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Recently Added Articles:
  1. TRUTH VERSUS FACTS by Ramona Cook  
    11/28/2015 / Christian Apologetics
    if we did read and did believe the Book God has provided to us to teach us what we can expect from Him, we would not be so worried and distressed. What we lack is a true knowledge of God and understanding of the reasons we can believe that Book.

  2. Rise to the Occasion by Jerry Ousley  
    11/28/2015 / Christian Living
    Part 3 of the Series "Habits"

  3. God's Timing is Not Always Convenient So We Think by Sue Darling  
    11/28/2015 / Christian Living
    Learning to surrender to God's timing is not always easy, we like to do things our way. We forget our place before God many times and God has to teach us to obey.

  4. Coming Home by Francie Snell  
    11/27/2015 / Church Life
    In the circle of clasped hands, Suzie readied herself, taking a deep breath, closing her eyes. With a posture of prayer she focused like a skilled marksman taking careful aim. Then with humility, she boldly led us all to the place of mercy and grace.

    11/27/2015 / Devotionals
    "I'm not sure about you but I can certainly relate to a man like King David. What an example to us all of maintaining a pure and contrite heart in tracking God's plans and purposes for our lives."

  6. Serving God's Way by Ken Barnes  
    11/27/2015 / Christian Living
    The litmus test of a servant's heart comes when we do the lion's share of the work and get very little credit for the results. God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use it well to serve one another. Then everything you do will bring glory to God through Jesus Christ.. (I Peter 4: 10-11 NLT).

    There is a definite order of service delineated in this portion of scripture. It's God, then others and self. Unfortunately, we sometimes invert that order to ourselves, people, and then the Lord. In this hierarchy of service, due to our tendency to look out for number one, it is very easy to keep ourselves on top and let God and man compete for everything else.
    It is very clear that our motivation to serve comes first and foremost from God. But even though God is first, it is never just me and Jesus. Our love for him (God) is always displayed for those created in his image. There is a vertical and horizontal aspect to our service. It is upward toward the Lord and outward to those around us. When we combine the vertical and horizontal we form the sign of the cross. Jesus was the perfect servant. He came to serve and not be served.
    If we quit serving because whom we serve doesn't affirm our efforts, it shows we are endeavoring to please man instead of God. If our priorities are right, it does not matter if we are treated fairly, we continue to be faithful in our duties because we ultimately are doing it for God and not flesh and blood. The litmus test of a servant's heart comes when we do the lion's share of the work and get very little credit for the results. This will reveal whether are life is in divine order, God, then others and self.

    The litmus test of a servant's heart comes when we do the lion's share of the work and get very little credit for the results.

  7. My Prayer by Jeanie Hannah  
    11/26/2015 / Poetry
    My prayer of thankfulness to God. I pray this daily and hope I never take for granted all the blessings God has given me.

  8. Waht Are you Magnifying? by Annagail Lynes  
    11/26/2015 / Devotionals
    Are you magnifying your problems in your life? What are you focusing on? That is what will happen in your life.

  9. God is with Us Always Especially during Our Toughes Times by Sue Darling  
    11/26/2015 / Christian Living
    God is with us always, especially near to us during our toughest times. We need to rely on His strength not on our own

  10. What Is Hidden? by Annagail Lynes  
    11/25/2015 / Devotionals
    What are you hiding from others? What is it that you haven't said?

  11. When You Just Lose It - Masculinity and Keeping it Real by Cate Russell-Cole  
    11/24/2015 / Mens Issues
    We all expect ourselves to be spiritually perfect. To act right, stand in faith and not fall... but we hit the ground, hard. We're not alone in that. David stumbled over grief in a manner which seems to contradict his incredible faith and strength. By doing so he became an excellent emotional role model for both men and women.

  12. The Habits That Built King David's Faith by Cate Russell-Cole  
    11/24/2015 / Christian Living
    One comment which comes up quite often is "I wish I was like David!" I reply to people with: "you can do it; it will take time, but it can be done." This article looks at the habits that made David a success.

  13. A PERSONAL LOOK by Kenneth Pappas  
    11/24/2015 / Christian Living
    "I am the way, the truth and the life" How grateful are you about this truth. God chose you from times beginning, 1 Peter 1&2.

  14. Are You Special? by Annagail Lynes  
    11/24/2015 / Devotionals
    What makes you unique? What makes you awesome? What makes you--you?

