabbath by Jacky Julyan  
    9/28/2016 / Prophecy
    O little Israel! Wilt though not come upon the waters as Peter? He stepped out falteringly, yet despite his unbelief I saved him.

  10. Five Reasons God Takes The First Steps by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    9/28/2016 / Salvation
    The truth is, that there are powerful forces acting against us, some of these forces are self-generated, some are born from our humanity, that delude us into believing that there is no escape. The effort it seems is too great, the forces too powerful to overcome, and so we have an excuse to put off.

  11. Calling My Father by PamFord Davis  
    9/28/2016 / Devotionals
    'I am confident that He will always hear me when I call out to Him in prayer.'

  12. Getting the Balance between Expecting Too Little and Too Much from Prayer by Max Aplin  
    9/28/2016 / Prayers
    Christians should be going to God often in prayer to boldly claim things in faith. Sadly, there are many who make little effort to do this. We can expect some failures when we attempt to claim things in faith. When Christians have unrealistically high expectations of what is possible, this can lead to great discouragement. We should all try to get a good biblical balance in this area.

  13. By His stripes by Tony Grater  
    9/27/2016 / Poetry
    He took those lashes,
    For you...
    Took that beating,
    For me...

  14. Joy and Patience by PamFord Davis  
    9/27/2016 / Devotionals
    'It has been one of those days. You can fill in the blanks.'

  15. Meaning for Repent by Sue Darling  
    9/26/2016 / Christian Living
    This article is mostly about praising God in His own words. That is when your faith increasing during hard times.

    9/25/2016 / Devotionals
    To those still searching for answers and peace, may I say, search for the only truth and remedy that exists, for the God that loves you, who made all life and who has made, and will make again, a beautiful world! Dwell in in the serene peace and love of our Lord and His people and carry His will and His love, as long as possible, unto this rapidly perishing world.

  17. LUCIFER'S LEAVEN of "PICK AND CHOOSE" by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/25/2016 / Poetry

  18. Warning to My Family of End Days by Sue Darling  
    9/24/2016 / Christian Living
    This letter I wrote months ago. I originally wrote it for my family, but I felt God wanted me to post this for you all too. It is a collection of what different prophets have said as to what we may expect in the near future.

  19. An Attitude Of Prayer by louis gander  
    9/24/2016 / Self Help
    The sun was hot. There was no breeze.
    It seemed that nature died -
    except annoying croaking frogs
    that tore me up inside.

    And then those pesky chirping birds
    kept on and wouldn't quit!
    The peace and quiet fell away.
    I thought I'd have a fit.

    Emotions begged for me to scream...

  20. WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK by Dudley Anderson  
    9/23/2016 / Devotionals
    "I wish to express my deepest appreciation to you for supporting this ministry over the years."

  21. Trigger Happy by PamFord Davis  
    9/23/2016 / Family
    'Oh, how we miss the dearly departed.'

    9/23/2016 / Devotionals
    There is one thing the Lord never took away from man and that was their free will and choice. God didn't make puppets and in no way wanted them to serve Him out of obligation, duty, subjugation and outward religious piety.

  23. The Power of My Spiritual Eyes by Ngozi Nwoke  
    9/23/2016 / Christian Living
    How powerful are your spiritual eyes? How far and what you can see determine what comes to you. Many are looking but seeing nothing and this is affecting the full delivery of God's promises to them. This article is a call to re-evaluate what you see with your spiritual eyes

  24. Whose Plan Are You Acting On? by Ngozi Nwoke  
    9/23/2016 / Christian Living
    whose plan are you acting out? Every action of yours is geared towards a particular plan and you consent to it by your actions. Many people do many things without considering whose plans they are. This article is emphasizing that you follow the plan of God.

  25. Introducing Me to me - Part 3 by Jerry Ousley  
    9/22/2016 / Christian Living
    Part 3 of a 7 Part Series

  26. The Inner Rot and Torment of Unforgiveness by Robert Hawes  
    9/22/2016 / Christian Living
    Anger, bitterness, and hatred fester like a rotting corpse in the human heart, ultimately poisoning one's entire life and personality. To find freedom, we must learn to forgive.

  27. Thought Processing by PamFord Davis  
    9/22/2016 / Devotionals
    'I want to stop all negative thoughts of fear, worry, anger or resentment. The Apostle Paul gave Christians valuable instruction on thought processing.'

