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  1. Backhanded Compliment by PamFord Davis  
    11/14/2018 / Devotionals
    That guys squirrely!

    That might be a backhanded compliment. Though it implies idiocy and lack of stability there is another point to be made.

  2. Online Homeschooling Programs : Extensive training and experience by Kendra Schuman  
    11/13/2018 / Education
    Online homeschooling programs, even if it is free or paid, you will see a huge increase in the last ten years. Increasing the amount of information available on the Internet has facilitated this growth.

  3. 3 College Lessons You Must Learn by David Maple  
    11/13/2018 / Education
    College Lessons You Must Learn

  4. The Gift by BGW   
    11/13/2018 / Holidays
    The joy of Christmas time is here. Just don't forget why we celebrate.

  5. A Winter Wonder by Stephen Kimball  
    11/13/2018 / Holidays
    Based on actual events, this is an inspiring story of a brave young man who didnt let fear get in the way of sharing the true meaning of Christmas.

  6. How Sweet It Is! by PamFord Davis  
    11/13/2018 / Devotionals
    How good it is!

    A man takes joy in giving an answer;
    and a timely word"how good that is (Proverbs 15:23 HCSB)!

    Our words can be good; we can be sweet and sincere. In general, people have trouble taming their tongues; we sometimes spout bitterness.

    11/11/2018 / Christian Living
    One person dies another is born. Life goes on. Jesus valued the life of a child and blessed them. Today abortion does not look at a fetus as a baby and rids themselves of the inconvenience. There is a way of forgiveness through Jesus shed blood.

    11/09/2018 / Devotionals
    All your good works will never be good enough to qualify you for heaven. Therefore, Jesus died in your place Only his good works are good enough for a good God.

  9. Watch and Wait by PamFord Davis  
    11/09/2018 / Devotionals
    I wait impatiently as I watch a pot on the stove. Will it ever boil?

    Christ followers are waiting for His return.

  10. Full Assurance by Ken Barnes  
    11/09/2018 / Christian Living
    There are times in our Christian walk that we can just get tired and spiritually lazy. Paul reminds us that the good works we did, in the beginning, should continue to the end. Diligence ensures the full assurance of our hope until the end.

  11. Returning to My Roots: A Sincere Apology by Jennie Malcolmmm  
    11/09/2018 / Church Life
    Modern life brings us a lot of problems. How to solve them? Why solve them? And who can help us with this?

  12. The Conversion of Jane Roe (of Roe vs. Wade) by Sim Lee  
    11/08/2018 / Womens Interest
    The story of how sharing the Gospel lead to the conversion of Jane Roe of Roe vs. Wade

  13. Don't Drown, America by John Owens  
    11/08/2018 / Politics
    As a lifeguard, one can spot a drowning person. What about a nation?

  14. Start to Finish by PamFord Davis  
    11/08/2018 / Devotionals
    It starts with confessing Jesus before others.

    Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven (Matthew 10:32 NASB).

  15. The Devil and Daniel Webster by Susan Budensiek  
    11/07/2018 / Devotionals
    I remember reading the short story, The Devil and Daniel Webster in junior high school (over half a century ago!) and thought, Who would ever do something so foolish as to sell his soul to the devil? That is definitely fiction. Now I am old and have been a Christian for about forty-six years. I have come to realize that all of us, even sincere Christians, do the same thing as Daniel Webster did, although on a much less dramatic level.

  16. The Finished Product by Dr. Arvis Murrell  
    11/07/2018 / Womens Interest
    While we are so busy working on our hair, face, etc., God is also busy working on us. As Christians we are constantly being changed to reflect the life of Jesus, the finished product.

  17. When You Don't Feel Good Enough by Dr. Arvis Murrell  
    11/07/2018 / Womens Interest
    Our past doesn't define us. We can change and be used for a higher purpose.

  18. Thinking through the Storm by Dr. Arvis Murrell  
    11/07/2018 / Christian Living
    Storms of life can frighten us and get us to doubt. Yet during these times of uncertainty, we need to throw doubt aside and be determined to endure until the end.

  19. A Perfect Day by Linda Jackson  
    11/07/2018 / Poetry
    Birth is often like that and even ease between pains
    A false time of rest, more victims he gains

  20. OUR CHAMPION by Dudley Anderson  
    11/07/2018 / Christian Living
    Our Champion, Jesus, had conquered the enemy of Life. Jesus fought a duel and won the fight. You and I, in the ranks and files of His army, have not raised a sword in this battle, yet through Jesus, we have gained the victory. Jesus is the conqueror, while through Christ, we are more than conquerors.

