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  1. This Is The Day The Lord Has Made by Ngozi Nwoke  
    8/20/2018 / Christian Living
    What is your expectation of this day? Are you all out for the best or worse? Your understanding of what the day holds for you determines to a great extent what will actually come to you and how you will respond to it. However, your understanding of the day depends on your understanding that this is day the Lord has made.This article encourages you to expect the best for the day despite the challenges around you.

  2. That Day Must Not Come On You Unexpectedly by Ngozi Nwoke  
    8/20/2018 / Christian Living
    Are you living with the consciousness of life after now? How ready are you for the day of the Lord? Many Christians are living as if some parts of God's word will not be fulfilled, while others are living as if God will wait for them to enjoy the world first and then repent before Jesus comes back again. Unfortunately, these ones are only deceiving themselves; God will come at a time you will not know. This article encourages you to take heed to yourself so that that day doesn't come on you unexpectedly.

  3. Day By Day Our Daily Bread by Ngozi Nwoke  
    8/20/2018 / Christian Living
    How far has your anxiety solved any problem for you? Many people keep themselves busy worrying about tomorrow when God wants us to live by the day. The day has enough troubles of its own. This article encourages you to believe God for the day and allow tomorrow to worry about its own things

  4. The Greatest Mentor That Ever Lived by Ngozi Nwoke  
    8/20/2018 / Christian Living
    Who is your greatest mentor? Mentors help you to build and utilize the gifts and potentials within you to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others around you. There are many mentors available but one is the greatest of them all. This article reveals the best mentor you should have in life.

  5. God Has Not Changed by Ngozi Nwoke  
    8/20/2018 / Christian Living
    God has not changed! He is still the same yesterday, today and forever. No matter the situation you may be in or what people may say, always remember that the Lord Almighty has not changed. What He did yesterday He will do again today and tomorrow. This article is aimed at jiggling you out of your doubt position.

  6. The Power In The Word Of God by Ngozi Nwoke  
    8/20/2018 / Christian Living
    For how long can you hold unto the word of God? God's word is able to deliver whatever it says it would do. The question is do you believe it to the point of holding unto it till it delivers? This article aims at pointing out how powerful the word of the Lord is.

  7. How Far Have You Gone In The Fulfillment Of Your Heart Desires? by Ngozi Nwoke  
    8/20/2018 / Christian Living
    Are you done with or on the way to the fulfillment of the prophecies over your life, or have you given up? The fulfillment of God's word in your life depends on your faith and your covenant walk with Him. God is a covenant keeping God and will not fail on His part. Therefore, there is need for you to reflect on the past months and examine whether you are on course or not. This article encourages you to do so.

  8. The Arrogance and Hypocrisy of Western Society by Max Aplin  
    8/20/2018 / World Affairs
    In Western countries today many terrible sins are condoned and committed. These include homosexual practice and various types of child abuse. However, despite their sins, people in Western countries often arrogantly and hypocritically judge people in other parts of the world. We can be sure that those who do these things are on track for severe punishment from God.

  9. That's Good by PamFord Davis  
    8/20/2018 / Devotionals
    In jealousy and spite, they sold Joseph into slavery.

    8/19/2018 / Prophecy
    Read the 6th chapter of Revelations carefully. It appears to cover a time period from inception of Catholicism (4th century AD) to the casting of demons (stars) unto the Earth, followed by the Lords Day. The result is an entirely different timing for RAPTURE.

  11. No Other Salvation? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    8/19/2018 / Salvation
    In ancient Rome all religions were tolerated; only Christianity was bitterly persecuted. Why, do you suppose, is that?

  12. Coming Together for Victory by Jerry Ousley  
    8/17/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 3 of the 4 part series "Coming Together"

  13. Be Strong to the End by Ken Barnes  
    8/17/2018 / Christian Living
    The occasion is King David commissioning his son Solomon to be the King and build the Temple. It is clear that God had chosen Solomon to be the King and called him to build the Temple, but there is generally a conditional aspect

  14. Boldness by PamFord Davis  
    8/17/2018 / Devotionals
    The Holy Spirit gave Peter and the other disciples great boldness.

