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  1. THE ROOM OF DARKNESS by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/21/2019 / Poetry

  2. Gaining a New Perspective by stephanie reck  
    5/21/2019 / Christian Living
    My husband pressured washed our backyard patio over the weekend. All the patio furniture was still in the yard from the weekend cleaning. I admit I was not motivated at all to move the patio furniture back on the patio.

    5/21/2019 / Devotionals
    Words of comfort

    5/21/2019 / Devotionals
    Helping the needy pleases God

  5. HALLOWED BE THEY NAME by Lupie Riley  
    5/21/2019 / Christian Living
    The Lord's prayer that was given to us as a guideline to prayer.

    5/21/2019 / Devotionals
    Seeking God is our responsibilities

  7. Who Can Cast the First Stone? by Ken Barnes  
    5/21/2019 / Christian Living
    We often condemn people for the same sins we are committing. The accused in this story becomes more righteous than her accusers. Christ is the only one qualified to throw the first stone.

    5/21/2019 / Devotionals
    Greatness is not beyond God's power

    5/21/2019 / Devotionals
    Greatness is not beyond God's power

  10. WHEN OUR HEAD IS BOWED LOW by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/20/2019 / Poetry

  11. Matthew Maury - The Paths Of The Seas by Sim Lee  
    5/20/2019 / Christian Living
    A look at how scriptures inspired the "Father of Oceanography".

  12. Declining Biblical Worldview in America by Sim Lee  
    5/20/2019 / Christian Living
    A look at the declining numbers of American Christians that maintain a biblical worldview

  13. In Word and Verse: True Faith by Sim Lee  
    5/18/2019 / Christian Living
    A collage of definitions and scripture hopefully to better define true faith.

  14. UNTOLD STORIES by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/17/2019 / Poetry

  15. OUR WORLD IS OUR WITNESS! by linzy bruno  
    5/17/2019 / Christian Apologetics
    " Notwithstanding this apparent blockage, why not consider a whole new way of attacking this issue of successful witnessing. Why not use, that of which we, who are not asleep, can clearly see happening all around us?......

    5/17/2019 / Devotionals
    If you believe that Jesus rose from the dead, then you believe he is alive in the 21st century and that he has the same power he had in Bible times. If you believe in Jesus, then you have the same power Christ had in Bible times to do the same miracles he did, in the 21st century.

  17. Usefulness is Better than Greatness by Ken Barnes  
    5/17/2019 / Christian Living
    Pursuing leadership is a good thing if you are doing it for the right reason. If you seek to be great, you will never be useful. If you strive to be useful, God can make you great.

  18. Not Finished Yet by PamFord Davis  
    5/17/2019 / Devotionals
    We have a message to share to the children and youth in this generation. Our children and grandchildren need to know the LORD.

    5/16/2019 / Devotionals
    The great Healer

    5/16/2019 / Devotionals
    The great Healer

    5/16/2019 / Devotionals
    The destruction of the wicked is certain

  22. Match Made in Heaven by PamFord Davis  
    5/16/2019 / Devotionals
    Is His hand in the relationship?

    Is this the person that the LORD has prepared as their mate?

  23. LIFE'S ROLLER COASTER by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/15/2019 / Poetry

  24. She Got It! by Yaa Attobrah  
    5/15/2019 / Christian Living
    Why were the disciples upset with the woman who anointed Jesus?
    Her act of worship shows a heart fully committed to her Maker. She got it! How would you like to move away from a "partial commitment" to the things of God? Read on ....

  25. 2019 - Seniors Now Least Likely To Evangelize by Sim Lee  
    5/15/2019 / Christian Living
    A look at the diminishing number of people involved in evangelism and of the increasing importance of websites like

  26. How Important is THE AGE OF THE EARTH? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    5/15/2019 / Education
    If the Earth is recent, then there is no chance whatsoever for any Evolutionary phantasies. That is the reason why all these Fairytale ages were mysteriously invented. There is not the slightest shred of real evidence in existence to support any claims of millions, billions or trillions of years for the age of the Earth.
    It is insane to invent a phantasy of Evolution in a universe of Devolution, in an environment which tends always and automatically toward Devolution. Take a look how our planetary system is slowly falling apart.

