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  1. Pray for Christian Martyrs by Sue Darling  
    6/06/2020 / Christian Living
    God is merciful to those who are merciful themselves. We should be praying for Christian Martyrs out of love for our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. If we find ourselves in that position we will get the help from God that we give others.

  2. Many are called to be Martyrs by Sue Darling  
    6/06/2020 / Christian Living
    I believe the ones that are called to be Martyrs have agreed to it either in this life or before conception took place.

  3. You Are the Son by Tonja Taylor  
    6/06/2020 / Poetry
    God gave me this song in October 2008. As I sang it, it seemed mysterious and ethereal, in a minor key. Jesus is the Son of God Who gave His pure blood so we can be saved and have Zoe life now and beyond (John 10:10)! Hallelujah!

    6/06/2020 / Book Reviews
    The primary thing I do here in Part 6 of this Book Review is to further disagree with different reasons that various authors of The Physics of Heaven give to try to demonstrate that it is OK for Christians to look to the New Age/occult world and quantum physics/mysticism to find things that will help us be effective Christians here at the end of this age.

    6/05/2020 / Book Reviews
    Here in Part 5 we discuss two interesting, powerful examples of demonic healings. It is clear that they were not borrowed from God's kingdom. We also briefly discuss whether Hatha yoga is safe for Christians.

  6. How Did I Get Here From There? (The Prince Has Come) by Tonja Taylor  
    6/05/2020 / Poetry
    I wrote this in 2009. The LORD has done so much deliverance and healing and restoration of my heart since then, Hallelujah, praise Him! He is Jehovah Nissi, the LORD our Victorious Miracle Banner (Exodus 17), the LORD Who slays our dragons!

  7. Baby You Are Loved! by Tonja Taylor  
    6/05/2020 / Poetry
    Christ loves us so much that, even when we were His enemies, He died to give us amazing and abundant life (Romans 5:18, John 10:10)! He gives us every breath, every good thing (James 1:17)!

    6/05/2020 / Book Reviews
    Several of the writers in this book say that the supernatural things that are taking place in the New Age Movement are "counterfeit" in that they have been stolen from the "authentic" supernatural of God's kingdom, which supposedly makes it OK for Christians to the search the New Age Movement to find the "authentic" supernatural that we need. For one thing, at least most of the supernatural that takes place in the new age/occult world has been part of Satan's kingdom throughout the history of man and has not been stolen from God's kingdom. God's people have always been forbidden to participate in the devil's supernatural.

    6/05/2020 / Devotionals
    On Friday Jesus laboured to pay the price for your sin. As Saturday dawned, he himself became your Sabbath rest.

  10. The Latter Rain - Africa by Sim Lee  
    6/05/2020 / Christian Living
    A refreshing look at Christianity in Africa.

  11. Looking Back, BC by PamFord Davis  
    6/05/2020 / Devotionals
    Looking back at my life

    BC before Christ.

    6/04/2020 / Book Reviews
    I have to disagree with much that Judy Franklin and Ellyn Davis say in chapters of the book that are discussed here in Part 3, including their interpretation of verses they use to support their discussions.

  13. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD by linzy bruno  
    6/04/2020 / Poetry
    "I am so looking forward to that moment...."

  14. Evacuation Mandatory by PamFord Davis  
    6/04/2020 / Devotionals
    Evil spiritual forces are real. Will we flee?

    Sin destroys individuals, families, communities and nations. God has given us His evacuation route. He has made a way of escape.

    6/03/2020 / Book Reviews
    We discuss the Foreword by Kris Vallotton and the Introduction by Judy Franklin of the Physics of Heaven here in Part 2. Both are important sections of this book. I have to disagree with a lot that they say here, very much including the interpretation of verses.

  16. BOOK REVIEW, PHYSICS OF HEAVEN - PART 1: Exploring God's Mysteries of Sound, Light, Energy, Vibrations and Quantum Physics by Judy Franklin and Ellyn Davis by Karl Kemp  
    6/03/2020 / Book Reviews
    I have to strongly disagree with the idea that is presented by several writers in this book that it is OK for Christians to look to the New Age or to quantum physics to learn things that we need to know to be effective Christians in these end times.

