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  1. Senior Couple Receives Ministry Assignment from the Lord by Greg Miller  
    1/17/2020 / Relationships
    The Lord gives a ministry assignment to an older Christian married couple!

    1/17/2020 / Devotionals
    The scripture promises that if we willingly and obediently submit to the newness of Gods purposes then we will eat the good of the land " we will prosper!

  3. Seeing was Believing by PamFord Davis  
    1/17/2020 / Devotionals
    The apostles saw Jesus, the Living Word; they confessed Him as Gods Son.

  4. About the King by Taylor  
    1/16/2020 / Christian Living
    Years ago, the LORD gave me these fascinating details about Jesus Christ, the King of kings.

  5. The USA Rises! by Taylor  
    1/16/2020 / Skits and Plays
    This skit/drama was inspired by the LORD to inspire us Americans to celebrate and appreciate our beloved country--the United States of America--and to realize the importance of praying for His help and mercy to restore the USA to what she should be!

  6. Rapture Of The Ready (Part 7) by Phil Jellerson  
    1/16/2020 / Prophecy
    Christians have been dangerously deceived about the rapture. They believe being a Christian assures them the rapture. That is false. The Bible teaches a Rapture Of The Ready. Are you ready? You need to know.

  7. 3 Types of People to Forgive If You Want to Go Far in Life by Tesh Njokanma  
    1/16/2020 / Christian Living
    Forgive to move ahead, forgive to get to where God has prepared for you

  8. Has Anyone Seen My Aplomb? by Taylor  
    1/15/2020 / Poetry
    A humorous look at vanity, copyright 2005.

  9. The Sexes: Equal by God's Design by Mark Nickles  
    1/15/2020 / Education
    Though human beings struggle with the practice of equality, God does not. The best concepts of equality are found in the Bible, springing from the very heart and mind of God.

  10. Don't Wear That! by Taylor  
    1/14/2020 / Womens Interest
    Wrong spirits can be attached to certain items. We need discernment to know when to resist wearing the wrong thing--and especially concerning our children--so that we and our kids will not suffer oppression.

  11. In Your Name by Taylor  
    1/14/2020 / Christian Living
    Here's a true account of the power of a name. If the use of a human name has authority, how much more does the Name of Jesus accomplish great things!

  12. Hangman vs. Build-a-Man by Taylor  
    1/14/2020 / Education
    As Christians, we are to build others up, not tear them down. Here's an insight I received while teaching public school one day.

  13. USA - Our Culture of Violence Toward Women by Sim Lee  
    1/14/2020 / World Affairs
    A look at America's culture of violence toward women, now ranked 10th in the world.

  14. A God Who Does Great Things by Mark Nickles  
    1/14/2020 / Christian Living
    God does great and mighty things through those who are committed to His kingdom and His ways. Yet, while we are all called, not everyone answers with the devotion and passion of the one who truly takes up their cross and follows Christ.

  15. In Yours by Taylor  
    1/13/2020 / Poetry
    I wrote this years ago, reveling in our oneness with Christ!

  16. Why Pain? by Mark Nickles  
    1/13/2020 / Christian Living
    Pain is a part of life. Whether physical pain or emotional pain, we all experience our share. And, while medical science produces more and more so-called solutions to various types of pain, and people grow increasingly desperate to alleviate it, we seem to forget that pain can be necessary, and even beneficial.

  17. Who is The Holy Spirit? by Mark Nickles  
    1/13/2020 / Education
    It is important to understand that the Holy Spirit is not some unknowable force, like that which is portrayed in the Star Wars movies. Thankfully, the Bible tells us much about this particular member of the Trinity.

  18. KNOWING GOD BETTER by Lupie Riley  
    1/13/2020 / Christian Living
    Paul's letter to Peter gives instruction as to how to know God better. It is well for us to heed this advice.

  19. Decisive, He Called for Action by PamFord Davis  
    1/13/2020 / Devotionals
    Simon Peter took a stand.

    An important decision had to be made; decisive, he called for action.

