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  1. AS THE BELL TOLLED by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/19/2019 / Poetry

  2. My Perfect Fit by PamFord Davis  
    9/19/2019 / Devotionals
    Its a perfect fit on my ring finger.

    I have the perfect mate too.

  3. Pension Woes for some Catholic Church-affiliated Organizations by Sim Lee  
    9/18/2019 / Legal
    A look at apparent pension underfunding within some Catholic Church-affiliated organizations.

  4. THE AGE OF CINO'S, RINO'S, AND DINO'S by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/18/2019 / Poetry

  5. How to Start and be Successful with Any Exercise Regimen by stephanie reck  
    9/18/2019 / Health
    Who really likes to exercise, maybe those people who practically live at the gym; but for most folk exercising is not on our fun activities to do.

  6. Into the Shadows by Sim Lee  
    9/18/2019 / Poetry
    A look at Christians sharing the Gospel.

  7. At the Head Table by PamFord Davis  
    9/18/2019 / Devotionals
    Seating at a head table is thought to be good; the best place.

    Nothing compares to a table prepared by my Shepherd.

  8. Borne to Me by Linda Jackson  
    9/17/2019 / Poetry
    Dying for an idol made by hands they did trust

  9. Banners Over Me by Linda Jackson  
    9/17/2019 / Poetry
    Do they go before or flow behind?

  10. SERVANT OF GOD by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/17/2019 / Poetry

  11. Rocks, Stones, Pebbles and Boulders Hold Convention to Praise the Lord by Greg Miller  
    9/17/2019 / Christian Living
    Rocks of various shapes and sizes hold a convention to praise the Lord.

  12. Prosper In All Things As Your Soul Prospers by Ngozi Nwoke  
    9/17/2019 / Christian Living
    Do you desire to prosper in all things? It is the will of God that you prosper in all things and He has given us the wisdom on how to actualize this in our lives, which is to prosper first in our souls. This article aims at emphasizing the need to prosper in your soul if you desire to be prosperous in all things.

  13. Investing Into Your Account In Heaven by Ngozi Nwoke  
    9/17/2019 / Christian Living
    Do you desire to be free from poverty or to have more than enough to give others? This is a good desire but it will take God if what you want is 'riches without sorrow'. It will take sowing into your account in heaven so you can draw from it without sorrows. This article tells you how to invest into your heaven's account.

  14. Times Of Silence - Wisdom For Fewer Faults In Life by Ngozi Nwoke  
    9/17/2019 / Christian Living
    Do you always say everything you want to say? Sometimes, things are better left unspoken. These unspoken words may determine the state of relationships, the feelings or health of others, and your position between sin and righteousness, if spoken. This article stresses that it is wisdom to observe times of silence.

  15. Be Willing And Obedient To Eat The Good Of The Land by Ngozi Nwoke  
    9/17/2019 / Christian Living
    Is the land where you are satisfying you with the good she has? Every land has been endowed by God with some good things which her inhabitants can benefit from. However, many people are not having the taste of the goodies that their land has to offer them; rather they are wallowing in poverty. This article reveals the secret to eating the good of the land.

  16. According to Scriptures by PamFord Davis  
    9/17/2019 / Devotionals
    Everlasting life (salvation) by Gods Son

    He died; He was buried. He rose again!

  17. How Dangerous Is Harry Potter? by Max Aplin  
    9/16/2019 / Recreation
    The Harry Potter books and films cause a lot more harm than good. They desensitize people, especially children, to the evil of witchcraft in the real world. They are helping to fuel an increase in witchcraft. And the differences between real witchcraft and witchcraft in the Potter fantasy world are not great enough to say that one is evil and the other is acceptable.

  18. The Heart and the MInd by Ken Barnes  
    9/16/2019 / Christian Living

    David had good intentions. The Ark of the Lord had not been honored King Sauls reign, and David did not want to do the same. Good intentions are not enough. The work of the Lord must be done not only through good means but right ones. We can follow are hearts without exercising our minds and have disastrous results.

  19. Clint's Bucket List by PamFord Davis  
    9/16/2019 / Devotionals
    Jesus said, Everyone who drinks from this water will get thirsty again. But whoever drinks from the water that I will give him will never get thirsty again"ever (John 4:13 HCSB)!"

  20. THE LOVE OF GOD NEVER FAILS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/15/2019 / Poetry

  21. SOLD OUT by Lupie Riley  
    9/15/2019 / Christian Living
    Are you sold out to Jesus? Paul was a good example of someone who was totally committed to Christ. He considered himself the Lord's servant.