  15. Stained Bedspread by Carol Levergood  
    11/24/2015 / Devotionals
    There is a spot on the bedspread from my mascara where I knelt. The stain didn't wash out, but I didn't care because it reminded me of when God settled my heart when I thought it would break.

  16. Adam Tries to Create a Companion by Greg Miller  
    11/24/2015 / Family
    Adam tries to create a companion for himself.

  17. When Fighting Hate by louis gander  
    11/24/2015 / Politics
    While taking flak,
    I watched his back.
    We fought them man to man.
    It happened fast,
    that deadly blast,
    but some don't understand...

  18. The Little Things You can do by Sue Darling  
    11/24/2015 / Christian Living
    One step at a time for God and He gives you courage to do more than you ever thought possible.

  19. THE PURITY OF THE CHURCHES by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    11/23/2015 / Bible Studies
    The prime concern of our Lord Jesus Christ in His letters to the seven Churches in Asia Minor was the purity of the Churches. In Eph 5:27, we read that Christ gave Himself to present her to Himself as a perfect, clean, holy and unblemished bride. And this is His purpose. Also in Rev 14:7,8 it says, "Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him; for the marriage of the Lamb is come , and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen which is the righteousness of saints."

  20. The Anti-King: David and Humility by Cate Russell-Cole  
    11/23/2015 / Bible Studies
    David is almost an anti-king. He relies more on the Lord, than on his own power and influence. This article may serve useful as study material on the topic of humility and looks at three areas where David's humility is displayed.

  21. What's The Word? by Annagail Lynes  
    11/23/2015 / Devotionals
    What is God leading you to do? Do you have the faith to take Him at His Word? Or are you asking for the hundredth sign?

  22. The Honor Of Humility by Ken Barnes  
    11/23/2015 / Christian Living
    For a Christian openness does not bring shame but respect. In God's Kingdom honor is always preceded by humility.

  23. Don't Miss the Better Thing by Taylor Cummings  
    11/23/2015 / Devotionals
    When asked the question, "How are you?" is your answer, "Busy!"? This devotional is for you.

  24. The Way He Looks At Me by Taylor Cummings  
    11/23/2015 / Dating
    "If you're tired of waiting, you're not alone. But my prayer is that you'll draw closer to God in this season of waiting and continue to wait. "Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5." Read more in my devotional, "The Way He Looks At Me".

  25. God Can be Sneaky! I am so Glad He is Sometimes. by Sue Darling  
    11/22/2015 / Pets
    We need a God who can out think us. God can see the big picture, the whole thing, but all we can see is what we want, whether it is a good thing or not. God loves us and He knows what is best for us.

  26. Creation and Evolution by Mick Alexander  
    11/22/2015 / Christian Apologetics
    "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Gen. 1:1).

  27. Brush Up On Your Theology; 10. Ecclesiology by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    11/22/2015 / Bible Studies
    The Church is misunderstood in the world, and even among believers the proper role and nature of the Church are rather fuzzy. Here we examine the origin, nature, ministry and mission of the Church.

  28. On Winds Of Time by louis gander  
    11/22/2015 / Poetry
    The beauty of that place was such
    that I just hadn't mattered much.
    Except for me, the trees were bright
    with vibrant leaves. Oh, what a sight!
    The crowds would mingle and would rest
    among the brightest and the best
    where thoughts and dreams together meld
    in beauty so unparalleled.

  29. Coming Forth As Gold by Shari Weigerstorfer  
    11/22/2015 / Testimonies
    As I searched the scriptures, over and over again, I was reminded of how much God is willing to fight for and defend His people... if He was willing to fight for me, I should be willing to trust Him."

  30. Prayer Works by Shari Weigerstorfer  
    11/22/2015 / Parenting
    "...A few months ago, while we were in the London airport, my daughter found some coins. I had no idea that God would use this seemingly insignificant event as a building block of faith. But then, God is ever surprising, isn't He?"

  31. Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin by Shari Weigerstorfer  
    11/22/2015 / Parenting
    Loving the sinner while hating the sin is God's way. We are to exemplify God's love to our children. If our children cannot believe that we love them in spite of their mistakes and failures, how will they believe that a Holy God can?

  32. The State of the Solution by Jennifer Rubino Champion  
    11/21/2015 / World Affairs
    A look at what the bible says about war and the solution to terrorism.

