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  1. Put On Your Beautiful Clothing and Worship the LORD! by Tonja Taylor  
    Clothing is so much more than just the threads we put on our bodies. Here are insights to help you with deeper understanding.

  2. Mind Your Thoughts by Tesh Njokanma  
    The question is not whether we have an issue. The question is what do we think about when there are issues?

  3. Quick Tip for Better Beauty by Tonja Taylor  
    This one simple, inexpensive tool can help you look even lovelier!

  4. Always, Suck in Your Stomach--and Pray! by Tonja Taylor  
    Much more than being conscious of the body and flesh, we ask the LORD to help us be conscious of Him!

  5. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall by Tesh Njokanma  
    When you look into the mirror, do you like what you see? What's the one thing about yourself you don't like when you look into the mirror?

  6. The King Has It All! by Tonja Taylor  
    Jesus is the King of kings---and the Lover of our souls. He is our Heavenly Husband; there is no one like Him!

  7. An Easy Way to Get More Done! by Tonja Taylor  
    Like many of us, I like to get several things done at once. Here's a superb way to do that!

  8. You Are Dancing Now! by Tonja Taylor  
    Even the smallest movement can be a praise to the LORD--a "dance," if you will!

  9. I Am a Woman by Tonja Taylor  
    Affirmations to remind you of your unique position in Christ. Although there is "neither male nor female" in the Spirit, we have a domestic role as women that is very influential!

  10. How to Handle Disappointment by Tonja Taylor  
    Expectations keep us going. They are part of hope, and faith. But expectations may not be met, so here are tips to handle the disappointment.

  11. Think Again by Tonja Taylor  
    "It's the Father's job to judge; the Holy Spirit's job to convict; and our job to love," said Reverent Billy Graham. The LORD reminded me the other day that I was not doing my job when I saw a bunch of strangers, and He helped me see as He sees.

  12. 2 Quick Ways to Have More Peace by Tonja Taylor  
    Some days have not been as easy as others--for various reasons. Today was one of those less-easy days. The LORD gave me a couple of quick ways to have more peace, so here they are.

  13. Speak the Word Over Your Baby! by Tonja Taylor  
    Start speaking the life-giving, life-changing Word of God over your child(ren) today--even over your babe in the womb! It's been proven that babies can hear, even before they make their appearance in the earth!

  14. Moderation In Dressing by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Looking good all the time says a lot about a personality. So, to dress well is part of living. However it must be done moderately.

  15. Best Cosmetics by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Who hates beauty? Who is an enemy of what is good looking? I think everyone loves what is good and beautiful, although this may be in different forms or ways. Do you want to look good and beautiful? Come along.

  16. How to Help Your Heart Heal by Tonja Taylor  
    He (the LORD Jesus Christ) heals our broken hearts and binds up our wounds--as we let Him. We have to admit that we are hurt, and let Dr. Rapha, the LORD our Healer, excise the malignancy and pour in the salve (Psalm 147:3).

  17. If You and Your Spouse Don't Agree by Tonja Taylor  
    In any close relationship--especially marriage--there will eventually be disagreement. While it may be irritating or even extremely discouraging if your husband does not agree with something you want or need to do, God will work things out when you choose to submit to His faithfulness to you.

  18. Grey Disillusion by Tanya Tufanova  
    Feminists fought for women's right to work, but do all women find jobs as fulfilling and empowering as they were told they would be?

  19. Declarations for Wives and Mothers by Tonja Taylor  
    The Word of God is alive and active and always works (Isaiah 55)! Speak these things over your marriage and family and watch what God does!

  20. Am I A Wife Material? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Sincerely speaking, it is a good attitude to engage in thorough self assessment for the purposes of making necessary positive changes.

  21. Trophy Husband by Tonja Taylor  
    God commands us to admire our husbands. Not only do they like it; they need it. They need to know we think of them as amazing!

  22. Four Quick Economical Tips for Better Beauty by Tonja Taylor  
    Necessity is the mother of invention, it has been said. Most of all, though, our Daddy God loves us and cares about every detail of the lives of us, His precious daughters.

  23. I Wore It for Her by Tonja Taylor  
    I felt a bit self-consciousness during the powerful church service because of what I wore on the first Sunday of 2021. But as I rebuked those wrong thoughts and feelings, the LORD revealed that I hadn't worn it for me, but for someone else!

  24. Toss the Broken Plate! by Tonja Taylor  
    Thinking higher--like the LORD wants us to and as Jesus died for us to--requires recognizing and rejecting a poverty attitude.

  25. It Doesn't Matter by Tonja Taylor  
    What really matters? Who are we trying to impress? What have we been wasting time, energy, money, and creativity on that is just going to burn up?

  26. Instant Facelift - A Smile! by Tonja Taylor  
    Truly, the LORD is good and His mercy endures forever--or we'd all be in an eternal mess! There may be much to be sad about, but you can choose to smile, by remembering the many good things God has done. A smile is an instant facelift for every one!

  27. It's Not About the Hair But the Heart by Tonja Taylor  
    How many times have we missed intimacy with the LORD because we were distracted by clothes, fixing our hair, etc? The LORD will help us both to look nice and keep the right perspective.

  28. A Husband Material by Olawale Ogunsola  
    What do you want out of your marriage? This determines the material you will use. Can you identify a husband material.

  29. From Huge House to Happy House by Tonja Taylor  
    "Stop measuring success by what it looks like," the LORD told me. "You are in the world and not of it."

  30. He Really DOES Want a Medal! by Tonja Taylor  
    It took me a few years of marriage to realize that it was not just flattery when my husband seemed to need my encouragements and admiration. It's actually Biblical. Most husbands want to be heroes!


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