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    A husband who can still boldly say, "I love my wife!" must have been spiritually mature enough to overlook her weaknesses and loved her anyway, even as Christ loved the Church.

    "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;" (Ephesians 5:25).

  2. Five Steps to Cure Chronic Conversations by Abby Kelly  
    Every couple has chronic conversations. The ones you see coming a mile away. They build in your chest, but get stuck in your throat. How do you bring up that one issue, the one that comes up over and over?

  3. TRUE CONFESSION AT LAST by Jeannine Brenner  
    Can the cherished memory of a high school romance be the cause of unfaithfulness? There comes a time when we must let go of the past if our marriage is to bring honor to God and to each other.

  4. Dangerous Indifference by Abby Kelly  
    The problem with indifference is that it eliminates the possibility of anything ever being different.

  5. First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage? by Abby Kelly  
    "The humans are to be encouraged to regard as the basis for marriage a highly-colored and distorted version of something the Enemy really promises as its result." C.S. Lewis

  6. A Heritage of Faithfulness by Abby Kelly  
    My marriage vows were no longer enough. I writhed on the basement floor drenched in sweat and tears.

  7. When I am Weak, Strength in Unity by Jennifer Munoz  
    Upon receiving news of my husband's layoff the enemy began attacking my mind and faith. The Holy Spirit led me to begin spiritual warfare which was followed by something I could not have predicted would happen. This prayer would change my marriage, and my life.

  8. 7 Little Things That Can Make A Big Difference In Your Marriage by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    Do not despise the day of small things, the Bible urges us. Indeed small hinges turn big doors. These little tweaks in your home can turn your marriage around.

  9. 7 Myths That Can Destroy Your Marriage by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    Don't let these popular lies about marriage destroy your home.

  10. Are You Married Or Just Living In The Same House? by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    Find out if you are married or just sharing board.

  11. 7 Similarities Between Marriage And Ministry by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    As long as you are married you are in the ministry. Find out how.

  12. 14 More Hot Sex Quotes Just For You by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    Mouth-watering titbits to titillate and tantalize your spouse.

  13. Give Me 2 Minutes And I'll Make You A Better Kisser by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    Don't just use your mouth to bless the Lord, utilise it to bless your spouse too.

  14. 21 Inspirational Marriage Quotes by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    Massage your marriage today using these truth capsules.

  15. 14 Hot Original Sex Quotes by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    Spice things up in your bedroom today using these tasty titbits.

  16. 3 Ways To Unzip Your Lips In The Bedroom by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    Learn how to break the silence in your bedroom using these three simple steps.

  17. Up Your Bedroom Game Using These 3 Simple Steps by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    You can have hot holy sex. Use these three tried and tested game-changers to score big in the bedroom.

  18. The Marriage Goddess by Alan Allegra  
    Although some elements of society seek to persuade us that marriage is an archaic, draconian, patristic plan for the subjugation of women, the truth is that a properly functioning biblical marriage is a safe house for man, woman, and child alike--a hothouse for heavenly holiness!

  19. Weaver Ants by Emily Van rijn  
    Weaver ants are a perfect of teamwork and unity. They all work together to build a home. How do we compare?

  20. You're a Baby! by Emily Van rijn  
    He said this, so he must have meant this. Do you ever make this mistake?

  21. Is Gay OK? Deceived part 6 by Paul Taylor  
    Biblical perpspective of the homosexual lifrstyle

  22. The Essence of Celebrations in Marriage by Anthony Osei Boateng  
    Celebrations entail, acknowledging a present happy moment or bringing back to memory past happy or relevant moments in a joyful manner.

  23. A Charished Love by harvestgal Ndaguba  
    Once I was alone, but I loved God. I had a vision to serve Him with all my heart. I heard the cry of nations calling me, calling me to bring them the Good News.

  24. The Unfaithful Man by Bernadette Ontong  
    This is an article on what is expected from you as a marriage partner. There are very few things that do not have space for grey areas.

  25. Christian Marriage Help: Change Yourself, Not Your Spouse by Karla Downing  
    This Christian marriage help will enable you to take back your power to change your life whether your husband or wife changes or not. Here is how you can do that...

  26. Christian Marriage Help: Adjust Your Expectations in a Difficult Marriage by Karla Downing  
    Are you looking for Christian marriage help that will keep you from being continually disappointed in your difficult marriage? The best way to decrease your disappointment is to adjust your expectations.

  27. Christian Marriage Help: Five Causes of Weak Marital Boundaries by Karla Downing  
    Are you looking for Christian marriage help to enable you to have stronger boundaries? If you have difficulty setting boundaries in your marriage you are probably tolerating more than you should and allowing yourself to be disrespected. Boundaries are simply what you will and won't do and when communicated to your husband give him feedback on how you want to be treated. Here are five causes of weak marital boundaries...

  28. A Prayer for Marriage Partners who cannot be together by Eyvonne Black  

  29. Can I Slip Into Your Pocket? by Gloria Comingore  
    I feel safe from the world when I'm inside your pocket and my cares are free.
    As I snuggle just a little closer to those loving arms that keep me safe from harm.
    I smiled and ask can I slip into your pocket?

  30. Same Sex Marriage by Maurice Armstrong  
    By the powers vested in me in the State of..... I now pronounce you ? ? ?

    Bootlegging, is the term used to describe the Illegal actions of those who blatently copy: and market their versions on the streets; for $5.00 or you can get 2 for $7.00.

    Same sex Marriage is therefore the Illicit, xxx rated verxion of a Sacred Masterpiece.


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