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Recently Added Articles:
  1. Enter the Fifth Dimension by Robert Beames  
    9/02/2014 / Devotionals
    Where do you live? Perhaps you would be better off if you would enter the Fifth Dimension.

  2. The Blind Man On My Mind (Text: Mark 10:46-52) by Ogechukwu Maduka  
    9/02/2014 / Christian Living
    Embracing the faith and vision of the blind Bartimaeus...

  3. Believers Need to Keep Looking Up by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    9/02/2014 / Christian Living
    Sometimes we are in a quandary and really don't know where to look. Truth be told there is no better place to look, when things are as bad as they are, than towards heaven as we shall see.

  4. Understanding The Spiritual Law Of Tithing by Ngozi Nwoke  
    9/02/2014 / Christian Living
    What is tithing? Are we to tithe in this present dispensation? These and many more are the questions bugging the hearts of many Christians. And this article is aimed at answering these questions and throwing some light on this spiritual law of tithing.

  5. God Rewards Diligent Labourers In His Vineyard by Ngozi Nwoke  
    9/02/2014 / Christian Living
    Are there prayer requests that you diligently want God to answer? Do you know that God rewards those that diligently seek Him? Many people are serving God but it seems as if God is not looking their direction to meet their needs. This article gives the reason(s) why they may be hindered from receiving their heart desires from God and the solution.

  6. Contentment by Teresa Schultz  
    9/02/2014 / Poetry
    I had just listened to a podcast on contentment and felt very convicted when I wrote this poem.

  7. Days of Old by Pam Ford Davis  
    9/02/2014 / Politics
    Currently, writers of textbooks are excluding the majority of this historical fact."

  8. I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO CHURCH! by Jeffrey Hagan  
    9/01/2014 / Christian Living
    Too many excuses are made for not going to church. Just set an alarm, get up, and go.

  9. The Mind of the Flesh by Jack Vorster  
    9/01/2014 / Christian Living
    The mind of man is in two minds about his existence.

  10. And then there was Sin by Jack Vorster  
    9/01/2014 / Christian Living
    It took several words in the Garden of Eden to plunge mankind into darkness, but it took just one Word to reverse the process.

  11. The Consistent Christian by J. Rubino  
    9/01/2014 / Christian Living
    The bible shows us seven ways to remain consistent in our walk with Christ. This article details each.

  12. Duel Role by Pam Ford Davis  
    9/01/2014 / Devotionals
    "In the Bible, the LORD God is both merciful landlord and rescuer..."

  13. WORD OF FAITH IS FOUND WANTING by Jeffrey Hagan  
    8/31/2014 / Christian Apologetics
    The Word of Faith movement continues to spread its way through Christianity like a cancer. This article reveals some of the WOF heresies in hopes to reveal truth to those who may have become involved with these teachers.

  14. Ransomed by Mathetes Disciple  
    8/31/2014 / Poetry
    Did l lose my step,help lord

  15. Fickle Feelings by Taylor Cummings  
    8/30/2014 / Devotionals
    "Feelings are fickle". This is probably a phrase you've heard many times in your life. I share how I needed to get my eyes off of my ever changing feelings and place them on my never changing God.

  16. LAWLESS CHRISTIANITY? WHERE? by Jeffrey Hagan  
    8/30/2014 / Christian Living
    Being condemned for focusing on the grace of God seems to be a popular thing these days. People cry out that it leads to lawless living, however, this is not the case.

    8/30/2014 / Christian Living
    We can let worry get in the way of seeing prayers being answered. Jesus always helps those who put their trust in him

  18. THE ENEMY CALLED 'YOU' by Dare Olusola  
    8/30/2014 / Christian Living
    Overcome the enemy called 'you'.

  19. On the Meaning of Mercy-Part 2 "Blood, Blood Everywhere by William Ryzek  
    8/30/2014 / Christian Living
    Propitiation, propitiary, mercy-seat; these words all have something in common, namely the shedding of blood explicitly displayed in the sacrificial system of the Old Testament described in Exodus and Leviticus and by the sacrifice of Jesus in the New.

