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  1. I Carry a Prayer by Richard L. Provencher  
    4/23/2018 / Christian Living
    Life is a journey of challenges. And there is only one item necessary for survival -- Jesus.

  2. He Can Make Them Talk by PamFord Davis  
    4/23/2018 / Devotionals
    God created animals; if necessary, He can make them talk!

  3. POWER GRID! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/22/2018 / Poetry

    4/22/2018 / Salvation
    Procrastination is not an unusual thing. It is when one puts-off doing something one should do by a deadline. When deadlines are missed, people just deal with the consequences, and go on with life. However, the consequences of postponing one's Day of Salvation is irreparable--Hell! Call on Jesus today!

  5. North Korea by Richard L. Provencher  
    4/22/2018 / World Affairs
    Discussions of nuclear war with North Korea has occupied the minds of the world this past year. Now there is a pause in the rhetoric for war and only prayers will accomplish peaceful resolutions.

    4/22/2018 / Education
    A Luciferian conspiracy, which now covers almost all mass media, public schools and government, is effectively SILENCING ALL TRADITIONAL RELIGION TO DEATH. Their obvious objective is to eliminate both God and His teaching altogether.
    Both, the awareness of our Creator God and His instruction to us, are absolutely essential in the process of improvement and salvation of man.

  7. ONE IN CHRIST by Lupie Riley  
    4/22/2018 / Christian Living
    Today's churches have lost the true meaning of 'church'. Unity within churches has disintigraded into separate factions that do not fellowship with each other as sisters and brothers in Christ. It needs to change and get back to the true meaning of one in Christ.

  8. LORD, I WISH! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/21/2018 / Poetry

  9. Dr. Billy Graham, "Things Change When You Commit To Christ" by Sim Lee  
    4/21/2018 / Christian Living
    A look at the change in the life of Dr. Billy Graham that lead him to preach the gospel to all who would come and not just to those who he was told to preach to.

  10. THE OPTIONS ARE BEFORE YOU by Olawale Ogunsola  
    4/21/2018 / Salvation
    To worship any other thing, a creature or any works of mens hands is to pursue sorrows. Worship God!

  11. SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN TIMES by Olawale Ogunsola  
    4/21/2018 / Christian Living
    Vengeance belongs to God but mankind wants to take over this role from Him; whereas, man is not slow to wrath enough. Forgiveness is what God expects from man.

  12. THE PANDEMIC OF REBELLION by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/21/2018 / Poetry

  13. THE PANDEMIC OF REBELLION by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/21/2018 / Poetry

  14. Walking in the Mists by Sim Lee  
    4/20/2018 / Poetry
    A view of the peace in walking in prayer on a misty day.

  15. Jesus Blessed by louis gander  
    4/20/2018 / Relationships
    An ear of corn was bragging so
    with kernels bright and gold.
    "Just look at me! Just look at me!"
    he shouted loud and bold.

  16. Story by Richard L. Provencher  
    4/20/2018 / Family
    Some of us live a life on the edge of goodness and not so good. We have a choice to pick the right path.

  17. Termites in theHouse by Jerry Ousley  
    4/20/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 4 of the 9 part series "Building Your House."

    4/20/2018 / Devotionals
    You are called to walk by faith; and faith pleases God. So, take Jesus example " look to the author of your faith " and keep your eyes on the prize.

  19. Taming the Tongue by Stephen Kimball  
    4/20/2018 / Parenting
    (DEVOTION) Have a child that is bullied by an older sibling? At a loss for how to stop it? Just paste their names into this tragic real life scenario for a wakeup call that that just might help.

  20. What's a person to do? by PamFord Davis  
    4/20/2018 / Devotionals
    Hannah prayed; Hannah praised!

  21. Couple Discuss Church They Attend with Best Friends by Greg Miller  
    4/19/2018 / Church Life
    A couple discuss their church with their best friends.

  22. Over the Top by PamFord Davis  
    4/19/2018 / Devotionals
    Do I live with an under the circumstances mentality or over the top faith?

  23. NOW IS NOT THE KINGDOM OF GOD by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    4/18/2018 / Prophecy
    Many blame God for what is happening. That is due to a terrible ignorance of the Bible. Adam and Eve believed Satan, not God. Today the will of God is NOT being done and God is not responsible for what happens. They elected Satan to be their God. All mankind became capable of evil.

  24. THE WATER OF LIFE by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/18/2018 / Poetry

  25. WATER IS PRECIOUS! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/18/2018 / Poetry

  26. Nobody Knows? by PamFord Davis  
    4/18/2018 / Devotionals
    He experienced troubles, trials, sorrow and excruciating torture.

