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Recently Added Articles:
  1. What Is Christian Culture? by Jim Rotholz  
    7/29/2016 / Christian Living
    One often hears the phrase "Christian culture" used in the American church. What does it mean and how is it different from American culture? This article addresses the distinctions and offers a biblical means for discerning which cultural expressions can rightfully be called Christian.

  2. In Which Day? by Jerry Ousley  
    7/29/2016 / Christian Living
    Part 1 of 3 in the Series "In That Day"

  3. Invisible by PamFord Davis  
    7/29/2016 / Devotionals
    'It's hard to grasp what I can't see. Yet, that is where faith enters the picture.'

    7/29/2016 / Devotionals
    I think most of us walk around in fear because we have not been fully persuaded as to the invincibility, infallibility and integrity of the promises of God. We don't really believe that He is loving and kind.(Tit 3:4)

  5. Things You Need to Know About Isra'el in King Saul and David's Time by Cate Russell-Cole  
    7/28/2016 / Bible Studies
    I have heard people question why a dry, insignificant place like Israel has always been so important and attracted so much conflict. The answers lie in the ancient world in the economy, trade routes and rainfall. This article outlines the reasons.

  6. Preeminent Role of God the Father in the Trinity: What about the Council of Nicea and the Nicene Creed? - Part 1C by Karl Kemp  
    7/28/2016 / Bible Studies
    Here in Part 1C of this paper I continue to list my other papers that are relevant to this present paper and to include excerpts from those papers.

  7. A LIFE TRANSFORMED by sana edoja  
    7/28/2016 / Book Reviews
    This book will give you a clear understanding of how God has revealed His Son, Jesus, to me, an imperfect human being. God took me from the mud, cleansed me and restored me to a place of significance.

  8. An Urgent Message of the Most High for All His Little Children by Sue Darling  
    7/28/2016 / Prophecy
    I am sorry I took this Prophecy off this site. I have been attacked terribly so by posting it, that I thought I was going insane. I questioned whether it was a true message from God, so that is why I took it off. God has given me peace so that I could reread it calmly and I now am convinced this is a real message from God. God has never used me in this way before and I don't have anyone to help me discern whether it came from God or not. So that was a lot to do with my hesitation to post this article.

  9. THE ROOM OF DARKNESS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/28/2016 / Poetry

  10. Reliance by PamFord Davis  
    7/28/2016 / Devotionals
    'When opposed by evil enemies, Jeremiah relied on the LORD.'

  11. Pain of Loss by Kathleen Curry  
    7/27/2016 / Death
    When you are a caretaker of a loved one a grief can eclipse your very being. This is an attempt to explain that grief and why a person cannot reach out but needs others to reach in to him or her. This is not for the faint of heart.

  12. Hope by Kathleen Curry  
    7/27/2016 / Salvation
    Hope means many things to many people, but there is only one true source of hope, it is found in only one place.

  13. They Didn't Ask Me by Florence Simmons  
    7/27/2016 / Salvation
    Forty nine victims were snuffed out at a

  14. Preeminent Role of God the Father in the Trinity: What about the Council of Nicea and the Nicene Creed? - Part 1B by Karl Kemp  
    7/27/2016 / Bible Studies
    Here in Part 1B and in Part 1C I list my earlier papers that are relevant to the topic of this paper and include some excerpts from those papers.

  15. It Is Not God's Will for There to Be Another Jerusalem Temple by Max Aplin  
    7/27/2016 / Prophecy
    There are many Christians today who think that the Bible prophesies the existence of another literal temple in Jerusalem. Some are even trying to cause this temple to be built. However, Scripture does not teach that there will be another literal temple. Encouraging Jews to rebuild the temple is to point them towards the Old Testament sacrifices that cannot take away sins. Like Gentiles, Jews need faith in Jesus for salvation.

  16. Out in the Boonies by PamFord Davis  
    7/27/2016 / Devotionals
    'In His travels, Jesus frequently drew large crowds far outside the cities.'

  17. Mold And Alzheimer's Disease by Iris Brooks  
    7/27/2016 / Health
    Memory loss, brain fog and mental diminishment experienced by those diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease very much resemble the same adverse health effects experienced by victims of mold and mycotoxin poisoning.

  18. King David as a Romantic Figure - Disempowering the Word of God by Cate Russell-Cole  
    7/26/2016 / Christian Living
    This article looks at how Christian fiction and both Christian and secular movies can impact how we interpret the Word of God. It considers the problems of interpreting culture and motivation, with a specifically Western viewpoint.