  20. Are Our Future Sins Forgiven? by Mick Alexander  
    8/29/2014 / Christian Living
    What did Jesus mean when He said, "It is finished"?
    (John 19:30).

  21. So You Want to Be Our Friend? by Jennifer Mobbs  
    8/29/2014 / Christian Apologetics
    We only allow you to see what we want you to see; our hearts are waxed cold and hardened by our own lusts and our rejection of the truth.

    8/29/2014 / Devotionals
    "The scripture tells us to make the most of every opportunity by allowing our interaction with the world to be seasoned as with salt."

  23. The Diamond of His Love by Jerry Ousley  
    8/29/2014 / Christian Living
    We are looking at Five Precious Gems of God. Number four is His diamond of Love.

  24. Does Faith Lead to Regeneration or Regeneration to Faith? by Max Aplin  
    8/29/2014 / Salvation
    Some Christians claim that God regenerates people, i.e., gives them a Holy Spirit-empowered, supernatural form of life, and this leads to their having faith in Christ. In fact, the Bible teaches that faith in Christ leads to regeneration; God responds to faith by regenerating. Saying that regeneration leads to faith causes problems.

  25. Uphill Climb by Pam Ford Davis  
    8/29/2014 / Devotionals
    "Faith compels me to continue in the uphill climb."

  26. What Do You Long For? (Psalm 119:174) by Wayne Davies  
    8/29/2014 / Bible Studies
    We all long for something. What do you long for?

  27. The Handwriting On The Wall by Tesh Njokanma  
    8/28/2014 / Christian Living
    Would it be a blessing or a problem to have God write on your wall?

  28. Do We Love God or The Word of God? (Psalm 119:167) by Wayne Davies  
    8/28/2014 / Bible Studies
    Why does the psalmist proclaim 10 times, "I love the Word of God"?

  29. Diagnosis, Prognosis and Remedy by Pam Ford Davis  
    8/28/2014 / Devotionals
    There is a remedy for apathy...

  30. Old Testament Bible Truths by Leonard Granger  
    8/27/2014 / Christian Living
    Where do we find truth of what happened 6,000 years ago? Is it the Bible or man's history book?

    8/27/2014 / Christian Living
    Are the miracle gifts of the Holy Spirit still operational? Is what we see today in churches the real deal or an imitation.

  32. SPIRITUAL GIFTS by Jeffrey Hagan  
    8/27/2014 / Christian Living
    Spiritual Gifts, what are they? An explanation and listing.

  33. The Holy Spirit? Really? by Robert Siple  
    8/27/2014 / Christian Living
    How is it then that so many Christians have seemed to develop a behavioral propensity to publicly exclaim credit onto the Holy Spirit for every minuscule detail within their lives which they have deemed as being a good thing? Or, to use the Christian vernacular, "a blessing'.

  34. Win over Worry by Henry Miranda  
    8/27/2014 / Christian Living
    "Jesus said, 'Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life"

  35. Book Review: The Holiness of God By R.C. Sproul by Chris Gambrell  
    8/27/2014 / Book Reviews
    In my pursuit of reformed theology and the covenant of Grace, I was encouraged to pick up this book by a few online friends. While I admit that I was never really a big fan of R.C. Sproul, I really enjoyed this book. This book is enlightening to what it means for God to be holy.

  36. Don't Let It Fade by Zach Wood  
    8/27/2014 / Devotionals
    The excitement we have for Christ should never fade or wear off.

  37. Taming the tongue is not a Hot Topic by Burwell Stark  
    8/27/2014 / Christian Living
    What do habanero sauce, clothes shopping and the Book of James have in common?

  38. BEWARE OF "TIME STEALERS" by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    8/27/2014 / Christian Living
    This piece deals with the subject of time management but looks at it from an unconventional approach as may be ascertained from the title of the article. "Time stealers" are identified and ways of dealing with them are proffered amongst others. Happy read!

    8/27/2014 / Church Life
    This articles deals with the subject of the prophetic ministry and seeks to make a case for its relevance. It has Ghana as its context and may be adapted to suit the global context. This piece promises to be informative and instructive.

