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  1. VALUES IN EDUCATION AND CAREER by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    Beauty without perfume" makes me a sense of incompleteness. In the same manner, education without quality will not make any sense. The education of our times primarily lacks the so called intrinsic values, ie, TRUTH, BEAUTY AND GOODNESS. The Truth, Beauty and Goodness are the real values in education without which education is a cripple. Along with the knowledge gained through academic courses, ie, brain culture, it is this spiritual quality that will make a man perfect, a man with character and sound personality.

  2. Heroes' Avenue by Bolaji O.Timothy  
    What really makes the difference is that they were human, who had turned their goad to gold, grass to grace, problems to prospect, and pains to gain.

  3. New Cross is an area of Contrast by robert gale  
    The only real similarities they share are a desire to lose themselves in moments of passion and a fondness for New Cross Escorts.

  4. Hospocheck by sharron scriven  
    Experience Check

    We work with you to create your own Experience Blueprint
    that maps what you want your business to deliver. Combined with
    the use of our HUB and mystery shopping services, your Blueprint will
    promote consistency and increase revenue.


    Hospo Check, Bemco Building, Bridgend Road, Wandsworth, London SW18 1TN, UK

  5. Entrepreneurship: Should It Be Promoted In Christian Ministries? by Angela Doreathy Watkins  
    The Prophet Jeremiah Purchased Real Estate. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in all affairs.

  6. The Christian Worker by Udeme Anosike  
    ... We often under-estimate the value that a genuine Christian can bring to a workplace or business environment. In reality, the virtues needed to build a successful businesses (excellence, integrity, respect, customer friendliness, accountability, and more) are similar to the character traits that the Holy Spirit develops in Christians as we mature in our relationships with God. ...

  7. Work and Life Balance and Stress by Janet Riley  
    How do we balance personal stress and work? How do we trust in God and forgive ourselves when we are not perfect?

    Every one of us wants to be successful in life. Don't we? There are teeming millions of young stars who really crave for higher achievements. Our life is indeed full of aspiration, pep and ambition. And I do not find any reason why we shouldn't aspire for the great things of life. But do we all succeed? In a competition of race course, only few win and many fall back. What then are the ingredients of success after all?

  9. Changing Lives by Billie Jo Youmans  
    We all want to make a difference. The founders of Trades of Hope took that desire and created opportunities around the world. Now parties with a purpose are changing the lives of people in America, Haiti, India, Afghanistan and more.

  10. Real Success by Susan Ferguson  
    This is written to all ages, but especially to the Baby Boomers. It is never too late for God to do something wonderful in your life.

  11. The Most Authentic Channel To The Top Most Level Of Success by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Have you been struggling to make it in life? Is the top most level your target in your choice of career? There is a most authentic channel to use for you to enjoy that level of success. This article is about this unfailing channel.

  12. Leaving Babylon by Sherrie Coronas  
    Mandy pushed through the myriad of on-the-job conflicts presented to her on a daily basis until one day she stopped to hear God.

  13. makes changes with new value additions to its site! by   
    ApnaCircle, a Viadeo Group Co. & India's leading Business and Career networking site has announced the launch of Career Visualizer for its users

  14. launches app for BlackBerry smartphones by   
    ApnaCircle, India's pioneer in the Business & Career networking space today announced the launch of ApnaCircle for BlackBerry smartphones

  15. ApnaCircle joins hands with the 2nd Indian Student parliament (Bhartiya Chhatra Sansad) as their Networking partners by, India's leading Business & Career networking site ties up with Indian Student Parliament

  16. 1/35 COMMON CV ERRORS YOU MUST AVOID by Walter Tsuro  
    A CV that has a compelling cover revealing a brief summary of the applicant usually gets noticed and shortlisted for interview consideration. To avoid your CV being discarded, a professional looking and marketing oriented cover will help. This article gives an illustration of a ten-point professional and marketing-oriented CV cover page that one may adopt for preparing their CV.

  17. BREAD, FISH & EGGS by Walter Tsuro  
    We have heard of the law of sowing and reaping so many times that we somehow now overlook other 'free' amazing gifts we get from the Father through the law of asking and receiving. That law simply states that whatsoever things we desire - we must ask and we will receive of them from the Father. It is just that simple. We should get back to having child-like faith and we will enjoy life.

  18. Your Application Has Been Forwarded-You're Already In! by Shirley Carr  
    Life, the application process can be brutal but the answers have been provided.

  19. Tender Tears by louis gander  
    And then, when you see Jesus,
    and your world disappears....

  20. Modern Journey by Erin Dijkema  
    This concept for this article was birthed on my long way home and during my very discouraging career search. I allowed God to guide me through the writing and what came out was an article that can be applied to careers but also to any general area dealing with discouragement.

    Is the stress of job insecurity making you sick? Do you feel trapped because your stressful, shaky job is your only source of income? Follow these 2 tips to manage the stress of job insecurity as you buy time looking for another job or source of income.

  22. Retiring The Alarm Clock by Marilyn Schnepp  
    The First Thing that's killed when one retires...that blankety, blank interupter of sleep, dreams and our #1 Harrasser in life!

  23. Caregiving, an emotional roller coaster? 7 things to know by Carolyn Bates  
    Are you choosing to be a caregiver? Take on this role with healthy boundaries, expectations and balance.

  24. Changing Careers by Kristin Hanley  
    Job security no longer exists, but the way we view jobs has also changed. Very few people stay in one career (let alone the various jobs within that career) for very long. Yet, there is freedom in the new "normal" and a way to apply principles to keep your perspective focused in the right direction.

  25. Confessions of a Dead Workaholic by Matthew Eldridge  
    Life lessons for career and family from a man just weeks before he died, and How God was in it!

  26. The Simple Life by Jerry Ousley  
    Our lives have become so complicated. What if we could live simpler lives?

  27. You Can Fly! by Okhale Obanokho  
    Once make a fundamental choice to the creative force in your life, any approach you choose to take for your own growth development and success will work for you. You will be especially attracted to those approaches which will work particularly well for you. We all have choices in life and we come to a point in life where we choose to succeed because nobody wants to fail.

  28. Pursue business career by chun hin lok  
    What are business career

  29. It is Ok to come back to God by Jaisam Daniel  
    As the world is going through tough economic times, we see and hear people who thought they are secure, losing their security in a moment's time.

  30. Book Proposals - An Editors View by Tim Burns  
    Just what is the purpose of a book proposal. Here are a number of answers to that question from those who you will submit a proposal to - the publisher's editor.


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