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Recently Added Articles:
  1. How To Become Whole In Jesus Christ by lareina morgan  
    3/29/2017 / Christian Living
    we dont always know what is best for us, but to acheive wholeness we must admit that only God can solve all our problems

  2. Writing For Love by lareina morgan  
    3/29/2017 / Salvation
    writing for love is my tribute to God for blessing me with His love and to give a reason why I am writing my blog for Him

  3. Will We See God the Father after We Are Glorified? Part 7 by Karl Kemp  
    3/29/2017 / Bible Studies
    Much of the content here in Part 7 supports the viewpoint that 1 John 2:28 speaks of the coming (parousia) of God the Father to save and to judge, not of the coming of the Lord Jesus (but the Lord Jesus will also come at the same time).

  4. CREATION PUPPET SKIT by Stephen J. Kimball  
    3/29/2017 / Skits and Plays
    This skit (under 5 min.) details God's creation from Genesis 1.A conversation between two Sunday School educated kids and their wide eyed friend who has never before heard the creation story.

  5. Prepare Ye the Way of the LORD by Jacky Julyan  
    3/29/2017 / Prophecy
    Prepare ye the Way of the LORD

    Prepare ye the Way of the LORD

    Behold! Your King arises seated upon His Stallion

    Prepare ye the Way of the LORD

    Prepare ye the Way of the LORD

    Behold! Your Bridegroom awaits, He waits for His Fatherâs Command

  6. Wonderful Surprises by PamFord Davis  
    3/29/2017 / Devotionals
    The Father reveals the best surprises.

  7. Will We See God the Father after We Are Glorified? Part 6 by Karl Kemp  
    3/28/2017 / Bible Studies
    The book of Revelation shows that God the Father (and not just the Lord Jesus) will come to save and to judge at the sounding of the last trumpet of the book of Revelation. Apparently 1 John 2:28 prophesies of His coming (parousia) too, along with James 5:7 and 8.

    3/28/2017 / Bible Studies
    IN THIS SHORT PASSAGE WE HAVE CLEAR REFERENCE TO THE LORD GOD, HIS SPIRIT AND THE SENT ONE WHO CALLS HIMSELF THE GREAT I AM, THE FIRST AND THE LAST AND THE CREATOR. Who, do you suppose, is the âSent Oneâ? Behold, here He is called CREATOR of Earth and Heavens, not in any Christian writing, but in original Hebrew Scripture and by Isaias.

    From the context of Exodus 3, it follows that the ANGEL of the Lord, The Sent One of God, is called God, The God of the Fathers, the great I AM. This Angel of the Lord is sending Moses unto the children of Israel. Some might still think that Father God was present in the Burning bush. The scripture DOES NOT say that. If Father God wanted to deal with Moses and Israel directly Himself, why would He want to SEND HIS MESSENGER (Angel), as stated in Isaiah 48:12-16? Why does the ANGEL appear now in the midst of the burning bush?

  9. Things that Hinder our Love by Robert Hawes  
    3/28/2017 / Christian Living
    The love that is manifested by God toward us should rightly be manifested through the Spirit of God among us. Why, then, is this "unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace" the exception in the church rather than the rule?

  10. Bringing into manifestation what God had already created. by Dare Olusola  
    3/28/2017 / Devotionals
    Bringing into manifestation what God had already created.

  11. How to Grow In The Love Of God by Ngozi Nwoke  
    3/28/2017 / Christian Living
    Do you desire to grow in the love of God? This is the will of God - that you be like Him in words, thought and deeds. Developing the love of the Lord in you empowers you to obey and live for Him at all times. This article tells you how to grow in God's love.

  12. With Jesus You Are a Multitude by Ngozi Nwoke  
    3/28/2017 / Christian Living
    Do you have an idea or a good course and you wish you have a lot of supporters to drive it? Or are you behind time and you wish that help will come so that you can finish on time? You don't need to look far, help is near and beside you - Jesus. When you have Christ you have all the people you need. This article emphasizes that Jesus is the answer to the multitude you are asking for.

