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  1. Soul Dance (excerpt): Grace to Make Hard Decisions by Tonja Taylor  
    the LORD has been faithful to give me Grace through the years, to make hard decisions. When my 80-year-old disabled mom started needing 24/7 care and could not afford it, the LORD gave me Grace to accept the fact that my husband and I needed to combine households to take care for her in the short time she had left on earth.

  2. Happier Housework With God! by Tonja Taylor  
    Housework is always better to me when I'm doing something else at the same time--like praying and praising God! This gets my mind off the routing and "drudgery" of housework, and helps me enter into the Presence of God, where I focus on Him and get glad!

  3. You Know He's Coming So Bake a Cake! by Tonja Taylor  
    We rejoice that, no matter what's going on now, the LORD is with us--and Jesus is coming back soon! When selfishness, fear, and doubt try to take over your thoughts, do something for others--like bake a cake!

  4. A Quick Victory Over Distraction by Tonja Taylor  
    Yes, overall, we (adults, at least) need cell phones, but we don't have to let them dictate our lives!

  5. 7 Truths About GodÔs Love by Tesh Njokanma  
    God loves and accepts us irrespective of where we are coming from, how far we have gone in life, or the distance we are yet to cover.

  6. If You're Going to Eat Junk, Eat This First! by Tonja Taylor  
    I've learned through the years that, if I know I am going to eat food I don't normally eat (with lots of sugar, fat, etc.) then I should eat some protein before I leave the house.

  7. Thank the LORD for My Isaiah 41:10 Husband! by Tonja Taylor  
    When I saw myself in the mirror, the Holy Spirit reminded me of Isaiah 41:10, so I texted my husband and told him thanks! Here are tips, including saying "Thanks!" that can help your marriage thrive.

  8. Go Ahead, Modify! by Tonja Taylor  
    New and better things come into being when we modify--alter or change something--even slightly. Life is change, so you can use the wisdom and creativity of God in you to change things, from recipes on!

  9. Just Start! by Tonja Taylor  
    As women, we may often feel we should put off our own dreams and desires "until (whatever) is done," but when we pray and submit all to God, then believe Him to help us, we can take a step and He can do amazing things!

  10. Hair Hack: A Quick Cheap Trick to Color Your Roots by Tonja Taylor  
    When the hair color from the box didn't work, God gave me this witty idea to color my roots!

  11. Did You Know You Are a Trophy for God? by Tonja Taylor  
    As women of God, we've often felt overwhelmed with all that is expected of us--including the fact that most people want us to greet them with a peaceful, joyful smile. We may feel as if we're beat-up underperformers, but the LORD sees us as beautiful trophies to His Glory!

  12. Are You FAT? by Tonja Taylor  
    Are you FAT? I mean the acronyn that a student shared with me, that means something much better than what you may think!

  13. How to Freshen Your Hair Without Washing It by Tonja Taylor  
    You can use dry shampoo or expensive powders, but why? Here are three quick tips, including an economical, natural substance , to help you go longer between washings.

  14. To Be Refreshed, Take a Bath! by Tonja Taylor  
    Physical hot baths can be very therapeutic, but spiritual baths are even better!

  15. If You Must Put Your Loved One in a Nursing Home by Tonja Taylor  
    My mother swore for years that she'd never go into a nursing home. But when two nurses declared it was unsafe for her to stay in her house without 24/7 care, she had to go. Here are tips to help you through this strange and awkward time.

  16. From Trash to Triumph! by Tonja Taylor  
    For years, I filled journals with words of things that had hurt and harmed me. Then I carried them--literally--with me when I moved to new places. The LORD finally showed me to trash them--literally--and that promoted my healing and freedom!

  17. Essential Oils Can Help You Get Odors Out of Clothing by Tonja Taylor  
    Essential oils can help you get odors out of clothing.

  18. Overcoming - Through His Written Words by Tonja Taylor  
    Words are very powerful, and the Word of God most of all, of course. Also, when the LORD gives you words to write in a note or letter or email or text, difficult situations can often be handled better than if we had a face-to-face interaction with someone.

  19. Dancing in Love - Working With Worship Dance Teams by Tonja Taylor  
    Any team is comprised of individuals that both share ideas, and have those that differ. Here are a few expert tips to improve unity and understanding in worship teams, which are very important to help clear the atmosphere and usher in the Presence of God, so that people can be changed.

  20. Effective Worship Dance by Tonja Taylor  
    There is a difference in dancing in church, and doing true worship dance. Here are some tips to help you distinguish the difference, so that people may be touched by the Spirit of God through dancing to the LORD.

  21. They're ALL Dancin' Shoes! by Tonja Taylor  
    What do I often do when my husband is away? Dance, dance, dance--but all to the glory of God!

  22. Put On Your Beautiful Clothing and Worship the LORD! by Tonja Taylor  
    Clothing is so much more than just the threads we put on our bodies. Here are insights to help you with deeper understanding.

  23. Mind Your Thoughts by Tesh Njokanma  
    The question is not whether we have an issue. The question is what do we think about when there are issues?

  24. Quick Tip for Better Beauty by Tonja Taylor  
    This one simple, inexpensive tool can help you look even lovelier!

  25. Always, Suck in Your Stomach--and Pray! by Tonja Taylor  
    Much more than being conscious of the body and flesh, we ask the LORD to help us be conscious of Him!

  26. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall by Tesh Njokanma  
    When you look into the mirror, do you like what you see? What's the one thing about yourself you don't like when you look into the mirror?

  27. The King Has It All! by Tonja Taylor  
    Jesus is the King of kings---and the Lover of our souls. He is our Heavenly Husband; there is no one like Him!

  28. An Easy Way to Get More Done! by Tonja Taylor  
    Like many of us, I like to get several things done at once. Here's a superb way to do that!

  29. You Are Dancing Now! by Tonja Taylor  
    Even the smallest movement can be a praise to the LORD--a "dance," if you will!

  30. I Am a Woman by Tonja Taylor  
    Affirmations to remind you of your unique position in Christ. Although there is "neither male nor female" in the Spirit, we have a domestic role as women that is very influential!


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