    6/03/2020 / Christian Apologetics
    "AND God must have wanted to make sure that THAT year was highlighted in such a way that believers w....'

  18. The LORD Has Done Great Things for Us! by Tonja Taylor  
    6/03/2020 / Poetry
    Psalm 126:3 is the theme verse for my marriage (We celebrate 15 amazing years 10-1-20!), and in 2005 the LORD gave me a song to expand upon the Scripture. Today, I enhanced it! I sing it often to myself, and it always lifts me. May it do the same for you!

  19. Thank God I'm Free! by Tonja Taylor  
    6/03/2020 / Poetry
    Based on the song, "Free Worshiper", and Hebrews 10:9-10 from the Scriptures, the LORD gave me this song.

  20. Jehovah Nissi by Tonja Taylor  
    6/03/2020 / Poetry
    The LORD gave me this in 2010, when the enemy attacked my body. It is a song a deliverance, and as I praised Him, I was healed! Jehovah Nissi is the LORD our Victorious Miracle Banner (Exodus 17:15)!

  21. Nabal the Fool by Ken Barnes  
    6/03/2020 / Christian Living
    As his name suggests, Nabal was a fool. Often there is a very-hin line between willful and ignorant behavior. Grace is sometimes better served when we choose to look at people as being ignorant rather than intentional.

  22. Global Covid-19 Lockdown: âYou just donât get it, do you?â by Jack Vorster  
    6/03/2020 / Christian Living
    The governments of the world and the news media are completely oblivious of the reality behind their own existence.

  23. Ten Commandments by Sue Darling  
    6/02/2020 / Christian Living
    I am writing down the Ten Commandments as a reminder of we Christians strive to obey on a daily basis.

  24. Witches and Warlocks in Churches by Sue Darling  
    6/02/2020 / Church Life
    Many witches and warlocks enter in the churches deceiving most good well-meaning Christians. I have been to two churches that this was so.

  25. Deeply Grieved Over George Floyd's Death, Was This An Act of Racism? by stephanie reck  
    6/02/2020 / Christian Living
    I just went on YouTube and watched the 9 minute video from the New York Times that gave a timeline of how George Floyd died in police custody. Even though I had already heard about his death from numerous news reports, I had not watched the video.

  26. The Horse That Wouldn't Be Quiet by Tonja Taylor  
    6/02/2020 / Humor
    This really happened, and my daring darling daughter, now 23 and recently married to her best friend of 9 years, can vouch for me. Enjoy!

  27. Christian Quatrain #1 by Cherie Ballog  
    6/02/2020 / Poetry
    This is the first in a series of quatrains designed to uplift the soul.

  28. Josiah Upright, Downright by PamFord Davis  
    6/02/2020 / Devotionals
    Josiah did what was right.

    Josiah was eight years old when he became king, and he reigned thirty-one years in Jerusalem; and his mothers name was Jedidah the daughter of Adaiah of Bozkath. He did right in the sight of the Lord and walked in all the way of his father David, nor did he turn aside to the right or to the left (2 Kings 22:1-2 NASB).

  29. REBIRTH by Lupie Riley  
    6/01/2020 / Christian Living
    Jesus told Nicodemus he had to be born again, not a natural rebirth but a spiritual rebirth.

  30. It's time to sell by theburningbushboy Solanke  
    6/01/2020 / Christian Living
    As you go out to sell your oil, God will link you up with buyers. There are people in need of your skills; people that are willing to give what they have to get what you have.

  31. The Dream of Yahweh by Tonja Taylor  
    6/01/2020 / Poetry
    You have dreams, and you ARE a Dream--the Dream of Yahweh (Genesis 1:26-18)!

  32. Friends by PamFord Davis  
    6/01/2020 / Devotionals
    Leaders carry the burdens of their people. They need friends.

