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Recently Added Articles:
  1. The Effects on Adult Children of Divorce by stephanie reck  
    3/03/2015 / Family
    The divorce of one's parent's is generally one of the most painful events in life. The adult child can reasonably expect to go through a grieving process, even if they are aware of a history of marital discord. Research indicates that divorce is life's second highest stressor, second only to death of a loved one. Healing and recovery for adult children of divorce (ACOD) does not happen overnight, it can take years; and their recovery process has been compared to that of a recovering alcoholic.

  2. Wilderness Flowers by Kathy Ledbetter  
    3/03/2015 / Devotionals
    Have you ever felt the heat in the desert days of wandering? Ever wondered if you would bloom again midst the pain, sorrow and fear? God desires obedience and will walk with us as we find our way through the parched desert. We will bloom again.

  3. The Power Of Forgiveness - Our Insurance Policy Of Salvation by French Miller  
    3/03/2015 / Christian Living
    "And when you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses. But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your trespasses." -Mark 11:25,26

  4. Rescue Mission by Pam Ford Davis  
    3/03/2015 / Devotionals
    'Jesus lived his life on mission for his heavenly Father.'

    3/02/2015 / Christian Living
    I believe the more obedient we become to God the more freedom we will receive and the more favours we will receive.

  6. Past, Present and Future by Steve Countryman  
    3/02/2015 / Christian Living
    Your future is based on your present that will soon be your past! Your past is good for referencing and is a good learning tool. Your past shows where you have been. Your victories and your defeats, how far you have come is seen in your present. How much farther you must go is found in your future. If you allow your past to trap you then your present will be dictated by your past and will rob you of your future.

  7. How to deal with Satanic Humanism! by Fergus Davar  
    3/02/2015 / Christian Living
    Life is pretty complex by itself and though Godliness may seem really tough, in truth Christ (Lev 16:10) has made that easy for us (Mat 11:28-30) because blindness is security for only stubborn self-righteous fools (2Cor 4:3-4).

  8. IT WILL TURN OUT FOR GOOD by Reginald Omage  
    3/02/2015 / Christian Living
    We all go through the ups and downs of life but irrespective of what we face, God has a way of orchestrating them to our advantage.

  9. IT WILL TURN OUT FOR GOOD by Reginald Omage  
    3/02/2015 / Christian Living
    We all go through the ups and downs of life but irrespective of what we face, God has a way of orchestrating them to our advantage.

  10. A SWEET SMELLING FRAGRANCE by Tesh Njokanma  
    3/02/2015 / Prayers
    Has your prayer altar been broken down? Has it been damaged? Does it give out a stench or is the fragrance of Christ all over it?

  11. Wrongdoing by Pam Ford Davis  
    3/02/2015 / Devotionals
    Who takes the blame?

  12. Godly Contentment by James Webb  
    3/01/2015 / Devotionals
    Though our bodies may get older, though our minds may fade to a certain degree, God promises to strengthen our hearts, and to be all that we will ever need - come what may in our lives as we grow older.

  13. Are You Stiff-necked? by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    3/01/2015 / Christian Living
    The Holy Spirit does a great job in looking out for our welfare, but believers that are stiff-necked can scupper His efforts. So are you stiff-necked or just strong willed?

  14. The Berean Effect by Gregory John Monroe  
    3/01/2015 / Education
    A false prophet meets a Berean.

  15. The Impossible Wall by Toni Babcock  
    2/28/2015 / Salvation
    Why attempt to climb, or beat against an impossible wall that God has taken away in order to get into heaven? It doesn't make sense does it?

  16. The Mormon Manuscripts by Ed Decker  
    2/28/2015 / Christian Apologetics
    5-chapter study of the Mormon Church from its inception to the present day. It offers a very concise picture at the group and gives a solid understanding of its heretical doctrines and rituals. It gives you a sound look at Mormonism.

  17. HIS PROMISE TO OUR CHILDREN by linzy bruno  
    2/28/2015 / Devotionals
    "At my parent's home, my mother, my sister and I had a discussion about my unborn son's well-being, while my father wrestled my husband on the front lawn...."

  18. WHEN ILLNESS KILLS by linzy bruno  
    2/28/2015 / Devotionals
    "all believers have a place already in heaven and eternal life is much better than life on earth...."

  19. The Singing Warrior by KC Lemmer  
    2/28/2015 / Devotionals
    God is a father who forgives, who does not condemn us but instead forgives us.