  40. SPIRIT-LED INTERCESSION by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    8/27/2014 / Christian Living
    This piece deals with the subject of Spirit-led intercession with the intent of showcasing the nature, purpose, potency and urgency of Spirit-led intercession in the life of the believer.

  41. DOES PRAYER WORK? by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    8/27/2014 / Christian Living
    This is a brief but informative article on the subject of prayer that seeks to encourage believers in their prayer lives. A vivid example of the life and ministry of George Muller is narrated to make a case for prayer.

  42. Why Does the Psalmist Pray for Salvation in Psalm 119? by Wayne Davies  
    8/27/2014 / Bible Studies
    Why does the psalmist pray for salvation in Psalm 119? Read on to find out.

  43. Committed and Compelled by Pam Ford Davis  
    8/27/2014 / Devotionals
    "Scripture gives a revealing look into the committed and compelled hearts of pastors through a Psalm by king David."

  44. FUNNY QUESTIONS WITH 'NO' ANSWERS by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    8/27/2014 / Marriage
    Two loving hearts meet together at Pink Park. John, the 'Hi Handsome' talks to 'curly haired Pretty with two muted eyes'. Pretty talks less but she is straightforward and does no compromise with the world in loving Jesus and her John no less. Listen to their conversation

  45. Medal Of Honor by Debra Burgess  
    8/26/2014 / Christian Living
    In the U.S. military there is a medal given for acts of valor.Today I also contemplate the unrecognized heroes. Honor is a medal itself...

  46. Christian Poets by louis gander  
    8/26/2014 / Poetry
    We love, remember, reminisce -
    God's Christian poets who we miss...
    but will, in Heaven, together be,
    to praise again in poetry~!

  47. PUBLISHED AT LAST! by linzy bruno  
    8/26/2014 / Poetry
    BECAUSE my first picture book as appeared...

  48. Facebook at Face Value by Pam Ford Davis  
    8/26/2014 / Devotionals
    "... they may not realize they come off as crude or rude."

  49. Are You a Crumb Picker? by Dot Hannah  
    8/25/2014 / Devotionals
    A tail is beneath the table eating crumbs, a crumb picker. The Father is not a respecter of persons and has a lavish feast prepared, but the tail doesn't believe he is free to partake.

  50. The Witness by Steve Countryman  
    8/25/2014 / Christian Living
    I witnessed first hand His handy work and that became my testimony! What is so amazing is that God does answer my prayers on a regular basis both big and small. He does so because He wants to be involved and included in every part of our daily lives! I am slowly learning to let God be God in me, to me, with me, for me and through me daily.

  51. Refocus by stephanie reck  
    8/25/2014 / Christian Living
    What has caught your attention lately? Have you been more concerned with the cares of this world, other people's problems, or on difficult circumstances? Maybe you have been in a long spiritual battle and it has kept most of your time and attention. Whatever the reasons, you have lost your focus on Jesus.

  52. Wimp to Witness by Pam Ford Davis  
    8/25/2014 / Devotionals
    "We do the trusting; God does the transforming."

  53. 4 Things To Watch In Decision Making by Olawale Ogunsola  
    8/24/2014 / Relationships
    Decision making is a daily serious business. It dictates the steps to take. Every decision has a result, positive or negative. Watch!

  54. An Act of Father Abraham by Olawale Ogunsola  
    8/24/2014 / Bible Studies
    Sometimes it takes careful examinatin to see the truth of a matter especially when it is a spiritual one. So it is with Father Abraham. Was Sarah Abraham's wife or sister?

  55. Two Special Plaques by louis gander  
    8/24/2014 / Testimonies
    A true story poem.

  56. It's In The Code Of Our DNA by Stephen Vattimo  
    8/23/2014 / Poetry
    We can't help but worship a god
    It's in the code of our DNA

  57. New Life Begins by louis gander  
    8/23/2014 / Death
    It's not about death.
    It's about life... eternal.

  58. Give and take by Sue Darling  
    8/23/2014 / Christian Living
    Giving is usually a lot harder than taking.

  59. Humility by Sue Darling  
    8/23/2014 / Christian Living
    People who are humble are very beautiful and strong. They are not weak and they win many favours from God.

