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  1. ORIGIN OF THE UNIVERSE by Rachel Jamerson  
    The argument for Devine Design, the origin of the universe, evolution vs. Devine Design

  2. The Truth by Jerry Ousley  
    The truth is the truth

  3. Plant the Word of God in the Soil of Your Students! by Tonja Taylor  
    Having taught in public school in person and online, I have found that the students are eager to hear the Word and talk about God. There is even more freedom online to use the Bible as a literary text, but there is freedom to do so inside a school building as well! Hallelujah!

  4. How to be a Great Public Speaker by Tonja Taylor  
    I have used these tips many times in various professional settings, where I speak to audiences large and small. These will help any speaker, from an elementary student to a senior citizen!

  5. Lift the Levels of Your Reading Students With the Water of the Word! by Tonja Taylor  
    As educators, we seek to continually "lift the levels" of our students. We have the right to use the Word of God, the Holy Bible, as a reading text, and "lift the levels" of our reading students in more ways than one!

  6. The Core of Critical Thinking by Tonja Taylor  
    "Critical thinking" is a buzzword in our world of education, and in other realms, such as business. However, it all comes down to choice, and God said it first: "Choose life!"

  7. They're ALL Christian Schools! by Tonja Taylor  
    Years ago, I was a full-time elementary teacher at a public school. There had been many struggles, and I wondered if I should start teaching in Christian schools. "They're ALL Christian schools!" the Holy Spirit responded immediately in my heart.

  8. Accommodating ELLs Who Primarily Speak Spanish by Tonja Taylor  
    God (Dios) gave me boldness to believe Him to help me be able to take the basic Spanish I know to help a 5th grade Spanish student to learn English, while also giving her an exam and teaching her math. If He can do it for me, He can do it for you!

  9. One Way to Strengthen Relationships With Students and Families by Tonja Taylor  
    Besides being kind and caring, encouraging and patient, here is one way to help students and their families, and strengthen those relationships.

  10. 7 Free Online Study Tools For Greater Learning Success! by Tonja Taylor  
    Through my years of studying for professional educator exams, and to discover tools to help my virtual students, I've found these. They have helped me and my students be more engaged in learning!

  11. Math Multiplication Strategies by Tonja Taylor  
    As an educator who virtually tutors elementary and middle-school children, I've found that these simple math strategies increase understanding and confidence in most students.

  12. Empowering Your Students by Letting Them Teach by Tonja Taylor  
    In teaching, we learn. The LORD gave me the strategy to have my 7th grade student "teach" me, which empowered him--and caused him to have deeper insight on the math problem, as he explained every step of how to solve it.

  13. Use Genesis 50:20 With Your Students! by Tonja Taylor  
    When one of my students cursed and said other things with which I didn't agree, the LORD gave me a neat strategy to turn these into a positive!

  14. Outline to Teach Jesus' Christmas Tree (for Missing Children) by Tonja Taylor  
    This is the outline I created when the LORD led me to teach "Jesus' Christmas Tree (for Missing Children) to a homeschool group. You may use it also, keeping my copyright.

  15. A Few Differences Between Rhyming and Non-Rhyming Poetry by Tonja Taylor  
    You can teach these differences to your students or child(ren), to help them better understand poetry.

  16. 12 Fun Edutainment Ideas to Keep Your Kids Engaged by Tonja Taylor  
    Having served as a teacher for over 30 years in church and other nonprofits, including many years teaching public school, as well as homeschool and private lessons, I've discovered that many kids get bored even with a beloved movie. Most smart kids want to be active, so here are 10 ideas to help you help them!

  17. Success Strategies for Your P.O.W.E.R.* Readers - Part 5 of 5 by Tonja Taylor  
    The LORD will give you strategies as you need, and these last 4 of the 20 I'm sharing with you can help one student at home, or a classful in a public school--anywhere! God is faithful, and He will put His "super" on your "natural" as you endeavor to help kids succeed!

  18. Success Strategies for Your P.O.W.E.R.* Readers - Part 4 by Tonja Taylor  
    Even 1 of the 20 strategies in this series can help your students go from "struggling" to successful P.O.W.E.R.* (Purposeful Operations With Eternal Rewards) Readers! Here are strategies 13-16.

  19. Success Strategies for Your P.O.W.E.R.* Readers - Part 3 by Tonja Taylor  
    The LORD gave me 20 strategies to help my readers go from "struggling" to successful P.O.W.E.R.* Readers. Here are parts 9-12, which you can use to help your students!

  20. Success Strategies for Your P.O.W.E.R.* Readers - Part 2 by Tonja Taylor  
    Your readers--whether it's your child at home, or a class full of "struggling" students--can benefit from these simple strategies. Not only can they gain confidence and positive thinking with the truly helpful tips, but you can sow the Word of God into them!

  21. Success Strategies for Your P.O.W.E.R.* Readers! - Part 1 by Tonja Taylor  
    You don't have to have 30 years' experience or many hours toward a master's in education to help your students be a P.O.W.E.R.* Reader!

  22. The Good-Parent Rap by Tonja Taylor  
    The LORD inspired me to teach my sweet online students--fourth graders in a regional public school--how to write a rap, with a theme that all of us need to have reinforced!

  23. One Shot by Tonja Taylor  
    Every moment with our students is unique. Every day, we have "one shot" to make a positive--and often, eternal!--difference in the lives of those precious kids!

  24. How to Be a Better Teacher by Tonja Taylor  
    Jesus is the Master, and He is the ultimate over-qualified Teacher! When we yield to Him, our teaching can go to a new level!

  25. Reading "Buddies" Can Help Your Child(ren)'s English Skills by Tonja Taylor  
    Children love stuffed animals. Unless there are restrictions against it because of covid or other mess, letting your chiild(ren) have a "reading buddy" such as a stuffed animal or toy is a great way to excite them about reading! When they are good readers, it helps them in every subject.

  26. 9 Quick Strategies to Help Your English Students Gain Ground in Reading by Tonja Taylor  
    These strategies are interesting for you and your students, to help them gain skills and confidence in reading--which will inherently help their spelling and writing too!

  27. 10 Tips to Help Students Be Better Readers by Tonja Taylor  
    I have used these tips in public school, and online, in various combinations, to help readers enjoy reading and grow in their skills and confidence.

  28. Why I am An Effective Teacher--and How You Can Be, Too! by Tonja Taylor  
    I wrote this for a bio as I applied for a job in online education. These values and strategies can help you be a better educator, too!

  29. Tips on Teaching Elementary Reading: "Think-Alouds" by Tonja Taylor  
    This is information I learned about "think-alouds," to teach reading to elementary students. You can apply it to homeschool, online school, or school in a building.

  30. An Example of Using Bloom's Taxonomy to Teach Elementary Students by Tonja Taylor  
    This example, which I created during a Masters of Teaching class, can help you teach reading to your elementary students more effectively, whether in a school building, at home, or online.


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