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Recently Added Articles:
  1. HAVE YOU ANY TREASURE IN HEAVEN? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/29/2017 / Poetry

  2. Distant Shores by PamFord Davis  
    5/29/2017 / Holidays
    "How the mighty have fallen in the midst of battle (2 Samuel 1:25a NKJV).ÃâÂ

  3. Unbrooken - Love And Faith by Sim Lee  
    5/28/2017 / Christian Living
    Overview of the love of a wife for an unbelieving famous husband who was saved by Christ.

  4. Unbrooken - Love And Faith by Sim Lee  
    5/28/2017 / Christian Living
    Overview of the love of a wife for an unbelieving famous husband who was saved by Christ.

  5. Ready For heaven by Leonard Granger  
    5/28/2017 / Christian Living
    Are you ready to meet the Lord. ? Have you accpted the Lord as your Savior?

  6. What Is the Christian Faith Really All About? by Max Aplin  
    5/28/2017 / Christian Apologetics
    There are many who think that the Christian faith is basically about treating people well, motivated in part by the fact that Jesus treated people well. Doing good to people is very important, but this is only a small part of what our faith is all about. In reality, the heart of Christianity is about being saved from sin and hell by the cross of Christ.

  7. Getting the Balance between Expecting Too Little and Too Much from Prayer by Max Aplin  
    5/28/2017 / Prayers
    Christians should be going to God often in prayer to boldly claim things in faith. Sadly, there are many who make little effort to do this. We can expect some failures when we attempt to claim things in faith. When Christians have unrealistically high expectations of what is possible, this can lead to great discouragement. We should all try to get a good biblical balance in this area.

  8. Becoming a Christian Is the Ultimate Bargain by Max Aplin  
    5/28/2017 / Christian Living
    The Bible makes it clear that Christians have to suffer, and our experience fits with this. Nevertheless, becoming a Christian is the ultimate bargain. We lose our lives for Jesusâ sake for a few decades, and then we get millions and millions of years of great joy on into infinity. Never was there such a bargain.

  9. Christians Should Expect to Offend People by Max Aplin  
    5/28/2017 / Christian Living
    For the prophets and others in Old Testament times, doing the will of God often meant offending people. Similarly, when Jesus was on earth He frequently caused offence by what He said and did. So too did the early church. Although there are times when we must take care not to offend, as Christians we should expect some of what we do and say to cause offence.

  10. Beware of Taking Genesis 1-3 Too Literally by Max Aplin  
    5/28/2017 / Bible Studies
    It is right for Christians to be distressed by godless theories of how the universe and human beings originated. But it is a mistake to think that one way to oppose these theories is to insist on a fully literal interpretation of Genesis 1-3. A close reading of these chapters demonstrates this. Christians should try to be balanced in their dealings with modern science.

  11. The Blessing Moved On by Stephen Vattimo  
    5/26/2017 / Poetry
    This poem is about how a job is a place to serve God, and when you start feeling that God is moving you on,don't fight His leading and hold onto what familiar,learn to let go and trust that God has a new place for you to serve him at.

  12. I Have No Name, Nor Face by Sim Lee  
    5/26/2017 / Christian Living
    A poem about the sin of gossip and slander.

  13. Professionals, Not Enough Time In The Day by Sim Lee  
    5/26/2017 / Christian Living
    Overview of the stress that is upon professionals who are active in today's Christian Ministries.

  14. God Wants to Use Christians in Miracle Work Today - Part 3, Testimony by Max Aplin  
    5/26/2017 / Miracles
    God is using miracles today to help build His church in number and strength. Christians in all parts of the world should seek to be His instruments in miracle ministry.

  15. God Wants to Use Christians in Miracle Work Today - Part 2, Objections Answered by Max Aplin  
    5/26/2017 / Miracles
    God is using miracles today to help build His church in number and strength. Christians in all parts of the world should seek to be His instruments in miracle ministry.

  16. God Wants to Use Christians in Miracle Work Today - Part 1, The Biblical Data by Max Aplin  
    5/26/2017 / Miracles
    God is using miracles today to help build His church in number and strength. Christians in all parts of the world should seek to be His instruments in miracle ministry.

  17. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit by Jerry Ousley  
    5/26/2017 / Christian Living
    Part 1 of a 2 Part Series entitled "The Holy Spirit."

