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Recently Added Articles:
  1. How to Choose Headphones by James Arthur  
    1/23/2017 / Computers/Technology
    Headphones are really individual things and usually selecting the right pair depends upon a few factors: fit, total price and also lovely clean tunes. It can be a bit confusing to determine the correct set without acquiring the ones having the funkiest packaging or the best price, here is how to weed your path through the advertising and marketing crap - to get the best headphones under 100.

  2. An Heiress by PamFord Davis  
    1/23/2017 / Devotionals
    The LORD has an inheritance prepared for me.

    1/22/2017 / Christian Living
    All of us are in need of forgiveness and all of us have someone we need to forgive. When you don't forgive it turns to bitterness. Learn how to rid yourself of the nasty bondage of unforgiveness and bitterness.

  4. Looking For The Bad by Steve Countryman  
    1/21/2017 / Christian Living
    The more you find the more you complain and the more you complain the more you find!

  5. Lonely by louis gander  
    1/21/2017 / Testimonies
    My fingers cannot seem to touch

    the treasures in my mind.

    It seems they're much too feeble now

    to touch what once had rhymed.

    1/20/2017 / Devotionals
    "The Lord has great adventures in store for you... hold fast to the promises of God and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, as he builds you up into the person youâre destined to be."

  7. You Will See by PamFord Davis  
    1/20/2017 / Devotionals
    Do you see Jesus for who He really is?

  8. Let's Go Fishing by Jerry Ousley  
    1/19/2017 / Christian Living
    Part 1 of a 3 part series

  9. Freedom in Christ by stephanie reck  
    1/19/2017 / Christian Living
    How would you feel if you did not carry false guilt (what if, should be, or could be doing)?

    How would you feel if you did not worry about your family and other nagging issues?

    What if you did not need a substance or chemical to feel alive and to have pleasure?

  10. My Ways by Steve Countryman  
    1/19/2017 / Christian Living
    Revelation 15:3 ïGreat and marvelous are your deeds, Lord God Almighty. Just and true are your ways, King of the nations.ï

  11. test 444 by Ike Silver  
    1/19/2017 / Christian Living

  12. The Little Things in Life by Alan Allegra  
    1/19/2017 / Devotionals
    Over Christmas vacation, I was hit hard with the first and worst cold Iâve had in 10 years. As an extra bonus, my sciatic nerve joined the party and introduced me to pain Iâve never experienced before. It felt like I was giving birth to two babies, one in each leg.

    Iâm over both maladies now and have a more positive perspective. Iâve learned to appreciate each nostril, every stair step, each stroke of the clock.

  13. Never at a Loss for Words by PamFord Davis  
    1/19/2017 / Devotionals
    I should never be at a loss for words.

  14. AND SATAN SMILED by Lewis E. Thomas  
    1/18/2017 / Poetry

    1/18/2017 / Politics
    Could the devastation seen in Syria come to America?
    Imagine some 40 million out of work, depression, children hungry, national riots and violence, sabotage, wars and threat of nuclear disasters, fear of World War Three?

    How Come?

    What do you expect from International Money Bags if America should fully free itself from Luciferian control? Nearly 200 years ago a Civil War was pushed upon us just to reestablish the âFederal Reserveâ, an international banking consortium, to issue our currency. What did they do to Germany when that nation freed itself?

    Brexit, Trump, Putin - are these considered rebels against Global Establishment?
    What are, historically, the usual measures used by the World Elite, to confront counter-revolution? How has that affected populations before? What needs to happen to promote a World War Three? What would happen after it?

  16. Jehovah Hasn't Changed A Bit by Tesse Wilson  
    1/18/2017 / Christian Living
    God remains consistent with his word...

  17. Jehovah Hasn't Changed A Bit by Tesse Wilson  
    1/18/2017 / World Affairs
    God remains consistent with his word...

  18. Got My Pride by PamFord Davis  
    1/18/2017 / Devotionals
    Pride is perilous...

  19. Fishing With Father by Bob Valleau  
    1/18/2017 / Humor
    Fishing with my father was a religious experience. In fact, he said he felt closer to God while fishing than he did while sitting in church.

  20. Go For It President Trump Go Go Go by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    1/17/2017 / Christian Living
    It seems that President Trump is about to take the axe to the root of a lot of liberal (ungodly) trees polluting the world, and truth be told, I cannot wait to see how thorough, and effective a job he will do.

