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Recently Added Articles:
  1. Permanent Ink by Ramona Cook  
    8/02/2015 / Christian Living
    Some ink smears, and some fades away with time, but our actions toward others is indelible ink written on their hearts. What dynamic potential we have, for either good or bad!

  2. Young Church People by Gregory John Monroe  
    8/02/2015 / Christian Living
    Young Christians loving on the Lord.

  3. Now, about the future by Ramona Cook  
    8/02/2015 / Death
    We think of death as the end. It is the end, for awhile of activities as we know them, on the earth; but the truth is that we have nothing ahead of us but future, unending future.

  4. Now, about the future by Ramona Cook  
    8/02/2015 / Death
    We consider death to end all things when death only ends the earth life and we have nothing ahead of us but future; forever future.

  5. Eat the Word by David Holdsworth  
    8/01/2015 / Christian Living
    Eat the Word

  6. Can't Stop by Jennifer Rubino  
    8/01/2015 / Missions
    A look into growing weary while doing good works for the Lord

  7. Great (Republican) Debate, The by louis gander  
    7/31/2015 / Politics
    The silence then, was broken when
    a lowly nominee -
    said, "Why are we so selfish here
    and honest, cannot be?
    Our rights are lost when we reject
    Our Constitution is the law!
    Where is our sanity?

  8. Casting the Devil From Our Lives by Jerry Ousley  
    7/31/2015 / Christian Living
    We all need to cast the devil from our lives ...

  9. Broken Pieces In The Hands Of Our Master Artist by French Miller  
    7/31/2015 / Christian Living
    No matter how broken our lives may seem or what we may have done in our past, God can and will fix it, He is our potter and just as the potter takes what is not right and reforms it, God will do the same with us

    7/31/2015 / Devotionals
    "Provided you continue to acknowledge the Lord and trust his will for you, then you will always find yourself precisely where he wants you to be in life. Remember that he is your Invisible Champion and he will never leave you nor forsake you."

  11. SWEET LOVE: OUR CONQUERER by linzy bruno  
    7/31/2015 / Poetry
    "....I sense a softening of your heart;
    I can practically hear the bitterness
    breaking off and smashing apart....".

  12. Eye Opener by Pam Ford Davis  
    7/31/2015 / Devotionals
    What is your morning eye-opener?

  13. THE LION SYNDROME by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/30/2015 / Poetry

  14. I am ... by Jennifer Cardinal  
    7/30/2015 / Writing
    God says " I am ".

  15. One Day at a Time by stephanie reck  
    7/30/2015 / Devotionals
    Take it one day at a time. If you are living in the past full of regrets or in the future, you are not at peace. God's grace is sufficient for you today only. That means He will not give you yesterday's grace or tomorrow's grace.

  16. Comprehension Levels by Pam Ford Davis  
    7/30/2015 / Devotionals
    'Jesus seized the moment to put His disciples to the test.'

  17. Abortion and How We Got Sidetracked v2 by Stephen Williamson  
    7/29/2015 / Politics
    How we have made the abortion question more difficult and convoluted than it needs to be.

  18. LAWLESSNESS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/29/2015 / Poetry

  19. God Speaks by Pam Ford Davis  
    7/29/2015 / Devotionals
    'If we are attentive, we can hear God's voice.'

  20. Sanctification by Mick Alexander  
    7/28/2015 / Christian Living
    "It is God's will the you should be sanctified". 1 Thess. 4:3

  21. Whispers through the fires by jacqui julyan  
    7/28/2015 / Poetry
    To Him who is able
    To do immeasurably more
    Guards my heart and mind

  22. I stepped out briefly of the home and . . . by Moses Solanke  
    7/28/2015 / Teen Issues
    While I was looking elsewhere, distracted in a sense, not to have noticed him, he was busy analyzing me inside out. He must have taken his time to look deep into my life. He probably knew I had stepped out of grace, alone without my brothers and out of the cover provided by my father. If I had known that stepping out would make me so naked, maybe I should have stayed back home.

  23. Newspaper Editor Solicits Letters from Readers by Greg Miller  
    7/28/2015 / Humor
    A newspaper editor asks readers to write about their life goals.

