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Recently Added Articles:
  1. The Brighter Side of Cancer by Hugh Houchin  
    5/28/2015 / Health
    How God showed me He uses cancer to radiate His glory. In my case, He did this through His special servants at the radiology treatment center.

  2. The Wind by Jennifer Cardinal  
    5/28/2015 / Poetry
    The Wind, The spirit of God

    5/28/2015 / Career
    This articles seeks to encourage the culture of customer care in the corporate world and in every work environment for that matter.

  4. A frightening scenario by Jack Vorster  
    5/28/2015 / Christian Living
    The American government did not use airplanes to kill off its own citizens. They did it by stealth.

  5. TAKEN A NOSE-DIVE by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    5/28/2015 / Poetry
    A poem that seeks to creatively teach lessons about the dangers of pride.

  6. GO THE EXTRA MILE by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    5/28/2015 / Self Help
    This article seeks to encourage all and sundry to strive for excellence and not settle for mediocrity.

    5/28/2015 / Christian Living
    This article teaches about the vital subject of Spirit-led intercession and provides real life examples of same.

  8. No more excuses by jacqui julyan  
    5/28/2015 / Poetry
    Forgive me LORD
    I've hidden your light
    I've hidden your Name
    There are now no more excuses
    I love you!

  9. Sharing the Gospel? by jacqui julyan  
    5/28/2015 / Christian Living
    It is by grace I have been saved. I wonder if we really understand the meaning of the Grace of God and how do we translate this wonderful Grace and the Beauty of Christ into an ordinary conversation with an unbeliever.

    5/28/2015 / Career
    This article is principally born out of my personal experiences and lessons learn`t during a long period of job hunting.

  11. JESUS CHRIST; FACT OR FICTION by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    5/28/2015 / Christian Apologetics
    This article proffers a brief yet insightful defense of the historicity of Jesus Christ.

  12. My friend Kofi, now becomes a Muslim by Stephen Boakye-Ansah  
    5/28/2015 / Christian Apologetics
    The reason for my commitment to the course of Jesus Christ stems from various convictions. Among them is a childhood memory of how I lost a dear friend to the Islam world view due to my inability to give an accurate defense to the faith of Jesus Christ at that young age

  13. A Promised Delivery by Pam Ford Davis  
    5/28/2015 / Devotionals
    'Are you waiting for a promised delivery?'

  14. An Eye for an Eye and Who Goes Blind? by Stephen Williamson  
    5/27/2015 / Christian Living
    Let us study whether an eye for an eye is a legitimate Christian teaching.

  15. Corrupt and Worthless Language by Stephen Williamson  
    5/27/2015 / Christian Living
    We need to better understand bad language. Hopefully this might help.

  16. Should We Travel the Stars? by Stephen Williamson  
    5/27/2015 / World Affairs
    There may be a couple aspects of space travel that you had not thought of. Read and see for yourself.

  17. Growth & Renewal~ by C D Swanson  
    5/27/2015 / Devotionals
    About the Lord's supernatural ability to heal and bring you through a crisis.

  18. There Are Heath Benefits to Counting Your Blessings by stephanie reck  
    5/27/2015 / Christian Living
    Feeling down? Want a technique to immediately lift your mood? Think about something that you are thankful for! Repeating this daily can permanently change and lift your mood. This will also have the potential to effect those closest to you. You have the potential to rewire your brain by continual grateful thoughts.

  19. Can People See God in Your Life by Sharen Lightsey  
    5/27/2015 / Devotionals
    One of my desires as I grow in my walk with the Lord is that people see my God in my life. I hope there is some clear anointing, some manifestation, some gift that is so evident that people say, "It's because her God is with her."

  20. Why You Need To Go To Church In This Present Age by Ngozi Nwoke  
    5/27/2015 / Christian Living
    Why would you not want to go to church? Do you need encouragement before you can attend church services? There are one thousand and one reasons why people, including "Christians" don't go to church. But despite their reasons, God still desires that His people go to church and He has packaged great blessings for those who will obey Him. This article gives the benefits of going to church.