  60. STOP CREEPING by Helen Murray  
    8/23/2014 / Christian Living
    (Road signs in Australia thus remind us to keep the speed legal). In Christian Life we need to be aware when we are creeping out from the Holy Spirit dimension into our own patterns of living. Even churches can easily fall out in this manner without noticing.

  61. What is Sin? by Tim Pickl  
    8/23/2014 / Salvation
    What is Sin?

  62. Design Perfect Chaos! by Fergus Davar  
    8/23/2014 / Poetry
    This is a poem is on the subject of chaos, which I had submitted for a secular publication and it was rejected. The poem helps you see that everything of God, by God, for God... true Theocracy (Rom 11:36).

  63. Dogs and Cats by Brian Passe  
    8/23/2014 / Pets
    I'm a dog guy. Dogs have a personality while cats have an attitude.

  64. What Does It Mean To Obey The Word? (Psalm 119:145) by Wayne Davies  
    8/23/2014 / Bible Studies
    What does it mean to obey the Word of God? Read on to find out.

  65. That's Not My Life Anymore by Taylor Cummings  
    8/22/2014 / Devotionals
    Have you ever found yourself wounded? In this devotional, I share how God recently helped me see how one of my wounds had turned into a scar. It no longer hurt.

  66. Does God "Hate" You? by Joy Chiasson  
    8/22/2014 / Devotionals
    Does God Hate You?
    We see a word used in our time "hater". I don't know about you but, I would think this would make Jesus wonder about our motives and our thoughts. As we spew these negative names do we think like Jesus or are we caught up in what the world thinks.

  67. A Psalmist's Obsession: The Righteousness of God in Psalm 119 by Wayne Davies  
    8/22/2014 / Bible Studies
    Why is the psalmist consumed with the righteousness of God in Psalm 119? Read on to find out.

  68. Take No Offence by Chris Gambrell  
    8/22/2014 / Relationships
    In today's world, we seem to offend people rather easily. We've possibly offended or hurt someone's feelings, whether it was intentional or not; sadly, people sometimes say and do things that are careless, blunt, insensitive or even mean-spirited. While we can't control the intentions or behavior of others, we can determine how we will act. We can choose not be offended.

    8/22/2014 / Devotionals
    "We need to wait on God and wait for God to orchestrate our circumstances to fall in line with his plans before we can walk through any doorway. And while you're waiting for God to open that door, praise him in the hallway!"

  70. THE WORLD IS IN A MESS. by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    8/22/2014 / Politics
    In broad daylight, in front of the cameras, an innocent America is beheaded right before our eyes. This world is truly in a mess and believers need to get involved.

  71. Watch Your Words by Susan Ferguson  
    8/22/2014 / Devotionals
    Words can powerful. They can encourage or tear down. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can resist the temptation to sin with our words.

  72. The Sapphire of His Glory by Jerry Ousley  
    8/22/2014 / Christian Living
    God's great and wonderful glory is one of the precious gems - like a brilliant sapphire!

  73. So Much to Gain by Pam Ford Davis  
    8/22/2014 / Devotionals
    'The wise do not leave crucial ministry decisions to chance."

  74. The Pen is Mightier than the Sword by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    8/22/2014 / Writing
    "The pen is mightier than the sword",- should be the guiding principle of our life and society. The pen, what I understand, is a symbolic of a good literature. A good literature , on the other hand, means the literature that reaches the level of sophistication , both beauty and odor in the form of poetry or story, novel or history etc.. Literature is one of the most integral part of our Christian life and ministry. We should take the privilege of it. Through this art of literature we can tell the love of Jesus and bring deliberate changes in the whole world

  75. Submission of Christian Wives by Joy Chiasson  
    8/21/2014 / Marriage
    Submission is not slavery. It is of your obedience to Christ that you will bring yourself to submission under your own husband when you accept Jesus as your Savior. This is right in the sight of our Lord. What does submission mean for us women?

  76. Desirable Materials by Olawale Ogunsola  
    8/21/2014 / Parenting
    Many parents who find faults in their children's behavior hold peers' influence responsible. Is every flaw as a result of this?