  33. Singing My Peace by Tonja Taylor  
    5/31/2020 / Humor
    A couple decades ago, I finally obeyed the LORD (after months of Him convincing me. He is patient!); it was uncomfortable for me to do obey the LORD (It happened just like I wrote it!), and not many understood. But that's OK; they won't be standing with me when I appear before the LORD for my rewards He will give me! When we know Jesus Christ as Savior and LORD, and obey our darling Daddy God, we ARE Right!

  34. Exorcism Prayers by Sue Darling  
    5/31/2020 / Prayers
    Many people think you shouldn't be praying to angels. My experience says you should never worship them, but you can ask anybody in heaven for help and they will.

  35. Yesterday I Indulged A Wish by Susan Budensiek  
    5/31/2020 / Christian Living
    Yesterday I indulged a wish I have had for many years " to have enough lavender so that I could have a big bouquet in the house and still have enough to make things with. As I indulged this long-time wish, I was reminded of certain principles we find in Gods Word. This is the story of the lavender and the canning jar.

  36. Kneeling before God by Sue Darling  
    5/30/2020 / Christian Living
    Every knee shall bow at the name of Jesus when He shows Himself to the world. Some will kneel out of fear and others will kneel out of complete adoration of Him.

  37. Marriage:Improvement Or Replacement? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    5/30/2020 / Marriage
    It is always the yearning of many people in a marriage that is going shaking to call it quit by choosing another partner. Is this the right thing to do at all times?

  38. What Are You Building? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    5/30/2020 / Leadership
    A leader is a builde. The future depends grossly on what you are building today. Ask yourself *What Am I building? "

  39. Tame Your Tongue by Olawale Ogunsola  
    5/30/2020 / Christian Apologetics
    Tongue is a vital part of the human body. It is small in size but very powerful. It can make or mar a man, watch what you do with yours.

  40. Prophecies In The Affairs Of Mankind by Olawale Ogunsola  
    5/30/2020 / Prophecy
    It is impossible to separate prophecies from the affairs of mankind. The Lord is interested in making his plans known to mankind.

  41. Recent Happenings And Prophecy by Olawale Ogunsola  
    5/30/2020 / Prophecy
    The Lord who does not change still reveals His heart to those who fear Him.

  42. Is There Any Provision For Replacement In Marriage? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    5/30/2020 / Marriage
    For everything there is a season. In Marriage, is there any provision for replacement? Is there a provision for an alternative partner which is always the yearning of many?

  43. To Step Inside the Gate by Linda Jackson  
    5/29/2020 / Poetry
    He has promised to me
    Awesome wonders for the future I can't see
    Oh how I need reminding that I have overcome the world
    For the world continues to strike back

    5/29/2020 / Devotionals
    He will never leave you or forsake you. You can never escape Gods continual presence. However, though you may not feel his presence 24/7, his omnipresence will become his manifest presence at the time you need it most.

  45. THE WAYWARD SOUL by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/29/2020 / Poetry

  46. God Our King by Ken Barnes  
    5/29/2020 / Christian Living
    Israel asked Samuel, the Prophet, for a king. God granted them their request even though it was not His first choice. Saul became their King. Whenever we substitute a king or any form of government for God, we always end up disappointed. God is our only King.

  47. Believe by PamFord Davis  
    5/29/2020 / Devotionals
    I believe.

    One believes with the heart, resulting in righteousness, and one confesses with the mouth, resulting in salvation (Romans 10:10 HCSB).

  48. You can make life more difficult than need be by Sue Darling  
    5/28/2020 / Christian Living
    We have a choice to make. We can make things harder for ourselves by complaining. When we do every thing in a loving manner it helps our circumstances greatly.

  49. As Seen on TV by Cherie Ballog  
    5/28/2020 / Devotionals
    Have you ever put your trust in men only to be let down? Is there anyone whom we can securely put our trust in these days?

  50. Not Science Fiction by PamFord Davis  
    5/28/2020 / Devotionals
    No; its not a1950s science fiction flick.

    Its a postponed 2020 SPACE X-NASA launch!

