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  1. Guilty as charged! by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    Gossip happens daily and as christians we find ourselves getting involved from time to time, how can we avoid this pitfall as we strive to be all God wants us to be?

  2. Thankful for Grace by   
    To truly understand the grace of God -we must get a knowing of how much God loves us

  3. Change by   
    Change is a process but we must understand to grow we got to change....

  4. He Has Gone Before Us by Stephen Vattimo  
    Short commentary on how God is acquainted with man's trials and tribulation, because through Jesus God became a man and for 33 year he lived in our sin fallen world.

  5. A Few Comments from a Christian Perspective on Race and Racism by Max Aplin  
    This article includes comments on various aspects of race and racism from a Christian perspective, including a brief discussion of mixed-race marriages. As Christians we side with mainstream Western society as far as attitudes to racism are concerned, and we should let people know that.

  6. Stand Strong by Stephen Vattimo  
    A poem that encourages people to walk by faith when the life looks dark and bleak.

  7. Your Little Clown by linzy bruno  
    I;m not your little clown anymore.

  8. LOVE OF GOD by Ethel C Pechman  
    The article tells us how God demonstrated His great love for us. It quotes an interesting hymn of His love.

  9. LOVE OF GOD by Ethel C Pechman  
    The article tells us how God demonstrated His great love for us. It quotes an interesting hymn of His love.

  10. LOVE OF GOD by Ethel C Pechman  
    The article tells us how God demonstrated His great love for us. It quotes an interesting hymn of His love.

  11. Can I be trusted? by hannah IDOWU  
    "Can two walk together except they agree?" says the bible.Trust is a great virtue of character that a person holds. When trust is in place, you can accurately predict each others' behaviour at any point in time, you can tell what the other person will say and do.

  12. Bi-Sexuality and Grilled Chicken by Tina Leonard  
    Unable to differentiate between all these dilemmas as a teenager they begin to explore options. I have noticed kids that are growing up today mostly those currently in high school are struggling with sexual confusion and/or curiosity.

  13. Holy Spirit by Richard L. Provencher  
    The Holy Spirit is often mistaken for "a gut feeling" or "Deja Vu" or words on paper. He is a living part within us, our core adviser, a dwelling from Jesus as He departed the earth, leaving behind a Friend and Counselor.

  14. Genuine Love or Sloppy Agape? by Alan Allegra  
    By now, Valentine's Day cards are in the drawer and the dog has eaten those nasty hard candies that are left in the heart-shaped box when all the good pieces have been devoured. The tingly tummy has subsided but the love -- if it's true -- remains.

  15. Our Hunger For Love by Krystle Foster  
    What the world needs now is love isn't just a popular song. But it is an actual true fact. Because God created in us an hunger or desire for love and to be loved. But the problem is that we look for love in all the wrong places. When we should instead seek God's glorious face.

  16. Women who Struggle with Friendships by stephanie reck  
    This article is dedicated to the countless women that have struggled with maintaining and having healthy friendships with other women. I write from my own struggles in this area as well as what I hope to leave you with some hope and encouragement.

  17. Marital Bliss by Eyvonne Black  
    Many Christians believe that the Bible is outdated and feel they can now can invent their own rules to live by. One very big mistake we make is marrying outside of God's law.

  18. Freedom from Insecurity and People-Pleasing by stephanie reck  
    Be a God pleaser, not a man pleaser. Are you more concerned with pleasing man than God? Do you seek the approval of others? At the core of people pleasing is insecurity. We can be insecure for a number of reasons. Insecurity can have roots stemming back from our childhood.

    There is no aspect of our lives that the Gospel of the Love of God for us does not impact. Relationships with each other and relationship with God are the true themes of all our experiences in life. The problem is that there are multiple paths from which we may choose.

  20. What Did Jesus Make of Homosexual Practice? by Max Aplin  
    There are some who claim that although the apostle Paul condemned all homosexual practice, Jesus' attitude was very different. Despite this claim, there is in fact significant evidence in the Gospels that Jesus condemned homosexual practice without qualification. Those who refuse to acknowledge that this practice is always sinful urgently need to repent.

  21. Top 10 Reasons Why Cohabitation Is Wrong by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    A trial marriage is no marriage at all. Instead it's a dangerous arrangement that destroys many lives.

  22. "You May Now Kiss The Bride". by Pastor QT Nyathi  
    Find out why the wedding kiss is no ordinary kiss.

  23. The Birthday Card by Jennifer Mobbs  
    I couldn't find the Birthday Card and I had made a promise to my friend, I had to keep that promise, she would have kept it for me.

  24. Are you being led by God or your Emotions? by stephanie reck  
    Are you being led to do something because God put in in your heart or do you feel you should be do it,and feel guilt, shame and fear if you don't?

  25. Judgment is not ours by Alfonso Abels  
    Judgment first took place in the Garden of Eden. This happening is recorded in the book Genesis, Adam and Eve had an encounter (Genesis 3) with Satan in the Garden of Eden. Satan came in the form of a snake.

  26. To judge or not to judge? by Alfonso Abels  
    The decision to judge ....

  27. May I judge? by Alfonso Abels  
    Be wary to judge, it might just be angel, sent by the Lord,

  28. What Attitude Should Christians Have to Homosexuality? by Max Aplin  
    The Bible is clear that homosexual orientation is an abnormality and that homosexual practice is a sin. We sinful humans all have tendencies towards sin in various ways, and it is both wrong and illogical for those who are not affected by homosexual orientation to look down on those who are. Those who are affected should seek God for deliverance.

  29. Broken Trust by Tesh Njokanma  
    Have you been deeply hurt by someone and you are finding it hard to forgive? The incident may have happened recently or some time ago and you are still bitter. Read more to discover why you need to forgive and let go.

  30. Boundaries With Adult Children: Lessons From the Prodigal Son by Karla Downing  
    Are you looking for help on how to set boundaries with your adult children? The story of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15:11-32 gives very valuable lessons that you can apply to your prodigal child.


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