  13. Key to a Successful Christian Living on Earth by Ngozi Nwoke  
    3/28/2017 / Christian Living
    Do you want a successful life as a Christian here on earth? Many believing Christians want to live for Christ but they are preoccupied with weights. For you to live for Christ you must see yourself as a foreigner in this earth. This is the main key to successful Christian living. This article tells you the mindset you need to have that will help you live for Christ

  14. Doing It My Way by Ken Barnes  
    3/28/2017 / Christian Living
    Good men sometimes make bad choices. Slight changes in Godâs directions for us can have enormous consequences. The Devil is always in the details.

  15. FEAR FACTOR by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/28/2017 / Christian Living
    It is God's will for us to fly high like the majestic eagle. Yet many don't rise to their God ordained heights because of gravity. No, not the natural force of gravity you're thinking of. There is a spiritual gravitational force, it's called FEAR!

  16. Will We See God the Father after We Are Glorified? Part 5 by Karl Kemp  
    3/27/2017 / Bible Studies
    We deal with 1 John 2:28-3:3 throughout Part 5 of this paper. 1 John 3:2 is a key verse that deals with our seeing God the Father and being like Him after we are glorified. We also begin to discuss the important point that 1 John 2:28 apparently refers to the coming (Greek "parousia") of God the Father, not to the coming of the Lord Jesus.

  17. Bloom Today by boatrocker Gilmore  
    3/27/2017 / Devotionals
    Flowers are beautiful but their lifespans are short. Some are here today and gone tomorrow. Similarly, we should take the time to become like a blooming flower around the people that we love.

  18. The Ultimate Sacrifice by boatrocker Gilmore  
    3/27/2017 / Devotionals
    Jesus and our food are essential for life because they both paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to live.

  19. If You Don't Use It, You Will Lose It by boatrocker Gilmore  
    3/27/2017 / Devotionals
    A brand new house or car will deteriorate faster if no one uses them for months. Our bodies will deteriorate faster if we don't exercise. Anything that was made by God or man will deteriorate faster if it is not used for the purpose for which it was made.

  20. Our God Is Much More Than A Source For Receiving Blessings by boatrocker Gilmore  
    3/27/2017 / Devotionals
    Our God desires for us to having a loving relationship with him through Jesus Christ. He desires to be the foundation of all of our friendshipsâ.

  21. Snubbing people doesn't pay by Sue Darling  
    3/26/2017 / Christian Living
    Being friendly is in the long run easier than being unfriendly.

  22. Saints are only Human by Sue Darling  
    3/26/2017 / Christian Living
    Saints are often put up on high pedstals and when they fall they are often not forgiven.

  23. Will We See God the Father after We Are Glorified? Part 4 by Karl Kemp  
    3/26/2017 / Bible Studies
    After finishing the discussion of Isaiah 6:1-5, which apparently speaks of Isaiah's seeing God the Father at the time he was ordained to the ministry, we discuss Matthew 5:8; 1 Corinthians 13:12, and Hebrews 12:14 (which is discussed in some detail) which are other verses that speak of our seeing God the Father after we are glorified. Then we begin a lengthy (quite important I believe) study of 1 John 2:28-3:3. In agreement with many, I believe 1 John 3:2 speaks of our seeing God the Father after we are glorified. I believe that 1 John 2:28 probably speaks of the coming (parousia) of God the Father.

  24. ACTS 1:8 by Jerry Smith  
    3/26/2017 / Christian Living
    We know the verse. We have heard the verse. We can recite the verse. But, what can be gleaned when we examine this verse.

  25. BTW, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT MONEY? by Jerry Smith  
    3/26/2017 / Devotionals
    Far too often we may think to ourselves how great things are. But, do we ever stop and consider with godly fear (i.e. reverence) what would happen if God had not granted us our employment or our health to work, or our monthly income?

  26. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT? by Jerry Smith  
    3/26/2017 / Devotionals
    What do we think we have 'earned' that God did not first give us the strength, the health, the skills, or the environment to get?

  27. A FAITHFUL SAYING by Jerry Smith  
    3/26/2017 / Salvation
    If you are a sinner, then Christ died for you and me - it is that simple.