  51. Adjusting to the New Normal by stephanie reck  
    5/27/2020 / Health
    I finally got to meet because of COVID-19 my good friend over the weekend after being separated from her for over 2 months. We decided it was probably best not to have our regular get-togethers as she is a nurse and would go home after work to take care of her 91 year old mother. We just believed the risk would be too great.

  52. Are You Washing The Feet Of The Others Like Jesus? by Ngozi Nwoke  
    5/27/2020 / Christian Living
    What does it mean to wash the feet of others? How often do you wash the feet of brethren? Jesus gave an example to follow if we are to be blessed. And in this article, I share what that example of Christ means.

  53. Preparations by PamFord Davis  
    5/27/2020 / Devotionals
    Jesus did not make burial plans. Joseph of Arimathea made the final arrangements.

  54. Marriage: Improvement Or Replacement? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    5/26/2020 / Marriage
    There are always options before us at all times, so it is with marriage. One of such choice making is:to improve a marriage or replace your partner in it.

  55. A Feast On A Feud by Olawale Ogunsola  
    5/26/2020 / Relationships
    Do you know you must safeguard your relationship? There are people around you who are ready to feast on any slight rifts between you and your partner. Be careful.

  56. Value Of A Prophecy by Olawale Ogunsola  
    5/26/2020 / Prophecy
    The Lord rules in the affairs of men. He reserves the right to do anything with or without telling mankind. However, because of the Love He has for the work of His hand who He created in His own image, He reveals His plans to man, that he may prepare for it.

  57. Who Is Your God? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    5/26/2020 / Salvation
    Do you know that your God rules your life? Then who is your God.?

  58. What Is The Secret Of Your Waik With Christ ? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    5/26/2020 / Christian Apologetics
    We have the Holy Bible with us to guide us in our spiritual journeys in life. Thanks to the Lord for this. Do you know that seeing someone living his life according to the Scriptures can enhance or strengthen our faith, most especially an older Believer.

  59. My Two Dads by Cherie Ballog  
    5/26/2020 / Devotionals
    What's a girl to do when she loses the father who's always been there to care for her every need?

  60. Because by PamFord Davis  
    5/26/2020 / Devotionals
    Because of our justification

    He who was delivered over because of our transgressions, and was raised because of our justification (Romans 4:25 NASB).

    5/25/2020 / Christian Living
    If we realized how majestic is the God we worship we would fall on our knees and ask for mercy.

  62. The American Matrix: Wake Up & Unplug by Daniel Smith  
    5/25/2020 / Politics
    Every generation of American born since 1900, that attended a typical public school setting, has been born into an American system of secular indoctrination. This secularization has replaced God and Christian ethic with politically correct induced cultural tolerance and liberal ethic. A hard-wired secularist individual fresh out of graduation (if they made it that far) is now programmed for the public workforce, accountable only to man, government, and himself. What this means is a consequential lack of social-control and the evaporation of solid leadership in our communities.

  63. America's Social Malfunction: A Brief History by Daniel Smith  
    5/25/2020 / Politics
    America started out as a Christian nation. Where did our country take such a large backslide into lack of morals and ethics?

  64. The E.U.'s Hadron Collider & The Towel of Babel by Daniel Smith  
    5/25/2020 / World Affairs
    The original Hadron Collider in the E.U. wasn't enough, so they want to build it bigger. Is this the modern parallel to the Tower of Babel from ancient Mesopotamia?

  65. Taken for a Ride by Cherie Ballog  
    5/24/2020 / Devotionals
    More and more, folks seem to be looking out for their own interests these days. What does the Bible have to say about that common attitude?

  66. To My Darling by Tonja Taylor  
    5/23/2020 / Poetry
    I wrote this about 14 years ago, to celebrate my first anniversary with my Ephesians 3:20 husband from the LORD! (We have an ARRANGED marriage, by the KING of kings, and I love him much more than then!) . You may recognize the beginning of the famous poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

  67. Signs of Spring by Tonja Taylor  
    5/23/2020 / Poetry
    Proverbs says, "A merry heart does good, like a medicine." May this poem, written about 30 years ago, help you chuckle!

