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  1. HELL by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/28/2017 / Poetry

  2. The Power Of Giving To Others To Receive From God by Ngozi Nwoke  
    6/28/2017 / Christian Living
    Have you been asking God for something and it seems as if it is not forth coming? Many times, Christians bury themselves in their challenges to the point they sometimes think that God has forgotten them. I have good news for you if you are part of those people, God can never leave you nor forsake you. This article shares what you should do to provoke God's intervention in your life.

  3. The Lover Of God Is Prayerful by Ngozi Nwoke  
    6/28/2017 / Christian Living
    Do you love God? There are certain characteristics you find in any lover of God, one of which is prayerfulness. If you love God you will desire to be with Him at all times. Prayer is a platform for fellowshipping with God and expressing your love for Him. This article gives reasons why people who love God are pra

  4. Abide In Christ The Vine: Jesus Loves You by Ngozi Nwoke  
    6/28/2017 / Christian Living
    Have you told your self today that Jesus loves you? Have you looked at that image in the mirror and said (pointing at it) "Jesus loves you"? He loved you while you were yet a sinner, while you were deep in sin. He died for you that you should believe and not perish but have eternal life. This article encourages you to depend on Jesus Christ for your success as a Christian and in life.

  5. NO FEAR OF GOD by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/28/2017 / Poetry

  6. What Does Repent Mean? by Mick Alexander  
    6/28/2017 / Christian Living
    Does repent simply mean to change our mind or is some action required?

  7. Love Of God-Foundation For The Church Of God by Ngozi Nwoke  
    6/28/2017 / Christian Living
    What is the foundation of your church? Is your gathering as Christians truly in the name of Jesus Christ? Every gathering will be tested and where there is no love of God, there is no presence of God. This article emphasizes the love of Christ as the foundation on which the church of God stands.

  8. Have Faith in God's Love for You by Ngozi Nwoke  
    6/28/2017 / Christian Living
    Do you believe that God loves you and are you experiencing it in your life? Many Christians believe that God loves them but they fail to tap into the blessings of the love of God. Being rooted and grounded in the love of God sets you above all circumstances. This article gives you the reason to have faith in God's love for you.

  9. Depositing And Withdrawing From Your Bank Account In Heaven by Ngozi Nwoke  
    6/28/2017 / Christian Living
    When last did you deposit or withdraw from your account in heaven? Many Christian believers' accounts in heaven are dormant; some are empty, while others are not empty but without transactions. However, there are some accounts in heaven that are very active, their owners deposit and withdraw steadily. Which category do you belong to? This article encourages you to make use of your heaven's bank account.

  10. A Pastor and His Wife Receive a Surprise During Fourth of July Worship Service by Greg Miller  
    6/27/2017 / Devotionals
    A pastor and his wife receive a surprise from their son during a Fourth of July worship service.

  11. testing with preview by fredie auditor  
    6/27/2017 / Death

  12. testing please ignore after responsive updated by fredie auditor  
    6/27/2017 / Church Life
    this is a test please ignore updated

  13. How Seriously Should Christians Take Warnings of Climate Change? by Max Aplin  
    6/27/2017 / World Affairs
    The vast majority of climate scientists warn us that continuing to burn huge amounts of coal, oil and gas will lead to an increase in the number and intensity of droughts, floods and storms. These weather events often cause widespread death and suffering, especially in poorer parts of the world. Nothing about the warnings of climate scientists contradicts the Christian faith. We should therefore take them very seriously.

  14. Old Wounds by PamFord Davis  
    6/27/2017 / Teen Issues
    The LORD heals wounds.

  15. Jealousy's Offspring by Ken Barnes  
    6/26/2017 / Christian Living
    Paul and Barnabas were preaching with much success in Antioch. Almost the whole city turned out to hear them preach. Concerning the Gospel, success always breeds opposition. The resistance to truth is conceived in the human heart through jealousy and slander brings it to birth.