  21. The Morning After by PamFord Davis  
    11/07/2018 / Devotionals
    Its the morning after.

    If thinking the morning after a night of partying; youre right. Its the morning after election results in the U.S.A. While some candidates celebrated wins, others threw pity parties.

  22. Submission to Authority by PamFord Davis  
    11/06/2018 / Devotionals
    I believe that America can truly be one nation under God.

    I pray; Thy kingdom come.

  23. What Is "The Israel of God" in Galatians 6:16? by Max Aplin  
    11/05/2018 / Bible Studies
    The best interpretation of Galatians 6:16 is that the church is a kind of spiritual Israel. This counts against the view of most dispensationalists that God has distinct plans for Israel and the church.

  24. Spiritual Groupies by Ken Barnes  
    11/05/2018 / Christian Living
    Paul had planted the Church in the great city of Corinth. He got reports that they had started to divide into groups based on the preference for leadership. If your fondness for a spiritual leader separates you from the rest of the Body of Christ, you may be on the path to becoming a spiritual groupie.

  25. Holy Spirit Led Revival by PamFord Davis  
    11/05/2018 / Devotionals
    America needs an old fashioned Holy Spirit led revival; I need a revival.

    Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?

    Shew us thy mercy, O Lord, and grant us thy salvation (Psalm 85:6-7 KJV).

  26. The prophet by Cyril Almond  
    11/04/2018 / Christian Apologetics
    An old testament prophet Micaf

  27. Lord, I am thankful... by Stephen Kimball  
    11/04/2018 / Poetry
    My prayer of thankfulness.

  28. WE'LL SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE by Lupie Riley  
    11/02/2018 / Christian Living
    In the rapture we'll soar like an eagle. Enoch was transported to another dimension because God took him. Phillip was transported to another town when he completed his mission with the eunuch. Jesus floated up into the sky and disappeared in the clouds. We'll be able to do the same when the trumpet sounds.

  29. Tethered To Love by Linda Lawrence  
    11/02/2018 / Devotionals
    Devotional to encourage caregivers.

    11/02/2018 / Devotionals
    Be encouraged. He will show you the way to go, step by step, as he illuminates just enough of the path ahead to keep you walking by faith and not be sight.

  31. Moving On by Stephen Kimball  
    11/02/2018 / Salvation
    God's mercies are new every morning...Make a fresh start today!

  32. At the Threshold by PamFord Davis  
    11/02/2018 / Devotionals
    Smiles and handshakes are mandatory for those who take on the role of a greeter. My mind takes me back to the mid 1980s and the First Baptist Church of DeFuniak Springs, FL.

  33. - A Life Line Of Truth To So Many In The Dark by Sim Lee  
    11/01/2018 / Ministry Website Reviews
    A current look at how is reaching those Christians and converts in the troubled areas of the world, especially Nigeria (35% of website traffic today is originating from Nigerian searches) and Africa in general.

  34. Those âDâ Words by Susan Budensiek  
    11/01/2018 / Devotionals
    Those D words " you know them " everyone does, if you think about it.

    Down in the dumps

  35. Get Out the Vote by PamFord Davis  
    11/01/2018 / Devotionals
    What do we get for our votes?

    An elected official might take more than he or she gives.

  36. My Halloween Awakening by John Owens  
    10/31/2018 / Christian Living
    At 2AM Halloween morning, a terrifying vision gripped this writer. God wouldn't let go till it was all written down.

  37. So Be It by PamFord Davis  
    10/31/2018 / Devotionals
    The LORD holds me by His hand.

    If I slip

    If I fall, He will lift me up.

  38. Calamity Calamity Calamity by jacky julyan  
    10/30/2018 / Prophecy
    I tell you the truth the countdown of My appearing is DAYS not weeks!

    Behold! I am coming soon and I say who can stand My Wrath?

  39. What Pride Is and Isn't by Ken Barnes  
    10/30/2018 / Christian Living
    The Devil is called the accuser of the brethren.Those who struggle with pride are the first to charge others of this offense.The Enemy is very skillful inaccusing us of sin generally that we may not be guilty of specifically.

