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  1. A Helpful Process to Gain Fluency in Another Language by Ben T  
    Making disciples of all nations may necessitate learning a second, or even multiple, languages. This process may be a good place to start.

  2. Every Believer is in Full-Time Ministry by Tonja Taylor  
    For about three decades, I desired a "full-time ministry in missions." Then one day the LORD opened my eyes to see I had HAD one all along!

  3. Second Chances for Sinners and Saints by Alan Allegra  
    Disciples of Christ are called to be âthe light of the worldâ (Matthew 5:14). The gospel light is to be shined to âthe world,â not just our chosen group or in our comfort zone. We may not like the way certain people look or act, and may correctly envision certain locations as dangerous, but guess who needs the gospel, and is not beyond Godâs reach!

  4. The Ultimate SOS by Mark Nickles  
    I believe our society, even our world, is looking for help it canât seem to find. Wars, persecution, crime, broken families, damaged relationshipsâ, misery seems to abound, and most donât seem to know where to find help. I believe that our world is sending out an SOS.

  5. Missions Becomes a Big Part of Church's Ministry by Greg Miller  
    A church discovers the importance of missions.

  6. Congregation Reaches Out to Community by Greg Miller  
    A church reaches out to the community by starting another church.

  7. A Quiet Little Lamb by louis gander  
    I'm not a goat, I'm not a Ram,
    I'm just a quiet little lamb.
    I speak for other lambs like me
    who we don't hear and we don't see.

  8. Young Women Plan Missions Trip to the Beach by Greg Miller  
    Two young women go to the beach for a missions trip.

  9. Should Christians Evangelize Non-Christian Jews? by Max Aplin  
    In 2015 the Roman Catholic pope made a proclamation telling Catholics not to actively seek to evangelize non-Christian Jews. We can be sure too that he would like all Christians not to do this. However, the Bible teaches that Jews, like Gentiles, need to believe in Jesus if they are to be saved from sin and hell.

  10. THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE by Benjamin Anabaraonye  
    Glory to God in the highest for the precious gift of His Son,Jesus Christ.

  11. Firm in the Storm by Donna Wittlif  
    How are Christians like the little tree hanging onto the peak at Red Rocks amphitheater? By being like Christ.

  12. Cocaine to Butterfly: The Power of Decision by Tonja Taylor  
    I didn't know when I went to the library that the LORD was going to use me to work a miracle in someone's life. But our awesome God orders our steps and directs our paths, and when we are sensitive to Him, great things happen!

  13. God's Little Paradise by louis gander  
    Between the path and lake I sit. The weather sure is nice.
    Creation here continues in God's little paradise.

  14. CULTURE & MINISTRY by Jeffrey Hagan  
    When presenting the gospel it is of the utmost importance to have a grasp of your audience, their culture, their community, their beliefs, and differences in your language and theirs. This is true when interpreting Scripture, and it is true for us today when doing missions work and evangelizing. Some think we shouldn't use culture, good thing Paul didn't feel that way,

  15. What Is the Good News of the Christian Message? by Max Aplin  
    At the heart of the Christian faith is a message of wonderfully good news to human beings. We have all insulted God by committing sins, and in our natural state we are on track for everlasting punishment after death. But Jesus, the God-Man, died on the cross and rose again to make it possible for us to be forgiven. We receive this forgiveness by faith in Jesus.

  16. DELIBERATE GOD - Part Two by Steven Ray Bragg  
    As a result of the experience of knowing God, I have faith in the process of testing and trial.

  17. DELIBERATE GOD - Part One by Steven Ray Bragg  
    I am learning to walk without fear, in confidence that my sovereign God is working His purpose. No matter what happens, if I am in His purpose, this life and the one in eternity are good. I share my observations and experiences to encourage you.

  18. ALL Children by louis gander  
    Please strip away our selfish pride
    and fill us up with love -
    and let us prove our charity
    that we keep speaking of.

  19. Can't Stop by Jennifer Champion  
    A look into growing weary while doing good works for the Lord

  20. Rev. Billy Graham by louis gander  
    It seems like only yesterday
    when I was sitting there -
    with black and white TV turned on -
    where one man came to share...

  21. The Wheat and the Tares by Kate Hurley  
    A homeless person teaches me a lesson about faithfulness.

  22. Sometimes It's Better To Receive by Kate Hurley  
    My reflections on role reversal when a poor woman in Mexico prays for me.

    If we don't preach the Gospel, we are denying the world around us the only authenticate means to their salvation in Christ.

    If we don't preach Jesus, we are gravely endangering our souls, and that of the blind out there and within. This is seriously dangerous. Think about this.

  24. Heaven Bound by louis gander  
    Who cares 'bout sin - and things within
    that dark and angry sea?
    Why should I care who's thrown in there?
    (unless, of course, it's me!)

  25. Never Again! by Dennis Miranda  
    How a divine encounter with Pittsburgh's homeless helped shape the faith of one man.

  26. Music to my Mission by Aiysha Jebali  
    This is my testimony about my missionary work in Hungary and how The LORD can flip upside down everything you thought you would do. This is what happened to me and I'm so thankful it did! I have been greatly blessed by Him!

  27. How to Have GOD as Your Best Friend by Tonja Taylor  
    This is a tract I wrote to distribute at our outreaches, locally, and in the region.

  28. Hanging By A Thread by louis gander  
    Can I not find one tiny soul
    who begs and cries for aid -
    who's needing someone just like me -
    yet I have only prayed...?

  29. Flower Bud by louis gander  
    This true short story poem is about 'Jellee' based in Liberia, Africa - circa 1996 to 2001.

  30. Does it worth the risk? by Dare Olusola  
    We find excusses for disobeying the Great Commission mandate.
    Let us all, who claim to love God arise and do something.


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