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Recently Added Articles:
  1. Four Angels Took Him Home to Heaven by Jan Hughes  
    3/27/2015 / Death
    Angels do take believers in God through Jesus Christ home to heaven. Jesus told us to love even our enemies in this life. Jesus will reward us for everything He places in our hearts to do for Him. This man did. He also brought me closer to Jesus, and he changed my life through his life.

    3/27/2015 / Devotionals
    "We are certainly all called to produce good fruit and to be productive in our lives but this productivity will only be truly prosperous when we learn to build with God as our foreman."

  3. Confident in Growth by Jerry Ousley  
    3/27/2015 / Christian Living
    To be a successful Christian we must be confident on our growth.

  4. A Plea to British Christians Not to Idolise the Queen by Max Aplin  
    3/27/2015 / Christian Living
    It is common for British Christians to idolise the queen. However, all idolatry is a serious sin, and, in any case, the queen seems to have done a poor job of being the British head of state.

  5. Soap Opera Dilemmas by Pam Ford Davis  
    3/27/2015 / Devotionals
    'I took daytime soap opera dilemmas too seriously.'

  6. The Wages of Sin is death by jacqui julyan  
    3/26/2015 / Poetry
    You cannot
    Love God
    And money

  7. Lord Forgive us by jacqui julyan  
    3/26/2015 / Poetry
    Lord forgive us
    Lord help us

  8. INTERCESSION PRAYER by Sue Darling  
    3/26/2015 / Church Life
    The ministry of intercession prayer is so underrated. People tend to think it is the least important ministry. I feel it is the most important one.

  9. Good News on A Wednesday Afternoon by Theresa Vogel Millward  
    3/26/2015 / Skits and Plays
    As a child, did you attend a Good News Club? They are an interdenominational Christian program for 5-12 year old children featuring a Bible lesson, singing, learning a memory verse, and fun games. This particular Good News Club is on a Wednesday afternoon.

  10. I Heard You Call My Name by Jan Hughes  
    3/26/2015 / Poetry
    God encourages us to remember that, for all who trust in God through Jesus Christ, the loss in this life of a loved one is only for a while. Somestimes, when you are hurting so deeply, He causes you to hear your beloved call your name.

  11. MOM'S BACK-UP PLANS by linzy bruno  
    3/26/2015 / Parenting
    "Growing up in the seventies; our family life could be described by an expression I've heard that says something about "living by the seat of one's pants......"

  12. NEVER SWALLOW WATERMELON PITS! by linzy bruno  
    3/26/2015 / Short Stories
    "When I get back across the street;
    I watch my mom as she slowly knits.
    I tell her what poppa just said,
    how he DOES go on......"

  13. Passed Away by Pam Ford Davis  
    3/26/2015 / Devotionals
    "Jesus sheds his light on passing away."

  14. The Best Love Story by Deborah Ann Belka  
    3/25/2015 / Poetry
    Written with the blood of the Lamb of God ~

  15. All Good People Go to Heaven by Deborah Ann Belka  
    3/25/2015 / Poetry
    or do they?

  16. Holy Spirti ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    3/25/2015 / Poetry
    The Holy Spirit is God's gift to us.

  17. Man of Our Sorrows ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    3/25/2015 / Poetry
    died for our transgressions . . .

  18. There is a Kingdom of God by jacqui julyan  
    3/25/2015 / Poetry
    There is a kingdom
    Of God
    That is not of this world

  19. Glory! by jacqui julyan  
    3/25/2015 / Poetry
    He is
    The One
    Who was
    And is
    And is
    To Come!

    In Glory!

  20. God on our Terms by jacqui julyan  
    3/25/2015 / Poetry
    What would we do Lord without your Holy Spirit .... What a gift! What a promise!
    But ......
    Just make sure Lord that it fits in with our own agenda and time frame .... We just can't afford to make things messy

  21. POTATO PANCAKES by linzy bruno  
    3/25/2015 / Short Stories
    ""Ouch that hurts," she said, talking in her sleep. She continued dreaming until the pain of the potatoes landing on her head woke her up....."

  22. A Beautiful Old Testament Parable by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    3/25/2015 / Leadership
    Most people are very familiar with the New Testament parables of Jesus Christ; and that includes non-believers. How many people know that the Old Testament have many excellent parables?

  23. Most Would Think Twice by Pam Ford Davis  
    3/25/2015 / Devotionals
    'If they realized how hideous they appeared to others, most would think twice.'