  28. Our body is not our God by sana edoja  
    9/21/2016 / Christian Living
    A devotionnal about the importance of not mistaking our body for God.

  29. There's Nothing Like the Real Thing by Alan Allegra  
    9/21/2016 / Prophecy
    "I don't want nice memories! I want my daughter!" I was talking with a coworker who had just lost her young daughter in a tragic car accident the night before. She was telling me about the last time they saw each other. When I suggested those were nice memories, she responded with those tear-stained words.

  30. What Is the Christian Faith Really All About? by Max Aplin  
    9/21/2016 / Christian Apologetics
    There are many who think that the Christian faith is basically about treating people well, motivated in part by the fact that Jesus treated people well. Doing good to people is very important, but this is only a small part of what our faith is all about. In reality, the heart of Christianity is about being saved from sin and hell by the cross of Christ.

  31. Daffodils for Tammy by PamFord Davis  
    9/21/2016 / Death
    'In times of suffering and sorrow, I find solace in cherished memories and hope for the future.'

  32. Why Worry? by Sonja Mattison  
    9/20/2016 / Christian Living
    Life should not be wasted with worry. Instead it should be full of joy. Be happy.

  33. Jesus is the Light of the Wold by Sue Darling  
    9/20/2016 / Christian Living
    Jesus way brings us light. We see the truth because of His light

  34. Counterfeits by Rochelle Arnold  
    9/20/2016 / Bible Studies
    It is mind blowing to me how many people sit in church Sunday after Sunday and are not saved. I mean they have either been blinded by the god of this world, they have not been taught properly, or they are being misled by seducing spirits and doctrines of demons. We need to go back to the very basics, (the milk of the Word), and teach once again the fundamentals.

  35. Home Sweet Heavenly Home by Alan Allegra  
    9/20/2016 / Salvation
    Many miss the highway to heaven established for us by Jesus Christ. It is a narrow road (Matthew 7:14), but it is not a toll road (Revelation 22:17). Amazingly, there is room for everyone who wants to travel it: "The Spirit and the Bride say, 'Come.' And let the one who hears say, 'Come.' And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who desires take the water of life without price" (Revelation 22:17).

  36. Powerful Witness by Jacky Julyan  
    9/20/2016 / Christian Living
    John 6:35

    'Then Jesus declared " I am the Bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty."

  37. The Bereaved Mourn by PamFord Davis  
    9/20/2016 / Devotionals
    'Put yourself in their place

    It's not hard to do.'

  38. Faith In God's Love by Steve Countryman  
    9/19/2016 / Christian Living

  39. Why Resting Your Mind is Important by stephanie reck  
    9/19/2016 / Health
    So many people are in a continually state of unrest. It is important that you take time to rest your mind, body, and spirit. Otherwise, your entire system will be out of balance. When you system gets out of balance you can be susceptible to illness, negative thinking, depression, anxiety and fatigue.

  40. The Characteristics of the Two Churches by Bola Olu-Jordan  
    9/19/2016 / Church Life
    The difference between the church built by Jesus and the Church built by men.

  41. Come On Preacher You Can Do Better by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    9/19/2016 / Christian Living
    Recently a local pastor, after he had carried out a funeral service, jumped down off the pulpit and in a loud voice commanded the dead woman to rise from the casket. He had delusions of massive local and international fame, but it did not work.

  42. Help Me, Lord by PamFord Davis  
    9/19/2016 / Devotionals
    'I am not a tower of strength.'

  43. How to Control King-Sized Egos: The Examples of David and Moses by Cate Russell-Cole  
    9/18/2016 / Christian Living
    David made several massive mistakes in his life, however, he remained humble, as did Moses. What is the secret to keeping the leaders of nations humble and submissive to God? It's a tough answer that also applies to us.

  44. Dancing with King David: A Reminder of How Much God Treasures Us by Cate Russell-Cole  
    9/18/2016 / Christian Living
    One of the most common reactions I've had to King David's life has been, "should he have done that?" Dancing in a priest's garment is one of those incidents which made me wonder. When I researched this topic, David's dance became a reminder of what a beautiful, high status we all have in the Lord's eyes.