  24. Men And Brethren What Shall We Do? by Ngozi Nwoke  
    7/28/2015 / Christian Living
    Knowledge is powerful and its application most profitable. Knowing the impact names have on your life is one thing and doing something about it is another. You have the choice to choose life or death, choose life that you may live. This article stresses the need for you to exercise the power at your disposal to determine how names impact your destiny.

  25. Always Constant by jacqui julyan  
    7/28/2015 / Poetry
    There are changes
    So many changes
    Thank you
    That you never change
    In you we can trust
    For 'I the LORD do not change'

  26. School Days Flashback by Pam Ford Davis  
    7/28/2015 / Devotionals
    'Through faith, I walk the straight line to God.'

  27. WOMAN OF HONOUR by Omo Eruotor  
    7/28/2015 / Christian Living
    It is a poem that encourages women to hold themselves high.

  28. Home Building Companies Build the Most Innovative Homes by Alan Butcher  
    7/28/2015 / House & Home
    When acquiring a new home, you can either buy a structure that's already built or hire a building company to help you construct your dream from the scratch.

  29. The Psalms and the Laws of Moses (Torah) by Cate Russell-Cole  
    7/27/2015 / Bible Studies
    How the Psalms heavily reflect the Torah, otherwise known as the Laws of Moses or thePentateuch. An interesting look at the attitude and life of King David.

  30. PRECIOUS MOMENTS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/27/2015 / Poetry

  31. Music Box, The by louis gander  
    7/27/2015 / Self Help
    Beholding it for quite awhile,
    I cherished its antique-ish style.
    Can this old box, this afternoon,
    play once again, its pretty tune?

  32. Christianity: A Relationship with Jesus Christ by Hugh Houchin  
    7/27/2015 / Christian Living
    When Jesus Christ calls us to Himself, He begins a relationship with us that emanates from an empty tomb. We don't establish the relationship we just bask in it and enjoy it. It's merely the beginning of fellowship with God that extends through eternity.

  33. A STAND by David Holdsworth  
    7/27/2015 / Christian Living
    Thought for the week:

    Based on a true story...

  34. Mini-devotion for Tuesday, July 27, 2015 by Greg Miller  
    7/27/2015 / Devotionals
    The Lord will not destroy the earth by a flood.

  35. Hindrances To Your Securing Gainful Employment (2) by Olawale Ogunsola  
    7/27/2015 / Career
    Every good thing has its enemy. So it is with employment. There are some hindrances to securing a gainful employment. Here are more points.

  36. Hindrances To Your Securing Gainful Employment (1) by Olawale Ogunsola  
    7/27/2015 / Career
    Every good thing has its enemy. So it is with employment. There are some hindrances to securing a gainful employment. Here are some of them.

  37. Please, Report Yourself. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    7/27/2015 / Christian Living
    Nothing is hidden from God because He knows all that we do in the secret places. Is it not wisdom to report your wrongdoing to Him?

  38. A Sure Source Of Promotion by Olawale Ogunsola  
    7/27/2015 / Christian Living
    To be connected to a sure source of provisions gives you rest. Do you crave a promotion from a sure source? Know it today.

  39. Truth and Trash by Ramona Cook  
    7/27/2015 / Christian Apologetics
    In the Laboratory we determine a value by proving it against a known value; so it is with Truth. The Holy Bible is the known and proven, against which we compare ideas for being truth or trash.

  40. Gospel Seed by Pam Ford Davis  
    7/27/2015 / Devotionals
    'The word of God is indeed precious seed...'

  41. Another Gospel by Rick King  
    7/27/2015 / Christian Living
    What is the gospel of Jesus Christ? Have you ever considered that just maybe the church and many Christians are following "another gospel"?

  42. Choosing a Mate in the Kingdom of Love by Shari Weigerstorfer  
    7/25/2015 / Marriage
    "Someday my prince will come" is not a biblical phrase but the mindset of romantic fiction and Disney fairy tales may keep single women single far longer than the King intends.