  28. WAIT ON by Jerry Smith  
    3/26/2017 / Devotionals
    'Wait' does not mean to sit around expecting the Lord to do something to change your situation. This is a popular misunderstanding about this term in the Bible.

  29. FIRST, PRAY by Jerry Smith  
    3/26/2017 / Devotionals
    How often is my prayer time spent on me and mine? How often do I spend time praying for people beyond my little world? How often do I intercede in prayer for those around me?

  30. PRAY FOR AUTHORITIES by Jerry Smith  
    3/26/2017 / Devotionals
    In today's climate of holding leaders accountable, the question in my mind, is how often we, as believers, actually heed Paul's urging to Timothy to pray for those who lead us.

  31. CONDEMNED ALREADY by Jerry Smith  
    3/26/2017 / Devotionals
    When sharing with people, do we share the bad news or just brush by it on our way to the happy part of the Gospel, the good news?

  32. ENOUGH FOR ALL by Jerry Smith  
    3/26/2017 / Devotionals
    Jesus Christ's sacrifice is sufficient enough for the entire world, throughout time. Who else but the the Son of God, God Himself in the flesh could make such a payment...

  33. AGING IS BEAUTIFUL! by Jerry Smith  
    3/26/2017 / Christian Living
    Among the myriad of processes that the Lord has ordained in His creation is that of AGING.

  34. THAT WOMEN ADORN THEMSELVES... by Jerry Smith  
    3/26/2017 / Devotionals
    Paul does not say that a woman should not be concerned about her beauty. In fact, he tells women TO adorn themselves.

    3/26/2017 / Christian Living
    What kind of music can a Christian listen to? Based on what the Bible says directly about it, the question that comes to my mind is 'CAN' a Christian listen to secular music?

  36. THE CHURCH AND THE TRUTH by Jerry Smith  
    3/26/2017 / Devotionals
    The truth in us is the light that shines in this dark, evil world. If it is dim or if it is hidden, people will not be able to to distinguish truth from lies.

  37. Follow your heart? by Jerry Smith  
    3/26/2017 / Devotionals
    The WORLD says: "Follow your heart and let God lead you." On the surface, it sounds good. It always does, but be careful.

  38. DOS AND DON'TS by Jerry Smith  
    3/26/2017 / Devotionals
    Any teaching that denies the work of Christ in favor of what we can do for ourselves turns true religion into idolatry. Christ brought and bought us freedom from the yoke of works.

  39. I already had my quiet time! by Jerry Smith  
    3/26/2017 / Devotionals
    Spending time with God is more than just the 'religious duty' or 'habit' of reading the Bible or a Bible devotion, praying and that's it. . . It is a 'relationship' that needs to be cultivated.

  40. My Happiest Times have also been My Sadest Times by Sue Darling  
    3/25/2017 / Christian Living
    Many people think it is not possible to have sad times mixed with good times, but it can.

  41. God has Good Taste by Sue Darling  
    3/25/2017 / Christian Living
    Good taste come from God, bad taste comes from the devil as I see it.

  42. Prayer by Sue Darling  
    3/25/2017 / Christian Living
    Sometimes we pray for things that are not good for us and later we wish we hadn't prayed for it, because it was answered.

  43. Time Is In His Hands by Steve Countryman  
    3/25/2017 / Christian Living

    3/25/2017 / Christian Living
    Christians don't always act like Christians, especially to other Christians. How are we to act toward our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ?

  45. Will We See God the Father after We Are Glorified? Part 3 by Karl Kemp  
    3/25/2017 / Bible Studies
    We continue with a discussion of passages where Ezekiel saw God the Father in visions. He didn't see Him in any detail, but what he saw helps confirm that, though He is not visible to the physical eye, He is not invisible. Apparently the visions of God that Ezekiel saw, where He had the appearance of a man, demonstrate the reality that He has a spiritual body that can be seen. We will also discuss some passages where Moses (and others who were with Moses, and Isaiah, Daniel, and the apostle John) saw God the Father in visions, theophanies.