  27. Work of the Master by PamFord Davis  
    5/15/2019 / Devotionals
    The Bible is the work of the Master.

  28. Happiness - Relationships Where Love Prevails by Sim Lee  
    5/14/2019 / Christian Living
    A look at the relationships that make us the happiest.

  29. Christian School Students Write Papers About How Long They Want to Live by Greg Miller  
    5/14/2019 / Christian Living
    A group of Christian school students write papers about how long they want to live.

  30. Projecting the Future Will Cause You to Feel Overwhelmed by stephanie reck  
    5/14/2019 / Christian Living
    Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, burdened, or anxious? When you project what may happen in the future you forfeit your daily grace and strength.

    5/14/2019 / Devotionals
    Purity gives power

  32. Yo-Yo by PamFord Davis  
    5/14/2019 / Devotionals
    Todays Yo-Yo diets are rightly named. The weight goes down; the weight comes back.

    Once lost, excess weight has a way of coming back to trouble us.

    Therefore, since we also have such a large cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily ensnares us. Let us run with endurance the race that lies before us, keeping our eyes on Jesus, the source and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that lay before Him endured a cross and despised the shame and has sat down at the right hand of Gods throne (Hebrews 12:1-2 HCSB).

    5/14/2019 / Devotionals
    Praises move God

  34. Be Not Anxious For Your Heavenly Father Knows That You Have Need Of These Things by Ngozi Nwoke  
    5/14/2019 / Christian Living
    Are you anxious about your financial state? Many believing Christians live as if they are orphans or that they have an irresponsible Father. Yet they are living purely out of ignorance or disobedience. If men know how to give good gifts to their children how much more God your Father! This article emphasizes that you should not be anxious about anything as a child of the Almighty God.

  35. Be Jesus Donkey And Walk On Blessings by Ngozi Nwoke  
    5/14/2019 / Christian Living
    Are you Christ's donkey? The present Church of Christ is not seeing the measure of signs and wonders the early Church saw because we have much fewer donkeys of Christ than they had. This poses as a big limitation to the manifestation of God's power in our time. This article encourages you to become a true Jesus donkey and then walk on blessings.

  36. A Surrendered Life Is The Vessel God Will Use by Ngozi Nwoke  
    5/14/2019 / Christian Living
    Do you desire to be a vessel strongly used by God to do great things? This is a good desire, but many Christians find this desire far-fetched from them. Interestingly, Christ is looking for people to use to show His power and bring down God's glory on earth; unfortunately, very few people are ready to be used by Him. This article gives what it takes to be a ready vessel God will use - a surrendered life.

  37. One Man's Humorous Dream of Heaven by Sim Lee  
    5/13/2019 / Humor
    A story about a heavenly and humorous circumstance.

  38. Counting the Years by PamFord Davis  
    5/13/2019 / Devotionals
    Its not a reincarnation; it is rebirth and transformation.

    Furthermore, its not turning over a new leaf.

  39. Writers' Memorial by theburningbushboy Solanke  
    5/12/2019 / Writing
    I express my thoughts in writing to stop them from going with me to the world beyond. Whatever you commit into writing stays behind for others to live with. Blessed be the souls of departed writers who left us with their great revelations.

  40. MARY MOTHER OF GOD by Lupie Riley  
    5/12/2019 / Christian Living
    What would have been like to be in Mary's shoes. She pondered many things about this special child she brought into the world.

  41. Behold a True Miracle? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    5/12/2019 / Salvation
    Today, this day, has the blood of Christ Jesus been applied TO YOU? Surprising question? But it is not your blood, it is the blood and agony of someone else, who loves you and who paid for you. This time it is not just a birth of freedom; it will be the birth of an eternity of happiness. With a mighty hand will God bring HIS PEOPLE into another reality, this time into a reality which THE EYE HAS NOT SEEN, AND THE EAR NEVER HEARD, NEITHER CAN MAN EVEN IMAGINE THE HAPPINESS THAT GOD PREPARED FOR THOSE WHO LOVE HIM (1Cor. 2: 9, paraphrased, if you please). Gods Word, Sir. Look it up.