  21. Gist of the Just by PamFord Davis  
    1/17/2017 / Devotionals
    How time flies!
    Is it Tuesday already?

  22. Christians Who Believe in Baptismal Forgiveness Are Not Heretics by Max Aplin  
    1/17/2017 / Salvation
    It is quite often claimed that professing Christians who believe that Godïs standard way of doing things is to forgive the sins of new converts at baptism are heretics. However, if those who believe this are heretics, then as far as we know all professing Christians between 100 AD and about 1520 AD were heretics. This is hopelessly implausible, especially in view of the great things that the church was involved in between 100 AD and 500 AD.

  23. Delayed Obedience by Ken Barnes  
    1/17/2017 / Christian Living
    Abrahamâs servant had traveled to his masterâs homeland to find a wife for his son, Isaac. The question at hand was not if she should go, but when. Delayed obedience is always disobedience.

  24. On the Outside Looking Up by Toni Babcock  
    1/16/2017 / Christian Living
    There's no better place than living with Jesus outside the camp.

  25. It's Grand by PamFord Davis  
    1/16/2017 / Devotionals
    Grand parenting is one of the best perks...

  26. It Is Vital To Stand Firm by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    1/15/2017 / Christian Living
    If Christianity survived the murderous external assault of the Muslims, the wretched, blood-spattered warfare of the Crusades, the internecine battles for doctrinal orthodoxy, and the enormous rupture caused by The Reformation, then it must have done so because of something beyond humanâs ability to destroy.

  27. HOW MUCH LONGER UNTIL RAPTURE? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    1/14/2017 / Prophecy
    Many claim that the rupture is imminent, that all prophesies preceding it have been completed. THAT IS NOT TRUE. Rapture cannot approach until, at least, two more prophesies complete.

  28. The Cost of Fear by Rick King  
    1/14/2017 / Christian Living
    I live out in the country. I see many critters and so enjoy the variety that seem to frequent my yard. I especially enjoy the deer as they seem to be amazing and beautiful animals. The weather here has been very cold and we have had snow this year.

  29. The Battle is the Lord's by Rochelle Arnold  
    1/13/2017 / Christian Living
    The Lord is implementing many of His strategies right now. We are entering a new season; a time in which the Father is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh. He will do this by infusing His Spirit into Christian artists, writers, producers, leaders and ministers of all kinds. This new move of His Spirit will be unlike anything we have ever seen. God is going mainstream! His Spirit will move like a river and everywhere the river flows there will be life. (Ezekiel 47:9) Life in the form of healing, deliverance and creative miracles. All we have to do is step into the river.

  30. How to set up Wireless Network Connection in Windows by Alen Corlens  
    1/13/2017 / Computers/Technology
    We are all aware of the benefits of home wireless networks and the many ways we can use them. For that reason we have decided to write this article and try to explain how you can set up a wireless network connection in Windows.

  31. What Made Caleb So Young At Eighty-Five by Jerry Ousley  
    1/13/2017 / Christian Living
    Part 3 of the 3 part series "Joshua and Caleb"

  32. Not Crossing My Fingers by PamFord Davis  
    1/13/2017 / Devotionals
    I donât believe in bad luck; for that matter, I donât believe in good luck either.

  33. Reaching Canaan by Ken Barnes  
    1/13/2017 / Christian Living
    Abram, who would become Abraham, the father of many nations, set out with his father, Terah, to travel to Canaan. They settled in Harran, about halfway to Canaan. A delay in your calling that God has given you does not necessarily mean that the Lord has changed his mind.

  34. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Jacky Julyan  
    1/12/2017 / Poetry
    There is a something brewing
    From the North a brewing
    On Eagles Wings
    There is a something a brewing

  35. To Build, To Fight by Linda Jackson  
    1/12/2017 / Poetry
    I cry with hope and love is my praise,
    the enemies threats are all in vain

  36. Doubt, Temptation and Faith by Sonja Mattison  
    1/12/2017 / Prayers
    Summary: Doubt is a form of temptation. It separates us from the Lord. Any time we doubt we are losing the faith. So, we must be strong in our faith constantly and not succumb to doubt.

  37. My Home Place by PamFord Davis  
    1/12/2017 / Devotionals
    The older I get, the more I want to go home.

  38. RESET BUTTON by linzy bruno  
    1/11/2017 / Christian Living
    ".... I have recently had to give up my website, move to a new state I've never even visited and face some hard cold facts about the life I had been living. I am definitely starting my life over at 55. At first, I thought I would die....."

    1/11/2017 / Christian Living
    ".....BUT if there is any chance whatsoever that it could help even 1 woman.........I decided to write about this remarkable, unexpected blessing from our Lord....."

