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  1. Working Like Magic by Kelechi Ammishaddai  
    A long distance couple shares their new testimonies every week.

  2. Working Like Magic by Kelechi Ammishaddai  
    A long distance couple shares their new testimonies every week.

  3. God Does Speak to You by Sue Darling  
    It takes most of us a long time to recognised the many different ways God talk to all of us whether we are believers or not. We should ask God to teach us to recognise Him when He speaks to us.

    I had tears in my eyes and the next minute I was so uplifted I was praising God you know it's a blessing from God when at first your heart is broken and the next you are uplifted.

  5. Satan Promises Many things, All lies of course! by Sue Darling  
    Many people give in and not fulfil the calling, because they allow Satan to bullying them into thinking that he is greater and more powerful than God, which is of course not true. People miss out on so much intimacy with God, because like all human relationships you have to prove that you will stand by that person doesn't matter what. The same applies to us when we are being tempted to give up on God, because we are afraid.

  6. Coming Forth As Gold by Shari Weigerstorfer  
    As I searched the scriptures, over and over again, I was reminded of how much God is willing to fight for and defend His people... if He was willing to fight for me, I should be willing to trust Him."

  7. Divine Transformation by Annagail Lynes  
    Has your mind ever obsessed over one thought? Even trying to do something else or think something else? Your heart racing? This was my lifeall the time. Find out how all that changed.

  8. When Satan is Mad at You by Sue Darling  
    Every time we get closer to God, Satan is naturally going to fight you every inch of the way.

  9. Sowing Seeds by Sue Darling  
    It always surprises me how God can use you when you least expect Him too.

  10. GETTING BACK ON TRACK by Sue Darling  
    I was called to write but at first I did not believe God, because I did not know how to write at the time or what to write about.

  11. Daily Testament by Patricia Wilson  
    Each day is a new testament of God's love. Although life is not free from problems, He is always there to help you get through it.

  12. Can I Show Mercy? by Jennifer Mobbs  
    I never really thought about forgiving him and honestly I have never really prayer about it. Could extending mercy finally become the best part of me?

  13. God's Grace & Anxiety by Renee Root  
    I wanted to share with others about how it feels to have an anxiety disorder and that God loves me and accepts me where I am at in my walk with the Lord. I believe this will help many people who are struggling with the anxiety disorder and will help them to know that God gives them love and grace and is patient as they grow in the Lord.

  14. The Answer to Stress is Getting Your Life Right With the Lord by Renee Root  
    This is a testimony of how the Lord is the answer to stress because a relationship with the Lord that is right will help you deal with everything in life. God is the answer.

  15. Standing on the Edge of a Cliff by Jennifer Mobbs  
    Standing on the edge of a cliff looking down, the ground loose beneath my feet, the air heavy, what should I do, what will I do.

  16. Introduction and Testimony by Janet Riley  
    Summary of my Christian walk and the impact of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit on my life.

  17. Glutton by Trace Pezzali  
    God has supernaturally given me self-control over eating chocolate and baked sugary treats. Its been sixteen months since I've eaten either, with no temptation tearing at me. I had to get to the root of my addiction before I could break it. I pray this story is a revelation applicable to others struggling with the same.

  18. Testimony Of a Baptist Minister by Daniel Thrower  
    A Baptist Minister that was slain in the Spirit

  19. The Glory of Story by Alan Allegra  
    As of this writing, I have been out of work for over 2-1/2 years. Major Jean once told me that when I get a job, I will have a big story to tell. Whenever I see her, she says, "That story is getting bigger!" I do plan to give God the glory when that time comes!
    In the meantime, I have stories about how the Lord has provided for my wife and me during these unsettled times.

  20. Child-like Trust by Jada V  
    How is your trust walk with God? Do you have that obedient trust that God desires us to have?

  21. "A Newborn not born to us but given..." by Sarah Dykema  
    I never expected that in my most joyful moment I would experience such pain. A pain I have never felt before. It was someone else's pain, a stranger, who I so rapidly felt love toward. In this moment my joy was overwhelming, it gleamed from my soul. After a season of experiencing the dryness of the wilderness I could see the black cloud in the distance, rain was approaching. God's showering of blessings in my life was nearing.

  22. A Search for Sunshine by Sarah Dykema  
    God is not a place! The testimony of a young man's life changing accident lends comfort to the dark, hopeless, feelings of a teenage girl's reality.

  23. Joy comes in the Morning by ginny smith  
    Out of some bitter experience God has made something beautiful. Our trials are not without purpose or meaning.

  24. The Sixth Floor Waiting Room by Jennifer Mobbs  
    Will I be crushed in spirit because my body is afflicted? No. Am I pressed beyond measure? No. As long as I live I will be delivered over to death for the sake of Jesus, so His Life can be manifested in me, in my mortal body.

  25. Behind Dark Forgotten Doors And Walls. by Stephen Vattimo  
    This article is a first hand account of abuse used as a method to control behavior of student at a private school for emotionally disturbed and mentally handicapped

    Each time I recall and imagine how Jesus hung upon the cross for me, goose bumps spread over me and I feel the chill of His unconditional sacrificial love agape.
    Behold my Saviour, my Lover!

  27. My Testimony by Jack Vorster  
    I was saved by the Grace of God through Jesus Christ. This is my story.

  28. The Worst of Sinners ~ The Best of Grace and Mercy by Steven Ray Bragg  
    But to my amazement, God was to take the broken pieces of my life and not only forgive me, but restore me into a powerful ministry that I could never have imagined.

  29. The Bas Mitzvah that Never Was by Sylvia Maltzman  
    I am a Jewish Believer in Christ (Messianic Jew). This is my testimony about overcoming the adversity of my childhood and one way that God repaid me for what was stolen from me.

  30. Two Special Plaques by louis gander  
    A true story poem.


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