  43. Being the Encourager by Jennifer Rubino  
    7/25/2015 / Devotionals
    Wise words from the bible on being an encourager to others

    7/24/2015 / Devotionals
    "If you are under attack today for your Christian scruples or your unequivocal belief in God's word then be strong in the strength of your Lord and know that he will vindicate you. Only stay true to the truth!"

  45. This Wide World by louis gander  
    7/24/2015 / World Affairs
    Frustrated, I so often am
    when I see Christian seed -
    'hawking' books or their CDs..
    I'm hurt, so much, indeed.

  46. Don't Get Beat Up by Jerry Ousley  
    7/24/2015 / Christian Living
    The devil and his demonic hoards are no fairy tale. In the Bible we find a story about the seven sons of Sceva - A very interesting account.

    7/24/2015 / Devotionals
    There is absolutely no way that the things of the Spirit can be understood and seen without my own spirit being enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

  48. Making the Choice That Matters by Jennifer Rubino  
    7/24/2015 / Christian Living
    Serving the Lord is a choice we all have to make

    7/24/2015 / Prayers
    There is time for everything say the Scriptures. There is time for specific miracle for your life. Discover it is more valuable

  50. Zealot by Pam Ford Davis  
    7/24/2015 / Devotionals
    A tireless pursuit for revival...

  51. Soaking in His Presence by stephanie reck  
    7/23/2015 / Christian Living
    One of the most difficult things that I have learned to do is soak in God's presence. Why you might ask? Well, I get easily distracted and during times when I am supposed to be still before the Lord I am going over my to-do list for the day. Any Type-A people would certainly understand my dilemma. I enjoy spending time with God and basking in His presence, but sometimes I just can't turn off my mind!

  52. Missing Link by Pam Ford Davis  
    7/23/2015 / Devotionals
    'A heartless adversary targets my mind.'

  53. Is Jesus Really Coming? by Henry Miranda  
    7/22/2015 / Salvation
    Christians should be like the watchman of old who is ever alert to the approach of any, whether they be friend or foe. He is constantly watching for danger and always prepared to turn away any attack.

  54. PLANNED PARENTHOOD by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/22/2015 / Poetry

  55. Public Opinion Be Damned by Debra Burgess  
    7/22/2015 / Leadership
    Let me be the cheerleader of those who would speak the 'whole counsel of God's word'. Those who would not let shaming words of the compromised hold them back from sharing the burning heart of Christ.

  56. THE WORD OF GOD EMBODIES GOD'S OWN SIGNATURE IN EVERY VERSE, IMPOSSIBLE TO DUPLICATE. Part three: CHAINES of Names Bind All the Books Together. by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    7/22/2015 / Christian Apologetics

  57. Dead as a Doornail by Pam Ford Davis  
    7/22/2015 / Devotionals
    "I once was dead as a doornail."

  58. My Philosophy of Youth Ministry by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    7/22/2015 / Church Life
    This article seeks to encourage the church to be mindful of and to give considerable attention to the next generation; the youth. It makes an interesting and insightful read.

    7/21/2015 / Christian Living
    I am learning more and more about self-deliverance the hard way because I do not have anybody to teach me and I know some people are in the same boat as me.

  60. THE OUTSIDE SHELL by Sue Darling  
    7/21/2015 / Christian Living
    I saw a picture that claims what Jesus really looks like. And He does not look like anything that I expected.

  61. Let Go and Let God by jacqui julyan  
    7/21/2015 / Devotionals
    The truth is I can 'let go and let God' because He is totally trustworthy. As much as I love my friends and family they cannot fill the gap Jesus can. The truth of this overwhelms me. His love amazes me. The Good News to share about Jesus is the only good news, truly good news to share in this broken world.

  62. What Do You See? by Pam Ford Davis  
    7/21/2015 / Devotionals
    We need God to open our eyes.

  63. GOD FORGIVES by Sue Darling  
    7/21/2015 / Christian Living
    A great many of us have a very bad self esteem and because we think so badly of ourselves we just do not look at us through God's eyes.