  40. Is Jesus optional? by Tim Underwood  
    1/11/2017 / Christian Living
    Our country is filled with decent, upstanding people who seem to be doing fine without any commitment to following Jesus. They feel no need of "salvation".

  41. Biblical Balance by Tim Underwood  
    1/11/2017 / Christian Living
    All the Bible truths are meant to hold each other in proper alignment. Emphasizing one truth to the neglect of others creates distortions. We need biblical balance.

  42. Do you hate religion? by Tim Underwood  
    1/11/2017 / Christian Living
    The word "religion" has become a Christian cuss-word today. Lots of evangelicals say they don't have "religion", they have a relationship and that religion is "man-made". I think that this use of the word, though well-intended, is unfortunate.

  43. A Curse by PamFord Davis  
    1/11/2017 / Devotionals
    The curses came after Adam and Eve had sinned.

  44. City On A Hill Or Candle In The Wind by Shoba Sadler  
    1/10/2017 / Christian Living
    Whose light are you shining? When we yield to God and let His light shine through us instead of trying to shine our own light through our own efforts, we stop striving and begin to walk in harmony with God. Therein lies our peace.

  45. Uncovering Emotional Healing by stephanie reck  
    1/10/2017 / Self Help
    We should never hold onto our past, otherwise we become victims of our circumstances, it is vitally important we understand our early emotional wounds and uncover or expose them to gain healing. A lot of the time those early childhood wounds are carried over into our adolescent years and then ârootedâ into our adult years. Rooted meaning grown deep into our soul. We can begin to act out or behave externally but internally where the roots are really determine why we act or behave externally.

  46. Turning the World's Values Upside Down: Christian Leadership Is All about Serving by Max Aplin  
    1/10/2017 / Leadership
    Jesus' teaching on leadership was highly radical. He taught that Christians in authority must act as the servants of those under their authority. Church leaders and husbands should be sure to do this.

  47. Mrs Howard, She Knew How by PamFord Davis  
    1/10/2017 / Death
    Mrs. Eloise Howard knew how to live life to the fullest...

  48. A New Year Is Here; Let Us Continue In Faith and Prayer by Tesse Wilson  
    1/09/2017 / Devotionals
    Not just faith and prayer alone.. We must also act upon God's word

  49. A New Year Is Here; Let Us Continue In Faith and Prayer by Tesse Wilson  
    1/09/2017 / Christian Living
    Not just faith and prayer alone.. We must also act upon God's word

  50. The Art of Storytelling by PamFord Davis  
    1/09/2017 / Devotionals
    When God transforms the heart of the lost, they are saved and long to tell the story.

  51. SING A NEW SONG by linzy bruno  
    1/07/2017 / Poetry
    "......Jesus You're my inspiration....."

  52. PURSUIT by Stephen J. Kimball  
    1/06/2017 / Christian Living
    A real life example revealing the keys to success: Loving God and loving others.

    1/06/2017 / Devotionals
    " the authority of Godâs Word, this is a time for you to tread on serpents and scorpions, and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing shall hurt you! By his Blood Jesus triumphed over Satan at Calvary."

  54. Eighty-Five Years Young by Jerry Ousley  
    1/06/2017 / Christian Living
    Part 2 of a series about Joshua and Caleb

  55. TLC by PamFord Davis  
    1/06/2017 / Devotionals
    The soft approach is an act of kindness.

  56. Watch Your Mouth by Steve Countryman  
    1/05/2017 / Christian Living
    Watching your mouth is not an easy task. I have learned the hard way that it is better to keep my mouth shut then to say something that I will end up regretting later. It's like that old saying... "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt."

  57. Knowing the End from the Beginning by Georgina Tennant  
    1/05/2017 / Christian Living
    Like children watching scary films, we often want to 'know the end from the beginning.' We can't, but God does.

  58. Change of Seasons by PamFord Davis  
    1/05/2017 / Devotionals
    Summer, fall, winter or spring; I can expect changes in nature.

  59. Ball Of Fuzz by louis gander  
    1/05/2017 / Pets
    The wind was wild and snow had piled

    up high on window sill.

    Yet I was warm despite the storm,

    despite infrequent chill.

  60. NO RAPTURE AT ALL? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    1/05/2017 / Prophecy

    The âWord of My Patienceâ is the Word of God, what we call the Bible. This wording and this definition has been removed by disguised Luciferians in nearly all âModern Language Biblesâ. Use only the Old King James Bible, or translate from Tx. Receptus (never from Originâs forgeries), if you are seeking the Truth.

