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  1. The Hope of Heaven by Tonja Taylor  
    My dear elderly mother passed away--to Heaven, I am sure. However, she doubted her Salvation for almost 50 years, and vacillated between feeling condemned, rejected, and unworthy, and having true peace that only Jesus Christ, the Hope of Heaven, can give!

  2. Let the LORD Cleanse Your Soul From Dead Works, to Serve Him! by Tonja Taylor  
    To be like Christ, we need His help to cleanse our souls (minds, wills, emotions). Programs in the earth can be of some assistance, but true help comes only from the the LORD!

  3. Are You Living After Time? YES! by Tonja Taylor  
    YES--The real you is a spirit, and YOU WILL BE LIVING AFTER TIME; in hell, if you refuse Jesus Christ as your Savior and LORD, or in Heaven, in glorious peace, joy, and freedom with Him, once you repent and receive Him as the most wonderful Savior and LORD!

  4. You Are Safe With Jesus When You Listen and Obey by Tonja Taylor  
    Many people have escaped death or other destruction by hearing and obeying the Voice of God. He is faithful, and always working to keep us from harm, because He loves us so much!

  5. SOUL DANCE: (excerpt) Why Serve Many Gods, When Only One Will Do? by Tonja Taylor  
    There is only one true God. Although He has many names (Jehovah; Elohim; Adonai; El Elyon; El Shaddai; Jesus Christ the Savior, the Holy Spirit, to list a few) --just like we have different names for those we love--He is more than able to help us in every situation, to have the best life possible on earth!

  6. SOUL DANCE: (excerpt) What It's All About by Tonja Taylor  
    One well-known minister stated that, if you believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior, then earth is the hell you'll experience, and Heaven is so much better. But if you don't know Him, then earth is all the Heaven you'll ever know! So choose Jesus today to have the true eternal Heaven you really want!

    "......Secular society may turn Christmas into a celebration rooted in materialism and the excitement of the senses, but......"

  8. YES HE IS! by Tonja Taylor  
    If you've ever been told by someone, or just had the thought, that God is not interested in your life or situation, and isn't listening to you, let me just say this: YES HE IS!

  9. You Are Safe With Jesus: Delivered From Death! by Tonja Taylor  
    Jesus Christ is the only Savior of the world! He is our Hope, Strength, Peace, Joy, Safety, Success, Freedom, Abundance, and much more. He delivers us from death--over and over!

  10. One Thing God Wants From You by Tonja Taylor  
    The LORD (the true God, Jehovah, the only Way to eternal life in Heaven!) is so good! He gives us every good thing. Here is the main thing He wants from us, above all: To be with Him!

  11. If You Insist by Tonja Taylor  
    Those who "try" the things of God and insist that they do NOT work, will be left to manage life on their own--without all the help our faithful Father God wants to give them! Anyone who insists on doing life without Jesus Christ the true and only Savior, is choosing to be separated from the Author of Life forever!

  12. Jesus Has Great Joy in Presenting You to the Father! by Tonja Taylor  
    Many of us have wrongly thought of God and Christ Jesus as being mad at us. Not so, Hallelujah! Here is Biblical proof that Jesus has great joy in presenting us to the Father!

  13. The Blood = Righteousness by Tonja Taylor  
    There is power in blood, as both Christians and devil-worshipers know. But only and forever only the Blood of Jesus Christ, the only Savior of the world, makes a person right with God!

  14. Your Secret Life by Tonja Taylor  
    We can usually hide things from others, at least to a point, for only the LORD knows the heart. We don't really have a secret life, though, for the LORD sees and knows all things--even before we think or speak them!

  15. The REAL You is Never Afraid! by Tonja Taylor  
    We are a triune being; spirit, soul, and body. The real us is our spirits, which are eternal and eternally alive in Christ Jesus, when we receive Him as Savior and LORD--and when the fearless One is in us, the real us has no fear!

  16. Deeds From A Reprobate Mind by Olawale Ogunsola  
    The mind plays significant roles in human dealings. So, there are certain deeds that are directly connected to a reprobate mind.

  17. A Reprobate Mind 2 by Olawale Ogunsola  
    There are actions that are directly connected with a reprobate mind. What can they be?

  18. A Reprobate Mind by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Whoever reject the Lord his God will have a reprobate mind to engage in things he ought not to do.

  19. *???????? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ??? ????? ???? ??!* (Punjabi) by Segun Olumide  

  20. * Deus consilium vitae tuae! (Latin) by Segun Olumide  

  21. *TUHAN PUNYA RENCANA HIDUPMU!* (Indonesian) by Segun Olumide  

  22. *GUSTI DUWE RENCANA ING URIPMU!* (Javanese) by Segun Olumide  

  23. *????????"???"?'??????!* (Japanese) by Segun Olumide  

  24. *???? ???? ??? ??????!* (Arabic) by Segun Olumide  

  25. *GOTT HAT EINEN PLAN F?R DEIN LEBEN!* (German) by Segun Olumide  

  26. *????? ?????? ???? ??????? ???? ????????? ???!* (Bengali) by Segun Olumide  

  27. *?DIOS TIENE UN PLAN PARA TU VIDA!* (Spanish) by Segun Olumide  

  28. *Ch?a c? k? ho?ch cho ?'?i s?'ng b?n!* (Vietnamese) by Segun Olumide  

  29. *??? ??' ?? ?? ????? ??' ???' ??? ?????? ????? ??'!* (Urdu) by Segun Olumide  

  30. *???????"??????* (Traditional Chinese) by Segun Olumide  


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