  21. Pace Myself by Pam Ford Davis  
    5/27/2015 / Devotionals
    'I realize a need to pick up my pace.'

  22. Getting rid of God by Jack Vorster  
    5/26/2015 / Christian Living
    We have come to a point in time where only the things of this world find place in our lives, but no time or place is found for the giver of our time on this planet.

  23. God Sees by Jennifer Cardinal  
    5/26/2015 / Devotionals
    One of the best things about making it to the top of a climb is the view. After all that work of making it to the top, the reward of looking out and over everything below makes me pause to soak it all in. It always gives me a sense of satisfaction, a sense of peace and sort of just takes my breath away. The mountaintop is a glorious place but the journey to the mountaintop is really what makes the view so special.

  24. New Car Fever by Pam Ford Davis  
    5/26/2015 / Devotionals
    'I have had a case of new car fever.'

  25. Freedom On Memorial Day by Debra Burgess  
    5/25/2015 / Christian Living
    Today I pray for those families who have given life and limb for winning and maintaining my status of freedom. Then I pray for those who will be challenged in these upcoming years to not only hold onto our freedoms culturally, but fight for the freedom of others across the world.

  26. Getting into the Habit of Doing Everything with Jesus by Max Aplin  
    5/25/2015 / Christian Living
    In John 15, Jesus stresses the importance of Christians abiding in Him. The more that we can get into the habit of doing everything with Him, the more deeply we will abide in Him and the more we will be able to do in His service.

  27. Chow to chew on by Sundaresh Venugopal  
    5/24/2015 / Bible Studies
    Never eat more than you can chew

  28. Hearing God's Voice by Toni Babcock  
    5/24/2015 / Salvation
    Isn't it a wonderful thing to be heard? When someone says to you "I hear you" - you know what they mean.

  29. Awakening To The Real War by John Owens  
    5/24/2015 / Christian Living
    Will the church of America awaken to the apocalyptic challenge that is manifesting through ISIS and other movements in these end times? The real battle can only be seen and fought effectively through the eyes of faith.

  30. The Christian Response to Being Wronged by Gregory John Monroe  
    5/24/2015 / Education
    God would have us know of two ways to handle disputes in His earthly family.

  31. The Lord is the Light of Your Life, Volume 37 Unpublished work, 2015 by JP Timpano by JOSEPH-PAUL TIMPANO  
    5/23/2015 / Devotionals
    Christian encouragement for your daily life. Don't be afraid of the dark. The Lord is empowering you to walk through the fire!

  32. High Anxiety (Deliverance from Fear and Panic Attacks) by Rochelle Arnold  
    5/22/2015 / Christian Living
    Suddenly you can't breathe or so it seems. Your head starts spinning and you almost feel like you are rising out of your body. Your mind races from one random thought to another. Are you dying? What is happening? Your heart is pounding and you're aware that your breathing is stressed. Are you having a heart attack? Everything seems out of control. You're having a panic attack!

    5/22/2015 / Christian Living
    There is never any reason not to be kind and show kindness.
    You are actually being kind to yourself by being kind to others!
    And everyone needs it.

    You only need a heart touched by the goodness of Jesus, and filled with His sweetness.

    5/22/2015 / Devotionals
    "But just as it's of no use looking into a mirror and then going away and forgetting what you look like, so looking into the Mirror of Reality requires going away and doing exactly what it says. The Bible is the undistorted hall of mirrors of your real life."

  35. The Negative Example by Jerry Ousley  
    5/22/2015 / Christian Living
    In order to be a successful Christian we must get past the Negative Exmaple ...

  36. ANGIE'S OLD AGE by linzy bruno  
    5/22/2015 / Short Stories
    " The retailers and advertisers use those types of tactics to attract the younger buyers because they know....."

  37. HOLY HOLY HOLY by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/21/2015 / Poetry

    5/21/2015 / Christian Living
    Life seems full of contradiction and even you may think the bible has contradiction in it.