  16. WHO WAS I? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/26/2017 / Poetry

  17. 5 Reasons You are not being Stupid When You Forgive by Tai Ikomi  
    6/26/2017 / Christian Living
    The road to letting our offenders go may have several difficult roadblocks. One such roadblock is when we think that the offender feels he has outsmarted us and that we are stupid. That hurts. This can make you feel stupid. However, remember that letting go is not being stupid. Why? Let us consider 5 of the reasons.

  18. DIVINE GLOW by linzy bruno  
    6/26/2017 / Poetry
    "Allow me to recount a cherished moment....."

  19. Favored by PamFord Davis  
    6/26/2017 / Devotionals


  20. BEING CONTENT IN ALL THINGS by Jeffrey Hagan  
    6/24/2017 / Christian Living
    Have you truly learned to be content regardless of what struggles life may throw your way?

    6/24/2017 / Poetry

  22. STARVING AT THE MASTER'S TABLE by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/24/2017 / Poetry

    6/23/2017 / Christian Living
    "Our God is a jealous God. This is another reason to keep Him first. Why is He jealous? There are several reasons. The Israelites repeatedly went from worshipping God, but then back to worshipping idols. Our idols today translate to......."

  24. We are God's Workmanship by Dinora Garza  
    6/23/2017 / Salvation
    If we are left to ourselves, it is impossible for us to be saved.

  25. Paradise by Steve Countryman  
    6/23/2017 / Christian Living
    Paradise is the word that is used to describe heaven. Heaven is the kingdom of God or as it is known as the kingdom of heaven.

  26. Saved by PamFord Davis  
    6/23/2017 / Devotionals
    Hallelujah! Saved by His death, saved by His lifeÃâÂ

  27. Why it is best sometimes for the Lord to "break your heart" with compassion by lareina morgan  
    6/23/2017 / Christian Living
    What is it like to have your heart "broken" by the Lord for His sake, so that you may have compassion for others!

  28. Mini-devotion for Friday, June 23, 2017 by Greg Miller  
    6/23/2017 / Devotionals
    Being generous is one way to minister unto the Lord.

  29. I AM by Jerry Ousley  
    6/23/2017 / Christian Living
    Part 3 of the 3 part series "The I AM"

    6/23/2017 / Devotionals
    "In his foreknowledge, God has forgiven you... In his foreknowledge, God has predestined you for great things according to the purposes of him who works all things according to the counsel of his will."

  31. Where Does Man Get Lost? by Dinora Garza  
    6/22/2017 / Salvation
    One of the greatest challenges when we study the GospelÂis how to reconcile the Sovereignty of God withÂman'sÂresponsibility. If salvation is 100% Godâs work, why is man still responsible for his unbelief?

  32. You Are The Bride, I Am The King Of Kings by lareina morgan  
    6/22/2017 / Christian Living
    A message from the Kings of Kings to the Bride of Christ, His church

  33. NO HUNGER FOR GOD by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/22/2017 / Poetry

  34. Aspirations by PamFord Davis  
    6/22/2017 / Devotionals
    There are those who have aspirations of achieving notoriety on a global scale.

  35. THE RETURN OF CHRIST by Jeffrey Hagan  
    6/21/2017 / Prophecy
    In the Olivet Discourse was Jesus speaking to his generation as he claims to have been, or was he misleading his disciples and actually referring to a generation to come 2,000 years later?

  36. Man with Heart of Thanksgiving is Compared to Job in the Old Testament by Greg Miller  
    6/21/2017 / Christian Living
    A man's friends compare him to the Old Testament character of Job.

  37. HOW BIG IS GOD? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/21/2017 / Poetry

  38. Glorious by PamFord Davis  
    6/21/2017 / Devotionals
    Reverence His name always.

  39. MOVING BEYOND SIN by Jeffrey Hagan  
    6/20/2017 / Christian Living
    We often live with unnecessary guilt from sin God has already forgiven. If He forgives us of our sins, how much moreso should we learn to forgive ourselves.