  20. Dust Paths by KC Lemmer  
    2/28/2015 / Devotionals
    Confused, lonely, needing direction? Ask God for guidance and widsom, He will give it to you.

  21. Freedom From Sin Part 5 by Mick Alexander  
    2/27/2015 / Salvation
    Repentance, justification and sanctification

  22. Freedom From Sin Part 4 by Mick Alexander  
    2/27/2015 / Salvation
    Our security in Christ.

  23. Freedom From Sin Part 3 by Mick Alexander  
    2/27/2015 / Salvation
    Living according the Spirit.

  24. Freedom From Sin Part 2 by Mick Alexander  
    2/27/2015 / Salvation
    How do we die and become free from sin?

  25. Freedom From Sin Part 1 by Mick Alexander  
    2/27/2015 / Salvation
    Jesus came to free us from sin through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  26. Wish the Fish (chores) by louis gander  
    2/27/2015 / Parenting
    One day mom said, "Now do your chores.
    I've done all mine. Now you do yours.
    Go make your bed, then get your broom
    and sweep the seashells from your room."

  27. Wish the Fish (mom's advice) by louis gander  
    2/27/2015 / Parenting
    ONCE upon a splashing time
    a little fish wished he could rhyme.
    But 'Wish the Fish' lived in the sea
    and seemed to bring calamity.

  28. Hebrews Chapters 8-10: "We Have Been Sanctified" Through the Better Sacrifice, Part 10 by Karl Kemp  
    2/27/2015 / Bible Studies
    We discuss Hebrews 10:24-39 here in Part 10. The writer powerfully called his Christian readers in these verses with the need to repent where repentance was required. He warned of getting to the place where "there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins" (Heb. 10:26). There is widespread agreement that the writer was concerned with apostasy that would include "trampling under foot the Son of God" and regarding "as unclean the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified, and has insulted the Spirit of grace" (Heb. 10:29).

  29. The Lord of Glory by Jerry Ousley  
    2/27/2015 / Christian Living
    To be a successful Christian we must be willing to confess that He is the Lord of Glory

    2/27/2015 / Devotionals
    "Ultimately, the Lord does have your life's track clearly laid down before you, but until you trace every step by faith, you will not discover the beauty of the image of the masterpiece called you."

  31. Every Christian Must Fight Hard against Simply Believing What They Want to Believe by Max Aplin  
    2/27/2015 / Christian Living
    Christians are all called to follow the unselfish example of Christ. At times, we will be tempted to simply believe what we want to believe about various things, and we must fight hard against this form of selfishness.

  32. Bare Necessities by Pam Ford Davis  
    2/27/2015 / Devotionals
    God is sufficient.

    2/26/2015 / Christian Living
    Once we become a child of God does He ever abandon us? Can we do something bad enough for God to disown us?

    2/26/2015 / Christian Living
    Does God every take away our status as His child? If so, for what reason?

    2/26/2015 / Christian Living
    When one becomes a child of God can that ever be undone? Once we are saved does God ever take that salvation away?

  36. WHAT ABOUT THE DEATH PENALTY? by Jeffrey Hagan  
    2/26/2015 / Christian Living
    Should New Testament believers uphold the death penalty? The Old Testament seems clear about the issue, but what about the New Testament?

  37. Matthew Magdalene by Olawale Ogunsola  
    2/26/2015 / Christian Living
    The Lord has overlooked past misdeeds of His saints. Then, should a saint of Christ move about with seven evil spirits? God forbids.

  38. A Reason To Understand What You Say. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    2/26/2015 / Christian Living
    Do you understand what you say well? A Christian must not only understand what he says but act his words.

  39. A Change You Must Make. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    2/26/2015 / Christian Living
    Change is a permanent thing in life. What needs is changed will determine the required result. It is sad that people change wrong things.

  40. Do You Eat An Immature Fruit? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    2/26/2015 / Marriage
    How often do you love to eat an immature fruit? Do you enjoy eating a fruit that is not ripe?