    5/21/2015 / Devotionals
    The way to understand how unworthy and lost we are without Christ is by reading the requirements of the Law. (Read Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy in the Old Testament)

  40. SANDRA'S VICTORIOUS EVENING by linzy bruno  
    5/21/2015 / Short Stories
    "Local politician Frank Hammon was just found guilty of bribing federal agents, embezzling and the list goes on....."

  41. Our God Reigns by jacqui julyan  
    5/21/2015 / Devotionals
    Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us . Ephesians 3:20

  42. Vivid Recollections by Pam Ford Davis  
    5/21/2015 / Devotionals
    "Why do recollections of some experiences flood my mind while others elude me?"

  43. Don't Make These 5 Christian Meditation Mistakes by Rhonda Jones  
    5/20/2015 / Christian Living
    Are you making these 5 Christian meditation mistakes? Find out now.

  44. 8 Christian Meditation Tips for Busy Mothers by Rhonda Jones  
    5/20/2015 / Christian Living
    Interested in Christian meditation but can't see how you can fit it in. Check out these 8 Christian meditation tips for busy moms.

  45. Christian Meditation: 10 Signs You Need to Start Meditating Today! by Rhonda Jones  
    5/20/2015 / Christian Living
    Should you practice Christian Meditation? These 10 signs will help you know if a Christ-centered meditation practice will benefit you.

  46. Christian Meditation for Rookies: 12 Steps to Success by Rhonda Jones  
    5/20/2015 / Christian Living
    Christian meditation for rookies gives you 12-steps on how to start a fulfilling Biblical meditation practice.

  47. When God Says Enough by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    5/20/2015 / Christian Living
    How much is enough? How much will God tolerate before a world that has turned almost useless by its fetid indulgences self destruct? Is God about to surprise us?

  48. The Unlikeliest of Heroes (But Still the Greatest of All) by James Webb  
    5/20/2015 / Devotionals
    Who is the greatest "hero" to either grace the pages of our literature or actually walk this earth? The unlikeliest of heroes in the minds of many has become the greatest savior of all mankind.

  49. Are you ready for the big time? by Vanessa Grossett  
    5/20/2015 / Self Help
    Be contented!

  50. Popularity by Pam Ford Davis  
    5/20/2015 / Devotionals
    "A religious leader's popularity is not necessarily a mark of right standing with God."

  51. Word of Mouth by Pam Ford Davis  
    5/19/2015 / Devotionals
    Testimonials & word of mouth reports

  52. Figure 8 And You. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    5/19/2015 / Salvation
    Figures are existing for human use and considerations because they are relevant to human existence. One of them is figure 8.

  53. Friends Today, Enemy Tomorrow: Why? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    5/19/2015 / Relationships
    It happens in human dealings that once close friends become sworn enemies. Why is this so?

  54. Sideways? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    5/19/2015 / Christian Living
    Your environment affects your decisions because what you see influences your thoughts and action. Then do you look sideways? It remains a place to look before you act.

  55. Five Ways You Can Be Involved In A Rift. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    5/19/2015 / Relationships
    Are you involved in a rift recently? Did you take time to examine your roles in it? How can you be involved?

  56. Still Thirsty by louis gander  
    5/18/2015 / Short Stories
    Through the desert I walked, still thirsty.
    I was burned from the sun in the sky.
    I was praying, "Dear Jesus, please help me!"
    Yet my prayers dried away, but why...?

  57. 3 Things That Don't Work (And One That Does) by Abby Kelly  
    5/18/2015 / Marriage
    I have made enough mistakes that I'm certainly more than a novice about what not to do in a marriage. From that place of humility and candor, let me offer you some hard-won wisdom.

  58. Pruning Must Happen for New Growth by stephanie reck  
    5/18/2015 / Christian Living
    If you are a gardener you understand that most flowers have to be pruned regularly for new growth to happen. Pruning allows dead flowers to be cut away so that the new growths can erupt. Just as with flowers that need to be trimmed for more beautiful and bigger growths to happen, we need to be regularly "pruned" in our spiritual lives.