  19. Some Clues How to Test the Spirits by Sue Darling  
    7/26/2016 / Self Help
    I have always learnt the hard way. I feel a need to share some of the clues that have taken me a life time to learn, about how easily we can be fooled by evil spirits pretending to be good ones. And how to know how to know what are the signs to look out for.

  20. Beware of Payday Scams by Kathern Welsh  
    7/26/2016 / Self Help
    Have you ever found yourself in desperate need of money and decided to try an online payday loan?
    Here are some things to watch out for.

  21. Preeminent Role of God the Father in the Trinity: What about the Council of Nicea and the Nicene Creed? - Part 1A by Karl Kemp  
    7/26/2016 / Bible Studies
    The primary purpose of this paper is to show that God the Father has an eternal preeminent role in the Trinity, which means that the Son of God (and the Holy Spirit), although He is Fully deity with God the Father, has a role subordinate to the Father. This is important for us to know; it is extremely important for us to rightly interpret God's Word, and it is quite relevant to how we live our Christian lives, including our prayer and worship. Part 1 of this paper introduces the topic and mentions my earlier papers that are relevant to this paper and includes several extensive excerpts from those papers.

  22. Can Luciferians avoid a Future of Indescribable Horror? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    7/26/2016 / Salvation
    What characterizes a true Christians is LOVE and FORGIVENESS. This is almost impossible to understand. Without God, almost impossible to do. What characterizes and defines evil is HATE and the LUST of destruction. God says there is a mystery in iniquity. In its core, this is also almost impossible to understand.

  23. I am the LORD that healeth thee by Jacqui Julyan  
    7/26/2016 / Prophecy
    Truly the FEAR of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.

  24. Almost Home by PamFord Davis  
    7/26/2016 / Devotionals
    'The signs of the times mark the road.'

  25. Redemption in a nutshell by Jennifer Johnson  
    7/25/2016 / Salvation
    God showed me His plan of salvation through my brothers mission to return me to my dad.

  26. Autism And Environmental Exposures by Iris Brooks  
    7/25/2016 / Health
    Can one's environment play a part in autism? Often the walls between tend to hide the truth. It's time to find answers exploring every avenue of autism.

  27. Eavesdropping by PamFord Davis  
    7/25/2016 / Devotionals
    'What I lack in patience, I possess in enthusiasm. I talk to myself; I do not whisper!'

  28. Toxic Mold Poisoning by Iris Brooks  
    7/24/2016 / Health
    An estimated 500,000 people die from toxic mold poisoning yearly, many being wrongly diagnosed with some other illness. The symptoms are many and vary from person to person.

    7/24/2016 / Salvation
    Anything OUTSIDE THE BIBLE, PRESENTED AS GODS GOSPEL, carries a DOUBLE CURSE of God Almighty upon any and all non-biblical gospel and upon its preacher. You think I am kidding?

  30. How to Strengthen our Hope in Times of Troubles by Sue Darling  
    7/23/2016 / Christian Living
    How to deal with all the evil that is going around. By looking at what St. Paul teachers about uplifting thoughts and meditating on the virtures of Mary to encourage us by imitating them.

  31. ALL Children by louis gander  
    7/23/2016 / Missions
    Please strip away our selfish pride
    and fill us up with love -
    and let us prove our charity
    that we keep speaking of.

  32. Olivia's Love Story (Confusion and Peace) by Tesse Wilson  
    7/23/2016 / Relationships
    Pretending, hiding her true feelings. That was Olivia. Why Olivia?

  33. Olivia's Love Story (Confusion and Peace) by Tesse Wilson  
    7/23/2016 / Short Stories
    Pretending, hiding her true feelings. That was Olivia. Why Olivia?

  34. What Is Man That Thou Art Mindful Of Him? by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    7/23/2016 / Christian Living
    David was neither seeking information about man's physical, mental or spiritual structure, nor was he going through some identity crisis. No, David was asking for something far more profound. He wanted to know something that essentially was puzzling him about God; and not something that was puzzling him about man.

  35. Mom's Pumpkin Pie! by louis gander  
    7/23/2016 / Humor

    It wasn't in the oven and
    the counter top was bare.
    With refrigerator empty,
    it wasn't anywhere!.
    Oh my my!
    Mom's pumpkin pie!