    5/26/2017 / Devotionals
    "So, if youâre facing a war in your life today; if you find anger rising in your throat like bile every time you see that person who challenges your every move, donât allow your natural man to take the bait."

  19. Lost and Found by PamFord Davis  
    5/26/2017 / Devotionals
    Most know the frustration of losing things.

  20. On My Mind by Steve Countryman  
    5/25/2017 / Christian Living
    Leaning on your own understanding may include thoughts that are not your own!

  21. A Friend in Christ by Susan Ferguson  
    5/25/2017 / Devotionals
    Good people suffer. We don't always know why, but they do. Silence, a hug or a listening ear are oftentimes the best response we can give to our suffering friends.

  22. Hiding Among the Baggage by Ken Barnes  
    5/25/2017 / Christian Living
    Samuel was about to anoint Saul as the King of Israel, yet we find him hiding among the baggage. Why? Was it because he was small in his own eyes?

  23. Early Bird by PamFord Davis  
    5/25/2017 / Devotionals
    Absalom was early to rise and cunning. He swayed the hearts of GodÃââs people.

  24. Time Is Running Out by Jacky Julyan  
    5/24/2017 / Prophecy
    The DAY of the LORD is one of sorrow, even now I am lamenting those who will lose their eternal reward I had planned for them. The DAYS are drawing in, darkness is descending.

    Deception, O such deception, Flee from the coming wrath ââ.

  25. Your Talents Are Needed More Than Ever by Sim Lee  
    5/24/2017 / Christian Living
    Overview of the shift to the East for 80% of the world's Christian population and the need to evangelize 2 billion people.

  26. A VERY SERIOUS CRIME by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/24/2017 / Poetry

  27. Donna Walked by PamFord Davis  
    5/24/2017 / Devotionals
    Walking is a common theme in the Bible.

  28. The Bible and Homosexuality - Why Christians cannot condone Same-sex Unions by Robert Hawes  
    5/23/2017 / Politics
    In this article, I will lay out a case for why the issue of sexuality goes far beyond a question of mere preferences, of likes and dislikes, and why those who lay claim to the name of Christ must affirm the traditional institution of marriage. (warning: some anatomical references)

  29. WRITING FOR GOD by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/23/2017 / Poetry

  30. Why Do We Get Angry at God? by Dinora Garza  
    5/23/2017 / Christian Apologetics
    Did you know that the hearts of believers and unbelievers shout to the world every day the truth of the Gospel?

  31. Pastor and Wife Evangelize the World by Greg Miller  
    5/23/2017 / Humor
    A pastor and his wife evangelize the world.

  32. When is the church not "The Church"? by Alan Allegra  
    5/23/2017 / Church Life
    Letâs focus on a word that is foundational to Christianity: the word, âchurch.â Interestingly, it was not a âreligiousâ word for thousands of years. It comes from a word that simply means, âassembly.â It has taken on a Christian connotation that is generally misused.

  33. Fear of the LORD by Jacky Julyan  
    5/23/2017 / Prophecy
    Do not follow the ways of the âchurchâ, man-made âChristianityâ for they speak as though they are of the world, they have muddied My Gospel. They are labouring without fruit and they go into areas I have not commanded them to go.

  34. Say Ah by PamFord Davis  
    5/23/2017 / Devotionals
    I saw the large wooden tongue depressor coming my way.

  35. Only You by Steve Countryman  
    5/22/2017 / Christian Living

  36. Show Me The Impossible by Steve Countryman  
    5/22/2017 / Christian Living
    Not only is He the God of the impossible but He is found in the word impossible... I'M-POSSIBLE!

  37. Speaking In Tongues â" General Comments by Mick Alexander  
    5/22/2017 / Church Life
    Comments on various points about speaking in tongues.

  38. Triple C by PamFord Davis  
    5/22/2017 / Devotionals
    Before being confronted, David bore the weight of his sin. (Psalm 51)

  39. I AM GOD by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/21/2017 / Poetry

  40. Good and Bad by Sonja Mattison  
    5/21/2017 / Self Help
    Good and bad are essential in life.

  41. Rainbow Colored Dreams by louis gander  
    5/21/2017 / Career
    When I was younger I was told
    that I'd be better off when old -
    if I would always persevere -
    not give up and never fear.

