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  1. Treatment of animals by Sue Darling  
    I have a short message from God about the treatment of animals.

  2. Fur Babies and Gods lesson. by Toni Rittenhouse  
    Do you think your Fur babies are just to make you smile? What if their purpose was more intense?

  3. LAP DOG: Children's Story by linzy bruno  
    "She forced her head under his arm and lifted her head. "I think we have a jealous little doggie here Peppermint!" Jonah shouted........"

  4. Ball Of Fuzz by louis gander  
    The wind was wild and snow had piled

    up high on window sill.

    Yet I was warm despite the storm,

    despite infrequent chill.

  5. Thanfulness by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Why I am thankful . . .

  6. On the Sixth Day by Beth LaBuff  
    Our story: Yip-Waggle's and mine, about the life we shared with others in our amazing garden home. (We don't have belly-buttons either.) Children's fiction based on Genesis 1 and 2.

  7. Dogs and Cats by Brian Passe  
    I'm a dog guy. Dogs have a personality while cats have an attitude.

  8. Miracle on the End of a Leash by Abby Kelly  
    It was like the Tin Man in, "The Wizard of Oz", Mother, the woman near the head of the bed, came to life next.

  9. Than Kitten...All I Want for Christmas by Marijo Phelps  
    I was just getting over breast cancer surgery with 40 inches of incisions. 2 weeks later our very favorite kitty, Stormy, went to kitty heaven... I was devastated and then the Lord did something incredible!

  10. A God Moment by chris adams  
    Coming face to face with the joy, the sheer delight, the love God has for His creation....

  11. My Dogs Birthday by Robert Kiser  
    The Lord showed me that I must learn to wait on him.

  12. Thank you Jesus for Fat Cat by lynn gipson  
    The story of God sent a very large cat into our lives to bless us.

  13. Give and Take by PamFord Davis  
    "They strive to give their pets what they need; in return, they take away a sense of comradely."

  14. It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog! by Marilyn Schnepp  
    Fido discriminated against? Look for a huge march on Washington D.C., not by Fido, but by Dog Owners and Dog Lovers....

  15. Fluffy by Richard L. Provencher  
    Like a piece of chocolate cake
    enough to eat

  16. Pet Therapy by Melissa Martin  
    Pets are part of the family.

  17. A Cat Named Boots by Richard L. Provencher  
    Why do cats mesmerize us so much with their unexpected antics? Especially when they display the type of emotion we wish we could sometimes copy.

  18. Guismond The Runaway Dog by Marilyn (Marolyn) Tocker  
    God cares about lost animals. Through prayer He reunited a runaway dog, whose family was away on vacation, with his dogsitter.

  19. Dog Kisses from Heaven by jennifer reinert  
    God blessed me in the most surreal way when I received Dog Kisses from Heaven.

  20. BLACKBERRY CAT, RIP by Paul Curtis  
    No more will I hear
    Your most contented purr

  21. Obedient Doggies by Sheldon Bass  
    I have found that God uses many different means to teach and communicate with His children. Here is one He used to speak to me.

  22. Over Rainbow Bridge To Heaven by Elsie Schuett Flynn  
    Accompanying our beloved companions to âRainbow Bridgeâ is, for many, a part of sharing life with an animal. We are stewards of everything we have, including our pets. It is our responsibility to take care of the masterâs possessions, as he would care for them.

  23. Cat by Richard L. Provencher and I
    do at her curious

  24. The RN and the Orange Tabby Cat's Veterinary Vacation by Marijo Phelps  
    a yowl each 2 seconds of the 32 mile trip....

  25. Death and Burial of Beloved Pet by Marijo Phelps  
    Katy kitty going home....

  26. Thumper A Primer of Dachshunds by Freda Douglas  
    Looking to have a dachshund puppy? This is primer on the wheres, whys, education, training and feeding of the subject mater.

  27. The Only Good Cat is a Dead Cat by Marijo Phelps  
    I married a man who hated cats... what next....

  28. Katy Dancer by Marijo Phelps  
    Rescued kitty and averted tragedy.

  29. Confessions of a "liberated cat-hater." by Norma-Anne Hough  
    Story of how certain cats changed my point of view, Chloe in particular.

    Having been a dog lover, two cats in particular crept into my heart, changing my outlook foor good.

  30. Samson by PamFord Davis  
    Dogs keep us guessing.


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