  22. Tal-Ya - "God's Dew" by Sim Lee  
    9/14/2019 / Education
    A look at how an ancient Hebrew irrigation method is being used today in modern Israel/

  23. MASQUERADE by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/13/2019 / Poetry

  24. Nipping at Your Heels by PamFord Davis  
    9/13/2019 / Devotionals
    We dont hear much about iniquity anymore. Iniquity is sin; as in injustice and immorality. We shun such topics in everyday conversations.

  25. MY AR-15 vs ROE V WADE by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/12/2019 / Poetry

  26. Rash Judgments by PamFord Davis  
    9/12/2019 / Devotionals
    At times, Jesus rebuked His Disciples. They learned a lesson about rash judgments.

  27. WINNING SOULS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/11/2019 / Poetry

  28. The Via Egnatia by Sim Lee  
    9/11/2019 / Christian Living
    A look at the Apostle Paul's work in the cities along the Via Egnatia and at our own lives, our "Via Vieta".

  29. Pies, Cakes, Ice Cream Vie for World's Best Dessert by Greg Miller  
    9/11/2019 / Christian Living
    Cakes, pies and ice cream compete for being the world's best dessert.

  30. Transformation Testimony by PamFord Davis  
    9/11/2019 / Devotionals
    Christian maturity takes time; Gods children are a work in progress. He is growing us in ways we may not even realize. We all have a transformation testimony.

  31. NOTE ABOUT MY POETRY by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/10/2019 / Poetry

  32. Simple Logic, Deep Faith by PamFord Davis  
    9/10/2019 / Devotionals
    With mans best efforts to keep so many things clean, multitudes do not have a clean heart.

    Thats not logical.

  33. IMPRESSIONS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/09/2019 / Poetry

  34. Keys to Developing a Daily Spiritual Routine by stephanie reck  
    9/09/2019 / Christian Living
    Having a morning ritual that prioritizes spending time with God is the most important key to developing a daily spiritual routine.

    A morning routine consists of the top 5 things that you do consistently first thing in the morning.

  35. That Voice, That Demon by Tesse Wilson  
    9/09/2019 / Christian Living
    Do not turn on yourself... your life is precious

  36. Granny, Go by PamFord Davis  
    9/09/2019 / Devotionals
    Will I follow Jesus command? He told His disciples to go.

  37. The Theban Legion - 6600 Martyrs for Christ by Sim Lee  
    9/07/2019 / Christian Living
    A review of the circumstances that resulted in an entire roman Legion being martyred for their Coptic Christian faith.

  38. Justice and Fairness by Ken Barnes  
    9/06/2019 / Christian Living
    As Christians, we sometimes confuse the concepts of justice and fairness. God is just but life at times is not always fair.

  39. Obey by PamFord Davis  
    9/06/2019 / Devotionals
    Trust and Obey (John H. Sammis-1887/ Public Domain)

  40. Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring Discuss Changing Seasons by Greg Miller  
    9/05/2019 / Christian Living
    The four seasons discuss their importance.

  41. My Sustainer by Susan Budensiek  
    9/05/2019 / Christian Living
    Uphold me, as you promised; and I will live; don't disappoint me in my hope (Psalm 119:116 CJB).

    Most of us question a spiritual matter at some time or another, some of us more than others. We may question eternal security or if or when the rapture will take place, or any number of other things. But one thing we dont usually question is our Saviors love for us, even at those times when we may not feel worthy of His great love, we still know its there.

  42. God's Values Don't Change with the Times by Max Aplin  
    9/05/2019 / Christian Living
    There are many today who seem to think that God adjusts His moral values to take account of changes in society. This is a big mistake. As Christians, we need to hold fast to what is right, including in matters of sexual morality, even when we are in a tiny minority.

  43. Forgiven, They Praise God by PamFord Davis  
    9/05/2019 / Devotionals
    Christ followers are compelled to tell their salvation stories.

  44. Discipline is a Key to Success in Any Area of Your Life by stephanie reck  
    9/04/2019 / Christian Living

    What areas in your life do you want to improve? Your health, your finances, or your thought life. No matter what area in your life that you want to make progress in, learning how to discipline yourself will be a key to your success.

  45. But Prayer by PamFord Davis  
    9/04/2019 / Devotionals
    Am I fervent in my prayers?

    The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much (James 5:16b KJV).

  46. MAiD - Canada's "Medical Aid In Dying" by Sim Lee  
    9/03/2019 / World Affairs
    Another look at how Canada continues to favor euthanasia as an option to expensive procedures or patient special requests.

  47. Flapjacks by PamFord Davis  
    9/03/2019 / Devotionals
    We are at a critical time in our world. We must return to the LORD as individuals, families and nations.