  41. A Rousing Cheer by Pam Ford Davis  
    2/26/2015 / Short Stories
    Jaundice, of the jealousy variety...

  42. Fake Flakes by Pam Ford Davis  
    2/26/2015 / Devotionals
    'Artificial as adjective is preferable to fake.'

  43. shining your light by julie clark  
    2/25/2015 / Poetry
    Shining your light
    Throughout all the ages
    We can stand tall
    Against the dark

  44. Kingdom reign by julie clark  
    2/25/2015 / Poetry
    Kingdom reign, kingdom reign
    Jesus is reigning from His kingdom above
    Don't look to the world to bring his reign in
    King Jesus will come and take us home

  45. my child you are forgiven by julie clark  
    2/25/2015 / Poetry
    My child you are forgiven
    Your life has been set free
    I sealed it with my precious blood
    That fell at Calvary

  46. Do you not know by julie clark  
    2/25/2015 / Poetry
    Do you not know
    You are loved by the king of all Kings
    Do you not know
    That I died in your place

  47. Barriers by Steve Countryman  
    2/25/2015 / Christian Living
    Isaiah 59:2-3"2But your iniquities have separated you from your God, (barriers); your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear.

  48. Who Prayed For Paul? by Abby Kelly  
    2/25/2015 / World Affairs

    Might God dramatically change the trajectory of history if Christians today pray for the persecutors?

  49. Standing on the Edge of a Cliff by Jennifer Mobbs  
    2/25/2015 / Testimonies
    Standing on the edge of a cliff looking down, the ground loose beneath my feet, the air heavy, what should I do, what will I do.

  50. test by Michael Edwards  
    2/25/2015 / Christian Apologetics

  51. How to Hear God by Mark Nickles  
    2/25/2015 / Christian Living
    Every Christian I know at least claims to desire to hear God. Undoubtedly, there is a need for us to hear from Him on a daily basis, perhaps more than ever before. Well, if you truly desire to hear God, take heart! According to the Bible, it's not the lucky, or particularly blessed who hear Him, it's anyone who takes a few specific steps.

  52. It Is Foolishness To Compare Yourself With Others by Ngozi Nwoke  
    2/25/2015 / Christian Living
    How far have you gone with your purpose in life? You are special and unique before God and so is your purpose. But comparing yourself with others will distract you and hinder you from fulfilling it. The people you compare yourself with are not better positioned than you are before God, what you have and where you are, are enough for you to deliver. This article gives you reasons why it is foolishness to compare yourself with others.

  53. sisterhood is a beautiful thing by Shemariah Yeung  
    2/25/2015 / Christian Living
    Sisterhood -
    share life, share hard time together
    Sisterhood -
    uphold you in good and bad times with prayers and encouragement
    Sisterhood -
    every one of us is precious in God's eyes, we are equal in Him
    Sisterhood -
    love from the Lord Jesus
    Sisterhood -
    No need to be blood-related, it is Christ-related indeed

  54. A Power Nap by Pam Ford Davis  
    2/25/2015 / Devotionals
    I am fatigued when I miss my naps.

  55. Surrendering All To God by Henry Miranda  
    2/24/2015 / Salvation
    Surrendering all requires us to give up anything that would hinder us from doing the will of Jesus. This does not mean that if we want something, it is necessarily wrong. It means we must take our wants and desires down from the throne and place Jesus and His will on the throne, as the ruling power in our lives

  56. Paying it Backwards? by Toni Babcock  
    2/24/2015 / Salvation
    Imagine a wife insisting her husband write her out a check for every household responsibility she completed in a day.

  57. From Athens to America, A War of Attrition by Deborah Rampona Oliver  
    2/24/2015 / Devotionals
    Paul pointed out the altar 'to the unknown God' and proclaimed Christ to Athens. By contrast, America is tearing down monuments to God and building altars to other gods.

  58. Break forth your praises by Shemariah Yeung  
    2/24/2015 / Worship
    He is always for you
    He is always here with you
    Look not unto your sins
    It has nothing to do with you
    It has something to do with HIM indeed
    Let out of your burdens
    Cast them all unto the Lord

  59. Casting Stones - The Unfaithful Woman by French Miller  
    2/24/2015 / Christian Living
    A woman brought before Jesus was guilty of her sin, she was caught in the very act of adultery, but yet Jesus did not condemn her. As christian we are to be like Jesus and treat others in a way that He would treat them. We all have a past, we all have sins.

  60. Cleaning Out The Garage - Making Room For Jesus by French Miller  
    2/24/2015 / Christian Living
    Our lives at times are so full of clutter from things we read and watch that we have no room for God. The thing to remember is that were your thoughts are your heart is and your action will follow.

  61. Church In Crisis by Tolulope Adewole  
    2/24/2015 / Christian Living
    What does God expect from this young Christian lady who is forced to attend a church with notoriously less than perfect individuals?