  27. The Will of the People: A Major Idol among Christians Today by Max Aplin  
    4/18/2018 / World Affairs
    It seems clear that the average Westerner regards the will of the majority of the people of a country as something that is very special. It seems clear too that many Christians take a similar view. However, the will of the majority is simply a mixture of good and bad desires and choices, and no more special than that. Democracy has a good track record as a system of government, but it is a mistake always to press for its introduction in those countries where it does not exist.

  28. The Night Train by Rochelle Arnold  
    4/18/2018 / Christian Living
    Overcome depression and help others. Spread the love of Jesus. Poem by Rochelle Arnold.

  29. God has forgiven you by tosin olabode  
    4/17/2018 / Christian Living
    God does not forgive- God has forgiven already, always and forever. This He did on the cross.

  30. I Marvel at the Snow by Richard L. Provencher  
    4/17/2018 / Christian Living
    Nature is predominant in this poem and the pepper and salt, a fearful addition, However, with Jesus we can prevail, and be fearless.I Marvel at the Snow

    and its swirls and whorls from
    winds of fury
    reacting to the nearest
    storms surrounded by 60 km winds

    urgent to tie down porch items
    as the snow piles in creative urges
    around our trees.
    It looks like a park with
    icy enclaves for a wolf pack
    to hide within
    like the ones I spotted ages ago.

    Then my legs were like a spider
    of energy leaping along a snowshoe
    trail worrying ahead of them.
    It was Jesus who set me free from fear
    and allowed me to taste
    the beauty and joy of His Creation.

    (c) 2018 Richard L. Provencher

  31. ARE YOU GIVING THANKS? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/17/2018 / Poetry

  32. A Bronze Serpent by Ken Barnes  
    4/17/2018 / Christian Living
    Hezekiah was a righteous King. He instituted many reforms, one of which was destroying the bronze serpent that Moses had made. We often deify religious forms of the past, ultimately make good things evil.

  33. Answers by PamFord Davis  
    4/17/2018 / Devotionals
    I pray. I ask and I wait for the LORD to answer.

  34. Will Christian Business Models Still Be Welcomed In America's Future? by Sim Lee  
    4/16/2018 / Christian Living
    How will Christian business models be received in America when our young Generation Z becomes the main economic consumers.

  35. Are We Yet Slaves? by William James Carter, The 1st  
    4/16/2018 / Christian Apologetics
    Must we give our lives for a few comforts and a little pleasure? Must we remain in bondage so as to seal our eternal fate out of the presence of a loving God?

  36. Rawhide and the Righteous by PamFord Davis  
    4/16/2018 / Devotionals
    God had the final word.

  37. You by Richard L. Provencher  
    4/15/2018 / Mens Issues
    Street people can convey a life of hopelessness. But somewhere within a haggard frame I believe there is a gem of a lifetime.

  38. Birdbrain Robbin' My Sanity by Alan Allegra  
    4/15/2018 / Devotionals
    When we purchased our new cars, we would have been grossed out had the cars had bird dinkies all over the paint. The cars would be intact, but we would have demanded a clean finish. When Jesus returns for us, the least we can do is present a clean finish!

  39. Why Am I Still Here? by carmela snelbaker  
    4/15/2018 / Death
    Each Life has a path and a purpose only they will be able to fulfill. Wisdom is not always passed on easily. Quite possibly the wisdom our own life possesses may not even be apparent to us while we are living.

  40. "Well The Baby Boy Is Here Now", She Said by carmela snelbaker  
    4/15/2018 / Christian Living
    It was my most unusual Christmas Eve ever and also the most awe inspiring Christmas Eve ever.

  41. A Journal of Love by Donna Wittlif  
    4/15/2018 / Devotionals
    Keeping a journal of all the blessings of God and His good gifts to us will help us remember God's care and testify about it to our family and friends.

  42. The Right Road Really by carmela snelbaker  
    4/15/2018 / Christian Living
    Time is irreplaceable. Life does not allow for do overs, it requires us to dive into unforeseen circumstances. Is there really such a thing as the right road, or is that road relative only to the precious moment in time that we are in? I have learned that life teaches by experiences. We can try to prepare ourselves and do our absolute best at living right and staying on the right road but in reality, each moment of the day we are called to improvise and navigate through the encounters life brings to us in that very moment.

  43. BORN A JEW by Lupie Riley  
    4/14/2018 / Christian Living
    Jesus is ethnically a Jew and he's a King by direct descendant of King David.