  15. WHEN? by Linda Jackson  
    8/16/2018 / Poetry
    here I am, You knew me

  16. Covered by Linda Jackson  
    8/16/2018 / Poetry
    Helmet of hope on judgement day

  17. YOUR PRAISE WILL EVER BE ON MY LIPS! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/16/2018 / Poetry

  18. Wedding Invitations by PamFord Davis  
    8/16/2018 / Devotionals
    How many of the invited will make plans to attend the ceremony?

  19. WERE ALL FAMILY by Lupie Riley  
    8/15/2018 / Christian Living
    If we believe in the Bible's interpretation we all came from the same parents, Adam and Eve. We are family in a spiritual sense too if we have invited Christ into our lives.

  20. Beware of Interpreting Bible Prophecies Too Literally by Max Aplin  
    8/15/2018 / Prophecy
    There are many Christians who think that every biblical prophecy should be interpreted as literally as possible. However, the Bible contains many prophecies that cannot be interpreted literally. When things are not immediately clear about a prophecy, we should be open to either a literal or non-literal interpretation.

  21. Blessed, Blessed, Blessed by PamFord Davis  
    8/15/2018 / Devotionals
    I am blessed but not because I am good.

  22. The Importance of Being Cautious in End-Times Matters by Max Aplin  
    8/15/2018 / Prophecy
    Many Christians spend too much time and effort studying end-times issues. Those who take a particular view often make the mistake of becoming hostile to those who disagree with them. Overconfident predictions of the future are harmful and frequently show a lack of humility.

  23. MY BIGGEST ENEMY! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/14/2018 / Poetry

  24. Coming Together for Power by Jerry Ousley  
    8/10/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 2 of the 4 part series, "Coming Together"

  25. Doing Right Things Wrong Ways by Ken Barnes  
    8/10/2018 / Christian Living
    David and all Israel had sought to bring the Ark of God back to Jerusalem, a good thing. To transport the Ark, they placed it on a cart, a bad thing. It never works to try to accomplish good purposes by using improper means.

  26. Taking Inventory by PamFord Davis  
    8/10/2018 / Devotionals
    There's work to do; I am taking inventory of my fruit. I do 'not' work alone.

  27. SORROW OF THE HEART by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/09/2018 / Poetry

  28. CreationâLiterally by Robert Driskell  
    8/09/2018 / Christian Apologetics
    Why are Christians intimidated by the theories of secular science?

  29. Confessions of a Baby Boomer by PamFord Davis  
    8/09/2018 / Devotionals
    I will confess my sin, receive his mercy and focus on eternity.

  30. SORROW OF THE HEART by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/08/2018 / Poetry

  31. CHERISH THOSE MOMENTS! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/08/2018 / Poetry

  32. Return to School Celebration Becomes Successful Fishing Trip for Students by Greg Miller  
    8/08/2018 / Devotionals
    Students returning to classes at their Christian school after summer vacation first have a successful fishing trip.

  33. Predictions by PamFord Davis  
    8/08/2018 / Devotionals
    Do not be deceived. Though some predictions may come true, the power of Satan (the deceiver) is behind them.

  34. #AnnoyedwithFaithLeaders by Dr. Hill  
    8/07/2018 / Leadership
    Are you so spiritual minded that you get in the way of business dealing.

  35. This Microwave Thing by Dr. Hill  
    8/07/2018 / Christian Living
    Is your life on FAST FORWARD? Do you have to schedule your life? Slow down and learn to enjoy your days!

  36. CHICAGO, A SPIRITUAL WAR ZONE! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/07/2018 / Poetry

  37. ANCIENT PATHS NEW BEGINNINGS by Dudley Anderson  
    8/07/2018 / Christian Living
    The Lord is calling you and me, Christian, to wake up and strengthen what remains; to strengthen our faith, to strengthen our worship, to strengthen our understanding of his Word and to strengthen our standing for godly morals in a corrupt society.