  33. Faith Rises by Deborah Ann Belka  
    11/20/2015 / Poetry
    Up and over our fears!

  34. Hand Chosen by Deborah Ann Belka  
    11/20/2015 / Poetry
    Out of the dark into His marvelous light!

  35. Prayer Changes Everything by Deborah Ann Belka  
    11/20/2015 / Poetry
    It solves all our problems!

  36. Thanfulness by Deborah Ann Belka  
    11/20/2015 / Pets
    Why I am thankful . . .

  37. Be Still and Know by Deborah Ann Belka  
    11/20/2015 / Poetry
    I am God . . .

  38. Heartfelt Graitude by Deborah Ann Belka  
    11/20/2015 / Poetry
    Thankful for all things . . .

  39. THIS PRESENT CONDITION by Ramona Cook  
    11/20/2015 / World Affairs
    Really, there is no need to despair. The Living God works everywhere!

  40. Handling Adversity by Jerry Ousley  
    11/20/2015 / Christian Living
    Part 2 in the Series "Habits"

  41. He Knows Me Through and Through by Yuri Solomon  
    11/19/2015 / Devotionals
    The knowledge of who I am, and what God intended as He created me, is something I discover as I live and yet I can never discover what He has not known. Our personality, proclivities, passions, placement, etc. were all aimed by God for our redemption

  42. Thunder - Concerning World Events by Rochelle Arnold  
    11/19/2015 / Prophecy
    Soon ...oh so very soon there will come a great and mighty wind and I will thunder...and you will know that I am God and that I am sovereign. The time is come that many things will pass before your eyes and I shall show you the meaning and the timing of these days. The onslaught planned against My people is unprecedented, yet my grace and power shall overcome. Be watchful for the storm clouds and heed My voice as I thunder over My enemies...terror and panic shall envelope them.

  43. The Perfect Match: A Job 31 Husband and a Proverbs 31 Wife by Jan True  
    11/19/2015 / Christian Living
    A marriage guide on how the Godly wife's role and the Godly husband's role looks according to scripture.

  44. Do You Recall? by Annagail Lynes  
    11/19/2015 / Devotionals
    How is your memory? Can you recall things at will? I have a secret weapon.

  45. Unless The Lord Builds The House by Ken Barnes  
    11/19/2015 / Christian Living
    When God is not working with us we actually labor in vain.

  46. Brush Up On Your Theology; 9. Angelology by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    11/18/2015 / Bible Studies
    Some believers are unaware of the essential doctrines of the church and, often, are misinformed on essential subjects, like this one dealing with Angels and Demons.

  47. ONE-WAY ONLY SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE? If Pastors betray us, what can YOU do? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    11/18/2015 / Politics
    Do we have a ONE WAY ONLY, a lying "separation" of Church and State? Should real separation not be both ways?

  48. Branded as Fools by Pam Ford Davis  
    11/18/2015 / Devotionals
    'The actions of each individual were foolish; that does not necessarily brand them as fools.'

  49. The Body of Christ is in Need of Healing by Sue Darling  
    11/17/2015 / Christian Living
    Healing is hard work, especially if you are on your own. The whole church is in urgent need of healing, because we are living in a world full of angry people and selfishness, causing much sickness. Churches should learn to let God into the churches and take it over from us.

  50. What Does The Word Say? by Annagail Lynes  
    11/17/2015 / Devotionals
    What does the Word say about your situation? Do you know what it really says?

  51. Recognition Is A Matter Of Life And Death by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    11/17/2015 / Christian Living
    We have good and proper solutions for today's ills all around us, but because of obstinacy, and disinterest, these solutions are not being accessed; and hence healing is beyond us.

  52. Cast Your Cares on Jesus during the Holiday Season by stephanie reck  
    11/17/2015 / Holidays
    Casting our cares on Jesus means more than just superficially saying we are casting our cares upon Him, it means we are actively trading our worries, anxieties, and fears into prayers.

  53. The World Preapares for Annual Thanksgiving Celebration by Greg Miller  
    11/17/2015 / Holidays
    The world prepares for its annual celebration of giving thanks.

  54. Detrimental Thoughts by Pam Ford Davis  
    11/17/2015 / Devotionals
    'The devil is the accuser of God's children. Either we take thoughts captive or he holds us captive.'

  55. Another Cheek by Shari Weigerstorfer  
    11/17/2015 / Womens Interest
    "...Next time, I won't stand there wondering. I will interfere with the gentle statement: "Hit me. Hit me instead."

  56. Home for the Holidays by Alan Allegra  
    11/16/2015 / Holidays
    A long time ago, someone left his home to spend Christmas with friends, strangers, and even enemies. Jesus the Son of God left heaven to be born on what we sometimes call the first Christmas. He was barely noticed at first but with growing fame came growing hatred, despite his innocent love for sinners (Romans 5).