  44. LIFE'S BITTER CUPS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/14/2018 / Poetry

  45. A Critical Shortage by Don Pedal  
    4/13/2018 / Christian Living
    There is something that there is too little of in our society. What could that be in a world as abundantly blessed as ours? We scurry about in our busy lives and wonder if it is worth it all. A Critical Shortage has answers and they may surprise you.

  46. Building With Lasting Materials by Jerry Ousley  
    4/13/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 3 of the series "Building Your House."

    4/13/2018 / Devotionals
    "Sometimes we try very hard to plan our moments, but the scriptures remind us that, 'In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.'"

  48. THE RIGHT ARM OF SATAN by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/13/2018 / Poetry

  49. Baa, Baa by PamFord Davis  
    4/13/2018 / Devotionals
    I went astray; I was lost in sin, I left the protection of the Great Shepherd.

  50. Our Home by Sonja Mattison  
    4/12/2018 / Christian Living
    Where we live is our home - the Earth where respect is due because of our Creator.

  51. LORD, WHAT DO THEY SEE? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/12/2018 / Poetry

  52. WIPE THAT GRIN OFF SATAN'S FACE! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/12/2018 / Poetry

  53. I Cling, I Cling by PamFord Davis  
    4/12/2018 / Devotionals
    I have made a lifelong commitment to Christ...

  54. Teaching Sonny, A Simple and Notable Act of Kindness by Sim Lee  
    4/11/2018 / Christian Living
    The story of Johnny Weissmuller teaching a young deaf lad to swim and of who it was that rewarded his kindness to the child.

  55. Is It Wrong for Christians to Drink Alcohol? by Max Aplin  
    4/11/2018 / Christian Living
    The Bible makes it clear that drinking alcohol in moderate amounts is not in itself wrong. Those who drink and those who abstain should not pressurize each other to change. The Bible is also clear that drinking to excess is a serious sin. Not only does drunkenness lead to lack of self-control, but it disregards the dignity that human beings have in the image of God.

  56. Life Support by PamFord Davis  
    4/11/2018 / Devotionals
    We get a sinking feeling; it seems there is little chance that the individual will rally and recover.

  57. I Am Grateful by Richard L. Provencher  
    4/10/2018 / Christian Living
    There are so many things to be thankful for. The sun, sky and land is such a gift and we must protect and nourish it.

  58. WALKING THE WALK by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/10/2018 / Poetry

  59. When You Don't Know What to Do by stephanie reck  
    4/10/2018 / Christian Living
    Have you experienced a situation in your life that you had no idea what to do?

  60. Uh-oh! by PamFord Davis  
    4/10/2018 / Devotionals
    Christ followers are being transformed by renewal of our minds.

  61. IT BOGGLES MY MIND! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/09/2018 / Poetry

  62. A Clear Conscience by PamFord Davis  
    4/09/2018 / Devotionals
    Was Paul sinless?

  63. It's So Unfair by louis gander  
    4/08/2018 / Relationships
    Life is very unfair. Sin hurts. Who all does sin hurt?

  64. FEAR OF DEATH by Lupie Riley  
    4/08/2018 / Christian Living
    Fear of death is like living in dread all your life. How can we be free from this fear? Through a spiritual rebirth in Christ.

  65. THE LURE OF SIN by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/07/2018 / Poetry

  66. To Give You Hope And A Future by Steve Countryman  
    4/06/2018 / Christian Living
    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

  67. A Question for the Ages by Toni Babcock  
    4/06/2018 / Salvation
    Before we could present ourselves a living sacrifice to God through the merits and power of Jesus Christ our Lord, what living thing did we have to offer up to God?

  68. The Glory of the Gospel by Toni Babcock  
    4/06/2018 / Salvation
    The gospel, by virtue of its own power, gives us the ability to respond. I call it our "response-ability".

  69. Unmet Expectations, The State of Divorce in America by Sim Lee  
    4/06/2018 / Christian Living
    A look at the reasons why people are wanting to become divorced today in the USA

    4/06/2018 / Devotionals
    Wherever you may find yourself on this track we call the Christian life, be encouraged, God is with you every step of the way. Like David, wait on God as you wait for God to direct your path according to his great plan.

  71. Building on the Rock by Jerry Ousley  
    4/06/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 2 of the 9 part series "Building Your House"

  72. Righteous Prayers by Ken Barnes  
    4/05/2018 / Christian Living
    How do you know whether your prayers are from deceitful lips? Only through the testing of your heart will you know if your mouth is speaking deceit.