  38. Our Father by PamFord Davis  
    8/07/2018 / Devotionals
    Many young children memorize Jesus model prayer.

  39. Taking Heart from the Apostle Paul's Experiences of Setbacks and Failed Plans by Max Aplin  
    8/06/2018 / Devotionals
    The apostle Paul experienced setbacks in his ministry and made well-intentioned plans that failed to work out. Nevertheless, through all that happened to him God was at work, sometimes in ways he was unaware of. We can take heart from Paul's experiences when we meet with setbacks and when our plans are frustrated.

  40. Inseparable by PamFord Davis  
    8/06/2018 / Devotionals
    Jesus promised to be with me always.

  41. INVEST IN WHAT? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    8/04/2018 / Christian Living

  42. WHEN THEY ARE GONE... by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/04/2018 / Poetry

  43. Self-centered Religion by Ken Barnes  
    8/04/2018 / Christian Living
    At times our prayers and religious observances can be an offense to God. We can say and do all the right things in the performance of our faith, but in our hearts, we are seeking to please ourselves and not God.

  44. Saved by grace or by works by Sundaresh Venugopal  
    8/03/2018 / Christian Living
    Is god gracious ?

  45. A Growing Aspect of American Holidays Needing Our Prayers by Sim Lee  
    8/03/2018 / Holidays
    American holidays are more deadly from the violence and death caused by alcohol consumption, from social media effects and from texting while driving.

  46. WHEN THEY ARE GONE... by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/03/2018 / Poetry

  47. Coming Together for Strength by Jerry Ousley  
    8/03/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 1 of the 4 part series "Coming Together"

    8/03/2018 / Devotionals
    In his great sovereignty and grace, God has chosen to give you the most mysterious and auspicious privilege of prayer. Use it!

  49. Proclamation by PamFord Davis  
    8/03/2018 / Devotionals
    Well, Jonah wasnt exactly ecstatic about his assignment...

  50. Does God Forgive Sins in Christian Water Baptism? Part 2 by Max Aplin  
    8/02/2018 / Salvation
    Most evangelicals today seem to have seriously misunderstood what baptism is all about. There is good biblical evidence that Gods standard way of doing things is to forgive the sins of a new Christian believer at the time they are baptized. This does not conflict with salvation by faith or with Christian experience.

  51. Does God Forgive Sins in Christian Water Baptism? Part 1 by Max Aplin  
    8/02/2018 / Salvation
    Most evangelicals today seem to have seriously misunderstood what baptism is all about. There is good biblical evidence that Gods standard way of doing things is to forgive the sins of a new Christian believer at the time they are baptized. This does not conflict with salvation by faith or with Christian experience.

  52. In His Presence by PamFord Davis  
    8/02/2018 / Devotionals
    He is with you; He is with me. Do others recognize His presence in our lives?

  53. ANANIAS AND SAPPHIRA by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/01/2018 / Poetry

  54. ARE YOU A BLESSING OR A CURSE? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    8/01/2018 / Poetry

  55. Who's Who by PamFord Davis  
    8/01/2018 / Devotionals
    Who is Jesus?

  56. END TIMES by Lupie Riley  
    7/31/2018 / Christian Living
    The world will not end if Jesus is to set up His kingdom for 1,000 years.

  57. THANK YOU LORD JESUS! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/31/2018 / Poetry

  58. Prayer Draws Married Couple Closer Together by Greg Miller  
    7/31/2018 / Christian Living
    Prayer draws a Christian married couple closer together!

    7/31/2018 / Leadership
    Opportunities to lead will always come. The concern will always be how prepared we are to handle such at any given time.