  20. Love Supreme by Taylor  
    1/12/2020 / Poetry
    Eight lines on God's magnificent Love.

  21. How to Have a Mail Ministry by Taylor  
    1/12/2020 / Christian Living
    Some people have a jail ministry; I have a mail ministry. Its easy, so you can do it too!

  22. The Letter by Taylor  
    1/12/2020 / Relationships
    A simple letter--that I didn't want to write--changed a relationship for the better. Words are powerful!

  23. THE SPIRITUAL STATE OF AMERICA...2020 by Lewis E. Thomas  
    1/11/2020 / Poetry

  24. Is Your Life Making a Difference? by Taylor  
    1/11/2020 / Devotionals
    Here are Scriptures and a few quick questions to ask yourself about your walk on earth.

  25. He Could Never Forget You by Taylor  
    1/11/2020 / Devotionals
    Feelings are not faith. Faith works no matter what we feel. So if we feel God is not with us, that is not right, and by faith when we are born again, we know He is with us always--and will never leave nor forsake us!

  26. The Hope Found in Christ by Mark Nickles  
    1/11/2020 / Christian Living
    One of the wonderful truths of a life surrendered to Jesus Christ is the hope which comes with it. This is not hope in the sense that one hopes something good will happen; this is both a calm assurance and a convinced attitude that God is going to work toward our best interests.

  27. Supermarket Shoppers Receive Blessing of the Tomatoes by Greg Miller  
    1/11/2020 / Short Stories
    Tomatoes prove to be a big blessing to supermarket shoppers!

  28. Freedom From the Past by Mark Nickles  
    1/10/2020 / Christian Living
    A new life in Christ is, very literally, a do over. One of the benefits you will often hear associated with surrendering ones life to Jesus Christ is a new life. Several verses address this truth.

  29. A Journey of Choices by Sim Lee  
    1/10/2020 / Poetry
    A brief look at how our choices shape our lives and eternal futures.

    1/10/2020 / Devotionals
    True response to the call of God unto salvation, by his foreknowledge, requires that we make the choice to change out of our attire of sin and dress up in Christs righteousness.

  31. Jonah by Taylor  
    1/09/2020 / Poetry
    Here's a short humorous poem about the predicament of Jonah's disobedience.

  32. In the Prison by Taylor  
    1/09/2020 / Salvation
    I had to get fingerprinted at a prison, to serve as a substitute teacher. While there, I learned more about the privilege of freedom!

  33. About Rest and 9 Ways to Enjoy It by Taylor  
    1/09/2020 / Health
    Here are ways I have found to rest, that can work for you! The LORD tells us to "enter into His rest," which means physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

  34. Choices by Taylor  
    1/09/2020 / Poetry
    Our choices shape our lives and others'!

  35. The Throne by Taylor  
    1/09/2020 / Poetry
    This was inspired in 1999 as I saw a sweet gentleman on his front porch every day, when I returned to my job from lunch.

  36. All Things for Good by Mark Nickles  
    1/09/2020 / Christian Living
    One of the most inspiring and comforting verses in the Bible is Romans 8:28; it reads, And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
    The concept of something bad being used to bring about something good is not an unusual one. But, why is the particular truth of Romans 8:28 such a comfort?

  37. Overcoming High School Hurts by Taylor  
    1/09/2020 / Christian Living
    I was not happy when I received the invitation to my 20-year high school reunion. But the grace of God and my fiance made it turn out all right.

  38. New Apparel for You in This New Season by Taylor  
    1/09/2020 / Christian Living
    In early Janauary 2020, the LORD led me to share some of my favorite clothes, so that others may be blessed--and so He can give me the new apparel He has for me to wear in this glorious new Time. He has the new for you, too!

  39. You Have Purpose In Christ by Mark Nickles  
    1/09/2020 / Christian Living
    The God who created you did so with purpose in mind. Many scriptures speak to the fact that God has a purpose for those who know him through Jesus Christ.

  40. Being Prepared for Warfare by PamFord Davis  
    1/09/2020 / Devotionals
    Let us pray.

    And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen (Matthew 6:13 KJV).

  41. How to Talk to God by Taylor  
    1/08/2020 / Prayers
    Let this simple acronym inspire you to pray better and more to your Heavenly Father, Who is eagerly waiting to talk to you!