    What does it mean âto keep Gods Wordâ? It means to study, know and obey the BIBLE. It means to clean up our life with the Bible. Then teach this to your whole family. Then teach it to everybody you can reach (public: write it on âon your gatesâ)

    âThe hour of temptation shall come upon the entire world, upon allâ is a FUTURE, GLOBAL EVENT. God promises to keep his own out of it. This could not possibly occur if "His Own" had to live right through the apocalypse.

  61. Righteousness by Law versus Righteousness by Faith by Robert Hawes  
    1/04/2017 / Bible Studies
    What does Paul mean in Romans 10 when he speaks of "bringing Christ down from heaven" and "up from the abyss"?

  62. Should You answer a Fool or Not? by Robert Hawes  
    1/04/2017 / Christian Apologetics
    Proverbs 26:4 tells us not to answer a fool, but verse 5 tells us to answer him. Is this a contradiction, or is there a point may be missing?

  63. A Prayer for Israel in Troubled Times by Robert Hawes  
    1/04/2017 / World Affairs
    In the waning hours of presidency, Barack Obama is trying to very hard to divide the land of Israel and impose a two-state solution. I believe it is critical that the people of God publicly condemn and distance ourselves from this action.

  64. The Darkest Hour by Jeanie Hannah  
    1/04/2017 / Poetry
    Trusting in God can pull us out of our deepest, darkest moments of despair. We can have true peace resting in His Love.

  65. The Acrostic by PamFord Davis  
    1/04/2017 / Devotionals
    I need to ask the Lord and I need to be specific.

  66. Paul's Experience with Divine Revelation by Manuel Vargas  
    1/03/2017 / Christian Living
    We are going to learn how Paul experienced his Divine Revelation.

  67. Beware of Slipping Away from Believing in the Authority of the Bible by Max Aplin  
    1/03/2017 / Christian Living
    There are things about Christian fundamentalism that are misguided and unhelpful. Nevertheless, fundamentalists are right to point out that many Christians today are slipping away from believing in the authority of the Bible. Those of us who are not fundamentalists need to be very careful not to do this.

  68. In Solitary by PamFord Davis  
    1/03/2017 / Devotionals
    Neither time nor space confined Christ. He purposely distanced Himself away from His disciples and crowds.

  69. Extraordinary Obedience by Dinora Garza  
    1/02/2017 / Christian Living
    Why we Christians don't see more wonders in our lives? We lack something essential in our relationship with God that Moses and Aaron had. Discover what it is...

  70. testing chrome with apostrophe by fredie auditor  
    1/02/2017 / Entertainment
    test ïNot Under The Lawï ï" What it Means

  71. Weak or Willful Sinners by Ken Barnes  
    1/02/2017 / Christian Living
    In the Book of Jude, we are given instruction on dealing with people who are straying from the truth. We are to show mercy to all, but it appears that with ones departing from the righteousness, there are different methods in responding to them. One size does not seem to fit all.

  72. The fruit that should never have been eaten by Jack Vorster  
    1/01/2017 / Christian Living
    The consequences of the two trees in the middle of the Garden of Eden meant far more than a life and death struggle.

  73. A Knock in the Night by Toni Babcock  
    12/31/2016 / Salvation
    Most of us have experienced an unexpected knock at the door. Perhaps it was an annoying knock, a persistent knock, or an unsettling knock in the night. My guess is it may have been all three for the innkeeper in Bethlehem on the eve of Christ's birth.

  74. Filling the Void by Rev. Brian Mathis  
    12/31/2016 / Devotionals
    The God of creation can fill any void you find in your life

  75. The Beautiful things about You by Sue Darling  
    12/30/2016 / Health
    Some of us don't see the beauty in ourselves like we should, we were all made beautiful.

  76. We are called to Love Everybody by Sue Darling  
    12/30/2016 / Christian Living
    We must be seriously obey God. And love people even the ones we think are not the people we think they should be.

  77. Should I Stay Or Should I Go by Stephen Vattimo  
    12/30/2016 / Christian Living
    When you are a Christian , a place of employment is more then a place to earn you keep, it's a mission field.

  78. Caleb and Joshua by Jerry Ousley  
    12/30/2016 / Christian Living
    Part 1 of a 3 part series about Caleb and Joshua

  79. test apostrophe' by fredie auditor  
    12/29/2016 / Career

  80. God is a Jealous God by Sue Darling  
    12/27/2016 / Christian Living
    Many people are having statures of other religions for decoration in their homes and don't realise they are inviting trouble to themselves by doing this.