  36. Accused No More! by James Webb  
    7/23/2016 / Bible Studies
    Do you think that Satan is STILL before the throne of God accusing you before the Father? Think again! Jesus has gained back what man(kind) has lost and now offers you unhindered access to God.

    7/22/2016 / Devotionals
    "Let's think twice before opening our mouths to offer criticism, especially of our leaders! Remember, a soft answer turns away wrath and soothes troubled waters."

  38. Are We to Give Up? by Jerry Ousley  
    7/22/2016 / Christian Living
    Part 5 of the series "If My People"

  39. Grave Danger by PamFord Davis  
    7/22/2016 / Devotionals
    'There's a bomb in your building. You'd better get out.'

  40. Should Single Christians Aim to Get Married or Not? by Max Aplin  
    7/22/2016 / Marriage
    The Bible teaches as a general principle that although it is good for single Christians to get married, it is even better for them to remain single. Nevertheless, this is only a general principle, and God does in fact want many Christians to get married, for a variety of reasons. We must not downplay the radical nature of what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

  41. The Ghosts in the Machine by Rochelle Arnold  
    7/21/2016 / Christian Living
    Recently I interpreted a dream for someone and during the process the Lord spoke to my heart and said, "It's the ghosts in the machine." I had heard that phrase before in my life but honestly never quite understood what it meant. So I did some research and found out that The Ghost in the Machine is a book that came out in 1967 by Arthur Koestler. It is in the philosophy and psychiatry genre. The premise for the book is called dualism or mind-body relationship. Koestler tries to explain that the mind of a person is not an "independent non-material entity". There are numerous references and meanings to the expression "ghosts in the machine."

  42. Words of Wisdom by PamFord Davis  
    7/21/2016 / Devotionals
    'King Solomon had great wisdom; yet, he did some foolish things.'

  43. Flashback On Men Who Were Different For God by Ngozi Nwoke  
    7/21/2016 / Christian Living
    Do you know anybody who is different for God? The world may be full of wickedness but there are many people who are different for Christ. They may not outnumber the wicked but they are there and are increasing. This article recaptures men who despite all odds remained faithful to God and were different.

  44. What Does It Mean to Be Different for Jesus? by Ngozi Nwoke  
    7/21/2016 / Christian Living
    Are you different for Jesus? In what ways are you different? A life with Jesus is a life of separation unto God that grows into union with Christ. Every Christian is expected to be different for God. This article explains what it means to be different for Christ.

  45. Inheritance in Christ-Go To Your Father For Your Bread by Ngozi Nwoke  
    7/21/2016 / Christian Living
    Are you a child of God? If you are, then you are entitled to the blessings of God, you have a right to whatever God can provide. A true father takes care of at least his children's basic needs, and God is not an exception. This article emphasizes the Father and child relationship between you and God that ought to give you your inheritance in Christ and supply all your needs.

  46. Birth Order by PamFord Davis  
    7/20/2016 / Devotionals
    'I'm dead-center; in our family of 5 children.'

  47. Jehovah Shammah by Steve Countryman  
    7/19/2016 / Christian Living

  48. THE GAY ARE NOW PILLARS OF OUR COMMUNITY? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    7/19/2016 / Politics
    Sometimes I am told that some homosexuals (who are openly "gay" but do not like to be called by the name they had for centuries) are now pillars of our community and are the most valuable members of our society. I am told that I must change my attitudes (eh, prejudices!) in so many directions.

  49. Finding God In Affliction by Jim Rotholz  
    7/19/2016 / Christian Living
    God is not the cause of hardship and suffering, but he is in the business of using it to bring about good in our lives. Our wholeness can ultimately only be found in God, whatever our circumstances in life.

  50. How Long? by PamFord Davis  
    7/19/2016 / Devotionals
    'Violence is spiraling out of man's control.'

  51. THE POWER OF THREE WORDS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/18/2016 / Poetry

  52. 3 Critical Lessons From A Female Worker Ant by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    7/18/2016 / Self Help
    An article that takes inspiration from the Biblical advice to learn from ants. Three lessons are drawn from the work ethic of female worker ants.

  53. When you've Done ALL That You Can Do by stephanie reck  
    7/18/2016 / Christian Living
    As a parent of a prodigal child, I can assure you that I have done everything possible to bring my child back to the ways of Christ. I have fasted many, many times in hopes that," some things are broken by prayer and fasting alone." Last December, I was fasting 1-2x per week, believing that my fasting was helping bring my child closer to Christ and breaking the "strongholds" in his life. Fasting alone did not seem to be working, so I then added a book about praying scriptures over your prodigal children. I prayed through the entire book in the 90 days it suggested, believing that was the answer-praying scripture daily. I was already praying morning and night for my child, but when my prayers were seemingly going unheard,

  54. Two Spirits Watching The Ocean Of Turmoil by Stephen Vattimo  
    7/18/2016 / Poetry
    A poem about the two apposing spiritual forces man face in life.