  48. Values of Virtue by Sonja Mattison  
    9/02/2019 / Self Help
    Understanding God s time and events requires patience; therefore, we must learn to manage them so that we can experience a fruitful life. Take the time to be patient and be patient with time.

  49. TRUST AND OBEY by Lupie Riley  
    9/02/2019 / Christian Living
    Trust and obedience go hand in hand. One without the other is unproductive.

  50. CHRISTIANITY OR BABYLON? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    9/02/2019 / Education
    CHRISTIANITY is the worship of Father and Son. Salvation is possible only by faith in the Biblical Jesus. There is no other way.
    BABYLON is a worship of Mother and son. There is No salvation by faith in any Queen of Heaven or BABY Thammuz, masquerading as baby Jesus. Check it out.

  51. "ALONE" by Lewis E. Thomas  
    9/01/2019 / Poetry

  52. Eyes to See by Cynthia Bowen  
    9/01/2019 / Devotionals
    As we rush from place to place, we often fail to see people and places the way the Lord sees them.

  53. Moments In Prayer by Cynthia Bowen  
    9/01/2019 / Poetry
    Sweet fellowship with God as the day ends.

  54. Political Views Widen On Value Of Church by Sim Lee  
    9/01/2019 / Internet
    A look at how the effects of opinions expressed on social media have decreased the value that politics is now placing on the value of the church in American life.

  55. Shadows of China's "Social Credit" in USA? by Sim Lee  
    8/31/2019 / World Affairs
    A look at how some American companies are using digital accounting to monitor their people similar to China's use of their "social credit" to control their people.

  56. A STORM A COMING! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/30/2019 / Poetry

  57. Mom's Birthday by PamFord Davis  
    8/30/2019 / Family
    If still living, today would have been my Moms 97th birthday.

    I miss her molasses cookies.

  58. Labor Day Weekend by PamFord Davis  
    8/29/2019 / Holidays
    Happy Labor Day!

  59. Patients and Physician Discuss Doctor's Value to the Community by Greg Miller  
    8/29/2019 / Christian Living
    A physician and her patients discuss her value to the community.

  60. WHAT IS PRAYER? by Tesh Njokanma  
    8/29/2019 / Prayers
    Prayer is not an option, neither is it something we do when all else has failed. Prayer is an essential, vital, important and absolutely necessary part of our life and walk with God.

  61. As You Wish by PamFord Davis  
    8/29/2019 / Devotionals
    They cried out: let Him be crucified!

  62. THE SPIRIT WORLD by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/28/2019 / Poetry

  63. From Another's Perspective by Ken Barnes  
    8/28/2019 / Christian Living
    Perspective is determined by our beliefs, experiences, and life choices.Sometimes we can never see things from anothers perspective because of our preconceptions.

  64. The High Notes by Sim Lee  
    8/27/2019 / Christian Living
    A look to the joy that sharing the Gospel brings.

  65. Nominal Christianity by Susan Budensiek  
    8/27/2019 / Christian Living
    We are not offered a choice of a basic plan or a premium level plan for following Him. Too many professing Christians today have chosen nominal Christianity, or the nonexistent basic plan over the reality of what is required of us.

  66. The Annulment by PamFord Davis  
    8/27/2019 / Devotionals
    Do you know His purpose for your life?

    I want to glorify God.

  67. Christ Who Strengthens Me by Kathleen Angell  
    8/26/2019 / Missions
    When my strength fails, He gives His strength and I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.

  68. Forgive My Forgetfulness by Tesse Wilson  
    8/26/2019 / Christian Living
    What they say verus what you have said. Lord, help me to remember your living word.

  69. The Line is Drawn by jacky julyan  
    8/26/2019 / Prophecy
    The line has been drawn in the sand. My distinction of what is holy is set, it has always been set from the foundation of the world.

  70. Waiting for Delivery by PamFord Davis  
    8/26/2019 / Devotionals
    Imagine Apostle Pauls waiting. He wrote a letter to Timothy, his son in the ministry. Paul included some very special requests.

  71. HAD JESUS COME DOWN OFF THE CROSS... by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/25/2019 / Poetry

  72. Social Media Use Frequency - Depression by Sim Lee  
    8/24/2019 / Health
    A look at how excessive social media use by youth and young adults is causing much higher risks for them of depression and thoughts of suicide or attempts

    8/23/2019 / Devotionals
    The Holy Spirit has been poured out on all flesh. He is your helper; your invisible Champion by your side. The Lord is your strength and your shield. You can trust in him and be helped.