  40. WHY DOES MANKIND "CHOOSE" EVIL? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/20/2017 / Poetry

  41. The Importance of Ministering to People Afflicted by Demons - Part 2, Other Considerations by Max Aplin  
    6/20/2017 / Miracles
    During His earthly ministry, Jesus often healed people who were afflicted by demons, and the early church carried on from where He left off. Today there are many who suffer from demonic affliction, and ministering to them should be an important part of the churchïs work.

  42. The Importance of Ministering to People Afflicted by Demons - Part 1, The Biblical Data by Max Aplin  
    6/20/2017 / Miracles
    During His earthly ministry, Jesus often healed people who were afflicted by demons, and the early church carried on from where He left off. Today there are many who suffer from demonic affliction, and ministering to them should be an important part of the churchïs work.

  43. Captive Audience by PamFord Davis  
    6/20/2017 / Devotionals
    We seek the apt attention of others, especially when we have something important to communicate.

  44. Why God Loves Me by lareina morgan  
    6/19/2017 / Devotionals
    I Love the Lord, but is is amazing how much the Lord loves me! Why does He love me?

  45. A Prayer To Our Heavenly Father by Tesse Wilson  
    6/19/2017 / Devotionals
    Daily let us come to the throne of grace. We are in need of it. Let us first be thankful because there is nothing we can do to earn it.

  46. DEVIL'S DOCTRINE by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/19/2017 / Poetry

  47. Hairdo by PamFord Davis  
    6/19/2017 / Devotionals
    Absalom, son of King David learned that long hair can lead to problems.

  48. But You Do Have To Love Them by Sim Lee  
    6/18/2017 / Christian Living
    A look at the Body of Christ.

  49. test tet by fredie auditor  
    6/18/2017 / Devotionals
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  50. Foundation Shake Down by Stephen Vattimo  
    6/17/2017 / Christian Living
    This is a short poem about faith sustaining a person during hard times.

  51. A Brief And Simple Overview of Father Abraham For those Who Have Never Heard of him: Genesis 12 thru 25 by Sim Lee  
    6/17/2017 / Christian Living
    A brief overview of the call, life and faithfulness of Father Abraham.

  52. Things I Need To Do by Steve Countryman  
    6/17/2017 / Christian Living
    I get started on my list of things to do, notes on phone calls I need to return, things I need to order, special requests, specific things that I need to address but the notes end up disappearing.

  53. A Prayer To Our Heavenly Father by Tesse Wilson  
    6/17/2017 / Prayers
    Daily let us come to the throne of grace. We are in need of it. Let us first be thankful because there is nothing we can do to earn it.

  54. It Is Not A Religious Act, It Is An Act Of Fellowship by lareina morgan  
    6/16/2017 / Christian Living
    Communion is an act of fellowship and joy, not an act of religious ritual. Do you know why you take communion, and what does it mean to you?

  55. Can You Hear Him Speaking To You Now? by lareina morgan  
    6/16/2017 / Christian Living
    How do you know that the Lord is speaking to you? I is a discovery that every christian should have, and there is a method to knowing when He is speaking to you and when He is not.

  56. Ode To An Awesome Father by lareina morgan  
    6/16/2017 / Devotionals
    Just a note to you my God on why I believe that you are and awesome father!

  57. Homemaking and Chronic Illness by bella hambrick  
    6/16/2017 / Health
    Getting Practical in what you can do to still be a proverbs 31 woman despite your illness

  58. Homemaking and Chronic Illness: The Reality by bella hambrick  
    6/16/2017 / Health
    The challenges of homemaking and Chronic Illness

    6/16/2017 / Devotionals
    "Your God is an avid gardener. Allow him to turn your dry patch into an award-winning masterpiece, that he may be glorified."

  60. A Distinctive Side by Richard L. Provencher  
    6/16/2017 / Poetry
    As a young Christian, our family was poor. I thought this was my normal future. As I grew up I discovered my wrong-thinking. Jesus wans us to be bountiful. Show humility with success and share as well as encourage others.