  81. Death Has No Dominion Over You by Ngozi Nwoke  
    12/27/2016 / Christian Living
    Are you afraid of death? Many people for fear of death have taken wrong steps and decisions, yet death has no power over a Christian believer, except he or she allows it. God promises to satisfy you with long life (Psalm 91:16) and to fulfill the number of your days (Exodus 23:26). This article seeks to free you from the fear of death and its consequences.

  82. Don't Toy With What Is Happening Now! by Ngozi Nwoke  
    12/27/2016 / Christian Living
    What is your interpretation of the things happening in the world? Your perspective and response to the unfolding events in the world will determine what effect or impact they will have on you now and in the future. This post is a product of insights, reflections and understanding of the message preached by Dr David Oyedepo during the annual gathering of Living Faith Church members worldwide, which was called 'Shiloh 2016', and it admonishes that you prepare for your exemption during this dark season.

  83. The Best Entrance To A New Year by Ngozi Nwoke  
    12/27/2016 / Holidays
    There are many gates to the New Year, which one have you decided to use? People, things and circumstances often determine the decisions or the steps people take in life. However, none of the above can force you to choose their way, you are the one to finally take the decision and implement it. This article tells you the best entrance to the New Year.

  84. There Will Be Levels In Heaven by Ngozi Nwoke  
    12/27/2016 / Christian Living
    How diligent are you serving God? Are you running to receive a crown or are you beating the air (1 Corinthians 9:24-27)? This Christian race is real and there will be prizes. You are the one that determine your prize. This article stresses the need for you prepare for the level you desire.

  85. Different By Design by mark baker  
    12/27/2016 / Marriage
    Knowing and understanding our differences can mean the difference between success and failure.

  86. test fred by fredie auditor  
    12/27/2016 / FaithWriters Advertising

  87. test by fredie auditor  
    12/27/2016 / Christian Apologetics

  88. Rise Up And Make Your Life Count by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    12/27/2016 / Christian Living
    The world has a way of making you feel useless, denying you your worth, underestimating your value, and if you permit it, if you do not assert yourself, you too will end up believing that your life does not matter, and it does not count.

  89. I Can't Wait To Get To Heaven by Greg Robbins  
    12/24/2016 / Bible Studies
    A look at heaven from Jesus' viewpoint.

  90. What's Christmas About Anyway? by Greg Robbins  
    12/24/2016 / Holidays
    A look at the meaning of Christmas.

    12/24/2016 / Politics
    Some say that banks manufacture MONEY out of NOTHING and then lend it out at interest, or simply use that fake money to buy up any national assets they can. What strange surprise is about to happen to your savings soon?

  92. The "Good News" by James Webb  
    12/24/2016 / Devotionals
    What DID the angel really proclaim that night to the shepherds in that field near Bethlehem? Is it really a message for all of us today? What can this message really reveal to us? Let's take a closer look.

  93. Speak From The Heart by Greg Robbins  
    12/23/2016 / Bible Studies
    Learning to speak from the heart and not just the intellect.

  94. The Scripture Cannot Be Broken by Greg Robbins  
    12/23/2016 / Bible Studies
    What Jesus had to say about the Scripture not being broken, and how we are to take it seriously.

  95. Life Changes by Greg Robbins  
    12/23/2016 / Bible Studies
    A look at the different stages of life and how they affect believers.

  96. House of Bread by James Webb  
    12/23/2016 / Devotionals
    Do you know what the word "Bethlehem" means? Its interesting to understand its meaning in relation to who was born there and what his mission to the world would entail. Read a little further to find out more.

  97. God-management by Sonja Mattison  
    12/23/2016 / Christian Living
    As Godâ s human creation, we are composed of a God-gifted mind, which means that since we are related to him, we are capable of achieving a prosperous destined journey by the management of God.

  98. test frede by fredie auditor  
    12/23/2016 / Book Reviews
    test tes t

  99. A Christmas Meditation by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    12/23/2016 / Christian Living
    Lord, I so desperately wish for my life to be one of service, for all my ways to be directed by you, that I would not only be a blessing to my immediate circle, but to whomever my life may touch, and by so doing, convey to them a sense of the ineffable beauty, love, and compassion that is found only in Jesus Christ our saviour.

  100. Acceptance by Sonja Mattison  
    12/22/2016 / Self Help
    God created us to be ourselves ïas is.ï Thus, we should fully accept the beauty of our own creation. We were formed as dynamic beings.

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