  40. At Arm's Length by PamFord Davis  
    10/30/2018 / Devotionals
    Can a value be placed on a persons life?

    Jesus believed we were of great value; He staked His life on it.

  41. Gender Equality Should Not Mean Gender Sameness by Max Aplin  
    10/29/2018 / World Affairs
    Many in Western culture seem to think that gender equality means gender sameness. However, men and women have been created equal but different, and Christians should oppose attempts to get rid of gender distinctions.

  42. On the Books by PamFord Davis  
    10/29/2018 / Devotionals
    Gods law is not to be rescinded.

    Its on the books.

  43. Prepare ye the way of the LORD by jacky julyan  
    10/27/2018 / Prophecy
    The Day is at hand
    The night is closing in
    Repent ....repent....repent...

    10/26/2018 / Devotionals
    Dear God-tracker, God has an ambition to bless you and fill your life with good things. His plans for you are wonderful!

  45. Truly She Was Her Father's Daughter by Sim Lee  
    10/25/2018 / Family
    A look at the unfailing love and loyalty displayed by Louisa May Alcott throughout her life in honoring her father and mother.

  46. Family Observes Two Thanksgiving Celebrations by Greg Miller  
    10/25/2018 / Family
    A family is so thankful that they observe two Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

  47. AMAZING GRACE by Lupie Riley  
    10/24/2018 / Christian Living
    What is the meaning of the word GRACE. It can have several but the one that counts is from God.

  48. THE MISSING PIECE by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/23/2018 / Poetry

  49. Creation by BGW   
    10/23/2018 / Salvation
    How the universe was truly created.

  50. Flames Of Love by Steve Countryman  
    10/22/2018 / Christian Living
    The flames of love is the manifested unquenchable fire of the Holy Spirit!

  51. Does 1 John 2:19 Prove That Genuine Christians Never Fall Away and Lose Salvation? by Max Aplin  
    10/22/2018 / Salvation
    1 John 2:19 is often said to prove that God will never allow a born-again Christian to fall away from the faith and lose salvation. However, this verse falls far short of proving this.

  52. Lofty Eyes by Ken Barnes  
    10/22/2018 / Christian Apologetics
    Whether you are proud or not, you will be accused of being so. Davids brother said he was proud (1 Samuel 17:28 NLT), yet he knew the condition of his heart. He could have remained in the sheepfolds as well as rise to be a king. Lofty eyes always stem from a proud heart.

  53. Devoted and Diligent by PamFord Davis  
    10/22/2018 / Devotionals
    Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor; not lagging behind in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord (Romans 12:10-11 NASB).

    We serve the coming Lord

  54. The Mighty One by louis gander  
    10/21/2018 / Poetry
    My words are wrong. They don't belong.
    My ev'ry word just seems absurd!
    They don't do justice for all He has done!
    Thoughts disappear. I shed a tear -
    and say a prayer that isn't fair -
    from little me - to God, the Mighty One.

  55. Peace of God Restored by Susan Budensiek  
    10/20/2018 / Christian Living
    As much as I have agonized, cried, examined myself for disobedience to God, felt like I was of no use to God or anyone else, and in general thought almost constantly about this current longest, darkest, gloomiest valley I have ever walked through, I have not completely lost faith in God. Although, I confess that I have come very close to it and even felt like He had abandoned me. I had no peace, no joy, and no incentive to do anything.

  56. Powers of Darkness by PamFord Davis  
    10/19/2018 / Devotionals
    As a child, I looked forward to Halloween.

    As a child of God, I dread its arrival.

  57. A Dividing Line of Religions and Death - Nigeria's Middle Belt by Sim Lee  
    10/18/2018 / World Affairs
    A current look at Africa's true killing fields for Christians

  58. Praise Portions by PamFord Davis  
    10/18/2018 / Devotionals
    The LORD is worthy of praise.

    Great is the Lord, and highly to be praised,
    And His greatness is unsearchable (Psalm 145:3 NASB).

  59. Our Retirement Years by PamFord Davis  
    10/17/2018 / Devotionals
    I see my retirement through eyes of faith.

    for we walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7 NASB)."

  60. Heaven's Court by Ken Barnes  
    10/17/2018 / Christian Living
    There is a chief justice of heavens court, and his name is the God of Justice. The judges and magistrates on this earth wield enormous power and influence. When those who administer justice in this world walk in darkness and dispense injustice, there is still a God who rules and reigns. He fights for the rights of the poor and needy. He brings judgment on the judges.