  42. Ten Consequences Of Ungodly Riches by Ngozi Nwoke  
    5/21/2017 / Christian Living
    Are you envious of the wealth of the wicked? Do you consider obedience to God to be in vain when you see the ungodly prospering? Many believing Christians find themselves querying the justness of God when they compare the results of their work with God with the riches of the ungodly. This is not right before God, for it shows lack of knowledge of God and trust in God. This article gives the consequences of ungodly riches which no child of God will desire.

  43. Why Unbelievers And Non-Tithers Prosper by Ngozi Nwoke  
    5/21/2017 / Christian Living
    "Why is it that some people don't even tithe nor believe in God, yet they're blessed financially i.e., they have high paychecks?" somebody asked me recently. I believe many people ask this same question, especially Christians. This article aims at answering this question by explaining that the law of giving and receiving is a spiritual law.

    5/21/2017 / Bible Studies
    âThou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or ANY LIKENESS of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous Godââ Exod.20:4-5

  45. Why Does the New Testament Never Condemn Slavery? by Max Aplin  
    5/21/2017 / Christian Apologetics
    Some non-Christians are put off the Christian faith by what they see as immoral attitudes in the early church towards slavery. Many Christians are also troubled by this issue. However, the persecution that the early Christians experienced made it unrealistic for them to speak out publicly against slavery or to try to reform society in this area. There is one sense in which being a slave is a positive thing: Christians are slaves of God and of Christ.

  46. Enemies Can Become Friends: President Trump Needs To Show Who Is The Boss by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    5/21/2017 / Politics
    President Obama did it his way, now it is time for President Trump to follow his heart. This is President Trumpâs time to impact history, and the world is looking on to see if the pendulum, that has swung viciously to the left, can be righted

  47. Every Christian Should Desire the Gift of Prophecy - Part 3, Some Personal Testimony by Max Aplin  
    5/21/2017 / Prophecy
    Some Christians claim that God no longer gives His children the gift of prophecy. They say that all those who claim to be prophets in our day are mistaken or even conscious deceivers. However, there are many Christians alive today whose faith has grown through the use of this gift. In this part of the article I give some of my own experiences of prophecy.

  48. Every Christian Should Desire the Gift of Prophecy - Part 2, Objections Answered by Max Aplin  
    5/21/2017 / Prophecy
    Some Christians claim that God no longer gives His children the gift of prophecy. They say that all those who claim to be prophets today are mistaken or even conscious deceivers. However, the arguments used to support this view are unconvincing.

  49. Every Christian Should Desire the Gift of Prophecy - Part 1, The Biblical Data by Max Aplin  
    5/21/2017 / Prophecy
    Some Christians claim that God no longer gives His children the gift of prophecy. They say that all those who claim to be prophets today are mistaken or even conscious deceivers. However, the Bible most naturally suggests that this gift is one that God will give until Jesus returns.

  50. SHADOWS IN THE HEART by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/19/2017 / Poetry

  51. MAYBE ONE DAY! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/19/2017 / Poetry

  52. Word of Encouragement: Counselorâs Corner: 12 Keys to a Healthy, Godly Marriage by stephanie reck  
    5/19/2017 / Marriage
    Many of you may be like me, and did not have proper role models growing up for marriage. When I got married, I brought a lot of âbaggageâ into the relationship. I had absolutely no idea how to have a healthy, Godly marriage, but it is amazing how the Lord has instructed me. No matter what your relationship has gone through, there is hope. That hope only comes through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

  53. Uncovering Our Hearts by Dinora Garza  
    5/19/2017 / Christian Living
    If you think it is okay to conceal our hatred behind a friendly demeanor because we are Christians, you need to take a look at this...

  54. My Life In Christ by lareina morgan  
    5/19/2017 / Salvation
    what does it mean to be a christian, how does one gain a God conscious?

    5/19/2017 / Devotionals
    "Godâs plan is not a destination, itâs a journey. On this journey, as you seek God, you will grow in faith and patience."

  56. Fruit of the Vine by Jerry Ousley  
    5/19/2017 / Christian Living
    Part 2 of the 2 part series "The Grapevine"

  57. Not a Pest by PamFord Davis  
    5/19/2017 / Devotionals
    He wants us to pray; be persistent.

  58. Wedding Anniversary by PamFord Davis  
    5/18/2017 / Marriage
    Adam & Eve were together for a long, long time.

  59. LORD, WHY DO YOU BOTHER? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/17/2017 / Poetry

  60. If Only by PamFord Davis  
    5/17/2017 / Devotionals
    Two little words pack a powerful punch, 'if only.â

  61. Dealing With Hurt by a Church Leader by Vanessa Grossett  
    5/16/2017 / Self Help
    Getting over hurt, by a spiritual leader!