  62. In Any Language by Pam Ford Davis  
    2/24/2015 / Devotionals

  63. Open Hands by Steve Countryman  
    2/23/2015 / Christian Living
    An open hand shows honesty of nothing hidden. No hidden weapons, no hidden agendas, no surprises just an open honest relationship. An open hand acknowledges a need and makes a request for help.

  64. Imperfection Made Pure by David Rester  
    2/23/2015 / Poetry
    One day while reading my Bible and preparing a Bible study to teach at church, I was setting at my table, pausing a moment to look out the window at the dreary day. At that moment the sun broke through the clouds, for a brief few minutes and I thanked God and praised His glory. These words came to mind immediately afterwards.

  65. This Body Of Flesh by David Rester  
    2/23/2015 / Poetry
    Being saved by the divine love, forgveness, mercy, and grace of God; through the blood of His Son: Jesus; in heart-felt repentance of our sin, leading to salvation; we are filled with His Spirit. We still being in the flesh, a spiritual battle continues on until sanctification takes place. This poem is about that battle, and the hope that is in those that are His.

  66. In The Hands Of The Potter by David Rester  
    2/23/2015 / Poetry
    These words came to me after reading in the Book of Jeremiah, specifically (Jeremiah 18:1-10).

  67. Think, Prove, Practice and Abstain by Kathy Ledbetter  
    2/23/2015 / Devotionals
    Just as traditions are passed down from one generation to another, there are important things to hold close from our spiritual ancestry.

  68. A Light In The Darkness by David Rester  
    2/23/2015 / Poetry
    Being an underground coal mine electrician, God taught me spiritual lessons even before I was saved, I just didn't realize it at that time of lostness. One lesson was how little light it took to see in the absolute darkness.

  69. God's Sparrow by louis gander  
    2/23/2015 / Family
    Then, when it had finished, it flew out of sight -
    and it left a message, quite brutal, but right -
    when I heard, "You're fake - a great imitator,
    forgiven by God, your Maker, Creator."

  70. God's Twenty One Martyrs by Lewis E. Thomas  
    2/23/2015 / Poetry

  71. How Christians Can Overcome Shame by stephanie reck  
    2/23/2015 / Christian Living defines shame as a painful emotion caused by a consciousness of guilt or shortcoming. Far too many Christians feel unworthy, dirty or not good enough. Shame can have roots all the way to someone's childhood, especially if there were any forms of abuse, rejection, or abandonment. Some people carry shame all of their lives and do not even know it.

  72. Walk by Pam Ford Davis  
    2/23/2015 / Devotionals
    The Father guides our steps.

  73. RESURRECTION ~ God Is Raising the Dead by Steven Ray Bragg  
    2/22/2015 / Salvation
    Those who believe in the Lord will do the works that Jesus did. But for me, the more exceptional promise is we will do greater works than what Jesus did.

  74. What God Sounds Like by Abby Kelly  
    2/22/2015 / Christian Living
    God wants you to know Him, His heart, His will. He even clothed His personhood in human flesh, just like ours, so that man could touch and see Him.

  75. Mystery of the Lost Watch by Ethel Ashe-Frear  
    2/22/2015 / Travel
    Traveling from Maryland to Pennsylvania I lost my watch while running at my parents house. Years later it mysteriously appeared on a synagogue floor.

  76. Miracle at the Mall by Ethel Ashe-Frear  
    2/22/2015 / Miracles
    Went to get coffee with a friend, next thing I know its burning my leg. Then the miracle happened.

    2/22/2015 / Bible Studies
    The main purpose of these series of Bible study will be to make an exegetical survey of the sacrificial Lamb of God in the Old Testament passages mainly in the Sanctuary and its typological significance to the propitiatory and expiatory atonement work of the Lord Jesus Christ in the New as reflected in John 1:29, "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world."

  78. Take Up Your Cross by Gregory John Monroe  
    2/22/2015 / Education
    The cross Christians are to daily take up is for the highest of purposes; that being for the sake of the gospel.

  79. Where Is God When I Need Him? by Henry Miranda  
    2/21/2015 / Christian Living
    Do you ever feel like God is nowhere to be found? Have you ever poured your heart and soul out to Him, only to be left with nothing but silence?

  80. What Does Our Faith Cost Us? by Mark Nickles  
    2/21/2015 / Christian Living
    We Christians in the U.S. live comfortably with a faith which we have tailored to fit right in with the world. We make sure we don't say the "wrong" things, that we don't make waves, and that we don't give anyone a reason to dislike us, due to our Christianity. We've done so for decades, now. And, while doing so, we have not only robbed those around us of the effects of the salt and light of the Kingdom of God, but we have actually made it easier for groups like ISIS to compete for the hearts and minds of those looking for meaning.