  59. Marietta by Jennifer Rubino  
    5/18/2015 / Family
    A little devotion related to unconditional love and my grandmother.

  60. Understanding The Power Of Reading Christian Books For Successful Christian Life by Ngozi Nwoke  
    5/18/2015 / Christian Living
    How often do you read Christian books? The power of reading cannot be overemphasized and when you exercise that power in reading Christian stuff, your life gets better many times over than when you don't read them. Christian books are life-support system for a victorious Christian life. This article helps you to understanding why reading Christian literature is vital for a successful Christian life.

  61. Least, But Not Last by Pam Ford Davis  
    5/18/2015 / Devotionals
    "You have cooties!"

  62. My Christianity Dealing With Politics by Gregory John Monroe  
    5/17/2015 / Christian Living
    A look at how Jesus dealt with politics, and following one's conscious.

  63. Yawning At Tigers (Book Review) by Wayne Davies  
    5/16/2015 / Book Reviews
    Drew Dyck has written a compelling book about the character of God. Required reading for all evangelicals!

  64. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD by Sue Darling  
    5/16/2015 / Christian Living
    Learning to be still in this day and age is very challenging but necessary thing to practise

  65. Angel of Death by jacqui julyan  
    5/16/2015 / Prophecy
    In fellowship, prayer and worship over the last six hours some with a Christian brother and some time alone the following words of prophecy came to me at the midnight watch. I prayed continually in tongues as I could not find any words to contain the burden the LORD laid on my heart .. here I will deliver the words the LORD gave me word for word.. I ask you respectfully take them in prayer to the LORD ..

  66. In the Beginning God by Michael Pleasant  
    5/15/2015 / Worship
    In The beginning God is the most profound statement ever conceived. This article explores this statement in depth.

  67. Free Will? Liberal Christianity. Punished for Sins We Commit After We Become Christians? Tertullian and the Montanists, Part 7 by Karl Kemp  
    5/15/2015 / Bible Studies
    One reason the early Christian Fathers emphasized free will was because the idea that everything is controlled by fate (which is a denial of free will) was widespread in the world of their day. We will discuss this topic here in Part 7.

    5/15/2015 / Devotionals
    "Don't be weary in well doing, in due season you will reap what He has promised! God's word will not return to him without accomplishing the purposes He intended in your life."

  69. THE AMERICAN FLAG by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/15/2015 / Poetry

  70. Counting All Things Loss by Jerry Ousley  
    5/15/2015 / Christian Living
    Now this doesn't sound like a measure of success but as a believer in Christ to be successful we must count all things loss ...

  71. Shaken by Pam Ford Davis  
    5/15/2015 / Devotionals
    'Earthquakes not only make headlines; they make me nervous.'

    5/14/2015 / Devotionals
    I display Him on the walls of my mind, to effuse His precious fragrance and display the Pearl, "The Pearl of Great Price".

  73. Telltale Odors by Pam Ford Davis  
    5/14/2015 / Devotionals
    'I have a very sensitive sense of smell.'

  74. SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD by Sue Darling  
    5/13/2015 / Christian Living
    People do not realise how much joy we receive when we do put God first in our lives even in areas that we are too mean to surrender to God, we find when we eventually do give into God we become even more blessed in our lives then doing things our selfish ways.

  75. Dreams and Visions by Michael Hume  
    5/13/2015 / Christian Living
    God speaks to us in dreams and visions. Keep them and look at them now and then.

  76. WHO ARE THOSE LOST SOULS? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/13/2015 / Poetry

  77. GIVE GLORY TO HIS NAME by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/13/2015 / Poetry

  78. Let your Faith Be Solid by Vanessa Grossett  
    5/13/2015 / Self Help
    Let your doubts be shattered!

  79. The Home Place by Pam Ford Davis  
    5/13/2015 / Devotionals
    'I was home.'

    5/12/2015 / Devotionals
    He wants me to see Jesus, the perfect restorer, the perfect liberator, the perfect all sufficient provision for my every shortcoming.