  42. USA - 2018 Church Attendance At Historic Low by Sim Lee  
    5/12/2019 / Christian Living
    A look at the historic record low church attendance numbers in America today.

  43. Do You Believe In Creation by Don Pedal  
    5/11/2019 / Christian Living
    Do you believe in creation? It sounds like a simple question, doesn't it? I thought everybody believed in creation, but I found I was wrong. There is a secular world out there that believes the issue is irrelevant, not realizing that their soul is at stake. This article will help you, if you are sincere, reach out to a loving God waiting to richly bless you.

    5/10/2019 / Christian Living
    By believing this and confessing Jesus as Lord we can all come to know Gods forgiveness and have sins nakedness removed from our lives. Therefore, we can once again walk with Father in the cool of the day.

  45. TRUTH by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/10/2019 / Poetry

    5/10/2019 / Devotionals
    Sex outside marriage is a silver bullet of destruction

  47. Following Christ from a Distance by Ken Barnes  
    5/10/2019 / Christian Living
    Peter tried to follow what was happening to Christ without being seen. One of the gravest mistakes we can make is to try and follow Jesus from a distance.

  48. Wrinkle Remover by PamFord Davis  
    5/10/2019 / Devotionals
    Are all wrinkles bad?

    Maybe facial wrinkles are an asset; they serve as a lifeline. The LORD has a way to eradicate all detrimental wrinkles from His bride, the church.

  49. Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength by Max Aplin  
    5/10/2019 / Christian Living
    As Christians, we are under obligation to love God to the best of our ability in all we do.

    5/10/2019 / Devotionals
    The resting home of the soul in Heaven

  51. WHEN THE HEAVENS ARE CLOSED by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/09/2019 / Poetry

  52. Pedophiles, A Re-visit of a Canadian Study by Sim Lee  
    5/09/2019 / World Affairs
    A re-visit of a Canadian study of the physical characteristics of pedophiles.

    5/09/2019 / Devotionals
    The safety of Heaven is not compromised

  54. Troublesome Tangles by PamFord Davis  
    5/09/2019 / Devotionals
    A strained relationship is difficult to untangle.

    God can straighten out our disagreements.

  55. Teachers Gather for Event to Celebrate End of School Year by Greg Miller  
    5/08/2019 / Christian Living
    School teachers attend a special event to celebrate the end of the school year.

  56. Does Matthew 5:32 Allow Some Divorce and Remarriage? by Max Aplin  
    5/08/2019 / Marriage
    Most evangelicals believe that there are times when it is acceptable for people to divorce and remarry while their original husband or wife is still alive. Matthew 5:32 provides support for this view.

  57. JOY EVERYDAY by Lupie Riley  
    5/08/2019 / Christian Living
    We can have joy eveyday and it's found in one little word TRUST.

  58. Bedtime by PamFord Davis  
    5/08/2019 / Devotionals
    I remember my fascination with riverbeds in Southern California. They were dry, bereft of rushing river waters.

    Rivers in the desert?

    Waters in the wilderness?

  59. Are You Saved by Don Pedal  
    5/07/2019 / Christian Living
    Every Sunday people are sitting, comfortably, in their pews, believing they are saved, sins forgiven. Some are listening to false preachers who assure them that all is well with their souls. They do not realize that they on the road to eternal separation from a loving God. Are You Saved will help you understand what born again, Spirit dwelt salvation really means. God loves you. He is knocking at the door. Why don't you open it.

  60. I Live (a Cinquain poem) by Dorene Randolph  
    5/07/2019 / Poetry
    A Cinquain poem about His sacrifice

  61. Monkey Light by Dorene Randolph  
    5/07/2019 / Self Help
    Dana wanted more than just a high. She wanted to be free from this shackle around her heart, and the people who only wanted her for her pills. She wanted to kill the very monkey that she caressed every night; to feed him to the flames that constantly burned her ankles.

  62. Focus on Your Progress Not Your Failures by stephanie reck  
    5/07/2019 / Christian Living
    To focus means to be intentional at looking or directing your attention at something specific, making whatever you're looking at larger that the other things around you.