  62. AS LIFE PASSES ON AGAIN by Dwayne Collins  
    5/16/2017 / Writing
    As children are born, life passes on. WE are supposed to fill them up with the things that will allow them to life a respected life but WE only give them what is needed to survive the same tragedies that WE ourselves are living. But life passes on again and again WE let life pass on.

  63. AS LIFE PASSES ON by Dwayne Collins  
    5/16/2017 / Writing
    No matter what WE do in life, it continues on with or without us. The problems WE have as mankind should have stopped but because WE look to see others solving our problems, they continue. As life passes on.

  64. How To Be God Conscious by lareina morgan  
    5/16/2017 / Devotionals
    Seek Him with all of your heart, leave pride and prejudice behind, be humble and willing to learn from the Holy Spirit, and you will discover what it means to be God conscious!

  65. Spiritual Gifts And The Anointing by lareina morgan  
    5/16/2017 / Christian Living
    Do you know what spiritual gift you were given by God? Do you know what it means to have the anointing of God, and who may have it, and what is the difference between to the two? Can You have both?

  66. Abide In The Shadow Of The Almighty by lareina morgan  
    5/16/2017 / Devotionals
    Learn to abide in the shadow of the almighty, rest in His ability to protect, love, and guide you; open your heart to new horizons of faith, love, and charity.

  67. Great Attainable Favor! by lareina morgan  
    5/16/2017 / Christian Living
    We need God' s favor to live in this world, which gives authority to fight against the devil and his demons, and to deal with the everyday issues of life. It is His Great Attainable Favor that brings the victory in your life!

  68. What Can I Do? by Steve Countryman  
    5/16/2017 / Christian Living
    "What can I do?" Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Now kick it up a notch... I WILL do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Don't stop now... I DO all things through Christ who strengthens me! Having the God of the I'MPOSSIBLE in you what CAN'T you do?

  69. Dad and Daughter Enjoy Special Father's Day by Greg Miller  
    5/16/2017 / Holidays
    A dad and his daughter enjoy a special Father's Day together.

  70. Our Children Are Being Forced To Grow Up Too Soon by Sim Lee  
    5/16/2017 / Christian Living
    Overview of our children having to grow up too soon.

  71. Knowing the Knowable by Ken Barnes  
    5/16/2017 / Christian Living
    In Godâs infinite wisdom he has information known only to him. The Lord loves for us to use our intellect to seek out wisdom from him, but if the pursuit becomes to obtain knowledge just for the sake of knowing, it becomes meaningless.

  72. Graced by PamFord Davis  
    5/16/2017 / Devotionals
    His saving work comes by grace. He has graced me.

  73. Social Media Is Taking Its Toll On The Moral Fiber Of Our Country's Office Workers by Sim Lee  
    5/15/2017 / Christian Living
    Overview of time theft by office workers.

  74. The Five Christian Steps Of Saying "I'm Sorry" by Sim Lee  
    5/15/2017 / Christian Living
    Overview of five most popular "I'm sorry" responses by Christians.

  75. Learning to Discern the Attacks of Evil Spirits by Max Aplin  
    5/15/2017 / Christian Living
    According to the Bible, the normal Christian life involves being attacked by evil spirits, discerning those attacks and fighting them off. All too often, Christians misdiagnose demonic attacks as purely psychological experiences. Spiritual warfare should be taught as a basic part of what it means to follow Jesus. In this article I look at some of the biblical data on combating evil spirits and give some of my own experiences.

  76. Brute Insatiable Cravings by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    5/15/2017 / Poetry
    This poem focuses on relationships. Greed and selfishness as they relate to relationships are domonstrated.

  77. What Tenacity Will Do For You by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    5/15/2017 / Self Help
    Greatness is not attained on a silver platter. Beneath that global brand and that remarkable feat are men and women who put their minds to work and put their shoulders to the wheel amidst significant odds. The tenacity of these persons yields these enviable dividends.

  78. The Place Of Preparation In The Pursuit Of Your Dream Job by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    5/15/2017 / Career
    Preparation is critical for success in virtually every field of human endeavor. This article demonstrates the need for continual preparation while job hunting.