  46. Avoid a Misplaced Trust by Toni Babcock  
    3/25/2017 / Christian Living
    Mere association with Jesus was no guarantee of being a part of His kingdom.

  47. GRACE FOR THE DESPISED by Jeffrey Hagan  
    3/24/2017 / Christian Living
    Too many Christians do not understand the depth of God's grace. Hopefully this brief article will help believers catch just a glimpse of the true grace of God.

  48. Cast Your Cares Upon Him by lareina morgan  
    3/24/2017 / Christian Living
    what does it mean to be a child of God? It means peace, hope, love, and everlasting fellowship - it also means help to live in this world, for I know I can cast my cares upon Him!

  49. Fighting The Good Fight by lareina morgan  
    3/24/2017 / Christian Living
    I love to seek His face, for in His presence I feel love, hope, trust, and fellowship - He is my greatest Hero! He helps me to fight the good fight

  50. Our Gifts To God by lareina morgan  
    3/24/2017 / Salvation
    I praise the God of heaven that He loves me, and I love to give Him all that I have to offer; what does God expect from us?

  51. The Willingness To Love by lareina morgan  
    3/24/2017 / Christian Living
    Love is not something that can be expressed in the dark, all alone; we must be willing to give of ourselves and to show that we care.

  52. Can Love Make A Difference? by lareina morgan  
    3/24/2017 / Christian Living
    What would you to show love to someone, would you open your heart even though you might get hurt? Can love make a difference?

  53. The Road To Destruction by lareina morgan  
    3/24/2017 / Salvation
    It is the road taken by most people, and it leads to destruction. Why do so many choose to die alone and separated from God? What is the appeal of the road to destruction?

  54. Why Trust God by lareina morgan  
    3/24/2017 / Salvation
    Why should you put your trust in Him? You tried everything else, and nothing else satisfied, so why no try Him?

  55. Unstoppable Love by lareina morgan  
    3/24/2017 / Christian Living
    when i need help in my life, i look to the Lord who strengthens me and He fills me with His unstoppable love

  56. Not By My Strength Or My Power, But By Your Spirit by lareina morgan  
    3/24/2017 / Salvation
    It is your responsibility to believe and trust, and it is His responsibility to bring it to pass, whatever you need, rely on Him!

  57. He Knew That You Could Handle It by lareina morgan  
    3/24/2017 / Christian Living
    We all go through times of pain, testing, and sorrow; why does God allow this to happen?

  58. Will We See God the Father after We Are Glorified? Part 2 by Karl Kemp  
    3/24/2017 / Bible Studies
    For one thing, here in Part 2 we begin an important study of key chapters of the book of Ezekiel, where Ezekiel saw God the Father in the form of a man, but he was not able to see Him in any detail. Some believe Ezekiel saw the Son of God, not God the Father. However, the fact that the "man dressed in linen" came on the scene in Ezekiel chapters 9 and 10 and interacted with God the Father suffices to convince me that Ezekiel was seeing God the Father, seeing Him in a vision, a vision that was based on reality. There is widespread agreement that the "man dressed in linen" was the Son of God, the preincarnate Christ.

  59. Does the Bible Teach That People Must Repent to Be Saved? by Max Aplin  
    3/24/2017 / Salvation
    There are many false teachers who claim that as long as someone has made a decision to accept Jesus as Saviour, they will be saved regardless of whether they repent of their sins. One argument these teachers use involves the meanings of the Greek words metanoeo and metanoia in the New Testament. This argument is an extremely weak one.

    3/24/2017 / Devotionals
    "God does have a plan for you to both impact and be impacted by people and circumstancesâ but it starts with getting on track with Godâs purposes, through Christ."

  61. ONE FAMILY AT A TIME by Lewis E. Thomas  
    3/24/2017 / Poetry

  62. The Breakfast of Champions 2 - Faith by Jerry Ousley  
    3/24/2017 / Christian Living
    Part 2 of a 5 Part Series

  63. Will We See God the Father after We Are Glorified? Part 1 by Karl Kemp  
    3/23/2017 / Bible Studies
    Many Christians don't believe we will see God the Father after we are glorified. I believe the Bible rather strongly indicates that we will see Him and that this is an important topic. We will discuss 1 John 2:28-3:3 and James 5:7-8 in some detail, passages that apparently speak of God the Father coming to save and to judge at the end of this age.