  74. MY BLACK AND DECKER ANALOGY by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/23/2019 / Poetry

  75. My Lifeâs Supernatural Contacts and Experiences (Part 1) by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    8/22/2019 / Testimonies
    My Lifes Supernatural Contacts and Experiences (1)

  76. My Lifeâs Supernatural Contacts and Experiences (Part 1) by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    8/22/2019 / Testimonies
    My Lifes Supernatural Contacts and Experiences (1)

  77. GOD DESIRES CONSECRATION by linzy bruno  
    8/21/2019 / Christian Living
    "Earthly fathers desire a loving relationship, loaded with engaging communication and feelings of warmth and appreciation.
    AND God Desires a satisfying relationship with each of His children."

  78. THE FIVE FOOLISH VIRGINS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/21/2019 / Poetry

  79. Pastor and Wife Go on Weekly Ministry Date by Greg Miller  
    8/21/2019 / Christian Living
    A pastor and his wife enjoy weekly ministry dates.

  80. Experiencing Freedom in Your New Season by stephanie reck  
    8/20/2019 / Christian Living
    As you are entering into your new season you will think that you have not been this way before because you will have a new freedom from the same issues, circumstances and problems that you had in your old season.

  81. Staying on the Rails by Sim Lee  
    8/20/2019 / Christian Living
    A look at Christians, life and railroads.

  82. The Knowledge of Fools by Ken Barnes  
    8/19/2019 / Christian Living
    If you think you know a lot, you over-estimate yourself.Proud knowledge is the most significant proof of our ignorance.

  83. I NEVER SAY IM SORRY! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/18/2019 / Poetry

  84. THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/17/2019 / Poetry

  85. Christian Brand Chick-fil-A Is Voted #1 by Sim Lee  
    8/16/2019 / Christian Living
    A look at Christian brand "Chick-fil-A" being voted top honors for best food, service and quality in America four years running.

  86. Lightning Strikes by PamFord Davis  
    8/16/2019 / Devotionals
    For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be (Matthew 24:27 NKJV).

  87. CANâT SEE ANY PRESENCE OF GOD? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    8/15/2019 / Education
    If God reigns, how can evil keep increasing? Prayed for something, and did not get it?
    Did your little (or nonexistent?) faith crack-up for good after that?
    We are, in what is called by many, near the end times. Now what does that mean?

  88. Missions Becomes a Big Part of Church's Ministry by Greg Miller  
    8/15/2019 / Missions
    A church discovers the importance of missions.

  89. Store Away and Store Up Treasures by PamFord Davis  
    8/15/2019 / Devotionals
    After marriage, the new brides remove treasures from their hope chests for use them in their new homes. Are you storing away treasures for heaven?

  90. WHO TOUCHED ME? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/14/2019 / Poetry

    8/14/2019 / Christian Living
    It's time for fence straddlers to make a decision. The Lord is coming soon to take believers out of this world before the seven year tribulation. Now is the time for Salvation.

  92. Divine Encounters by PamFord Davis  
    8/14/2019 / Devotionals
    Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me? And he said, Who are You, Lord? And He said, I am Jesus whom you are persecuting, but get up and enter the city, and it will be told you what you must do. (Acts 9:4b-5-6 NASB)

  93. History - Jewish Defeat of Roman Legion XII by Sim Lee  
    8/13/2019 / Christian Living
    A review of the total defeat of Roman Legion XII by Jewish rebels during the Jewish War, two years before the fall of Jerusalem.

  94. Transitioning Into Your New Season by stephanie reck  
    8/13/2019 / Christian Living

    As you transition out of your old season (or former way of living) and into your new season you may feel like you have one foot still in your old season and one foot in your new season. This in-between season is known as transitioning, youre not quite in the new season but your former season is closing.

  95. Babes in Praiseland by PamFord Davis  
    8/13/2019 / Devotionals
    Such simple words, yet profound. Thank you.

  96. RECIPE TO CREATE A MASS SHOOTER! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/12/2019 / Poetry

  97. The Gospel of Envy by Ken Barnes  
    8/12/2019 / Christian Living
    Winston Churchill once said, Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. Many young people today are being hoodwinked by the gospel of envy.

  98. The Mycenae Crick by PamFord Davis  
    8/12/2019 / Devotionals
    Though frowned upon by neighborhood parents, the kids went swimming in the crick.

    Creek, you say? Its an either or answer. It will always be the crick to me.

  99. When the Wicked Surround You by J Patrick Bowman  
    8/11/2019 / Bible Studies
    Have you ever felt that you were surrounded by people who wanted to take you down and make a mockery of you? In light of Psalm 12, we can assume that this was not only a feeling but a reality at one point in King Davids life. Lets look at what David had to say.

  100. USA - Diverse Beliefs in God by Sim Lee  
    8/10/2019 / Christian Living
    A look at the marked decrease in the belief of the God of the Bible in the USA in the past 20 years.

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