  79. Five Things Positive Thinking Will Do For You by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    5/15/2017 / Self Help
    This inspiring write-up takes a look at the value of positive thinking. Five benefits are enumerated and discussed.

  80. Mum`s Unparalleled Influence On My Faith Work by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    5/15/2017 / Parenting
    My mum is very dear to my heart for many reason, one of which has been her influence on my spiritual life. This write-up is my reflection on my mum`s immense role in my spiritual development right from infancy.

  81. My Protector by PamFord Davis  
    5/15/2017 / Devotionals
    He is my protector along the pathway.

  82. You've got to accentuate the positive. by Sim Lee  
    5/14/2017 / Christian Living
    A look at the great need for light out there on social media to offset the negativity.

  83. Christians Are Slaves of God and Christ by Max Aplin  
    5/14/2017 / Christian Living
    Time and time again the Bible refers to Christians as slaves of God and of Jesus. But sadly most English translations mistranslate the relevant passages. This theme helps to make clear what a radical thing being a follower of Jesus is all about.

  84. Most People in Western Countries Completely Misunderstand What Human Beings Are by Max Aplin  
    5/14/2017 / Christian Apologetics
    God has supreme authority over us all. However, mainstream Western culture completely misunderstands the place of human beings in the world. This misunderstanding can be seen in attitudes to so-called âhuman rightsâ.

  85. Stepping Into Danger by Steve Countryman  
    5/13/2017 / Christian Living
    People so distracted they didn't know they were stepping into danger.

  86. Want vs. Need by Steve Countryman  
    5/13/2017 / Christian Living
    Want is deeper and beyond need.

  87. HALF A WORLD AWAY by Sim Lee  
    5/13/2017 / Christian Living
    Overview of how we treat our international neighbors in this country under work visa.

  88. Vision - Daniel - Judgment by Jacky Julyan  
    5/13/2017 / Testimonies
    I had this vision on 9th January 2017, I came across it again this morning and felt to post it. Although some of it pertains to my testimony of healing and also includes a dream I had of evil to come, together with a final message from Jesus of repentance for we are truly in the LAST HOURS before Jesus' Second coming

  89. WHAT DO YOU DO FOR GOD? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/13/2017 / Poetry

  90. LORD GIVE ME THE WORDS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/13/2017 / Poetry

  91. Really, Who Are You? by Sim Lee  
    5/12/2017 / Christian Living
    overview of our "other Self" - social media

  92. A Word Of Encouragement! by Dinora Garza  
    5/12/2017 / Christian Apologetics
    Do you know the Bible is true because someone told you so, or have you proven it yourself? There is a world of difference between the two!

  93. I Heard it Through the Grapevine by Jerry Ousley  
    5/12/2017 / Christian Living
    Part 1 of a 2 part series entitled "The Grapevine"

    5/12/2017 / Devotionals
    "Today I encourage us to interact, impact and influence our friends, our family and our colleagues to be true followers of Jesus Christ."

  95. WHEN I NEVER GAVE YOU A THOUGHT by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/12/2017 / Poetry

  96. Our Family Tree by PamFord Davis  
    5/12/2017 / Devotionals
    I wonder if Zacchaeus climbed up and down our family treeÃâÂ

  97. Problems? No Problem by Sonja Mattison  
    5/11/2017 / Self Help
    Problems are only imaginary.

    5/11/2017 / Bible Studies
    Nothing will take you away quicker from Christ Jesus than self-esteem. It got Satan out of heaven; it got Adam and Eve out of paradise. From it proceed most of the problems at work, most big wars, most marital arguments, most of kidsâ brutality to kids. Self-Esteem is the source and the cause âbullyingâ the weaker. Unlike sex, pride is insatiable, utterly selfish and increasingly arrogant. We all become victims of somebodyâs self-esteem. We need love.

  99. Heap of Love by PamFord Davis  
    5/11/2017 / Holidays
    How do I measure the love Mom gave to each of her children?

  100. A Heavenly Vision by Ken Barnes  
    5/10/2017 / Christian Living
    The Lord took Moses to the peak of Mount Nebo to die. He looked down at all the land of Canaan where will not be permitted to enter. With death on his doorstep, at some point, he must have stopped looking down and peered upward to his heavenly Canaan that would be far more glorious than any earthly inheritance.

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