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Short Stories


  1. The Special Snowflake by Taylor  
    That Christmas night, Lacy the angel learns about the power of love through a simple gift.

  2. His Eyes by louis gander  
    The multitude
    was not subdued
    with Jesus on display.
    So I pushed near,
    to better hear
    what they all had to say.

    It was his task
    that Pilate ask,
    Are You King of the Jews?
    With Jesus mute
    there was dispute
    and so the crowd would choose.

  3. Compassion 101 by Francie Snell  
    A school bell didnāt ring when class began. There were no scribbles on a chalkboard stating the topic of the day. It would be unlike any course I had ever taken, in a run-down part of town, in a restaurant called McDonald'sā

  4. Main Street Decides to Praise the Lord by Greg Miller  
    People won't praise God, so Main Street does.

  5. MEMORIAL DIARIES by linzy bruno  
    "I have to keep seeing the funny, or Iļll go crazy watching my husband slowly dieļļ."

  6. Kitchen War by louis gander  
    The fridge could not stay silent and the toaster now was hot.
    Disposal? It was spinning while the blender had forgot.

    And that is how it started as the food began to fly.
    Please tell me why there's no respect. Please tell me, tell me why.

  7. Come Out Of That Prison by Tesse Wilson  
    Mental confinement is the worst of all prisons. Come out!

  8. Dennisā Decision by Sonja Mattison  
    The following story is a fictional piece with purpose and intent to inspire one or many to know that God is always near even when we make bad choices that lead us to go astray. However, we do have the power to make wise decisions and God will still be near not only to pull us up out of distress, but there to praise us for the good choices we make in life.

  9. Hares Enjoy the Good Life as Rabbits by Greg Miller  
    A couple of rabbits enjoy God's blessings.

  10. Church Conducts Special Business Meeting by Greg Miller  
    A church conducts a special business meeting to discuss the members using their talents for the Lord.

  11. Religion for Cows by Shawn Westmoreland  
    What would religion look like to a cow? Terrance is a young cow who finds himself surrounded by various points of view in the midst of the most trying event of his young life. Take this short journey with Terrance to see how Christianity stacks up against other belief systems.

  12. Residents of Several Nations Gather to Form New Country to Honor Jesus Christ by Greg Miller  
    Residents of several nations gather to form a new country to honor Jesus Christ.

  13. Moses, Dear Moses by theburningbushboy Solanke  
    Unto what will you ascribe the fact that your heart was always with the Hebrew even though you were comfortable at the palace, if not that mama raised you up in a godly manner.

  14. Master Card -1 by Emmanuella Ellis  
    I know I am a pretty good girl but the way this guy carried himself made feel like I didn't deserve to be with him.

  15. I took Part In A Historical Event by Stephen Vattimo  
    The day I was on The Presidential motorcade security force.

  16. Cabin Of Logs by louis gander  
    So far, far away from the bright city lights
    down a dusty and old gravel road -
    was a quaint little cabin built of full logs.
    where nary a rafter was bowed.

    So sturdy and stately it stood among trees.
    It's woodwork was sawn and rough-cut.
    The spring on the screen door resisted my pull.
    I stepped in and door had slammed shut....

  17. OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES by linzy bruno  
    "Suddenly, he felt his insides twist and his head snap, without his consent, to where Carl was standing and laughing loudly. "Hey big mouth what the......"

  18. MATERIAL LOVE by linzy bruno  
    A familiar warmth over flowed inside her, as her hands grazed the smooth shiny, silken fabrics; her eyes lusting for more. She stared intently at the alluring shades of mint green, baby blue, deep lavender and yellow;

  19. LILLY'S LIFE by linzy bruno  
    ".......Lilly began to go to God every time she felt discouraged or overcome by that familiar "hum-drum" feeling and......."

  20. Sheep are #1 by Karen White  
    Sheep and shepherds in the Bible. Jesus is the Good Shepherd who takes care of us, His sheep.

  21. Strange Beachcomber by Rachel Jamerson  
    The figure was an elderly woman who walked very slowly. Her body was bent and she wore a turban on her head. The turban held my attention. I had seen a lot in my time usually, they were an indication the individual had undergone chemotherapy and lost their hair. This one, however, was a brilliant blue with a blood red stripe that ran from the front, across the top and down to the nape of her neck in back.

  22. Olivia's Love Story (Confusion and Peace) by Tesse Wilson  
    Pretending, hiding her true feelings. That was Olivia. Why Olivia?

  23. The Beaten Path by Richard L. Provencher  
    This hurley-burley world can easily drain your energy if you allow it, so I seek solace in a natural way. Tenting has always been a means of relaxation for me and this recounting of one of my weekends comes alive in this story.

  24. SWEET & SOUR by linzy bruno  
    ".....The old heavy door, the creaky floor, the sounds of milk shakes spinning in blenders and the microwave that seemed to be going 24/7 were just a few things that seemed to....."

  25. Sorrow by Katy Curry  
    An eagle and a flag meet and watch in horror as Glory's sister, Stars n Stripes is stomped on and burned. Glory tells Sorrow, the eagle a little about how the great country of America has fallen so far from its beginnings.

  26. But for Philip by theburningbushboy Solanke  
    Just when I was about giving up, accepting my fate and fixing another appointment for next year, this man walked up beside me and the next thing I heard was a voice asking me, "Do you understand it?"

  27. Following Noah by Louise Lee  
    This is a sequel to Psalm 23 for Kids. David was back to his dreamland with Lily. This time they were going up to Noah's Ark to experience what it means to be saved. They also learnt about who set the rainbow in the sky and why.

  28. TO GAZE BEYOND THE WATER by linzy bruno  
    ""Singer and Star are at it again!" Terry replied; walking away with a faint smile.
    'I don't know why they can't just call each other by their real names...' Clara thought. She found Singer, whose real name was Devin and Star, whose real name was Tony in Devin's room. Tony was pounding his fist into his hand and....."

  29. Gypsy Girl by PamFord Davis  
    "Gypsies, Gypsies! Git' outa' town!"

  30. Man Will Miss His Experiences from 2015 in the Coming Year by Greg Miller  
    One man will miss his experiences from 2015 in the coming year.


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