    3/24/2015 / Christian Living
    Sometimes when we are suffering we forget we are suffering only a little of what God has suffered for us.

  25. How To Influence Your Kids' Behavior by Abby Kelly  
    3/24/2015 / Parenting
    In order to avoid sin of all kinds, including violent behavior, Scripture tells us that we must instill God's Word in our hearts and keep our lives according to His principles. But how do we do that?

  26. United We Stand by Vanessa Grossett  
    3/24/2015 / Christian Living
    Divided We Fall!

  27. Mind How You Act. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    3/24/2015 / Relationships
    Every relationship is full of action. Do you act anyhow or you are always careful how you act?

  28. Mind Your Words. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    3/24/2015 / Relationships
    Are you always careful to speak. Watch what you say because it influences what will happen to you.

  29. Mind Your Thoughts by Olawale Ogunsola  
    3/24/2015 / Relationships
    What are the thoughts you entertain in your heart? Watch! Your thoughts determine who you are and how others response to you.

  30. Knocking on The Door by Scott McKenzie  
    3/24/2015 / Poetry
    The LORD IS MY LIGHT. He walks with me in times of Sadness and triumph. He brings me great Joy. I love Him with all my heart.

  31. Hebrews Chapter 11 and Faith, Part 2 by Karl Kemp  
    3/24/2015 / Bible Studies
    Hebrews 11:7-40 are discussed verse-by-verse here in Part 2. We can learn a lot about faith from these verses. I believe the two page discussion under Heb. 11:7 is quite important: Did Noah become "an heir of the righteousness which is according to faith," or "by" or "by means of" "the righteousness which is according to faith"?

  32. Wish the Fish 08 (charity) by louis gander  
    3/24/2015 / Parenting
    Then one day something bad occurred
    that took all that he had.
    And that's when Koi could help no more -
    so then they thought him bad.

    So Grandpa Koi, now penniless,
    was nowhere to be found -
    but they demanded he come forth -
    and stop fooling around.

  33. Leadership Lessons Daily 83 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/24/2015 / Devotionals
    The Leader Must Know the Origin of His Authority
    Korah, Dathan and Abiram challenged Moses, saying, "We are all holy, so why do you lift yourself above us?"

  34. Brylcreem, Used Sparingly by Pam Ford Davis  
    3/24/2015 / Devotionals
    God tells us to ask for wisdom.

  35. Do Your Part by Taylor Cummings  
    3/23/2015 / Devotionals
    Do you struggle with the balance between allowing God to be in control and doing your part? I do too. Find out what God has been laying on my heart about this subject.

  36. Titles That Define You by Taylor Cummings  
    3/23/2015 / Devotionals
    What titles define you? Are you ready to be defined by what God says about you? Hear about my struggle with titles and what God taught me through the process.

  37. The Fulfilling Life by Taylor Cummings  
    3/23/2015 / Devotionals
    Are you looking for a fulfilling life? Find out how to begin living that life by seeing what God has to say about it in His Word.

  38. The Stench of Holiness by Will Dole  
    3/23/2015 / Devotionals

    Feel the warm blood dripping down your hands. Listen to the bellowing of the cows, the noise of the sheep and the birds. Smell the burning of flesh and hair on the altar. The demands of God's holiness, namely, that our sin must be paid for by blood, carry a stench about them.

  39. The Comparison Rut by Toni Babcock  
    3/23/2015 / Womens Interest
    One of the most disheartening tendencies among women in general is a propensity to compare ourselves among ourselves.

  40. Be A Beacon by Theresa Vogel Millward  
    3/23/2015 / Christian Living
    Christ doesn't want anyone to stumble. As we walk our path through life, he wants to shed light on the shadows that lurk along the way.

  41. God Stepped In by Scott McKenzie  
    3/23/2015 / Health
    This is an article showing us how faith in Jesus can help us overcome insurmountable obstacles.

  42. The Answer to Stress is Getting Your Life Right With the Lord by Renee Root  
    3/23/2015 / Testimonies
    This is a testimony of how the Lord is the answer to stress because a relationship with the Lord that is right will help you deal with everything in life. God is the answer.

  43. 41 Healthy Activities to do Instead of Drinking by stephanie reck  
    3/23/2015 / Christian Living
    Have you recently stopped drinking or desire to, but feel you would have nothing to do? I have composed a list of healthy activities that can replace drinking. However, no activity can replace the life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. If you are not a Christian, will power alone or self-help groups, cannot be enough. The power for lasting change and hope is in Jesus Christ. How do I know this?