  57. Are We There Yet? by Pam Ford Davis  
    11/16/2015 / Devotionals
    'Drifters often held key roles in old western movies and TV programs.'

  58. Come off the Reservation by Wayne Brooks  
    11/15/2015 / Book Reviews
    What does it mean for a Christian to come off the reservation?

  59. He Waits Patiently by Wayne Brooks  
    11/15/2015 / Poetry
    Poem about Jesus and Our Relationship with Him

  60. That Faith Thing by Wayne Brooks  
    11/15/2015 / Christian Apologetics
    Talk About Blind Faith!

  61. So, You Love Jesus But Don't Like the Church. by Wayne Brooks  
    11/15/2015 / Church Life
    Are you one of those who says that they love Jesus but don't like the Church? You might want to read this.

  62. Nonconforming Parts and the Church by Wayne Brooks  
    11/15/2015 / Christian Living
    How does nonconforming parts in an assembly plant compare with members of the Church?

  63. Cuckoo Clock by louis gander  
    11/15/2015 / Poetry
    The time is almost 3 AM.
    but I don't really care -
    except the ticking of the clock
    is more than I can bear.

  64. Brush Up On Your Theology; 8. Trinitarianism by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    11/15/2015 / Bible Studies
    Some believers are unaware of the essential doctrines of the church and are mystified when trying to understand the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. In this article we briefly examine Trinitarianism.

  65. The Sunset Dancer by Shari Weigerstorfer  
    11/14/2015 / Health
    "...How very rare are these people who, in spite of alarming circumstances, choose to dance and worship in the midst of disaster..."

  66. His Presence Is Just A Prayer Away by Shari Weigerstorfer  
    11/14/2015 / Christian Living
    "...Some days my life is filled with black, hostile clouds. The warmth of God's love feels far away. I look, but I can't see Him. But faith assures me He's there, just like the sun. His wonderful presence is just a prayer away..."

  67. A Son Is Given by Shari Weigerstorfer  
    11/14/2015 / Holidays
    A Christmas poem. "One cold night in Bethlehem,
    Great grace appeared in the world.
    It had been predicted,
    But few remembered...

  68. New Creation Living by Joseph LaValley  
    11/14/2015 / Christian Living
    We can walk as new creations by learning to walk by the spirit; in love, in light and circumspectly.

  69. A Moment With Mother by Shari Weigerstorfer  
    11/13/2015 / Family
    'A Moment With Mother' tells of a daughter and aging mother who are briefly mentally and emotionally reconnected. It's about last wishes and the One we have always trusted to make them come true.

  70. Are You Afflicted? by Annagail Lynes  
    11/13/2015 / Devotionals
    Are you righteous? Are you afflicted? Then God is working on your behalf.

    11/13/2015 / Devotionals
    "come quickly to the feet of Jesus in repentance and receive his forgiveness; come quickly to the feet of Jesus and confess forgiveness for your brother. Do this you will know the sheer liberty of being forgiven and forgiving."

  72. Habits by Jerry Ousley  
    11/13/2015 / Christian Living
    The first in a five part series entitled "Habits"

  73. God's Bottle and Book by Ken Barnes  
    11/13/2015 / Christian Living
    In times of our greatest need God can appear to be distant. But he is always there. He is taking note of our sufferings, collecting our tears in his divine receptacle and recording the events in his eternal ledger.

  74. Witness for the Prosecution by Pam Ford Davis  
    11/13/2015 / Devotionals
    'Take heart; we have One who defends us'

    11/13/2015 / Devotionals
    Paul was extremely worried about the spiritual condition of the Galatians. They, who whole heartedly believed the Gospel of grace, were somehow persuaded to abandon the "Amazing Grace" ship.

    11/13/2015 / Devotionals
    We sit back many times and subconsciously think that the authority we have 'in Christ,' is almost too good to be true.

  77. Evolution Theory by Pam Ford Davis  
    11/12/2015 / Devotionals
    'In my impressionable teen years, educators indoctrinated me with evolution theory.'

  78. 5 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About King David by Cate Russell-Cole  
    11/11/2015 / Bible Studies
    Everyone has heard of David and Goliath, Bathsheba and some know about David bringing the ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem; however there is much more to this Hebrew King than I ever knew.

  79. The Most Important Lesson I Learnt When Studying King David by Cate Russell-Cole  
    11/11/2015 / Christian Living
    ...and it wasn't about David, it was about Jesus. I believe David would be very happy with that. Read more about how I discovered that there is no angry Old Testament God and a merciful New Testament one. The love found in Him is consistent throughout all time.