  60. Gems in Genealogy by PamFord Davis  
    7/31/2018 / Devotionals
    The Bible includes a great deal of genealogy.

  61. Hunting for ABC's in a Bible Story by The Scripture Lady by Kathy Vincent  
    7/30/2018 / Education
    Your preschoolers are learning their letters, so why not let them have fun hunting for ABC's in a Bible story? This fun Bible game uses Bible story pictures to help your little ones learn about God's great stories in the Bible and learn their letters, too!

  62. Paradoxes and Tensions in the Christian Faith by Max Aplin  
    7/30/2018 / Bible Studies
    Something that modern readers of the Bible often fail to recognize is how many paradoxes and tensions there are in the Christian faith. It is frequently the case that two things which at first sight seem to contradict each other are both in fact true. The amount of bad teaching in the church would be much less if there was better understanding of this.

  63. Cowardice to Courageous by PamFord Davis  
    7/30/2018 / Devotionals
    Spiritually, we progress from cowardice-to-courageous as we seek a deeper Spirit filled life.

  64. A CHILD'S SALVATION by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/29/2018 / Poetry

  65. IS THERE A TRINITY? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    7/29/2018 / Bible Studies
    The Vatican has taught all of Europe that the Trinity does encompass a Godhead of three completely equal beings. That is completely contrary to the evidence in the Bible.

  66. ALMOST PERSUADED by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/28/2018 / Poetry

  67. The Rope by Steve Countryman  
    7/28/2018 / Christian Living
    God provides a very effective and simple way of escape but it takes effort on your part to secure your release.

  68. Assurance by Jerry Ousley  
    7/27/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 9 of the 9 part series entitled "Understanding Our Salvation"

    7/27/2018 / Devotionals
    This calls for walking by faith and not by sight. You see, its not a fatalistic view on life, its a faith-realistic view on life And thats what God-tracking is all about.

  70. TWO GATES UNTO ETERNITY by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/27/2018 / Poetry

  71. Turbulent Teens by PamFord Davis  
    7/27/2018 / Devotionals
    Is your son or daughter acting out?

  72. Standing at Attention by Ken Barnes  
    7/27/2018 / Christian Living
    When the people stood up, it showed respect for what was being read and who was reading it, in that order. Taking the Word of God seriously is the first step towards reformation and transformation.

  73. When the Answers Don't Come by PamFord Davis  
    7/26/2018 / Devotionals
    God may be testing my faith

  74. Jesus v Paul (Part 1 of 2) by lee thriepland  
    7/25/2018 / Bible Studies
    Did Paul really contradict the teachings of Jesus? A detailed 2 part biblical study into the teachings of Paul v the teachings of Jesus.

  75. Monsoon Madness by PamFord Davis  
    7/25/2018 / Devotionals
    A person would have to be mad; out of their mind, to build their house upon the sand.

  76. Does the bible say Jesus was Black? by lee thriepland  
    7/25/2018 / Bible Studies
    A detailed investigation into the claim by some that the Bible says Jesus was Black. Here I look at the verses used by Hebrew Israelites to prove that Jesus was a black man.

  77. Does Deuteronomy 28-68 prove that the original Israelites were black? by lee thriepland  
    7/25/2018 / Bible Studies
    A Biblical answer to the question was Jesus Black? Hebrew Israelites like to use this verse to show that Jesus was a black man. In this writing I examine the claim.

  78. Pastor is Exciting Example for Church's Youth by Greg Miller  
    7/24/2018 / Christian Living
    A church's pastor is a great inspiration for the church's teenagers.

  79. The Soul, Immortal soul, Hell and Eternal conscious punishment (part 2 of 2) by lee thriepland  
    7/24/2018 / Bible Studies
    2nd part of the truth regarding the soul the immortal soul and eternal conscious punishment and what is Hell? The truth about the lake of fire.

  80. The truth about talking in tongues by lee thriepland  
    7/24/2018 / Bible Studies
    An detailed biblical look into the doctrine of talking in tongues. Explaining exactly what tongues are and answering do we need to talk in tongues in order to prove that we have received the holy spirit?