  44. Hebrews Chapters 11 and Faith, Part 1 (of 2 Parts) by Karl Kemp  
    3/23/2015 / Bible Studies
    We can learn a lot about faith from Hebrews chapter 11. For one thing, the word faith is used twenty-five times. Faith is an attitude of the heart where we put God first (and the things associated with God), which includes trusting Him, believing what He says, and obeying Him. This definition doesn't tell us all we need to know about the meaning of faith in the New Testament, but it is very helpful.

  45. The Importance of Preaching the Resurrection by Pamela Couvrette  
    3/23/2015 / Christian Living
    As Easter approaches and you preach the gospel, it is important to share the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  46. I Cross the Jordan by jacqui julyan  
    3/23/2015 / Poetry
    I cross the Jordan
    In faith
    My eyes
    Fixed on you
    My Jesus

  47. I Love you Lord O my strength by jacqui julyan  
    3/23/2015 / Poetry
    Your Presence Lord
    Comforts me
    Surrounds me

  48. Leadership Lessons Daily 82 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/23/2015 / Devotionals
    The Leader's Authority Will Be Challenged
    When Korah, Dathan and Abiram said to Moses and Aaron, "ye take too much upon you.....wherefore then lift ye up yourselves above the congregation of the Lord?" They were challenging Moses' authority as leader.

  49. Leadership Lessons Daily 81 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/23/2015 / Devotionals
    No One Rebels Alone
    When Korah, Dathan and Abiram, rose up against Moses in rebellion, the Bible says, "and they rose up before Moses, with certain of the children of Israel, two hundred and fifty princes of the assembly

  50. Leadership Lessons Daily 80 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/23/2015 / Devotionals
    Rebels Want the Perks that Come with Leading
    Three men, namely, Korah, Dathan and Abiram, took men and rose up against Moses in rebellion. They said, "Ye take too much upon you, seeing all the congregation are holy

  51. Leadership Lessons Daily 79 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/23/2015 / Devotionals
    Leaders Take People Forward or Backward
    Following the negative report given by ten of the twelve spies Moses sent to survey the land of Canaan, the children of Israel decided to return to Egypt.

  52. Leadership Lessons Daily 78 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/23/2015 / Devotionals
    Those Who Seek to Share the Leader's Glory Must Partake of the Leader's Story
    The mother of James and John, sons of Beelzebub, once paid Jesus a surprise visit. She had a request to make.

  53. Leadership Lessons Daily 77 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/23/2015 / Devotionals
    The Leader Must Manage Information Wisely
    Moses sent twelve men to spy the land of Canaan. When they returned, without privately hearing their report, he allowed them speak to the entire congregation.

  54. An Unresponsive State by Pam Ford Davis  
    3/23/2015 / Devotionals
    God patiently waits for a positive response.

  55. Indifference by Don Pedal  
    3/22/2015 / Christian Living
    Are you tired of hearing the world's problems? Do you get the feeling sometimes that you plate is full and you are just going to ignore it all. God has an answer for you.

  56. Easter Joy Returns by Renee Root  
    3/22/2015 / Holidays
    The story of how I ran from God because my mother was called home to be with the Lord and I lost everything I owned and how God brought me back to be right with him.

  57. Wish the Fish 07 (dignity) by louis gander  
    3/22/2015 / Family
    Well, Big Mouth's rants were over pants
    that sagged excessively.
    He didn't care his underwear
    was bared for all to see.

  58. V IS FOR VICTORY by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    3/22/2015 / Christian Living
    Humans, with few exceptions, have been easy victims of evil and Satan over the centuries until Jesus came. Jesus accomplished the most amazing victory over the old enemy, for us all, as we shall see.

  59. LOVE ONE ANOTHER by Sue Darling  
    3/21/2015 / Christian Living
    love one another also means to love people that you may not want to love, for example a person from a particular race.

  60. Camel - My Inspiration by Louise Lee  
    3/21/2015 / Christian Living
    Today, camels are very popular especially in the lands to the south and east of Palestine. They are widely used as a mean of transportation. They are like our cars today. Camels have also become treasured possessions of the Jewish people in Bible times. However, camels actually have temper; they are by nature ill tempered, intricate and at times dangerous. They were not as what we see them today.

  61. Making a Move by Louise Lee  
    3/21/2015 / Christian Living
    My experience of moving has taught me great lessons, that include things that I did right and things I was ignorant of. I would like to share this with people like you who are contemplating making a long distance move be it a career change, migration or going on a long term mission trip.