  61. BY THE FEAR OF THE LORD by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/16/2018 / Poetry

  62. Do You See Jesus? by Donna Wittlif  
    10/16/2018 / Devotionals
    We can look right past Jesus without seeing Him.

  63. Could Be by PamFord Davis  
    10/16/2018 / Devotionals
    Make a guess. What would you name as mans biggest fear? It might be the fear of rejection.

  64. Make Sure Your Clothes Are not Duds by Alan Allegra  
    10/15/2018 / Salvation
    We are born both physically and spiritually naked. Covering the body is not enough to hide the shame of our sinful spirits. Like the Pharisees, we can seem respectable on the outside but be corrupt on the inside (Matthew 23:27). God sees the inner person " the thoughts and motives inside the skin (Hebrews 4:12). We need new garments to cover the inner person.

  65. All is His Story by Linda Jackson  
    10/15/2018 / Poetry
    Sea creatures, known and unknown

  66. This Poor Widow by PamFord Davis  
    10/15/2018 / Devotionals
    Widows might need time to heal their broken hearts.

    We might not know what widows need most at any given time.

  67. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT by Lupie Riley  
    10/14/2018 / Christian Living
    Our Christian youth need to Stand out, Stand up and Stand firm in the faith. I'm a opinionated politically incorrect grandma

  68. Writing lessons from Luke by theburningbushboy Solanke  
    10/13/2018 / Writing
    SinceI am, therefore, called to write, I must write right, obeying all writing rites. I must give my writing a deep thought, for while I am gone, my work should still be speaking.

  69. If You Can Interpret by louis gander  
    10/13/2018 / Salvation
    ...from ants to the mammoth so woolly.

    Can you understand of the rock and the sand -
    a foundation as in white and black?
    If so, you will master the words of your pastor
    and find that you're on the right track.

    So don't be discouraged...

  70. Poking Holes in the Holy Book by Alan Allegra  
    10/12/2018 / Christian Apologetics
    People have tried to poke holes in the testimony of the Word of God for thousands of years, starting in the Garden of Eden when Satan said to Eve, Did God actually say . . . ? (Genesis 3:1). Casting doubt on the veracity of Scripture is an attempt to poke holes in His testimony. When it comes to a he said, she said controversy, He always wins. Let God be true though every one were a liar (Romans 3:4). God is not man, that he should lie, or a son of man, that he should change his mind. Has he said, and will he not do it? Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfill it? (Numbers 23:19).

  71. It's All About Balance by Susan Budensiek  
    10/12/2018 / Christian Living
    We all know that life is like a teeter-totter, having ups and downs throughout its entirety. And many of us are challenged by the juggling of everything we are involved in, struggling for balance. The well-known passage in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 lays out plainly that all of life is meant to be balanced. But this isnt exactly what I have been thinking about concerning balance...

  72. The Sum of God's Word by Ken Barnes  
    10/12/2018 / Christian Living
    All of Gods word is true, yet taking one part of it without considering the other parts, will not lead you to the truth.

  73. You Talkin' to Me? by PamFord Davis  
    10/12/2018 / Devotionals
    How has the Son spoken?

    Look for a red letter Bible.

    The publisher has printed all words spoken by Jesus in red ink.

  74. C.S. Lewis - On The Way To The Whipsnade Zoo by Sim Lee  
    10/11/2018 / Christian Living
    A look at the circumstances of the conversion of C.S. Lewis to Christianity.

  75. The Offer of a Lifetime by BGW   
    10/11/2018 / Short Stories
    Ever wonder what life would be like if God gave you anything you wanted.

  76. Christian Couple and Rabbits Become a Family by Greg Miller  
    10/11/2018 / Family
    A Christian couple and a pair of rabbits become a family.

  77. Brunt of the Storm by PamFord Davis  
    10/11/2018 / Devotionals
    Storms should always be taken seriously.

    Though many people are prepared and heed warnings, others do not.

  78. Angels With Him by PamFord Davis  
    10/10/2018 / Devotionals
    The LORD is our Creator. He also created angels

    Angels are at Jesus beckoned call.

  79. Are You Biased by Don Pedal  
    10/09/2018 / Christian Living
    Let me start out by saying we are all biased. Christians are more biased than many other groups. Before you throw me under the nearest bus, let me explain. Bias may be good or bad depending how it is used. Are You Biased will help you understand what the Bible has to say about this subject.