  81. Buried Treasure by PamFord Davis  
    7/24/2018 / Devotionals
    X does not mark the spot; the heart does.

  82. The soul, Immortal Soul, heaven and Hell and Eternal conscious punishment (Part 1 of 2) The soul and the Immortal Soul by lee thriepland  
    7/24/2018 / Bible Studies
    The Biblical truth about the soul, the immortal soul and hell. A look into the doctrine of the eternal soul and eternal conscious punishment.

  83. Original sin by lee thriepland  
    7/24/2018 / Bible Studies
    A Biblical explanation regarding the doctrine of Original sin. What is it? and is it true?

  84. Jesus the high priest from the tribe of Judah. Â by lee thriepland  
    7/24/2018 / Bible Studies
    An explanation of how Jesus was the high priest yet from the tribe of Judah.

  85. Why was Jesus not recognised? by lee thriepland  
    7/24/2018 / Bible Studies
    A Biblical explanation as to why Jesus was sometimes not recognised after he rose from the dead.

  86. Love story by Toni Kay Rittenhouse  
    7/23/2018 / Christian Living
    A groom has worked forever to make his bride a perfect home.

  87. If any among you are blameless, throw the first stone! by Toni Kay Rittenhouse  
    7/23/2018 / Politics
    Do we have the right to throw stones at the president or anyone else? Are we pure enough to be called blameless?

  88. ARE YOU BORN AGAIN? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/23/2018 / Poetry

  89. There Is No Such Thing as a Christian Half-Brother or Half-Sister by Max Aplin  
    7/23/2018 / Church Life
    There are some Christians who tend to view believers outside their own denomination as kind of half-brothers and half-sisters in Christ. However, we must avoid being too intolerant of the views of other Christians. We should regard people who profess Christian faith as full brothers and sisters, unless they do or say something intolerable, in which case we should treat them as false Christians. There is no halfway house.

  90. ARE YOU PLEASING GOD? by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/22/2018 / Poetry

  91. TEARS AND TRIALS---WHERE IS GOD? by Samuel Akinola  
    7/22/2018 / Christian Living
    In our walking with Jesus trials Will come, sorrows will try to sweep us away. But we can stand strong In Christ our Lord.

  92. American Evangelicals - Majority Political Shift From Conservative To Progressive by Sim Lee  
    7/22/2018 / Politics
    A view of the majority shift from conservative to progressive withi the American Evangelical camp in the last ten years

    7/21/2018 / Family
    With INTERNET you enable criminals to communicate with and have direct access to your kids, completely outside your own awareness. Is it surprising if kids are disobedient, ungrateful, rebellious? Are not real devils raising your kids now?

  94. GOD-TRACKING IS MOVING MOUNTAINS! by Dudley Anderson  
    7/20/2018 / Devotionals
    So, trust in your Lord without depending on your own perceptions of the size of the boulder in your field. Its definitely not as big as you thought.

  95. Adoption by Jerry Ousley  
    7/20/2018 / Christian Living
    Part 8 of the 9 part series "Understanding Our Salvation"

  96. Christian Victims of Genocide in Northern Nigeria Need Our Prayers by Sim Lee  
    7/20/2018 / World Affairs
    A call to prayer to pray for the 6000 Christians killed in Nigeria since the start of 2018.

  97. UNSEEN GIFTS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    7/18/2018 / Poetry

  98. THE ARK by Lupie Riley  
    7/17/2018 / Christian Living
    The one door on the ark represents Jesus as being the only way back to God. He is the door in which we enter into Salvation.

  99. Complimentary Software by Sundaresh Venugopal  
    7/17/2018 / Computers/Technology
    Good is good, virtual and/or real. Evil is evil virtual and/or real. And the twain shall never meet.

  100. Young Boy Called to Become Dentist by Greg Miller  
    7/17/2018 / Christian Living
    God calls a young boy to become a dentist.

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