  45. What the Torah Taught David About the Love of God by Cate Russell-Cole  
    9/18/2016 / Bible Studies
    David didn't have the entire Old Testament and the New Testament to teach him what we know about God. All he had was the written laws of Moses and the stories of Isra'el's history (Torah), yet he had an incredible, dynamic faith that has stood the test of time as a powerful example to others. So without Jesus as the prime example, how did he know about the full character of God?

  46. NO FEAR OF GOD IN GOD'S HOUSE by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/18/2016 / Poetry

    9/18/2016 / Health
    People born near this millennium (near 2000 AD) show alarmingly plummeting sex drive and soon rising sexual sterility no procreation. These are very young people, in their sexual prime. The AMA (American Medical Association) and the mass media offer only idiotic excuses, and what would you expect? Not only the doping down of America has been fabulously successful, but also the population containment.
    Our critics laugh cynically, that this is to make room for 'more illegal immigration'. Some (but very few) do ask, "Would our 'own' government deliberately poison its citizens?"

  48. Talkative by Carl Marshall  
    9/18/2016 / Christian Apologetics
    Our readiness to lead is in the context of our speech. "Yes we can": Barack Obama; "We will make America great again": Donald Trump; How about, 'Opening the hearts of Christ Jesus believers'.

  49. An Simple Explannation of the Holy Trinity by Sue Darling  
    9/17/2016 / Christian Living
    This is for people who are new at the faith wanting to know a bit more about the what is the Holy Trinity. I hope it makes things a little easier to understand.

  50. Jesus is the Vine, we are the Branches by Sue Darling  
    9/17/2016 / Christian Living
    When we are one with the Vine we become Christ like in all that we do. Because Christ lives in us.

    9/16/2016 / Salvation
    How many billions have already trusted a lying phantom? Immense lies from the demon world come equipped with deep emotional impact and pleasant gifts from the Ultimate Deceiver. A fishing hook must really be hidden in real food to attract the fish. Then what happens to the fish?

  52. Shining Brightly by Becky Brown  
    9/16/2016 / Devotionals
    The Presence of God within us has come to shine and bless us and to draw others to Himself. Are we drawing others to him by our actions and words?

    9/16/2016 / Devotionals
    "Never, never give up praying for that friend or loved one to come to salvation. God is watching over that dear one and will cause them to hear the message of his love at just the right time."

  54. Introducing Me to Me - Part 2 by Jerry Ousley  
    9/16/2016 / Christian Living
    Part 2 of the series, "Introducing Me to Me"

  55. It's All One Story by Ken Barnes  
    9/16/2016 / Christian Living
    God is painting a vast mosaic, which depicts a magnificent story. You and I are a part of this picture. Though a tiny scene on this canvas, or a brief paragraph in the story, without them the narrative is incomplete. Those of my generation, the Baby Boomers, need to run the last leg of the race and pass off the baton in a fashion that tells the story of God's faithfulness to the emerging generation.

  56. A Call to Worship by PamFord Davis  
    9/16/2016 / Devotionals
    'Traditional hymns, spiritual songs and praise worship

    Though preferences in style frequently cause divisions in today's congregations, each exalts the LORD God.'

  57. Proven Antidotes for Stress, Anxiety, and Fear by stephanie reck  
    9/15/2016 / Christian Living
    90% of what we worry about never really happens, so then why do we worry, stress and plagued by daunting fears? The enemy magnifies those difficult or trying circumstances in our lives, and when we take our eyes off of Jesus and onto these nagging problems we lose perspective.

  58. How To Be The Greatest by Dinora Garza  
    9/15/2016 / Christian Living
    Comparing ourselves to others usually brings out the worst in us. Learn how to overcome this bad habit without even trying!

  59. The Runaway Train by Steve Countryman  
    9/15/2016 / Christian Living
    In today's world it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the world is headed for serious trouble. Those who are running the train have been telling their lies for so long that they believe it themselves.

  60. Disciplined and Diligent by PamFord Davis  
    9/15/2016 / Devotionals
    'Runners are disciplined and diligent in their pursuit. They have a strong desire to win.'

  61. Have Faith by Sue Darling  
    9/14/2016 / Christian Living
    These days are a time of testing, we have to remain firm in the belief God truly loves us and we are saved if we believe in HIm and follow Jesus.

  62. Getting Out of Our Box by Sue Darling  
    9/14/2016 / Christian Living
    Sometimes we have to learn to try to something in a different manner than what we are use to.

