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  1. The Courage to Say It by Jennifer Champion  
    There are hundreds if not thousands of movies made in the name of Christianity but how many of them are honestly sharing the gospel with the viewers? The Courage to Say It is written from the author's perspective about this subject in hopes that it will open the eyes of movie producers and viewers.

  2. Great Gain In Birthday Celebrations by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Every activity has its pros and cons. So it is with birthday celebration. There is a great gain associated with it.

  3. The Devil in a Christian School by Tonja Taylor  
    Christian schools are supposed to be just that--schools where true Believers in Christ are in leadership and where the principles of Christ Jesus are lived and taught. But when my daughter's Christian school started saying harry potter books were okay, it was time to pray and withdraw my child!

  4. testing chrome with apostrophe by fredie auditor  
    test ïNot Under The Lawï ï" What it Means

  5. Assasins creed by guy miller  
    a play on the nissin creed

  6. Luke Skywalker and King David: The Secret of Winning Wars Against Evil by Cate Russell-Cole  
    Both Star War's Luke Skywalker and King David have power and character issues in common, which demonstrate that fighting evil requires far more than the ability to pick up a sword. Victory has to come from within. This article looks at how their experiences can be compared and what legacy they both leave behind.

  7. It's Not Just Entertainment by Anthony Weber  
    I find myself increasingly annoyed with the comment, "It's just entertainment. You're over thinking it!" Perhaps, but every song is a sermon. Every movie has a message. It's well worth asking if we should applaud or cringe at what we see reflected, and if we like what our stories are making of us.

  8. At My Door-Keeping Post by Gregory John Monroe  
    Being in the moment at my heavenly door-keeping post.

  9. Katy Perry's Experimental Game and Superbowl XLIX by Anthony Weber  
    As always, the Superbowl's advertisements and half time show offer an interesting look into our culture.

  10. The Sacrifice by Gregory John Monroe  
    A story of the world's apathy towards a little boy's sacrifice.

  11. The Bible Lady by Gregory John Monroe  
    Reading her Bible, she walked into eternity.

  12. The Body of Christ by jack Doepke  
    The Body of Christ

  13. What Super Bowl Halftime Shows Reveal About Us by Anthony Weber  
    Beyonce's halftime show at the Super Bowl reminded us yet again that we live in a very confused culture.

  14. A Shepherd's Heart by Gary J. Borgstede  
    Personal life journal devotion about the shepherd heart of God towards people.

  15. Hellish Halloween by Brenda Buchholz  
    A Halloween night with based very loosely on an early childhood memory...a battle between good and evil.

  16. Superheroes and Sins by Anthony Weber  
    A look at the latest Spider-Man movie from a worldview perspective.

  17. Movie viewing space expands as Cinema TV enters Indian market by   
    Softline creations announces the launch of its 24-hour satellite movie channel

  18. Exclusive! Interview with Dove award winning singer- song writer Babbie Mason by Marie Grossett  
    Babbie Mason is a Dove award winning singer-song writer, who has performed for presidents George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Lady Margaret Thatcher and many more.

    She speaks about her new book Embraced by God. Photo taken from the Babbie Mason website

  19. Faithwriters,the beauty of faith by Adeyemi Mayowa  
    Just appreciating the good works of faithwriters and everyone associated with her.God bless you.

  20. Footprints movie by Dana Chaffin  
    Outstanding movie of how God will use whoever and whatever He wants to do His will even a broken man and an unwanted dog.

  21. As We Forgive documentary by Dana Chaffin  
    Touching story based on the events in Rwanda in the 1994 Genocide and how forgiveness was offered.

  22. Deep in the Heart movie by Dana Chaffin  
    Amazing movie about how people can change with God's help. Based on the true life experiences of one Texas man, Richard Wallrath.

  23. Upside movie by Dana Chaffin  
    Upside is an awesome movie for teens, youth groups, and parents. The message in the movie is that no matter what is going on in your life, it is all how you look at it!

  24. The Whisper Home by Dana Chaffin  
    Touching take on the story of the Prodigal Son. The behind the scenes stories are awesome!

  25. October Baby movie by Dana Chaffin  
    Amazing movie based on true stories from abortion survivors! This is a must see movie!
    In theaters nationwide March 23, 2012!

  26. The Way movie by Dana Chaffin  
    The Way is a touching story of a father who learns his son's passion for life only after he passes away. The journey is amazing!

  27. The Mighty Macs by Dana Chaffin  
    Exciting and inspirational movie based on the true events of the girls basketball team at Immaculata College and Coach Cathy Rush.
    Available on DVD Feb. 21, 2012!

  28. Dolphin Tale by Dana Chaffin  
    Great movie based on the inspiring true story of a dolphin named Winter that never gives up! Very entertaining with great actors like Harry Connick, Jr., Ashley Judd, Kris Kristopheron and Morgan Freeman.

  29. Words, Words, Words. by Helen Murray  
    This is total nonsense, but fun, and might even have a message in the play on the word "purposefulness".

  30. Little Angels childrens series by Dana Chaffin  
    Faith-Based Educational series for preschoolers. Great lessons about Bible stories mixed with ABC's, colors, and animals.


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