  55. Behavioral Contagion by Alan Allegra  
    7/18/2016 / Christian Living
    What mother hasn't warned, "If everyone jumped off a bridge, does that mean you should do it, too?" Scientists have documented "contagious risk-taking behavior" as particularly worrisome. "Come on! Everybody's doing it!" is a teenage mantra that has led to many a heartache.

  56. Your Pastor by PamFord Davis  
    7/18/2016 / Devotionals
    'The LORD's messengers bear a great responsibility.'

  57. Know Yourself by Sue Darling  
    7/18/2016 / Marriage
    This article is basically about the mystical marriage between Christ and His Bride. It is a spiritual marriage. Our marriages on earth is suppose to reflect the marriage between Christ and His Bride, which is His Church.

  58. A Tree from Lebanon by Richard L. Provencher  
    7/17/2016 / Poetry
    Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Then He arose on the third day. He is alive.

  59. Lord I Do Not Understand by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    7/17/2016 / Devotionals
    For my many sins you gave me peace and comfort. For my waywardness you showered me with love and an abundance of blessings. For my many fears and insecurities you underpinned and supported me with your mighty arms.

  60. Big Crosses by Sue Darling  
    7/17/2016 / Christian Living
    Many great blessings often follows many great crosses I find. I know we all enjoy favours from God, but I feel we are been given them also to be strengthen in our life journey.

  61. Our Destiny by Henry Miranda  
    7/16/2016 / Salvation
    God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and forbid them to eat fruit from the "tree of knowledge" good and evil. When God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden they were both innocent and pure. Everything was good until Satan the fallen angel came into the picture.

  62. GOATS AND SHEEP by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/16/2016 / Poetry

  63. Do Not Forget The Cup Of Salvation by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    7/16/2016 / Devotionals
    Under the Gospel dispensation, worship and godliness are less about external symbolism and images and more about the spiritual workings internally, i.e., the heart, mind, soul, spirit and conscience. But some symbols are timeless.

  64. Racism by Jerry Ousley  
    7/15/2016 / Christian Living
    Part 4 of the 5 Part Series "If My People"

  65. Awakened, Amazed by PamFord Davis  
    7/15/2016 / Devotionals
    'Sleeping Beauty' was awakened by the kiss of her handsome 'Prince Charming.' [*Disney]

  66. Christians Should Try to Learn All They Can from Their Sins and Mistakes by Max Aplin  
    7/15/2016 / Christian Living
    Whenever we commit a sin or just make some sort of honest mistake, we will usually want to put that thing to the back of our mind and forget about it as soon as possible. However, as Christians we should try to learn all we can from what we get wrong. We need to take radical steps to keep away from situations that we know are likely to cause temptation.

    7/15/2016 / Devotionals
    We therefore don't have to keep the law. We could not, even if we strained every spiritual and physical muscle to the extreme. Christ being fully God and fully man, was the only one who ever fulfilled the laws extreme standards.

    7/15/2016 / Devotionals
    Without fear of contradiction, God is a good God, who adores us with a white hot love.(Jn.15:9)(Jn.17:23) He took extreme measures to rescue us from our terrible predicament.

  69. THE GATE KEEPER by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/14/2016 / Poetry

  70. Authority by PamFord Davis  
    7/14/2016 / Devotionals
    'Jesus defeated the devil; he used Scripture as a weapon against the tempter.'

  71. Risk Takers by PamFord Davis  
    7/13/2016 / Devotionals
    'Certified midwives provide compassionate care before, during and following delivery.'

    7/13/2016 / Bible Studies
    The Bible is an encounter with Christ not a volume of propositional facts or data.
    It is God's communication to man, if you prefer, it is a Prophet in written form.
    It is the primary source for safe decision-making

  73. Where Has Your Focus Been Lately? by stephanie reck  
    7/12/2016 / Christian Living
    When we are taking pictures and are adjusting the camera lense, at first what is seen in the camera lense may be blurry until we can adjust the lense to come into focus. Just like the camera lense, we too can lose our focus and everything around us becomes blurry.