  64. Angelos Chapter One by David Holdsworth  
    7/20/2015 / Short Stories
    "This short story will help us to engage with our own inner voice and to find the courage to find expression for our convictions. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was left with much to ponder. Do actions really speak louder than fine sounding words?"

    Mark Hadfield
    Coordinator, Inverness Street Pastors

  65. Satan Requires His Demons to Read God's Word by Greg Miller  
    7/20/2015 / Humor
    The devil requires his demons to regularly read the Bible.

  66. Uh-Oh by Pam Ford Davis  
    7/20/2015 / Devotionals
    'I assumed...'

  67. In Him by Cyril Almond  
    7/19/2015 / Bible Studies
    The head knowledge is fine. But the heart is what God wants

  68. Murder-Suicide by the Devil by Gregory John Monroe  
    7/19/2015 / Education
    Revealed: The devil knew that his objective to kill Jesus would cause him to commit murder/suicide.

  69. In a Stable by Hugh Houchin  
    7/18/2015 / Poetry
    How much about the Jesus baby did Mary know? What did she understand? Could Mary really mother this child from her virgin birth? This short poem looks into Mary after the birth of Jesus.

  70. Stay in the Stream by Jeffrey Snell  
    7/18/2015 / Church Life
    Christians make mistakes, leaders included, because all of us are still in the stream of sanctification and will be for the rest of our earthly days.

    7/18/2015 / Devotionals
    Let us draw near with absolute assurance of His total and complete acceptance of us. When we acknowledge him and accept His sacrifice as the only remedy for our sin separating us from God,

  72. Thought for the week - THAT MIRACLE by David Holdsworth  
    7/17/2015 / Devotionals
    Thought for the week

  73. A Whirlwind of Warfare by Rochelle Arnold  
    7/17/2015 / Christian Living
    Interestingly and somewhat alarmingly, last night we had a white tornado touch down just on the outskirts' of our neighborhood. It was small but powerful! It was only by the grace of God we were protected. I prayed fervently, as I normally do in times of distress. But this time it felt different. As the winds blew and the rain pounded, suddenly I had a peace in the very center of my being, in my spirit. Even though I knew severe weather was approaching that could possibly lead to a tornado. I felt that peace that passes all understanding and then the sirens blared as they normally do, but suddenly it got still and everything was quiet.

  74. The Power Of Naming Your Day-Secret Of A Victorious Life by Ngozi Nwoke  
    7/17/2015 / Christian Living
    How would you want your day to be? How you begin a day, to a great deal, determines how it will end. And you being a product of God's mastermind have the power to stir your day on your desired path with the use of your mouth. What you call your day is what it will answer. This article gives the importance of speaking forth what you want to see every day of your life.

  75. God And Names Of Places And Events by Ngozi Nwoke  
    7/17/2015 / Christian Living
    What effect does a name of a place or an event have on it? Every place or event has a name, which is either carefully or carelessly thought of and given. As a name influences the life and destiny of the bearer, so also a name influences the happenings in a place or an event which bears it. This article explains the need for wise choices of places and events you are involved in.

  76. How To Maximize The Blessings Of A Name by Ngozi Nwoke  
    7/17/2015 / Christian Living
    Do you have a good name and desire that its meaning be fulfilled in your life? Every good name has the potential to deliver what it carries to the maximum point, but how much of it you can get depends on what you do with the name. This article tells you how maximize your name

    7/17/2015 / Devotionals
    "Your Lord is consistent and every promise he has made to you will endure the seasonal changes of your life. Therefore, hold fast to his word and remain faithful in fellowship with his Spirit."

  78. A Fleeing Devil by Jerry Ousley  
    7/17/2015 / Christian Living
    God is Greater - To the point that He tells us to resist the devil and he will flee!

  79. I Told You So by Pam Ford Davis  
    7/17/2015 / Devotionals
    God could easily tell me, "I told you so!"

  80. THE WORD OF GOD EMBODIES GOD'S OWN SIGNATURE IN EVERY VERSE, IMPOSSIBLE TO DUPLICATE. PART TWO: Prophetic CODES bind passages and chapters together. by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    7/16/2015 / Christian Apologetics
    Digital bible codes, containing current prophecy written 3000 years ago bind passages and chapters together.