  63. Don't Listen to the Lies by Sue Darling  
    9/14/2016 / Christian Living
    We often listen to lies about ourselves, such as God couldn't possibly love me.

  64. God is Always Faithful by Sue Darling  
    9/14/2016 / Christian Living
    God is always faithful, all through our lives, if we turn to Him we will see just how faithful He is.

  65. THE STORM COMETH by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/14/2016 / Poetry

  66. It's a Fact by PamFord Davis  
    9/14/2016 / Devotionals
    Everything, from start-to-finish, it's all about Him.

  67. Trusting God Even When We Are Not Sure What to Do by Max Aplin  
    9/14/2016 / Christian Living
    It is normal for devout Christians sometimes to find themselves making big decisions without being certain that they are doing God's will. Nevertheless, as long as we try hard to do His will, He will be with us even if we make a mistake. We therefore need not fear. Some decisions are so huge that we should always expect God to warn us clearly about a course of action is going to cause real problems.

  68. Communication Breakdown by Sue Darling  
    9/14/2016 / Christian Living
    We all suffer from misunderstanding, because different words means different things to different person. For example men and woman have often communication problems because we have a different language so to speak.

  69. Spiritual Codependence by Toni Babcock  
    9/13/2016 / Christian Living
    It's impossible to keep Jesus Lord of your life, while allowing someone else to lord it over your feelings, and ultimately your faith.

  70. Spending time in God'presence by sana edoja  
    9/13/2016 / Salvation
    Your life will change forever if each day, you get into the habit of sharing your burdens with God. You will experience an amazing transformation of your soul, body and mind. You will get peace in your heart, soul and mind.

  71. Intense Feelings by PamFord Davis  
    9/13/2016 / Devotionals
    'We can have intense feelings about our personal relationship with God.'

  72. Bptism of the Holy Spirit by Sue Darling  
    9/12/2016 / Christian Living
    I have been confused about the different stories of whether a person is baptised by the Holy Spirit. I am hoping this information will give many people joy.

  73. Current Issues, Trending Now: The Topic Of History and Race by Tesse Wilson  
    9/12/2016 / Christian Living
    We all came from Adam

  74. Its Your Choice You Get to Decide by Becky Brown  
    9/12/2016 / Devotionals
    God gives us tools to use. It's up to us to decide to use them. He does not force them on us.

  75. Dagwood Sandwich by PamFord Davis  
    9/12/2016 / Devotionals
    'He sandwiched in important instructions between rejoice always and in everything give thanks.'

  76. Praise Him and Bless His Name by Sue Darling  
    9/10/2016 / Christian Living
    Praising God is one of the most beautiful way to get to know God. It heals you and it gives you joy and hope, it strengthens you in your walk with God.

  77. Angels from the Hood by Francie Snell  
    9/10/2016 / Miracles
    They were a frightful sight who had appeared out of nowhere, at just the right time, and with the perfect solution to my problem.

  78. ARE ALL RELIGIONS ONLY DECOYS? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    9/10/2016 / Salvation
    Satan's biggest department is the Department of Religions. I had a professor in high-school, teaching us that all religions are like spokes in a wheel, all leading to the hub. He said, different religions are different ways to God. And he was quite right. They all lead to the god of this world. And his name is Satan. These are called "horizontal" movements, man to man, and into the claws of your worst enemy eventually, not unto God. Today, there are only two relationships. These are somehow called "vertical", or up and down. One is BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY, a direct relationship of man to God. The only other one is Demon Possession.

  79. "Love One Another As I Have Love You" by Sue Darling  
    9/10/2016 / Christian Living
    God's law about Loving one another is for everybody. Men and Women should love one another not to try dominate one another. That is sin in the eyes of God.

  80. God Can Make Anybody Look Good by Sue Darling  
    9/10/2016 / Christian Living
    I got the title from somebody else and I think it is really a good one, because it is God's beauty in us that makes real genuine Christians shine.

  81. A Vision of a Burnt Out City by Sue Darling  
    9/10/2016 / Prophecy
    This vision is about hope in times of really desperate circumstances. During the time of Justice there will be mercy, even if our faith is very weak.