  68. Appearance of a Rainbow by Tonja Taylor  
    5/23/2020 / Poetry
    Our awesome God is Elohim, the Creator of Heaven and earth and every good thing! A few decades ago, I saw one of His lovely rainbows and was inspired to write this poem. Rainbows still delight me today!

  69. A Writer's Fit by Tonja Taylor  
    5/23/2020 / Poetry
    In 1993, I was asked by a minister to help edit her book, which took. 3 years, with me transcribing her longhand into type. I did a lot of sitting, and finally wrote a poem about the conundrum of writing vs. exercise!

  70. Heartworks by Tonja Taylor  
    5/23/2020 / Poetry
    When I wrote this in 1995, I was just learning about what true Love is. I Corinthians 13:4-8 explains it best!

  71. Serve God His Way by Sue Darling  
    5/23/2020 / Christian Living
    Serving God out of love doesn't mean it is going to be all sweetness and joy. We have to die to our flesh every single day of our life. And that is not easy.

  72. The Breeze by Tonja Taylor  
    5/23/2020 / Poetry
    The wind is like the Spirit; we can't tell where it comes from nor where it goes. But we must have both! This was written many years ago, but I enjoy the breeze even more now!

  73. The Way Home by Tonja Taylor  
    5/23/2020 / Poetry
    This was written over 20 years ago, when I realized more than ever that Jesus Christ is the only Way to true, abundant Life (John 10:10)!

  74. I Thought of Love by Tonja Taylor  
    5/23/2020 / Poetry
    A snippet I wrote about Love, in 1995--when I actually had very little idea of what true Love is. God is Love--I John 4:8! I Corinthians 13:4-8 also elaborates on true Love. Jesus' death on the cross for our sins and His resurrection (John 3:15-17) is Ultimate Love!

  75. Our Tax Dollars At Work by Tonja Taylor  
    5/23/2020 / Poetry
    I wrote this poem in a mildly frustrated but humorous vein, and it was published in 1994. It seemed that no matter where I traveled, there was always road construction! I still travel and there is still construction, but now I'm much more thankful, for the LORD has always kept me safe.

  76. It Never Fails by Tonja Taylor  
    5/23/2020 / Poetry
    I wrote and published this short piece in 1994 in a small local paper. It is a statement about shopping, Remarking on shopping, which sometimes made me have to adjust a negative attitude to a positive. But I am blessed!

  77. God's Gift by Tonja Taylor  
    5/23/2020 / Poetry
    The Mercy (not giving us what we did deserve) and Grace (giving us Christ, which we did not deserve) of God are amazing, priceless--and available to all who will call upon Him in truth (Psalm 145:18)!

  78. Before the Snow Falls by Tonja Taylor  
    5/23/2020 / Poetry
    This was written for an elderly acquaintance who knew she was about to move to Heaven, in th early 90s. She gave me the title and asked me to write it for her. I asked the LORD to lead me to Scriptures to go with it, and He did. I read it to her just before she went to Heaven, and my faith was greatly strengthened in His goodness and mercy and grace!

  79. Our Love by Tonja Taylor  
    5/23/2020 / Poetry
    I wrote this for my fiance in March of 2005, to celebrate Resurrection Day. We were married that October 1 (and will this year celebrate 15 years!). May it inspire you to write your own love poems for your spouse!

  80. To Make a Difference by Tonja Taylor  
    5/23/2020 / Poetry
    The LORD has put us on the planet to know Him, and to help others know Him. He gave me this poem in 1994, which is about my desire to life Him up that all may be drawn to Him (John 12:32). My desire for all to know Him has only increased!

  81. The Pruning Years by Samuel Dumas  
    5/22/2020 / Family
    ...While the lifespan in me
    Blends in her beam, then...disbands;
    I reach within my sacred smoke
    For clear words to say...