  42. Even Hoarders Can Be Free by Taylor  
    1/08/2020 / Skits and Plays
    As I was cleaning my office years ago, this humorous skit rose up and I wrote it down to share one day. This is the day!

  43. 12 Times to Talk to God by Taylor  
    1/08/2020 / Prayers
    Overall, prayer is simply talking respectfully to God. There are various types of prayers, but this article suggests several subjects or times you can recognize as opportunities to pray--and change history!

  44. God Hides in the Details by Taylor  
    1/08/2020 / Humor
    Daddy God is always working every detail of our lives out for our best and His glory. He loves us! This is a humorous true account of how He worked out details to comfort and protect me on a trip.

  45. Obsession by Taylor  
    1/08/2020 / Relationships
    About intimacy with The One Who knows you best.

  46. The Need for Wisdom by Mark Nickles  
    1/08/2020 / Christian Living
    The American Heritage Dictionary defines wisdom as, Understanding of what is true, right or lasting. Common sense; good judgment, something that is very much needed in our time. Thankfully, the Bible contains what is known as wisdom literature, the most familiar being the book of Proverbs.

  47. God's Love and Blessings by Mark Nickles  
    1/08/2020 / Education
    There is much said about Gods unconditional love, as there should be. God loves us, no matter what trouble we are in, how many problems we have (be they self-inflicted or not), and no matter how unlovable we may be.

  48. Godly Sorrow by Ken Barnes  
    1/08/2020 / Christian Living
    These two Bible verses record a tragic statement. God was sad that he had put man on this earth, which broke his heart.

  49. Soldiers of Christ by Tesh Njokanma  
    1/08/2020 / Christian Living
    Its not just enough to wear a soldiers uniform to become a soldier, you must have passed through the rudiments and training, from the simple to the more complex. Its not just enough to dress like a Christian, speak like a Christian, and attend all the Christian gatherings and programs to be a soldier of Christ, you must have endured hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ

  50. Delighting in Exalting El Elyon - Part 2 by Taylor  
    1/07/2020 / Worship
    Here are more than 20 ways you can delight in exalting El Elyon, the Most High God, through praise and worship!

  51. Delighting in Exalting El Elyon - Part 1 by Taylor  
    1/07/2020 / Worship
    One of the names of Jesus Christ, the true God, is "El Elyon," which means "Most High God." When we exalt Him, we can experience Him; He can do miracles!

  52. God Still Speaks by Mark Nickles  
    1/07/2020 / Christian Living
    Several years ago, a former president made reference to what he felt God was saying to him. Immediately, some in the media criticized him for what they considered presumption. In some way, it was considered outrageous that he should make the claim that God actually spoke to him. However, the truth is that God does communicate with individuals today, and, while God rarely speaks audibly, anyone who will pay attention can hear Him.

  53. The State of Evangelism Today by Sim Lee  
    1/07/2020 / Christian Living
    A look at the state of evangelism today.

  54. The Promised Land by PamFord Davis  
    1/07/2020 / Devotionals
    We're never too old to study the Bible. I still have much to learn. Recently, when reading my adult Sunday school lesson; I realized something about Moses.

  55. Rapture Of The Ready (Part 6) by Phil Jellerson  
    1/06/2020 / Prophecy
    Christians have been dangerously deceived about the rapture. They believe being a Christian assures them of the rapture. That is not true. The Bible teaches a Rapture Of The Ready. Are you ready? You need to know!

  56. An Early Thanksgiving by Chiazo Obiudu  
    1/06/2020 / Holidays
    This is a short piece on starting the year right. It encourages us to get the right attitude in making resolutions and setting goals for the new year.

  57. IMMORALITY by ralph jackson  
    1/06/2020 / Christian Living
    Children are very susceptible to what adults tell them. We fill them with lies throughout their childhood, telling them there is a Santa and a Tooth Fairy. Harmless fantasies maybe but children believe in them for much of their young lives. How easy is it to say to a young boy that he can be a girl if he feels like being one and to dress up as one is okay; or visa-versa for a girl.