  80. Beating the Holiday Blues by stephanie reck  
    11/11/2015 / Holidays
    The holiday blues occur between Thanksgiving and New Year's, and is accompanied by depression and anxiety symptoms.

  81. Something of Interest Regarding Bible Translations by Sue Darling  
    11/11/2015 / Christian Living
    St Paul for example is often accursed for not liking women, I think wrongly mainly I believe because how the translators may have miss translated some things in the bible.

  82. Eternal Or Everyday? by Annagail Lynes  
    11/11/2015 / Devotionals
    Are you focused on everyday things? Are you focused on things that eternal?

  83. Eternal Or Everyday? by Annagail Lynes  
    11/11/2015 / Devotionals
    Are you focused on everyday things? Are you focused on things that eternal?

  84. Eternal Or Everyday? by Annagail Lynes  
    11/11/2015 / Devotionals
    Are you focused on everyday things? Are you focused on things that eternal?

  85. Be of Good Courage by Pam Ford Davis  
    11/11/2015 / Holidays
    'On this Veteran's Day, it is appropriate to reflect upon the roles filled by all military veterans, as well as active service personnel.'

    11/11/2015 / Bible Studies
    Truly saying, Genesis is a sacred record of historical events and facts which truly took place in God's time for man designated by scientific research findings which involve geology, botany, paleontology, archaeology, anthropology and so on. Another important fact is that Genesis 11 interlocks the preceding and following narratives with the history of Israel.

  87. We Are the Brides of Christ by Sue Darling  
    11/10/2015 / Christian Living
    Some Christians don't realise that being a Christians we are the Brides of Christ. And being a Christians we go through what marriage couples go through. There are dry seasons and very rich times in marriages so it is with our relationship with Christ.

  88. Where's The Fight? by Annagail Lynes  
    11/10/2015 / Devotionals
    Are you fighting for something that is already yours? Is it possible that you fighting the wrong the fight?

  89. Adam and Eve Bewildered after Banishment by Greg Miller  
    11/10/2015 / Devotionals
    Adam and Eve feel a great loss after being banished from the Garden of Paradise.

  90. Peace, Pie in the Sky? by Pam Ford Davis  
    11/10/2015 / Devotionals
    'Peace, myriads seek global peace.'

  91. Our Powerful influence in High Places by Sue Darling  
    11/09/2015 / Christian Living
    We have no idea how much influence we have on our Heavenly Father during our pray life and all that we do and say. God is powerful and most willing to work through us if we let Him.

  92. Where Is Your Confidence? by Annagail Lynes  
    11/09/2015 / Devotionals
    What is your belief based on? What are you persuaded about? Is it based on the Word? Is it based on what the preachers say?

  93. Ask for Wisdom and Understanding by Sue Darling  
    11/09/2015 / Christian Living
    We try to find too many times to find answers to our problems everywhere but God first.

  94. Butting God by Pam Ford Davis  
    11/09/2015 / Devotionals
    'Do you ever find yourself butting God?'

  95. When It Takes a Year to Repent by Cate Russell-Cole  
    11/08/2015 / Christian Living
    A psychological and Scriptural perspective on why King David took a year to deal with his sins involving Bathsheba and Uriah, and how his story can comfort and move us towards healing.

  96. Judgement Versus Discernment: Reading the Bible Righteously by Cate Russell-Cole  
    11/08/2015 / Christian Living
    An exploration of how sin is portrayed in the Bible, our reaction to it and how our response to people in the Bible can be driven by the exact same psychological phenomenon that drives bullying and trolls on the internet.

  97. A Christian Perspective on Mindfulness by Cate Russell-Cole  
    11/08/2015 / Christian Living
    Is mindfulness a good idea for Christians? This post tells you it's roots, dangers and how, if you choose to use it, you can do so in a godly manner.

  98. Spiritual Codependence by Toni Babcock  
    11/08/2015 / Christian Living
    What the Corinthians needed was the ability to nurture healthy behaviors grounded in mutual faith.

  99. At My Door-Keeping Post by Gregory John Monroe  
    11/08/2015 / Entertainment
    Being in the moment at my heavenly door-keeping post.

  100. Doug, the Bug by louis gander  
    11/08/2015 / Salvation
    All winter he, in circles walked
    and aimlessly did roam.
    He shed such long repentant tears
    but couldn't find his home.

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