  61. The Great I AM by Jerry Ousley  
    6/16/2017 / Christian Living
    Part 2 of the 3 Part Series "I AM"

    6/16/2017 / Bible Studies
    Large list of free to use New Covenant articles, studies. Christians are not under the law.

  63. THE SCHOOL OF GOD by linzy bruno  
    6/15/2017 / Christian Living
    "This godly principle is meant to stretch our faith; we learn that through the withstanding of difficulty, we grow and we have the revelation that we can make it through most anything......."

  64. READ OF ALL MEN by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/15/2017 / Poetry

  65. His Eye Is on the Chipmunk by Alan Allegra  
    6/14/2017 / Devotionals
    Have you ever heard the sudden SNAP! of a trap? It may be the result of giving in to a yummy temptation (Proverbs 29:6: âAn evil man is ensnared in his transgression, but a righteous man sings and rejoices.â). Perhaps itâs the deluged basement, the double-dealing spouse, the deflated bank account, or the dire prognosis. Whatever it is, you suddenly feel trapped and desperate.

  66. LORD, TAKE US BEYOND THE VAIL by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/14/2017 / Poetry

  67. Important Warning (end days) by Sue Darling  
    6/13/2017 / Prophecy
    Many people keep hearing that we are in the end days so often they are no longer listening, but we need to be ready at all times.

  68. Moses, dear Moses - Part 2 by theburningbushboy Solanke  
    6/13/2017 / Christian Living
    With all Pharaoh offered and raised you to be, how come you did not forget your source? I will always respect you for not allowing the life in the palace and having access to wealth and fame change the way Mother told you to always see yourself. I mean, Egypt was the superpower of your time and you were not only next to the king, you were next to being the king. Not forgetting that you were a stranger in a foreign land that offered you so much will surely not cease to amaze me.

  69. ~ Guarding Your Heart And Mind ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    6/13/2017 / Poetry
    Let Christ guard your heart and mind!

  70. ~ God Never Gets Weary ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    6/13/2017 / Poetry
    God is always ready to take your weariness from you!

  71. ~ Chilling ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    6/13/2017 / Poetry
    Taking the day to soak in all the Sun shine!

  72. ~ My Sights Are Set ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    6/13/2017 / Poetry
    On my future glory!

  73. Whatever is God's Will by Deborah Ann Belka  
    6/13/2017 / Poetry
    Seeking God's will in everything!

  74. When The Thief Comes by Deborah Ann Belka  
    6/13/2017 / Poetry
    Always bBe sober, be alert!

  75. ~ Renewed Like an Eagle ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    6/13/2017 / Poetry
    God promises to restore each day our strength.

  76. ~ My Happy Place ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    6/13/2017 / Poetry
    Is when I spend time alone with Jesus!

  77. ~ Good Morning Joy ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    6/13/2017 / Poetry
    The wonderful JOY that comes in knowing the Lord!

  78. Rejoice Foreverr More by Deborah Ann Belka  
    6/13/2017 / Poetry
    Thankful for and in everything!

  79. Peace Everlasing by Deborah Ann Belka  
    6/13/2017 / Poetry
    One day we will know what true peace is all about!

  80. Should We Pray for Money? by bella hambrick  
    6/13/2017 / Self Help
    We all have a God given task. We must work to not allow ourselves to blinded by moneys and gifts.

  81. THE PLACE FOR GRACE by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/12/2017 / Poetry

  82. The God of Overflow by Steve Countryman  
    6/12/2017 / Christian Living

  83. He Is... by Steve Countryman  
    6/12/2017 / Christian Living
    He is my EVERYTHING!

  84. Set Me Free by Tony Grater  
    6/12/2017 / Poetry
    For all who struggle with the addiction of pornography...

  85. Submit To God's Plan by Latosha Wilson  
    6/12/2017 / Self Help
    Submitting to God's plan for your life can be difficult, but it's essential to becoming the person he pre ordained you to be.