  58. The Difference by Taylor  
    1/05/2020 / Salvation
    Many things make a difference in our lives, but there is only One Person Who can make a true difference in our identity!

  59. His Eyes by louis gander  
    1/04/2020 / Salvation
    Now at the cross
    was greater loss
    with torture and with pain.
    From crown of thorn
    to nails and scorn,
    would someone please explain?

    Though not His fault,
    they would not halt.
    Was this unstoppable?
    I called His name
    so I could blame
    the one responsible...

  60. Bee 1 & Bee 2 by louis gander  
    1/04/2020 / Relationships
    When a good friend passes away...

  61. You Can Become a Blood Brother With the King -- Today! by Taylor  
    1/04/2020 / Salvation
    There is only one Way to Heaven--through the LORD Jesus Christ, Who is the King of Heaven! He loves all people, and wants to include YOU in His Covenant Family. All you have to do is tell Him you want in!

  62. Wait Upon The Lord by Sim Lee  
    1/04/2020 / Christian Living
    A lesson from the life of King David as to why we should wait upon the Lord.

  63. Out of the Mouths of Babes God Speaks by Taylor  
    1/03/2020 / Family
    Almost 20 years ago, the LORD was answering my request through my little one that day--even though I didn't recognize it at first!

  64. FREEDOM IN CHRIST by linzy bruno  
    1/03/2020 / Christian Apologetics
    "...... I would like to propose a challenge in saying that if the law could save, that would mean God....."

  65. Praise Him by PamFord Davis  
    1/03/2020 / Devotionals
    Will you praise Him?

  66. Forgiven by PamFord Davis  
    1/02/2020 / Devotionals
    Forgiven and freed from condemnation!

  67. 12 Ways You Can Get More Rest by Taylor  
    1/01/2020 / Health
    These 10 ways have worked for me to get more rest--something many of us have been challenged to have--and they can work for you!

  68. A new Year by Stanley Davis  
    1/01/2020 / Church Life
    Today marks the beginning of a new year and also the beginning of the next decade.

  69. Such A Wonderful Place To Be by Sim Lee  
    12/31/2019 / Christian Living
    A longing look at our being hidden in Christ, in God.

  70. Rapture Of The Ready (Part 5) by Phil Jellerson  
    12/31/2019 / Prophecy
    Christians have been dangerously deceived about the rapture. They believe Christianity assures them of the rapture. These articles show that the Bible teaches a Rapture Of The Ready. Are you ready? You need to know!

  71. The Power of Blessing Your Children by Taylor  
    12/31/2019 / Family
    Blessing your children can involve many things--but one of the most powerful ways, according to the Bible, is using your amazingly powerful words to pronounce a blessing upon them. Here are some sample Blessings you can use every day to bless your children and powerfully shape their lives for Christ!

  72. Your Words Create a Legacy for Your Children by Taylor  
    12/31/2019 / Parenting
    Your words shape your children more than you may know--for life, or death. Are you leaving a legacy of death or life for your kids?

  73. When I Go To Grandma and Grandpa's House by Taylor  
    12/31/2019 / Poetry
    Written from the perspective of a pre-teen granddaughter, about the delightful fauna she experiences at her grandparents' house.

  74. What God is Not by Taylor  
    12/31/2019 / Christian Living
    Here are a few things to understand about what God is NOT. But He IS forever faithful and good!

  75. Unlimited Power of Your Words by Taylor  
    12/31/2019 / Christian Living
    Written over 12 years ago, this is still true: We create our worlds with our words!

  76. Top Ten Reasons I Really Despise Flies by Taylor  
    12/31/2019 / Salvation
    About 20 years ago, I wrote this as a catharsis. Then I used the paper to swat these buzzing irritants. Some things never change!

  77. The Wisdom of Tithing by Taylor  
    12/31/2019 / Christian Living
    Tithing won't get you to Heaven; only believing in the shed blood of Christ Jesus will do that. But tithing--which is a command in the Bible--will make your life much better, for so many reasons!

  78. A Very Wise Horse by Taylor  
    12/31/2019 / Family
    The LORD can speak through a donkey, or a "horse," to get His point across. Here's the true account of how He worked through a horse and my 5-year-old daughter to teach me a needed lesson.