  81. New Beginnings-Change is on the Horizon by stephanie reck  
    2/20/2015 / Prophecy
    For many, you are sensing a change coming, but not sure exactly what that change is. Some things in your life that has not produced fruit and life are being cut away now. This can be a bit scary, removing the comforts in your life, but it is only to make room for what lies ahead. Some things in your life no longer serve a purpose like they once did. Be obedient to what God is showing you to let go

  82. 4 Ways to Serve Your Church by Patricia Coldiron  
    2/20/2015 / Church Life
    Serving your church involves much more than just listening to the sermon. There are many ways you can serve your church, and not only serve others, but enhance your own spiritual growth.

  83. The Spirit Of Fear by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    2/20/2015 / Christian Living
    The spirit of fear is alien to Christians, yet so many believers are consumed with fear, and easily intimidated. So how are we to banish our fears. Let's take a look.

  84. Intent on One Purpose by Jerry Ousley  
    2/20/2015 / Christian Living
    Another aspect of being successful in Christ is to be Intent on One Purpose ...

    2/20/2015 / Devotionals
    "All else in your life may shift like the sands of a desert but his love for you will remain forever. Nothing will ever separate you from God's love! Your God and holy Friend is the one and only true universal constant of the universe."

  86. O, Woe is Me by Pam Ford Davis  
    2/20/2015 / Devotionals
    I pouted because I didn't get my way.

  87. Don't box God in by Janet Riley  
    2/19/2015 / Poetry
    Please help me to never put God in a box.

  88. What is your Identity by Janet Riley  
    2/19/2015 / Poetry
    Where and what is our identity?

  89. Jesus is Knocking on your heart by Janet Riley  
    2/19/2015 / Poetry
    Jesus is knocking on your heart. You can sing this with children and have them go knock-knock as they sing it.

  90. Introduction and Testimony by Janet Riley  
    2/19/2015 / Testimonies
    Summary of my Christian walk and the impact of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit on my life.

  91. The Lord is the Light of Your Life, Volume 36 Unpublished work, 2015 by JP Timpano by JOSEPH-PAUL TIMPANO  
    2/19/2015 / Devotionals
    Christian encouragement for your daily life. Don't be afraid of the dark. The Lord is empowering you to walk through the fire!

  92. Why the 'Wages of Sin is Death' by Robert Hawes  
    2/19/2015 / Bible Studies
    An article examining why death is the penalty for sin

  93. The Mind, Body, and Soul Connection by Jim Schicatano  
    2/19/2015 / Death
    The human soul and the physical body are mysteriously intertwined. Affect one and it will affect the other.

  94. Tulips & Roses by louis gander  
    2/19/2015 / Christian Living
    Right under our noses
    are tulips and roses.
    There's no place that I'd rather be.
    And if you come hither
    you'll find they won't wither
    for God surely loves you and me.

  95. A Mourning Person by Pam Ford Davis  
    2/19/2015 / Devotionals
    "In my spiritual growth, I must die to self."

  96. Joy Comes In the Morning--Oh Yes by Sharon McDill  
    2/18/2015 / Devotionals
    Life can be difficult when you feel attacked from all sides. At times you may even feel like a small child crying out to God, "When is the joy coming? When, Lord? How long until morning? How much further, Daddy? You promised!"

  97. Snow Storms and Times of Trouble by Elsie Schuett Flynn  
    2/18/2015 / Devotionals
    Adversity affects everyone. Sometimes we get a heads-up, like a weather forecast, and other times it comes like an earthquake with no warning.

  98. Knock On Jesus' Door And You Will Never Go Empty Handed by Ngozi Nwoke  
    2/18/2015 / Christian Living
    When last did you knock on Jesus Christ's door? The Lord is always receiving knocks on His door and He is expecting yours too. Nobody knocks on His door in faith and returns empty handed. Jesus is the God of all possibilities and your case cannot be the first impossible case. This article tells you more about this.

  99. Spicy-Hot Italian Sausage by Pam Ford Davis  
    2/18/2015 / Devotionals
    'Disappointment over a meal is of little importance.'

  100. Retirement by Janet Riley  
    2/17/2015 / Events
    What is God's Plan for "Retirement"

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