  64. WHAT'S YOUR AGENDA? by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/23/2017 / Christian Living
    We all need to have an agenda. Some have good ones, others, well....... Since mine is not hidden, I will gladly share it with you.

  65. The Meeting Of Misery And Mercy by Anthony Weber  
    3/23/2017 / Bible Studies
    What we can learn from Jesus' interaction with the woman caught in adultery.

  66. A Pastor's Reflection On An Unexpected Heart Attack by Anthony Weber  
    3/23/2017 / Christian Living
    When I was 47, I had a massive heart attack - a Widomaker, with 100% blockage. Here are some thoughts as an individual and a pastor on on the event and the aftermath.

  67. Aliens and Strangers by Anthony Weber  
    3/23/2017 / Christian Living
    How are we to life as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven while also living as citizens of the countries of earth?

  68. National Geographic's Gender Revolution by Anthony Weber  
    3/23/2017 / Christian Apologetics
    How do we, as Christians, respond to the transgender issue, especially as it relates to children?

  69. Why I Am Pro-Life by Anthony Weber  
    3/23/2017 / Christian Apologetics
    It is more important than ever that we know how to give logical reasons for the pro-life position. In this article, I offer a defense from Scripture, biology and philosophy.

  70. NGOs, Abortion, and Federal Money: The Truth About The Mexico City Policy by Anthony Weber  
    3/23/2017 / Politics
    What is the truth about the so-called Mexico City Policy, the policy that effects NGOs and abortion?

  71. All The News That's Fake To Print by Anthony Weber  
    3/23/2017 / Education
    We, as Christians, are called to be people of truth. How do we do this with wisdom in an age of fake news?

  72. SKILL TRUMPS POWER: Life Lessons From The Woodcutter Pt3 by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/23/2017 / Career
    DANGER: You may become obsolete!

  73. Just As One Speaks With A Friend by Ken Barnes  
    3/23/2017 / Christian Living
    Moses and his people had to get it right before he could go into the Tent of Meeting. God was pleased with their offerings and spoke to Moses face to face. Through our sacrificial lamb, Jesus Christ, we can talk to God just one speaks with a friend.

  74. ACCURACY: Life Lessons From The Woodcutter by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/22/2017 / Self Help
    The reason many fail in our endeavours can be summed up in 1 word: inaccurate! Learn how to succeed in anything you want in life with these lessons I learnt from a humble woodcutter.

  75. Mow The Lawn by Steve Countryman  
    3/21/2017 / Christian Living

  76. Life Lessons From The Woodcutter Pt1 by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/21/2017 / Self Help
    The humble woodcutter has many valuable lessons we can learn in order to improve ourselves. In today's lesson, he teaches us the 5"R's" to sharpen ourselves.

  77. Time Management Hacks by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/21/2017 / Self Help
    Time wasted is a life wasted! 4 keys to better time and life management.

  78. Stop!!! Thief!!! by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/21/2017 / Self Help
    They say procrastination is the thief of time, that is true! More than that, it is the thief of life! Stop that thief!

  79. How To Overcome Fear by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/21/2017 / Self Help
    Fear is a gravitational force; it will always pull you down in life. Get the 4 keys to overcome fear and fly high in life!

  80. THE LABAN SYSTEM by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/21/2017 / Career
    The Laban system is a system that has enslaved many unwittingly. This system stifles and kills creativity and thus limiting your productivity in life. Break free from this system and break into a new, more productive life!

  81. Peanuts, Pay and Productivity by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/21/2017 / Career
    No one likes being paid peanuts, unless of course you are an elephant! But on a serious note, your sweat and time have to count for something in life. Question is, "How do I make my blood, sweat and tears produce fruit in MY life!"