  74. A Voice God Always Hears by Ken Barnes  
    7/12/2016 / Christian Living
    Josiah, one of the few righteous kings of his era, tore his clothes and repented of the sins of his nation. Josiah displayed the behavior and uttered the words that always catch the eye of the Father.

  75. WHY DOES GOD PERMIT SUFFERING? by ralph jackson  
    7/12/2016 / Bible Studies
    Do you think that God is the cause of all the suffering in the world today or might it be a consequence of our own actions? Is it also possible that many of the problems that we are faced with today come from beyond our realm of reality? What does the Bible tell us?

    7/12/2016 / Marriage
    "If you want peace, prepare for war". Ever hear that? This applies double to marriage. More than half of the nation is divorced and nobody prepared ahead for disaster?

  77. Treasure by louis gander  
    7/12/2016 / Poetry
    Treasure beauty from the Maker.
    Treasure color, sky and nature.
    Treasure walks through endless park
    among the winging meadowlark.

  78. Complete Help Begets Complete Benefits by Olawale Ogunsola  
    7/12/2016 / Christian Living
    Help begets helps. A complete help will bring a complete benefits. Render necessary help each day.

  79. Avoid This Reason For Poverty by Olawale Ogunsola  
    7/12/2016 / Christian Living
    Poverty is a monster that battles humanity. Avoid every reason to be poor.

  80. Guide, Not Chide by PamFord Davis  
    7/12/2016 / Devotionals
    'The Holy Spirit guided me. He also used instruction from my husband, pastors and teachers.'

  81. Will You Follow The Lord by Leonard Granger  
    7/11/2016 / Christian Living
    The question for over 2,000 years has been , Will You Follow Jesus. It is the great decision we will ever make in our life. and has eternal effects.

  82. Let Us Encourage Other Christians by Leonard Granger  
    7/11/2016 / Christian Living
    As a Christian we are not alone as we encourage others, Early church history of how Apostle Paul started churches.

  83. The Raven and Dove by Leonard Granger  
    7/11/2016 / Christian Living
    The Raven was released from the ARK to see if there was any dry land and never returned. The Dove had a home in the Ark and returned until the land was dry. Our lives are Raven or Dove?

  84. Cast out the Money Changers by Toni Babcock  
    7/11/2016 / Salvation
    If God were to warn us of a plundering of the gospel which would make the money changers Jesus cast out of the temple look like petty thieves, I imagine we would sit up and listen.

  85. The Smudge by PamFord Davis  
    7/11/2016 / Devotionals
    'The assailant had smudged the image.'

  86. my writings by dorothie shaulis  
    7/10/2016 / Testimonies
    My writing is abstract thinking of religious views that are going in today

  87. The gods Of This Age ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    7/10/2016 / Poetry
    So many to choose from!

  88. Living By Grace ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    7/10/2016 / Poetry
    Isn't a license to sin!

  89. Through the Eyes of Grief ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    7/10/2016 / Poetry
    I see all the pain and heartache!

  90. Redeeming Our Time by Deborah Ann Belka  
    7/10/2016 / Poetry
    Make the most of it for Jesus!

  91. This Light of Mine ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    7/10/2016 / Poetry
    May I always let it shine!

  92. Trust and Be Still ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    7/10/2016 / Poetry
    and be Confident!

  93. Grief is Like an Ocean ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    7/10/2016 / Poetry
    But Jesus is my Anchor!

  94. Beaten But Not Broken ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    7/10/2016 / Poetry
    I am in this race to Win it!

  95. On Tranquil Seas by Deborah Ann Belka  
    7/10/2016 / Poetry
    Oh, how sweet the peace!

  96. What His Sheep Know ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    7/10/2016 / Poetry
    They know His voice!

  97. A YEAR IN VICTORY IN THE LORD by sana edoja  
    7/10/2016 / Testimonies
    An article to give encouragement to those who are discouraged. You do not have to become a victim of your destiny

  98. Is the Church Spiritual Israel? by Max Aplin  
    7/10/2016 / Bible Studies
    Dispensationalists can often be heard claiming that the Bible never portrays the church as spiritual Israel. In fact, it clearly portrays the church as spiritual Israel. God does not have distinct purposes for ethnic Israel and the church. But that does not mean that God has no unfinished business with ethnic Israel.

  99. THE THIN BLUE LINE by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/09/2016 / Poetry

  100. Our Heart's Desires by Deborah Ann Belka  
    7/09/2016 / Poetry
    Must be what God desires!

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