    5/12/2015 / Christian Living
    Narcigesis is an unbiblical practice and usually occurs whenever "What does this verse mean to you?"

    5/12/2015 / Christian Living
    Why is the mystical practice of Lectio Divina gaining popularity in the visible church? We need to stop this dangerous practice and be faithful to the faith that was once delivered to the saints.

  83. 5 Reasons We Compare Ourselves to Others by stephanie reck  
    5/12/2015 / Self Help
    You are unique, one of a kind, really you are! What happens when you look to others to find out how to act or even what to do? Disappointment and frustrated. We were not made to copy other people's lives. God created each one of us different, with different talents, abilities, and gifts.

  84. Unborn Baby Treats Bus Passengers to Musical Concert by Greg Miller  
    5/12/2015 / Humor
    An unborn baby treats a bus' passengers to a musical concert.

  85. VBS Success Equals Stress by Jennifer Rubino  
    5/12/2015 / Church Life
    VBS can be stressful but what makes it a success?

  86. Weak, I Am by Pam Ford Davis  
    5/12/2015 / Devotionals
    'Weak I am, failure, I am not!'

  87. Once a Pillar by Pam Ford Davis  
    5/11/2015 / Short Stories
    A woman lives in self-imposed isolation...

  88. God Gets Last Laugh on Mountain Man by Greg Miller  
    5/11/2015 / Humor
    God has the last laugh on a mountain man.

  89. Man Seeks to Improve His Relationships by Greg Miller  
    5/11/2015 / Humor
    A man reaches out by email to improve his relationships.

  90. Walking with God by jacqui julyan  
    5/11/2015 / Christian Living
    If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.. Matthew 10:14.

  91. Prayer of longing by jacqui julyan  
    5/11/2015 / Prayers
    Dear Jesus,

    I pray for myself Jesus and those who long to be filled completely and utterly with your love, your Presence in every fibre of our being.

  92. Tsunami of love by jacqui julyan  
    5/11/2015 / Poetry
    Who is like unto you O Lord?
    I sit at your feet
    I worship you Lord!
    I kneel in adoration
    I worship you Lord!

  93. To Encourage or Discourage; That is the Question by Jennifer Rubino  
    5/11/2015 / Christian Living
    People need encouragement, especially children.

  94. Unmarried "Christians" Living Together by Gregory John Monroe  
    5/11/2015 / Education
    Unmarried Christians living together are in the flesh; hostile to the ways of God. Either they are ignoring the Holy Spirit or they are not indwelled by Him

  95. Leviticus 18:3 by Don Costello  
    5/11/2015 / Bible Studies
    Expository study of Leviticus 18:3

  96. Liar, Liar by Pam Ford Davis  
    5/11/2015 / Devotionals
    'The Liar' was a poem by William Blake, that dates back to 1810.

  97. A Spirit-filled Mother's Vow by Yuri Solomon  
    5/10/2015 / Devotionals
    Hannah went to God and prayed and told Him specifically what she wanted and vowed the only proper response of a mother given the gift of a child by God.

  98. The Danger for a Christian in Marrying a Non-Christian by Max Aplin  
    5/10/2015 / Relationships
    The Christian life is about having one all-consuming purpose, which is to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Being married to a non-Christian is bound to make it very difficult for a believer to live only for Christ, and the Bible teaches that we should not marry outside the family of faith. It is reasonable to think that there are rare exceptions to this principle, such as when a Christian's life is threatened.

  99. SATAN IS THE FATHER OF LIES by Sue Darling  
    5/09/2015 / Christian Living
    We are having to fight the lies of Satan all our lives

  100. While The Church Slumbers by Steve Countryman  
    5/09/2015 / Christian Living
    The Bible is not allowed to be preached in public because it is considered "hate speech". Chaplains in the military are not allowed to use the name of Jesus in prayer. Prayer is not allowed in public schools and neither is the reading of the Bible. But teaching and encouraging students to read and study the Koran is allowed and mandated in some schools. All while the church slumbers.

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