  82. I LOVE YOU DADDY! by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/21/2017 / Devotionals
    Love makes the world go round, only problem is ,it's in short supply! How is it that even the youngest baby knows what and How to love?

  83. From Pain To Purpose by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/21/2017 / Christian Living
    Pain is a key ingredient to discovering your purpose. Discover how to turn trial into triumph, disaster into destiny and pain into purpose!

  84. Keys To Discovering Purpose by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/21/2017 / Christian Living
    The discovery of purpose is like a treasure hunt, the excitement is in the pursuit and the fulfilment is in the use or spending of the treasure. The pursuit of pur purpose is an incredible journey and it starts here.

  85. PURPOSE: The Fuel For Life! by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/21/2017 / Christian Living
    Feel drained all the time? Do you always need an energy boost and a good shot of motivation to wake up? Purpose is the remedy to your sluggishness in life. Purpose is the fuel for life, the motivation to hit the floor each morning. Read on!

  86. Dangers Of Purposeless Living by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/21/2017 / Christian Living
    If you are not living a life of purpose, you are living the wrong life! Strange as it sounds, it's true. There are certain dangers of not living in your purpose that we Will walk through. They are also indicators of whether or not you are living in your purpose.

  87. PURPOSE: Live Your Best Life Now! by Katopeka Nkhoma  
    3/21/2017 / Christian Living
    What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? The meaning of life is mot a one size fits all answer. The answer to the two questions above is as unique as we are, yet there are similar threads that lead us to the answers.

  88. My Beautiful Friend by louis gander  
    3/20/2017 / Poetry
    Why do you tease me, my beautiful friend?
    Why do you keep me 'at bay'?
    I try and I try to get closer to you,
    but you keep on moving away!

  89. True Humility is Knowing One's Identity in Christ by Robert Hawes  
    3/20/2017 / Christian Living
    True, biblical humility is not thinking less of yourself. On the contrary; it is thinking better of yourself.

  90. Seek and You Will Find by Donny Wright  
    3/20/2017 / Devotionals
    This article explains how sometimes when we seek God, we find a part of ourselves. Letting go, detaching, acceptance is all a part of seeking God. And we find Him when we seek Him with all of our heart and soul.

  91. Shamrock by PamFord Davis  
    3/20/2017 / Devotionals
    How do shamrocks come into play?

  92. The King is Coming by Jacky Julyan  
    3/19/2017 / Prophecy
    The King is coming
    The King is coming
    Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the LORD
    For at the Name of Jesus
    Every Knee shall bow
    Every Tongue confess
    That Jesus Christ is LORD

  93. Take Care To Love Him by lareina morgan  
    3/19/2017 / Devotionals
    I will love Him with all my heart, I will praise Him with all that I am, I will give my heart and mind and soul to Him, I will take care to love Him

  94. God Will Supply by lareina morgan  
    3/19/2017 / Christian Living
    my Jesus will supply. He will supply all our your needs, seek Him with all our your heart, and He will supply!

  95. Kindness Is King by lareina morgan  
    3/19/2017 / Christian Living
    we need to show kindness to everyone in our lives, so that we may be examples of Jesus Christ,s love

  96. Becoming A God Chaser by lareina morgan  
    3/19/2017 / Salvation
    God is seeking those who will hear Him and believe in His name; it is time for all of us to become God chasers

  97. Success Is Not What You Think by lareina morgan  
    3/19/2017 / Christian Living
    How have you judged yourself, according to God's standards - what do you believe God sees when He looks at you, do you believe He sees a successful life?

  98. The Wheat And The Tares by lareina morgan  
    3/19/2017 / Christian Living
    The parable of the wheat and the tares is so important in today's world; where do you stand? Are the wheat or the tare?

  99. Our Love And Hope In Christ by lareina morgan  
    3/19/2017 / Christian Living
    We give honor to His name, and we believe in our hearts that He will deliver us from all circumstances, we exist in our love and hope in Him

  100. The Faith To Handle All Of Your Needs by lareina morgan  
    3/19/2017 / Salvation
    If you have doubts, dont be dismayed, lean on Him and His holy name! give praise to the one who can handles all of your needs

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