  82. Donkeys to Destiny by Tonja Taylor  
    5/22/2020 / Christian Living
    This was written about 8 years ago, but I believe the truths the LORD showed me are timeless. Blessed be the LORD, and blessed are we, whom He trains in His ways (Isaiah 28:26)!

  83. Has Anyone Seen My Aplomb? (Revised) by Tonja Taylor  
    5/22/2020 / Poetry
    I wrote this years ago and since then, have realized much more of whom I am in Christ Jesus the LORD--a new creation (II Cor. 5:17) in Him!

  84. Distress Signals by PamFord Davis  
    5/22/2020 / Devotionals
    Are you sending out distress signals?

    The LORD sees & hears.

    5/22/2020 / Devotionals
    The zeal " fervour, passion, enthusiasm " of the Lord comes by Gods oil in your lamp. Gods oil is the Holy Spirit. Submit to his power and presence now and rest in the strength, the passion, the enthusiasm that only he can endow. The zeal of the Lord to do it!

  86. Not to Idolise Anybody by Sue Darling  
    5/21/2020 / Christian Living
    There are many idols in this world. Anything you treat with affection above God is an idol. We know that but sometimes we have idols in our life and not know it.

  87. Together by Tonja Taylor  
    5/21/2020 / Poetry
    Partnership--working together--is vital, and so much better! The ultimate Partnership is with Christ Jesus, our heavenly Husband. We (the Church of true Believers in Him) are His Bride, and He is coming for us very soon (Revelation 22:12)!

  88. LOVE by Tonja Taylor  
    5/21/2020 / Poetry
    Written in 1982 while I was in high school, it seems God gave me true insight into the greatest thing of all: Love. God is Love! I John 4:8

  89. Christ Shall Return by Tonja Taylor  
    5/21/2020 / Poetry
    Jesus Christ the LORD is returning to earth very soon to gather all who truly believe in Him! Are you ready?

  90. I Did Better Than That by Tonja Taylor  
    5/21/2020 / Poetry
    Proverbs 19:21 (AMPC) says, "Many plans are in a mans mind, but it is the Lords purpose for him that will stand." When our plans don't work out, often the LORD has better ones!

  91. My Frame Of Mind by Tonja Taylor  
    5/21/2020 / Poetry
    The first part of this poem was written a dozen or more years ago, when my mind was not as washed in the Word. I finished it today, because now, through God's mercy and grace and Him helping me soak up His Scriptures, I truly have a mind of confidence, joy, and peace (Romans 14:17).

  92. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE by Lupie Riley  
    5/21/2020 / Christian Living
    Let your Christ light shine through so others can know Him too.

  93. LITTLE STAR by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/21/2020 / Poetry

  94. Taken Into Custody by PamFord Davis  
    5/21/2020 / Devotionals
    I was a law breaker. I broke Gods laws.

    I was taken into custody.

  95. Wants and Needs by Janet Ruth  
    5/20/2020 / Devotionals
    Focusing on what we dont have can make being thankful for what we have more difficult. That's the lesson I learned from my young daughter and the things she thought she needed.

  96. Protein and Immunity by Tonja Taylor  
    5/20/2020 / Health
    After suffering for weeks from allergies--when, for years, I hadn't had any--I started asking the LORD for wisdom. He helped me think back to dietary changes I'd made recently, and put this question in my mind: Does protein affect immunity?

  97. The Golden Pen by Cherie Ballog  
    5/20/2020 / Devotionals
    What can a writer offer the world in times of tribulation? One writer explores the answer to that question.

  98. The Ministry by PamFord Davis  
    5/20/2020 / Devotionals
    He has appointed us as ambassadors; we have an urgent message. It is a plea for reconciliation.

  99. Like the Rain by Tonja Taylor  
    5/19/2020 / Poetry
    Hosea 6:3 says that Jesus will come to us like the rain. This very short poem was written in the spring of 1994, decades before I knew of this verse. But the Living Water, Jesus Christ, knew!

  100. Our lives are platforms for God by Chilee Ahmed  
    5/19/2020 / Christian Living
    God is a Spirit, he want to use us to achieve his plan and purpose for mankind.

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