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  1. DRIVING MISS LINZY by linzy bruno  
    "Growing up, my mom and I could not resist an inside joke about my grandmother. We affectionately called her......"

  2. Poet's Theorem by Tonja Taylor  
    I've been writing poetry since I was 9; for a few decades. The LORD is a great encourager, and has a great sense of humor. This is what occurred to me one day about my work.

  3. Ode To Hubby: What Happens When You're Gone by Tonja Taylor  
    The LORD gave me this funny song, when it occurred to me that, although I love my husband, I have lots of fun when he's gone!

  4. There's a New Martha In Town! by Tonja Taylor  
    When our washer was pronounced as irreparable by the repairman, the LORD gave me a good laugh with His play on words.

  5. Forget the Turkey! by Tonja Taylor  
    A myth has been perpetuated that the mascot of the United States of America was almost something much more common than the noble bald eagle. Thank goodness the majestic eagle won!

  6. Nobody Knows the Colors I've Seen by Tonja Taylor  
    I wrote this a few years ago, as an ode to my amateur hair-color experiments through the years.

  7. The Horse That Wouldn't Be Quiet by Tonja Taylor  
    This really happened, and my daring darling daughter, now 23 and recently married to her best friend of 9 years, can vouch for me. Enjoy!

  8. Singing My Peace by Tonja Taylor  
    A couple decades ago, I finally obeyed the LORD (after months of Him convincing me. He is patient!); it was uncomfortable for me to do obey the LORD (It happened just like I wrote it!), and not many understood. But that's OK; they won't be standing with me when I appear before the LORD for my rewards He will give me! When we know Jesus Christ as Savior and LORD, and obey our darling Daddy God, we ARE Right!

  9. Things Jesus Could Have Done (That Weren't Written Down) by Tonja Taylor  
    John 21:25 says that the world could not contain all the books that would be created if all that Jesus Christ did were written down. Here are a couple of things that occurred to me a few years ago, that could have been in one of those books!

  10. God Hides in the Details by Tonja Taylor  
    Daddy God is always working every detail of our lives out for our best and His glory. He loves us! This is a humorous true account of how He worked out details to comfort and protect me on a trip.

  11. Our Fish Story by Tonja Taylor  
    We have learned many interesting things with our little Siamese Fighting Fish!

  12. From Stubborn to Successful by Tonja Taylor  
    The LORD makes things clear and easy to us about what He calls us to do--if we really listen. Here's my humorous account of having to get my mind out of the way so my faith could rise and obey.

  13. Goldfish Don't Bark by Tonja Taylor  
    This is a short humorous account of one time I helped my preschool daughter thinking creatively to let God out of the box.

  14. Why God Must Be A Chol-Mel by Tonja Taylor  
    After taking a class on the four basic personality types, I wrote this humorous account of the "personality" of God.

  15. Adventures in Healthy Eating by Tonja Taylor  
    You'll enjoy this delightful and true account of how my Beloved and I have learned a few things in our experiments--I mean, endeavors--to be healthier. Eat up!

  16. Redneck Love by louis gander  
    There in my driveway, we were stuck
    when she jumped out of my old truck.
    The rain had stopped but mud was deep.
    I warned her, it's not wise to leap.

  17. 10-Year-Old Feels Called to Preach by Greg Miller  
    A 10-year-old boy feels God has called him to preach.

  18. Pastor Cultivates Garden, Congregation by Greg Miller  
    A pastor has a two-fold passion: Cultivating his garden and his congregation!

  19. Don't Bug Me, I'm Worshiping! by L. Osmon  
    When an awkward moment during the worship service turned into a more awkward conversation about forgiveness.

  20. Retirement Tabloid by Peter Petroski  
    A humorous look at some of the changes we experience as we age. This could be an ongoing article if interested.

  21. A Picture of Self by Homer Les  
    God gave us a perfect example of the 'self' nature in our dog, Milo.

  22. God Abundantly Blesses Generous Couple by Greg Miller  
    A man and his wife are generous in their giving to the Lord, and the Lord blesses them very abundantly.

  23. Student Becomes Teacher for a Day by Greg Miller  
    A high school teacher allows her students to become teachers for a day.

  24. Pre-teen Class Hears the Story of Noah by Greg Miller  
    A pre-teen class listens to the story of Noah.

  25. Special Project Gets Students into the Spirit of Sharing by Greg Miller  
    A special project at a Christian elementary school gets students into the spirit of sharing.

  26. Dad and Young Son Discuss God's Vast Wisdom and Knowledge by Greg Miller  
    A father and his young son talk about the vast wisdom and knowledge of God.

  27. Couple Has Unique Way of Celebrating Birthdays by Greg Miller  
    A Christian couple has an unusual way of celebrating their birthdays.

  28. Pastor and Wife Evangelize the World by Greg Miller  
    A pastor and his wife evangelize the world.

  29. Teenager Becomes Excited about His Heavenly Mansion by Greg Miller  
    A teenager compares his earthly room to his heavenly mansion and becomes excited.

  30. Fishing With Father by Bob Valleau  
    Fishing with my father was a religious experience. In fact, he said he felt closer to God while fishing than he did while sitting in church.


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