  62. The All-knowing God! by Mike Stockwell  
    3/20/2015 / Christian Apologetics
    One of the greatest testaments to Biblical accuracy and proof that God Himself wrote this wondrous book through His prophets is fulfilled prophecy!

  63. Joy..... Joy .... Joy by jacqui julyan  
    3/20/2015 / Poetry
    The rivers
    From the heavens
    Joy Joy Joy

  64. Oblivious of Eternity by jacqui julyan  
    3/20/2015 / Poetry
    Two worlds apart
    From above
    From below

  65. The future of our nation is in God's hands by Robert Driskell  
    3/20/2015 / Christian Apologetics
    America needs to realize its dependence on God

  66. Legislating Immorality by Robert Driskell  
    3/20/2015 / Christian Apologetics
    Lawmakers often believe their laws to be more important than God's laws.

  67. The Most Important Book in the Universe by Robert Driskell  
    3/20/2015 / Christian Apologetics
    No other book contains such an important message as the Bible

  68. No God, No Purpose by Robert Driskell  
    3/20/2015 / Christian Apologetics
    Note to atheists: If there is no God, life has no purpose.

  69. Atheist Arguments Part 2 by Robert Driskell  
    3/20/2015 / Christian Apologetics
    More atheist arguments presented with Christian response.

  70. Atheist Arguments Part 1 by Robert Driskell  
    3/20/2015 / Christian Apologetics
    Some atheist arguments against Christianity are presentd along with a Christian response.

  71. Victory in Christ by James Webb  
    3/20/2015 / Devotionals
    Is there true victory to be found in this life? The apostle Paul under inspiration thought so. Now in Christ, those who believe in Him have access to an unlimited source of victory to help face the trials of this life and ultimately gain victory over them.

  72. Hide and Seek by Catherine Weed  
    3/20/2015 / Short Stories
    Imaginings on the first few days of Adam and Eve's stay in Paradise.

  73. Pelicans to Parasols by louis gander  
    3/20/2015 / Salvation
    A young and pretty girl sat
    with elegance and grace,
    pretending to be drinking tea
    in soft pink bows and lace.

    Her left hand held a parasol.
    Her right hand held her tea -
    when gust of wind had come along
    and parasol flew free.

  74. What Does God's Word Say? Taking Difficult Stands by Marijo Phelps  
    3/20/2015 / Devotionals
    a challenge for today - taking difficult Biblical stands...

  75. A Demonstration of Faith by James Webb  
    3/20/2015 / Devotionals
    Do we like the Roman centurion found in the story of Matthew 8, verses 5-13, live in such a faith relationship with Christ that all Christ has to do is say the word and that is good enough for us? It is ultimately individuals with this kind of faith that will find themselves - according to Christ's words - sitting down "with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob" when all is said and done.

  76. See The Person On The Inside by French Miller  
    3/20/2015 / Christian Living
    "From now on, we regard no one according to the flesh" -2 Corinthians 5:16, You can never know a person by how they look or dress, we should learn the story before we judge the cover of the book.

  77. Vital Truths for Sober People by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    3/20/2015 / Christian Living
    Humans have a dirty habit of pretending to want the truth, but when the truth is presented, and it does not rhyme with their pet ideas, they show great resentment. But the truth is still worth knowing.

  78. Praying for Growth by Jerry Ousley  
    3/20/2015 / Christian Living
    To be a successful Christian we must also pray to grow in Christ.

  79. The heart of Paul is Christ by jacqui julyan  
    3/20/2015 / Devotionals
    Paul claimed at that point before Grace fell upon him, that he could see, yet the LORD blinded him to show him that the law counts for nothing.

  80. Navigating the Path Ahead by Pam Ford Davis  
    3/20/2015 / Short Stories
    A positive attitude is essential when living in assisted living or nursing home facilities.

  81. Christians Must Not Allow Differences in Non-Essential Matters to Hinder Unity by Max Aplin  
    3/20/2015 / Christian Living
    There are some Christians who regard all believers outside their own denomination as no more than half-brothers and half-sisters in Christ. However, even when we are convinced that professing Christians are quite seriously mistaken about something, there are many times when it is nevertheless right to regard them as full brothers and sisters in Christ. In fact, there is no such thing as a half-brother or half-sister in Christ. If someone says they are a Christian, we should treat that person as a full brother or sister unless they do or say something intolerable, in which case we should treat them as a false brother or sister.