  63. Letter to a Mormon Friend by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    5/07/2019 / Salvation
    Many sects have been preaching a phantom, a DIFFERENT CHRIST, not the Christ of the Bible. Their religion provides no salvation, it is a one-way street without exit, leading into perdition (Gal. 1:8-9, King James only). Satans biggest department is the department of religions; of disguised and fake religious decoys, baited traps feeding spiritually poisoned food unto the perishing souls of men

  64. Tell Me More, Seniors and Millennials by Sim Lee  
    5/07/2019 / Christian Living
    A great look at how Millennials are responding to Seniors, compared to their parents, about the moral issues of abortion.

  65. Joshua, The Servant Leader by Ken Barnes  
    5/07/2019 / Christian Living
    Joshua was the oldest and most significant of all Israel, yet he was the last to receive his inheritance. Joshua personified the servant-heart of Christ, where the first becomes last.

  66. A Bivocational Pastor by PamFord Davis  
    5/07/2019 / Devotionals
    Many rural churches are small in number and cannot financially support a full time pastor or song leader.

    5/06/2019 / Devotionals
    Godly fun in times like this

  68. The Long and Bumpy Road by PamFord Davis  
    5/06/2019 / Devotionals
    Lets be honest; life is a long and bumpy road.

    We have been forewarned.

  69. A Dependable Moral Code by Mark Nickles  
    5/05/2019 / Christian Apologetics
    Everyone needs a moral code that is unchanging, consistent and trustworthy. However, there is only one source of such a code; the Bible.

  70. Jesus, Not Politics, is Our Hope by Mark Nickles  
    5/05/2019 / Christian Living
    Political views and news are everywhere. If you have any contact with media, even social media, it can seem difficult to escape the debates, arguments and divisive attitudes that originate in politics. But, how should the Christian view this phenomenon?

  71. Understanding Forgiveness by Mark Nickles  
    5/05/2019 / Christian Living
    At some time, we all need, or need to give forgiveness. Sadly, forgiveness is withheld more than it is given, even in the church. But, do we truly understand what forgiveness is, and is not?

  72. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OBEDIENCE AND LEGALISM reveals true Christianity by linzy bruno  
    5/05/2019 / Christian Living
    "Obedience is what matters to God, not following a bunch of rules and sitting in Church when you'd rather be somewhere else....."

  73. Exceptions Sometimes Saves Lives - Mother and Child by Sim Lee  
    5/04/2019 / Teen Issues
    A look at how our youngest mothers are deciding upon an abortion, or not to.

  74. THE little angel OF LOVE by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/03/2019 / Poetry

  75. THE POWER OF GRATITUDE by linzy bruno  
    5/03/2019 / Christian Living
    " a passionate love song...."

    5/03/2019 / Christian Living
    God knows your future. He is the one who controls your input and your output you can trust him to provide all you will ever need for daily living, precisely when you need it!

  77. His Love for Us by PamFord Davis  
    5/03/2019 / Devotionals
    He was a willing sacrifice; He saw our sin and need of redemption.

    It was all about His love for us.

  78. The Racket In The Crowd by Jackie Teunessen  
    5/02/2019 / Christian Living
    This article is for you if your faith has been tested or shaken from listening to the racket in the crowd. People can unintentionally be pulling you away from the calling God placed on your heart through words. Do not follow the racket in the crowd.

  79. PROMOTERS OF EVOLUTION by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    5/02/2019 / Education
    Atheism is only another religion. One must BELIEVE there is no God. There is no conceivable way to PROVE there is no God, especially when all scientific evidence, if unsuppressed, points to special creation. The nonexistence of God must be accepted by FAITH alone, by pure belief. That is the very definition of a religion. Atheism is a religion.

  80. The Big Bang by Stephen Kimball  
    5/02/2019 / Testimonies
    The testimony of a couple who responded to the Spirit's call on their lives and were forever changed.

  81. Going Global by PamFord Davis  
    5/02/2019 / Devotionals
    Do you share the gospel scripture via blogs or social media?

    His word is being sent around the world.

  82. THOSE WORDS IN RED by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/01/2019 / Poetry

  83. Loneliness by Don Pedal  
    5/01/2019 / Christian Living
    Loneliness is a condition that has afflicted most of us at one time or another. Many of us do not realize that our Lord has a lot to say about it. It is our prayer that this article may help you and be a blessing to you.