  82. Love, Laughter And A Cookie A Day by Antje Hill  
    9/09/2016 / Parenting
    In our stress filled lives, it so important that we we keep our children feeling loved and secure. How better to do that than let them know they are loved and all is well within the family. That can happen with effort and determination.

  83. Introducing Me to Me - Part 1 by Jerry Ousley  
    9/09/2016 / Christian Living
    Part 1 of a 7 Part Series

  84. As I Submit by PamFord Davis  
    9/09/2016 / Devotionals
    'King David aptly described the Shepherd led life.'

  85. Facing Reality by Sue Darling  
    9/08/2016 / Christian Living
    Facing reality is a must if you want to handle any situation. Many people believe in lies, because they think it is easier. Life is life and you have to face things sometimes that you don't want too.

  86. To Serve Jesus by Duncan Atkinson  
    9/08/2016 / Christian Living
    A novel devotional, combining sci-fi with the theology of communion

  87. Who Am I? by sana edoja  
    9/08/2016 / Devotionals
    You are a marvellous creature created in the image of God!!! You are the uniqueness of God!!!

  88. How to Effectively Cope with Change and Transition by stephanie reck  
    9/08/2016 / Christian Living
    Many times when life takes a dramatic turn we initially feel displaced or out-of-sorts. Times of transition in our lives can cause disorientation, mental/physical fatigue, lowered immune system, sleeplessness, agitation, irritability, and fear.
    What are some major life events that can change our lives? Moving, getting married, having a family member move in, job change, having a baby, school, and any type of loss.

  89. The Prodigal's Brother by Tina Nyamatore  
    9/08/2016 / Poetry

  90. Right on Schedule by PamFord Davis  
    9/08/2016 / Devotionals
    'I await the final act; Jesus will be center stage!'

  91. Resting In God by Ngozi Nwoke  
    9/08/2016 / Christian Living
    Are you tired of that challenge? Challenges drain people's energy and make them despair of life. Such people sometimes wish morning never comes. But this is not the case for those who rest in God. This article admonishes that you cease the struggle and rest in Christ Jesus.

  92. Not All Who Call Jesus Lord, Will Enter the Kingdom of Heaven by Sue Darling  
    9/07/2016 / Christian Living
    Not all people who claim to be Christians are. Many would be surprised that Jesus will say to them I don't know you. For us to be accepted by Jesus we have to really love Him and follow Him on His terms. And there is many preacher only preaching what people want to hear and not what Jesus is actually teaching.

  93. Oh, How Great by PamFord Davis  
    9/07/2016 / Devotionals
    "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 6:23 NKJV)."

  94. Complet Surrender to God by Sue Darling  
    9/07/2016 / Christian Living
    Surrendering to God give us joy and freedom. Many people imagine being a Christians is boring, but that is not true. When Christians get together their is usually much laughter. Nobody for starters don't have to worry is their going to be dirty jokes, bad language and so everybody is relaxed and have fun, because we are all of the same mind.

  95. Going Through Transitions Effectively by stephanie reck  
    9/06/2016 / Christian Living
    Adjustments and major transitions can be difficult, especially if you have problems with control.

  96. The Servant's Ear by Steve Countryman  
    9/06/2016 / Bible Studies
    I have read this story several times and I am ashamed to say that I missed it! Two miracles happened in the span of just a few minuets as the crowd had showed up to arrest Jesus. They're mentioned rather quickly and are easily over looked. Both of these miracles are unique in that no other miracle like them were recorded in the Bible anywhere.

  97. Slow Down by PamFord Davis  
    9/06/2016 / Devotionals
    Do you have a quick temper?

  98. Over The Top by Sue Darling  
    9/06/2016 / Christian Living
    Many people think that when a Christian really is in love with Jesus they are over the top. But that is what we are all suppose to be like, madly in love with our Saviour, because He is us.

  99. Cherish God's Word by Susan Ferguson  
    9/05/2016 / Devotionals
    We Americans are blessed to have the freedom to study the Bible, and we must never take it for granted. In this troubled world, let us embrace God's Word and hold it close to our hearts.

  100. Surviving The Preparation by Ken Barnes  
    9/05/2016 / Christian Living
    Often when God gives us a dream or a promise, the fulfillment is almost always punctuated by a significant waiting period. Why? God is taking this opportunity to prepare us to receive the vision. Unfortunately, some never make it through the preparatory phase.

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