  82. Jigsaw Puzzles by Pam Ford Davis  
    3/20/2015 / Devotionals
    'He makes the pieces fit.'

  83. Glory Bounders by Pam Ford Davis  
    3/19/2015 / Devotionals
    'We need to know where we are going because we will spend eternity there.'

  84. What's this thing about Jesus by jacqui julyan  
    3/19/2015 / Devotionals
    If someone had told me at the beginning of my Christian walk that it was all about getting to know Jesus the PERSON I would not have believed them. How can a person know God? God is remote isn't he

    3/18/2015 / Christian Living
    If I walk in the Spirit and rely on the Holy Spirit, He will do effortlessly for me that which I am trying so hard to accomplish.

  86. Rancid by HK Lind  
    3/18/2015 / Family
    Poems from Love

  87. The True Spiritual Direction of Spiritual Formation by Pamela Couvrette  
    3/18/2015 / Christian Living
    Spiritual Formation has become popular in the evangelical church despite its dangers. This article was written by one who has experienced it and was saved by the mercy of God.

  88. Leadership Lessons Daily 76 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/18/2015 / Devotionals
    Our View of Situations is Based on Our Self-Perception
    Twelve men were sent to spy the land of Canaan. Ten of them said,"And there we saw the giants.....and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight."

  89. Leadership Lessons Daily 75 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/18/2015 / Devotionals
    Never Underestimate Yourself
    Moses sent out twelve men to spy the land of Canaan. He wanted to have a proper picture of the land and what they were to expect as they prepared to possess it.

  90. SO WHAT'S YOUR NAME? by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    3/18/2015 / Christian Living
    Some names parents just do not give their children, because a name has connotations, and good parents do not want to bedevil their children with inappropriate names. Your name should not define who you are, it should not be an indication as to whether you are good or bad.

  91. Leadership Lessons Daily 74 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/18/2015 / Devotionals
    Leaders Require a Large Heart to Forgive
    God punished Miriam for speaking against Moses, yet Moses cried to God on her behalf saying, "heal her now, O God, I beesech thee." She had offended him, but he prayed for her.

  92. Leadership Lessons Daily 73 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/18/2015 / Devotionals
    No Leader Delights in the Suffering of His Followers
    Miriam and Aaron sinned against Moses when they spoke against him. God rebuked them verbally and left Miriam covered in leprosy.

  93. Leadership Lessons Daily 72 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/18/2015 / Devotionals
    Deal With Offenders Quickly and Without Delay
    We learn a very important lesson from the way God handled Miriam and Aaron when they spoke against Moses. God is the ultimate leader and our perfect example.

  94. Leadership Lessons Daily 71 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/18/2015 / Devotionals
    Don't Compare Yourself with the Leader
    Miriam and Aaron, like many followers, tried to compare themselves with Moses. They said, "Hath the Lord indeed spoken only by Moses? Hath He not spoken also by us?"

  95. Leadership Lessons Daily 70 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/18/2015 / Devotionals
    Leaders Need Prayers
    Moses was a great man but like many leaders, he was far from perfect. Miriam and Aaron, like many followers, took it upon themselves to point out his error in marrying an Ethiopian woman.

  96. Leadership Lessons Daily 69 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/18/2015 / Devotionals
    Even Great Leaders Have Flaws
    Moses was a great man and had accomplished great feats especially in Egypt but he was far from perfect and those who followed him knew this. One day Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses

  97. Leadership Lessons Daily 68 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/18/2015 / Devotionals
    Meekness is a Requirement for Great Leadership
    Moses led a mixed multitude of three million people out of Egypt. That is, three million murmuring and complaining people who were ungrateful and unmindful of his personal sacrifice.

  98. Leadership Lessons Daily 67 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/18/2015 / Devotionals
    Secure Leaders are Happy When Others are Empowered
    In a bid to lighten the load that Moses carried, God said, "Gather unto me seventy of the elders.and I will take of the spirit which is upon thee and will put it upon them; and they shall bear the burden of the people with thee

  99. Leadership Lessons Daily 66 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/18/2015 / Devotionals
    When the Burden is Shared the Load is Lighter
    When the children of Israel complained one more time, a weary Moses said to God, "Wherefore hast thou afflicted thy servant? And wherefore have I not found favour in thy sight, that thou layest the burden of all this people upon me?

  100. Leadership Lessons Daily 65 by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    3/18/2015 / Devotionals
    Even Great Leaders Become Weary
    Once again, the children of Israel complained; this time, not only was the anger of the Lord kindled, Moses too was displeased and said the God, "Wherefore hast thou afflicted thy servant?

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