  84. THE OTHER SIDE by Lewis E. Thomas  
    5/01/2019 / Poetry

    5/01/2019 / Christian Apologetics
    " We're told to "chase our dreams" and encouraged to indulge all our aspirations. The secular community even goes so far as to claim we are doing ourselves a......"

  86. test by PamFord Davis  
    5/01/2019 / Devotionals

  87. Franklin - In The Lord's Service by Sim Lee  
    5/01/2019 / Christian Living
    A look at the earlier years of Franklin Graham's service to the Lord's work.

  88. The Marriage Wheel by Helen Murray  
    5/01/2019 / Christian Living
    Traditional Marriage and today's Culture. Marriage is compared to the structure of a wheel with a central axle - or perhaps not a central axle. "advanced" people might think the traditional placement of the axle is a little limiting. They want to experiment with other styles of wheel.

  89. Peripheral Vision by PamFord Davis  
    5/01/2019 / Devotionals
    Driver instructors frequently remind their pupils to be aware of their surroundings.

    Do I perceive the needs of others around me?

  90. testing 5-1-19 by Michael Edwards  
    5/01/2019 / Christian Living

  91. Giving Yourself Grace When You Feel You Don't Deserve It by stephanie reck  
    4/30/2019 / Christian Living

    Have you gotten angry at your spouse, again? Yelled at the kids yet again? Or cheated on your diet for a second time?

    Perhaps you did something far worse than the scenarios above and you just cant forgive yourself. You play mental tapes over and over in your mind what you did wrong and what a terrible, no good person you are. If you are a Christian, you tell yourself that you could not possibly love Jesus acting and behaving the way that you did.

  92. Pebble, Stone, Rock an d Boulder Plan their Careers by Greg Miller  
    4/30/2019 / Christian Living
    A pebble, a stone, a rock and a boulder discuss the planning of their careers.

  93. THE KING IS COMING by Lupie Riley  
    4/29/2019 / Christian Living
    Jesus promised he would return but as King of Kings and Lord of Lords to replenish the planet and set up his kingdom for 1,000 years.

  94. The Fultility of Self-sufficiency by Ken Barnes  
    4/29/2019 / Christian Living
    Peter made a bold statement, but he did not understand his own heart. He was sincere in his belief that he could never deny his Lord, yet he relied too much on his self-sufficiency.

  95. It Could Happen to You by PamFord Davis  
    4/29/2019 / Devotionals
    Ive learned a lesson from Ruth. She was in need of favor and food. Ruth not only received what she needed. She got far more than she could have imagined.

    Ruth was favored.

  96. WHY TO YOU ATTEND YOUR CHURCH by ralph jackson  
    4/29/2019 / Christian Living
    They say that knowledge is the key to a better understanding? I agree! It is through the imparting of knowledge by our parents, school teachers and others in our adolescence that shapes the way we think.

  97. Is Divorce and Remarriage Ever Acceptable? What Should We Make of the Lack of Explicit Exceptions in Mark and Luke? by Max Aplin  
    4/28/2019 / Marriage
    Some Christians say that God never allows divorce and remarriage while a previous husband or wife is still alive. Those who take this view usually put a lot of weight on the fact that in Mark 10:2-12 and Luke 16:18 Jesus mentions no exceptions to His prohibition of divorce and remarriage. However, first century Jewish culture allowed for unexpressed exceptions to things more than we are used to today.

  98. Cultural Christians by Sim Lee  
    4/27/2019 / Christian Living
    A look at the high number of "Cultural Christians" being created today by social media in the USA.

  99. SPEED BUMPS OF LOVE by Lewis E. Thomas  
    4/26/2019 / Poetry

  100. Men Becoming Gods? Live Forever? A Genetic Quantum Leap? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    4/26/2019 / Politics
    What is coming, they say, IS THE PARADIGM SHIFT, MAN BECOMING GOD, THE GENETIC QUANTUM LEAP so hotly expected by all Masonry, Illuminati, Rosicrucian circles and New Age.

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