  77. The other story in the Prodigal Son by Jennifer Cardinal  
    8/21/2014 / Christian Living
    The other story in the prodigal son ... which son are you?

  78. Christians That Get Entangled by stephanie reck  
    8/21/2014 / Christian Living
    We are called to be Holy and to live righteously before God. We are also called to be a light in this dark world, but what happens when you become entangled in helping others?

  79. Get My Drift? by Pam Ford Davis  
    8/21/2014 / Devotionals
    "Sometimes, I do not make my messages clear ; the hearer or reader is clueless to its meaning."

  80. Advocate vs. Adversary by Dennis Miranda  
    8/20/2014 / Christian Living
    Ever have trouble hearing God's voice because there are way too many little ones vying for your attention?

  81. Jesus Is Coming Back Tomorrow (Book Review) by Wayne Davies  
    8/20/2014 / Book Reviews
    I give Wes Ireton's new book two thumbs up. Read on to find out why I like "Jesus Is Coming Back Tomorrow".

  82. Finding Light in a Dark Place by Gina Duncan  
    8/20/2014 / Salvation
    How do we find the purpose of our being here. What does it mean to bring glory to God. What is hope.

  83. Joy's Rising ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    8/20/2014 / Poetry
    I can see the joy of Jesus coming back soon!

  84. All I Need ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    8/20/2014 / Poetry
    Is God's mercy, grace and love!

  85. Woory's Debut ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    8/20/2014 / Poetry
    at onset . . . give to Jesus!

  86. What God Needs to Do ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    8/20/2014 / Poetry
    As I always tell my mom . . . God is up to something!

  87. Heaven's Tears by Deborah Ann Belka  
    8/20/2014 / Poetry
    One day our tears will cease flowing and we will find eternal peace!

  88. My Savior ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    8/20/2014 / Poetry
    There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus saved me!

  89. My God is Great ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    8/20/2014 / Poetry
    He is the greatest of all . . . there is no other god like Him!

  90. Why I Am Happy ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    8/20/2014 / Poetry
    There is only one thing that makes me truly happy . . . and that is . . . Jesus!

  91. See The Beauty by Zach Wood  
    8/20/2014 / Devotionals
    God's beauty is all around us every day and we don't have to take a trip or vacation to see it.

  92. What Causes So Much Pain? by Deborah Ann Belka  
    8/20/2014 / Poetry
    For all those who have lost someone to suicide . . .

  93. I Lift My Eyes to Heaven ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    8/20/2014 / Poetry
    To where my help comes . . .

  94. What Can Steal My Joy? by Deborah Ann Belka  
    8/20/2014 / Poetry
    Nothing . . . No one can take it from me!

  95. Spiritual Feeding by Taylor Cummings  
    8/20/2014 / Devotionals
    Sometimes I get in such a hurry, I only take time to eat a quick "spiritual banana".

  96. What Should the Dress Code Be for Sunday Services? by Max Aplin  
    8/20/2014 / Worship
    There are pros and cons to dressing well and to dressing casually for Christian Sunday services. Having at least some people present who are casually dressed helps to make poor people, who only wear casual clothes, feel welcome.

  97. How To Be Amazed By Psalm 119 by Wayne Davies  
    8/20/2014 / Bible Studies
    Take a close look at Psalm 119 and be amazed!

  98. Nearly Invincible by Pam Ford Davis  
    8/20/2014 / Devotionals
    "If I confess my weakness, am I setting myself up to fail?"

  99. As strange as it may seem by Jack Vorster  
    8/20/2014 / Christian Living
    Planet Earth is in turmoil. It is like a wild horse trying to dislodge the human element on its back.

  100. Judge Not by Steve Countryman  
    8/19/2014 / Christian Living
    What we all do at some point in time is to judge those who we plan on blessing. We evaluate their needs and decide if they are worthy of our help or advice. Does their need require my involvement? How much should I get involved? Will they appreciate my help? Can't they see how badly they are messing up? Can I afford the time necessary to help them? Will this cost me anything to help them? If I help them, what's in it for me?

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