  80. THE PARTY OF BLOOD by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/09/2018 / Poetry

  81. Missed Blessings by PamFord Davis  
    10/09/2018 / Devotionals
    He wants to pour out His blessings upon us. Yet, we may be missing out on multiple blessings.

    Thats sad.

  82. Leaping Lena by PamFord Davis  
    10/08/2018 / Devotionals
    We rely on powers from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    The Holy Spirit has even compelled the unborn to leap for JOY.

  83. WORDS THAT HURT by Lupie Riley  
    10/07/2018 / Christian Living
    The gospel of James tells us that the tongue is a small member of the body but out of it can come blessings and cursings.

  84. THANKSGIVING, ONLY A MOCKERY NOW? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    10/06/2018 / Christian Living
    Our HOLY-days, once holy, are disappearing?

  85. Pre-tribulation Rapture Heresy Pt.2 by Roy Francois  
    10/05/2018 / Bible Studies
    Having more fear of the anti-Christ than the fear of God is causing many Christians to persecute the Church of Christ. Because of the fear of what's coming upon the inhabited earth.

  86. "Chinese Christianity" - China's Five-Year Plan by Sim Lee  
    10/05/2018 / World Affairs
    A look at China's 30-year plan to be the world's most dominate Super Power and of its 5-year plan to change Christianity to help achieve a better reputation with their religious trading partners.

  87. Joy Gone Missing by Susan Budensiek  
    10/05/2018 / Christian Living
    I wallowed in my faulty mindset of feeling forgotten, of no value to anyone, etc. for nearly three years, and in time added to it, so and so has stolen my joy ...

    10/05/2018 / Devotionals
    His anointing will break that yoke of depression and burnout, if you will only keep your lamp filled with the Holy Spirit.

  89. Use It or Lose It by Ken Barnes  
    10/05/2018 / Christian Living
    It is apparent how Jesus dealt with the Devil. He said, it is written, yet If we do not know the Word, and continually use it, we will lose it.

  90. Is it Heart Failure? by PamFord Davis  
    10/05/2018 / Devotionals
    She experienced conflict and it may have triggered a heart attack.

    Physicians believe that we can strengthen our physical hearts through stress reduction, a proper diet, exercise and rest. The LORD God strengthens spiritual hearts.

  91. Applying Wisdom In Practical Ways by Tesse Wilson  
    10/04/2018 / Christian Living
    Wisdom comes from God, he gives it and we apply it

  92. Don't Stand Around Killing the Grass by Stephen Vattimo  
    10/04/2018 / Poetry
    I am not going to be guilty of standing around killing the grass

  93. Fire Breathing Dragons by PamFord Davis  
    10/04/2018 / Devotionals
    Do you believe in fire-breathing dragons?

    You say thats for kids?

    True, kids like them; especially boys.

  94. Towel Dried by PamFord Davis  
    10/03/2018 / Devotionals
    I can only imagine the atmosphere in the room. The Master was washing the feet of His disciples

  95. Tell Me Again by Donna Wittlif  
    10/02/2018 / Devotionals
    Even Christ must have been discouraged when His own brothers didn't believe in Him.

  96. Does Ephesians 2:19-20 Prove That God No Longer Gives the Gift of Prophecy? by Max Aplin  
    10/02/2018 / Prophecy
    Ephesians 2:19-20 is a passage that is often said to prove that God no longer gives Christians the gift of prophecy. However, there are several reasons why it fails to prove this.

  97. Side by Side by PamFord Davis  
    10/02/2018 / Devotionals
    Relationships, like plants grow when cultivated and nourished. Do you remember hours spent with siblings, cousins or friends?

  98. Clue to the Final Coming by Carl Marshall  
    10/01/2018 / Christian Apologetics
    A duplicate of Jesuss presence to save this world is void. Therefore, any attempt to destroy it is an abomination.

  99. Words of Life by PamFord Davis  
    10/01/2018 / Devotionals
    In obedience to God, Peter and the other apostles shared words of life.

  100. An Upside-down Kingdom by Ken Barnes  
    10/01/2018 / Christian Living
    Hey Bob, I wrote a blog about the Road to Emmaus. I was thinking about you and I thought you might like to read it. Here is the link.

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