  86. What by Latosha Wilson  
    6/12/2017 / Christian Living
    Have you ever examined what is behind that talenta God has blessed you with. This is a sample of my latest reflection.

  87. Couple Has Unique Way of Celebrating Birthdays by Greg Miller  
    6/12/2017 / Humor
    A Christian couple has an unusual way of celebrating their birthdays.

  88. The Terumah (tithe) by Jon Fallows  
    6/12/2017 / Bible Studies
    A short explanation of the correct way the tithe should be understood

  89. Two Things about Atheism That Everyone Should Consider by Max Aplin  
    6/11/2017 / Christian Apologetics
    Atheists like Richard Dawkins can often be heard claiming that religion makes good people do bad things. However, in recent history many of the worst atrocities have been committed by atheists, and the fear of God motivates huge numbers of people to do what is right. If the physical universe is all that exists, no human being could ever have made a choice differently than they did, which means that it is illogical to blame anyone for anything. But we have a deep sense that people really are to blame for the evils they commit.

  90. Beware of Overconfidence in Understanding Why God Does What He Does by Max Aplin  
    6/11/2017 / Christian Living
    Much that God does is beyond our ability to understand. Modern Western Christians are often too confident in the explanations they give for why God does what He does. More caution and reserve are needed in this area.

  91. Is the Church Spiritual Israel? by Max Aplin  
    6/11/2017 / Bible Studies
    Dispensationalists can often be heard claiming that the Bible never portrays the church as spiritual Israel. In fact, it clearly portrays the church as spiritual Israel. God does not have distinct purposes for ethnic Israel and the church. But that does not mean that God has no unfinished business with ethnic Israel.

  92. The Importance of Learning All We Can from Sins and Mistakes by Max Aplin  
    6/11/2017 / Christian Living
    Whenever we commit a sin or just make some sort of honest mistake, we will usually want to put that thing to the back of our mind and forget about it as soon as possible. However, as Christians we should try to learn all we can from what we get wrong. We need to take radical steps to keep away from situations that we know are likely to cause temptation.

  93. Behold! I Make All Things New! by Jacky Julyan  
    6/11/2017 / Prophecy
    Do not be alarmed My daughter, do not be troubled, I am coming soon. All will be revealed. All will be uncovered that is covered. All that is in darkness shall shrink into nothing for I, Jesus, am the Light of the world. Those who walk with Me are in the Light and are children of the Light. There are many false lights, many corrupted hearts from the deceitfulness of wealth which has blinded them to who I really am.

  94. Believers Are Failing To Be Bold by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    6/10/2017 / Christian Living
    I therefore expect that believers, blood washed, sanctified and totally committed to God would be different. Believers should never be quiet, and spineless, in the face of the most horrid attacks on the principles and teaching of the Holy Bible. Believers are Godïs ambassadors on earth, and we need to act boldly, day by day, to represent Him.

  95. Will You Be Expecting Him When He Comes? by lareina morgan  
    6/10/2017 / Christian Living
    Are you expecting Him to come? In His word He states that He will come again to take His people from the earth so that the evil ones, the rebels can be judged? Are you aware that He expects you to know that He is coming back for us all?

  96. The Heart Of The Seeker Should Not Have To Wait by Sim Lee  
    6/10/2017 / Christian Living
    Overview of being a Missionary of the Moment

  97. DRAINING THE SWAMP by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/10/2017 / Poetry

  98. Insight by Don Pedal  
    6/09/2017 / Christian Living
    Are you tired of the daily battle of life? As you look at your weaknesses and sins, does the load seem unbearable? I did too, and it was at that moment that I had the insight that changed my view of life.

  99. WHEN I NEVER GAVE YOU A THOUGHT by Lewis E. Thomas  
    6/09/2017 / Poetry

    6/09/2017 / Devotionals
    "God saw you in the womb and he can see you in the tomb. As you acknowledge the Lord in all your ways, he will hem you in, behind and before, and lay his hand upon you."

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