  73. JUDGING? by Marijo Phelps  
    4/04/2018 / Christian Living
    A most volatile topic today.

  74. Do Christians need to obey Old Testament laws? by Paulraj P  
    4/04/2018 / Christian Living
    While studying the scriptures, before interpreting a verse, we must give due consideration to the context, cultural habits, historic and social background during Biblical times.Also,apply common sense and use your knowledge of language and grammar to differentiate between literal and figurative statements in the Scripture.

    4/04/2018 / Poetry

    4/03/2018 / Poetry

  77. Live On by Richard L. Provencher  
    4/03/2018 / Health
    Growing older should be considered a privilege in life. It means you have lived through joy and challenge and overcame many obstacles and rode the joy of experiences including love.

  78. A CITY OVER YONDER by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/03/2018 / Poetry

  79. THE UNSEEN ENEMY by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/03/2018 / Poetry

  80. Clothes from Above by Francie Snell  
    4/03/2018 / Prayers
    I wonder what that silver-haired father would think, if he knew the great Father of Majesty used him that day to represent and act on His behalf, in sending down a few care packages of love from above.

  81. One Day Will You Do The Chase? by Richard L. Provencher  
    4/02/2018 / Relationships
    During our time on this earth we wish to have been meaningful. Are you one who did provide love and understanding to those who needed it?

  82. True North by Sim Lee  
    4/02/2018 / Christian Living
    A look at the heavens as seen by ancients and by the prophets, and a look at how our youth see all things spiritual, and a question: who is your compass and what is your bearing?

  83. Don't Bug Me, I'm Worshiping! by L. Osmon  
    4/02/2018 / Humor
    When an awkward moment during the worship service turned into a awkward conversation...

  84. THE VALUE OF A MOM AND DAD! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/02/2018 / Poetry

  85. ONE TRUE FRIEND by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/01/2018 / Poetry

  86. I HAVE GONE TOO FAR! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/01/2018 / Poetry

    4/01/2018 / Christian Living
    These pretend pastors have accepted the idiotic lie and illusion of separation of church and state, BECAUSE OF THE MONEY THEY GET TO KEEP, without taxation, without interference! Instead, nearly all of them managed to demand TITHING, one tenth of your received income! There is NO TITHING in our New Testament.

  88. SPIRITUAL RE-BIRTH by Lupie Riley  
    3/31/2018 / Christian Living
    We can't earn our way into heaven it is a free gift from God.

  89. With Life Anew by louis gander  
    3/31/2018 / Salvation
    Beware of peer pressure and doing things just because everyone else does...

  90. TIC TOCK by Lewis E. Thomas  
    3/30/2018 / Poetry

  91. Proud To Be A Mary by Cher Leadbeater  
    3/30/2018 / Poetry
    Realizing Martha's and Mary's are both necessary. Bringing a balance to each helps the service of both.

  92. The Blessing of Easter by Tesh Njokanma  
    3/30/2018 / Christian Living
    One of the main blessings of Easter is that we no longer have to worship God from a distance or stand at a distance when God is talking

  93. Building on the Sand by Jerry Ousley  
    3/30/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 1 of the 9 part series "Building Your House."

  94. BOWS AND ARROWS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    3/30/2018 / Poetry

  95. GOD-TRACKING IS LIFE by Dudley Anderson  
    3/30/2018 / Devotionals
    Because of the resurrection of Jesus, we can enjoy, forgiveness, hope, joy, security, strength and life to the full!

  96. Empty by PamFord Davis  
    3/30/2018 / Holidays
    Jesus body was gone; His grave was empty.

  97. Excerpt from novel - "What About the Rats?" by Mervin Collier  
    3/30/2018 / Christian Living
    - - - - - Psalm 94:16 - - - - -
    Who rises up for me against the wicked?
    Who stands up for me against evildoers?

    A Christian family has decided to move from the crime-ridden city to a farm in the mountains. Little did they know they are moving to a valley that is a hotbed of crime! We join them as they are in the process of moving.

  98. PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    3/29/2018 / Poetry

  99. Are You a Friend of Jesus? by Stephen Kimball  
    3/29/2018 / Christian Living
    500 word devotion that describes what friendship with Jesus entails? In the movie: Same kind of different as me, we see a picture of Jesus extending himself in friendship to the believer.

  100. THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE by Benjamin Anabaraonye  
    3/29/2018 / Missions
    Glory to God in the highest for the precious gift of His Son,Jesus Christ.

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