    7/16/2015 / Relationships
    When you live in a Christian community it seems to bring the best and the worst out of you. There is no secrets.

  82. Early Man Exchanges Paradise for Worldwide Catastrophe by Greg Miller  
    7/16/2015 / Humor
    Early man exchanges Paradise for a worldwide catastrophe.

  83. Undisturbed by Pam Ford Davis  
    7/16/2015 / Devotionals
    ...Babies rest easy, comfortable, and content.

  84. The Glory Cloud by Steve Countryman  
    7/15/2015 / Christian Living
    1 Kings 8:11 "And the priests could not perform their service because of the cloud, for the glory of the LORD filled his temple."

  85. We Are What We Think by Rick King  
    7/15/2015 / Christian Living
    What are you thinking about? Did you know that what we think about is important to the Lord. So much so that he even gave to us guidelines of how that we are to think.

  86. The Lord is the Light of Your Life, Volume 39 7/15/15 by JP Timpano by JOSEPH-PAUL TIMPANO  
    7/15/2015 / Devotionals
    Christian encouragement for your daily life. Don't be afraid of the dark. The Lord is empowering you to walk through the fire!

  87. THE TALL, SCARY STRANGER by linzy bruno  
    7/15/2015 / Short Stories
    "Sam's stomach flopped like a fish on a hook, as he stood stunned by the meanest, ugliest glance he'd ever received from a stranger. The other scary things......"

  88. What is the Christian Wilderness? by stephanie reck  
    7/15/2015 / Christian Living
    The Christian wilderness can be defined as a period of testing and refinement. It may seem during this experience that you have a dark cloud that hovers over you

  89. Be Still by Jennifer Rubino  
    7/15/2015 / Christian Living
    What the bible says about just being still and waiting for the Lord

  90. Answers are Revealing by Pam Ford Davis  
    7/15/2015 / Devotionals
    'How often do I seek God?'

  91. How Are Your Personal Principles And Policies? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    7/15/2015 / Christian Living
    Before you knew Christ, did you have certain principles and policies by which you lived your life? How are they now that you have known Christ as your Lord and Savior? Do you exalt God's commandments higher than your principles and policies? What is the best way to handle this now?

  92. King David and Homosexuality by Cate Russell-Cole  
    7/14/2015 / Bible Studies
    Many people claim that David and Jonathan were lovers, due to the wording of one verse in Samuel. These are the reasons why I doubt this could have been the case, based on Biblical precedents and laws.

  93. IN HIS PRESENCE by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/14/2015 / Poetry

  94. Revolution of the Heart by David Holdsworth  
    7/14/2015 / Devotionals
    O that we would live with vision that revolution of the heart.

  95. Lean, Mean Fighting Machine by Pam Ford Davis  
    7/14/2015 / Devotionals
    Recruits exercise rigorously...

  96. How Are Your Personal Principles And Policies? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    7/14/2015 / Christian Living
    Before you knew Christ, did you have certain principles and policies by which you lived your life? How are they now that you have known Christ as your Lord and Savior? Do you exalt God's commandments higher than your principles and policies? What is the best way to handle this now?

  97. Let The Word Of God Heal You Also. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    7/13/2015 / Christian Living
    He sent his word and healed them, snatching them from the door of death.

  98. Trust And Rest. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    7/13/2015 / Christian Living
    Your expectations can be met by the Lord, therefore you must employ trust and rest as the two legs with which to walk with the Lord until you receive what you want.

  99. Dangers Involved In Revenge. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    7/13/2015 / Relationships
    Revenge is always the firstt thought that comes up when a wrong is done to any man. Dangers are involved in revenge. What do you need to do instead of revenge? Know and do what is right as stated below.

  100. How Is Your Personal Principles And Policies? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    7/13/2015 / Christian Living
    Before you knew Christ, did you have certain principles and policies by which you lived your life? How are they now that you have known Christ as your Lord and Savior? Do you exalt God's commandments higher than your principles and policies? What is the best way to handle this now?

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