  79. Father Time and Mother Time Discuss 2019 and 2020 by Greg Miller  
    12/31/2019 / Holidays
    Father Time and Mother Time Discuss the outgoing year of 2019 and the new year of 2020.

  80. The Simplicity of Christ by Taylor  
    12/31/2019 / Christian Living
    "Life is simple, unless you make it hard," the LORD told me years ago. Here's how you can work with Him to make your life simpler--and accomplish the reason you were put on the planet for such a time as this!

  81. The Power of Saying Thank You by Taylor  
    12/31/2019 / Self Help
    Improve your relationships in business, in your family, and at church by simply expressing your thanks. The power of these two little words is amazing!

  82. Rapture Of The Ready (Part 4) by Phil Jellerson  
    12/31/2019 / Prophecy
    Christians have been dangerously deceived about the rapture. They believe Christianity assures them of the rapture. These articles show that the Bible teaches a Rapture Of The Ready. Are you ready? You need to know!

  83. The First Things First to Be Done For A Glorious Year Ahead by Ngozi Nwoke  
    12/31/2019 / Holidays
    Glory, it's a New Year! What does this New Year have for you? To a great extent, you determine how this year will turn out for you. What you do at the beginning of the year determines what you get at the end of it. This article encourages you to do the first things first to enjoy a glorious New Year.

  84. The Glory of God is All Around You by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Christian Living
    "The Glory of God" means many things. Here are a few insights that will delight you.

  85. Strengthen Your Marriage With These Two Words! by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Marriage
    These two little words can do much to help your marriage be better! It's worked for ours!

  86. See and Be the New You! by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Devotionals
    To move forward to truly new life, you must ask the LORD to help you get rid of past negatives--memories, activities, and often, wrong relationships. It is time for the new you--and your children will most likely follow!

  87. Prepare for Change With Interviews by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Career
    These tips will help keep you better prepared for upcoming career changes.

  88. Vision of Love by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Testimonies
    My vision of being in Heaven and seeing my name cut into the palm of Jesus has helped me more deeply understand Father God's love and devotion for His blood-bought children!

  89. Our Fish Story by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Humor
    We have learned many interesting things with our little Siamese Fighting Fish!

  90. My Day In Court by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Christian Living
    My experience in court with an earthly judge helped me understand more about God, the Judge of all.

  91. Jesus Died Three Times by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Death
    This author believes that Jesus died three times.

  92. Jesus' Christmas Tree by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Poetry
    Jesus died and was resurrected for every person for all humans for all time. God gave me this poem as a reminder to us all that He loves every person on the planet and wants them to be part of His Royal Family forever!

  93. How to Walk in the Will of God by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Family
    This was written for kids and published in 2007 on, but it can apply to "God's kids" of any age.

  94. How to Pray With Power by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Prayers
    Here are tips on how your prayers can get more results.

  95. How to Plant Sonflowers by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Christian Living
    What kind of "sonflowers" are you planting in life?

  96. How to Look Like Jesus by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Christian Living
    God wants us to become like His Son, so the world can experience Christ Jesus. Here are some tips on how to do that.

  97. He Tells Us All Things by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Christian Living
    Jesus is the Answer to all things. Instead of trying to figure things out in our head, we can go to the Word of God, the Bible, and pray, and our loving Father will show us what to do.

  98. Have You Seen the Ghost? by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Salvation
    Some people are fascinated with ghosts. But the only Ghost to be fascinated with is the Ghost Who can take us into Heaven--both for eternity and on earth!

  99. Guard Your Greatest Treasure by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Christian Living
    Our hearts --our spirits, the real us--is our greatest treasure on earth. It is there that we receive and commune with Jesus our Savior and LORD, and it is there that decisions are made that affect our lives and those around us. Above all, we must guard our hearts!

  100. God's Wisdom Will Light Your Path by Taylor  
    12/30/2019 / Christian Living
    The world is crazy, and to not only survive but succeed, we must have the Wisdom of God, which is found in His Holy Word, the Bible!

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